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Efficiently and accurately transferring your data.

With our deep product and accounting knowledge, we ensure a smooth transition when upgrading or switching software application – giving you peace of mind that all existing data is intact and accounts are accurate.

Data Conversions

When your company changes which version of QuickBooks you are using, it is necessary to change your current data into a format the new version can use. This process is necessary when upgrading from one year of QuickBooks to a newer one, upgrading from Pro or Premier to Enterprise, or changing to or from a desktop QuickBooks version to QuickBooks Online.

How It Works

While these conversions are designed to be a simple process, and normally go very smoothly, the best results come from making sure your file is ready for the conversion and checking the results afterwards to make sure the process worked as expected. Our team brings years of experience to the process to keep it simple for you.


What’s the difference between a data conversion and data migration? 

A data conversion is converting from one type of QuickBooks to another and is usually fairly simple, such as Desktop to QBO, vice versa, or upgrading from Pro to Enterprise. The results have to be checked to make sure it went as expected, and may require some work to correct the results, although it is a minor project compared to a migration.

Conversely, a data migration is extracting needed data from a QuickBooks file, or data exported from another accounting software, and making a new QuickBooks file from that data, which is a very complex process.

How long does a typical data conversion take? 

Depending on the specific type of conversion and the size of your file, converting desktop versions can take a few hours if the file has good data integrity. We verify the integrity of your original file prior to the conversion, convert the file, and verify the converted file.  In some instances, additional time may be required for repairing data issues. The amount of time will depend highly on the specific issues encountered.

Converting to or from QuickBooks Online can take a bit longer because the actual conversion process involves the QuickBooks Online cloud servers either importing your data from a desktop file or exporting to a desktop file. We verify the desktop file at the appropriate point in the process and confirm that the data converted as expected.

The length of time necessary to complete a conversion varies per project, which is primarily based upon the size of your company. Give our team a call today to find out how we can help.

Does all our data get converted? 

For upgrading to a newer or more complex desktop version, it does. Any missing data would usually indicate an issue in your source file which we can address and then convert again as part of our process.

There are differences in functionality between the desktop and Online versions which affect what data comes over and how it is visible. In a general sense all the financial data does come over, although transaction types may be converted to an equivalent type, and many customizations such as memorized reports will need to be recreated. We can discuss the details if you are considering this type of conversion, so that you can plan and end up with a result that meets your needs going forward.

Is it possible our existing file would not be convertible? 

Yes, there are some circumstances where a conversion becomes impossible to directly achieve. A desktop file with data going back many years may be too large to convert to QuickBooks Online using the conventional conversion process.

A desktop file may also have data issues which are unable to be easily repaired, which would either prevent the conversion process from completing or produce unexpected results in the converted file.

Either situation may need a data migration to a completely new company file instead.


Quickbooks Data Conversion Services

With the successful completion of thousands of QuickBooks Data Migration projects, we are the leading QuickBooks conversion and migration service provider in North America.

Quickbooks Conversion Services

Accounting Systems Migration to Quickbooks
The following Accounting Systems can be converted to Quickbooks:

Quickbooks International Conversion Services

Additional Conversion Services

Conversion from a Legacy Accounting System to Quickbooks
Convert your Legacy accounting system to Quickbooks.

Conversion from Excel or any database to Quickbooks
Convert extracted data in Excel/CSV/any database to Quickbooks.

How We Help With Your QuickBooks Conversion

Converting your accounting system or ERP system can be daunting. Depending on how long you’ve been in business there may be several GB of data, and your current accounting system is likely not a 1-to-1 match with QuickBooks. Working with Fourlane you’ll have a dedicated conversion specialist who will assess your unique situation, determine which QuickBooks products you’ll need, and work with you to develop a phased conversion plan. We also employ full time programmers who will manage the export, cleaning, and import of your historical data. Post-conversion, your team will be fully trained on the new system, and we’ll help you put efficient processes in place that allow you to make the most of your new system.

  • Phase 1. Determine Products NeededYour dedicated QuickBooks Conversion Expert will spend time getting to know your business, as well as your current system. We’ll learn exactly what your team needs out of an accounting system, and which QuickBooks products you’ll need. This may include QuickBooks Enterprise, Payroll, Point-of-Sale System, or Field Service Management.
  • Phase 2. Template File SetupThis process requires developing the proper workflows that will make QuickBooks fit your business like a glove, and ensure that we can perfectly absorb all of the data from your current accounting system. During this brief period, you may want to be doing double entry in your old system and in the new QuickBooks file. You pull data, including reports such as Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, P&L, balance sheets by month, and any other data that needs to convert to QuickBooks.
  • Phase 3: Go Live & Train Your TeamTraining your team is crucial to ensure that your company successfully transitions to the new software. We’ll do a training to make sure your team knows how to use your new system. Fourlane is known for its training; we have more than 200 training videos on our website because we want all QuickBooks users to be successful, even if they aren’t our clients.
  • Phase 4: Close and Review The BooksThis process helps us determine if there are any other additional data or monthly reports you need to run your business. Many times we don’t realize which information is important until we no longer have access, so we’ll do a thorough double-check to make sure we’ve imported everything you need. If there are additional files which need to be moved, we’ll pull them over from your old system to QuickBooks.
  • Phase 5: Follow Up & MaintenanceWe’ll let you run the QuickBooks software for a month or so and then check in and see how things are going. If you’re having problems, we’ll try to nip them in the bud. And if there are features or data that were left behind in your legacy system, we’ll retrieve them. We also encourage ongoing monthly / quarterly closing services to help you stay on track. Our goal is to make sure you are getting the most out of your accounting software.

Professional QuickBooks Data Conversion Services

Looking for a reliable QuickBooks Data Conversion Service? Your search ends here!

QBDataServiceSupport is a trusted name in offering industry-standard data conversion to QuickBooks from hundreds of products across several industries.

QuickBooks Data Conversion

So if you have made your mind to optimize your accounting process, we can help you convert to the QuickBooks accounting software. To lead in this harsh business scenario, you need to choose the best, and QuickBooks is undoubtedly one of the most preferred accounting software by the accounting professionals and business owners. QuickBooks offers numerable features and functionalities that can help users to get their business accounting in the best shape.

QuickBooks Data Conversion

An Insight to QuickBooks Conversion

QuickBooks Data Conversion is a daunting process as the safety of your crucial business data is at stake. Converting data from the old system to QuickBooks also pose a risk on the integrity of your data. This is quite obvious due to the difference in the functionalities of the two programs, the older one, and QuickBooks. This is where our role comes into play. At QBDataServiceSupport, you will have a dedicated conversion expert to assist with the optimal solutions in a given situation. Starting from the selection of a suitable QuickBooks version to converting data in the form of new company files, it all goes most systematically.

Every minutiae detail is kept into the considerations to ensure a fail-safe execution of the services. After converting data, we also assist your accounting team with the on-boarding process.

List of Our Comprehensive QuickBooks Data Conversion Services-

We offer data conversion services for all and any accounting system to QuickBooks under one roof.

  • Sage 50 to QuickBooks Online Conversion
  • Convert Sage 100 to QuickBooks
  • Sage 200 to QuickBooks Conversion
  • SAP to QuickBooks Conversion
  • Excel to QuickBooks Conversion
  • Simply Accounting to QuickBooks Conversion
  • Timberline to QuickBooks Conversion
  • Netsuite to QB Data Conversion
  • Xero to QuickBooks Conversion
  • QuickBooks Online to Enterprise Conversion
  • Dynamics GP to QuickBooks
  • Sage BusinessWorks to QuickBooks Conversion
  • AccountEdge to QuickBooks Conversion
  • Convert Peachtree to QuickBooks
  • Sage 50 Canada to QuickBooks Conversion
  • DacEasy to QuickBooks Conversion

How Does It Work?

Determine a suitable product:

Before starting the data conversion process, our QuickBooks data conversion specialists determine an appropriate version of the QuickBooks software to match your distinct requirements. You can also avail QuickBooks data migration services for different editions of the QuickBooks.

Create A New QuickBooks Company File:

Once we have a right QuickBooks product for your business accounting, we create a new company file to import data to QuickBooks from your legacy system.

Re-organize Your Existing Data into QuickBooks:

By utilizing a variety of the QuickBooks data conversion tools, we re-organize your accounting data to the new QuickBooks files keeping data integrity unharmed.

Condense Large Company Files:

For the efficient data operations in the QuickBooks, we condense the files that are too large to operate smoothly. Our tech-doctors fix QuickBooks data compression errors on the very moment they occur.

Train Your Team:

Now, you are all set to use QuickBooks to manage the core competencies of your business accounting. Our QuickBooks data conversion experts train your team so that they can get friendly with the QuickBooks features and functions.

Review the Books from Old System:

In the course of your accounting management, you may realize that important financial data is missing or need to access it. This is why we cross-check your old system to ensure that no critical financial information is left behind. We create QuickBooks cloud backup to prevent any accidental data loss.

Resolve Technical Hiccups: 

We take timely follow-ups about the QuickBooks performance, and if something is not right, we are ready for the QuickBooks maintenance so that you can make the most out of your accounting software.

Change for the Better with QBDataServiceSupport:

With our QuickBooks data conversion services, we strive to ensure the best user experience by eliminating the technical hurdles. Our services are dedicated to attain full customer satisfaction-

  • We make sure that all your current business data is converted to QuickBooks to avoid further inconvenience.
  • By eliminating double entry, we speed the conversion process to save your crucial time.
  • We double-check if the system is set up correctly and all the data is absorbed perfectly to the new system including, tables, charts, and databases.
  • We help your professionals to be aware of over 150+ industry-specific reports ad custom create reports for the best utilization of the QuickBooks.
  • We are available round the clock to help you with your technical issues that may pose a risk to your business accounting.

Contact QuickBooks Data Conversion Helpline for Immediate Assistance-

QuickBooks Data Conversion can help you to scale-up your business and explore new functionalities of accounting software. If done in the right manner, you can harvest the numerable benefits of the QuickBooks. But, data conversion is not an easy task as it takes a shift from one accounting system to another and re-ordering data correctly. Our QuickBooks data conversion experts get it done with an enhanced speed without causing any data-disruption. You can reach us by dialing our helpline number and get the job done impeccably. Our comprehensive services include QuickBooks data repair, QuickBooks Data Recovery, and various others.


Data conversion is the process of transferring accounting data from one accounting system to a new QuickBooks company file. At Exigo, we have a systematic process for ensuring that your data is transferred into QuickBooks correctly, without corruption. When out team meets with your organization, we will learn about the features that are used in the current accounting system. Exigo Business Solutions will identify the characteristics of the historical data to identify and ensure reporting consistencies. Our team will also assess who is responsible for the data and the dates that we need to receive the data to make certain that we stay on schedule with the conversion.

The next step of the data conversion will be determining the correct version of QuickBooks to use with your organization. While we meet with you, we will document the features and characteristics of your data to assist in determining the best version of QuickBooks for you.SCHEDULE YOUR FREE QUICKBOOKS ASSESSMENT NOW!

Third Party
Apps Unique To Your Business

If QuickBooks does not have a necessary function or you would like to automate a portion of the accounting, third party apps will be integrated into the system. There are many third-party apps available to use with QuickBooks, which can help your organization improve efficiency, create internal controls, and create more consistent records.

Converting to QuickBooks, whether from one version to another or from an entirely different system, the features and functions will be different. We will walk you through the QuickBooks system and recommend the functions that will work best for your organization. .

Historical Data Clean-Up

Before the conversion can start Exigo will clean your historical data. This means that we will clean out inactive items, vendors, customers, etc. Our team will also streamline the chart of accounts to ensure that your organization can keep accurate and consistent records.

At this point Exigo Business Solutions team members will then access all the historical data from the responsible parties. This will be the start of the actual data conversion to the decided upon QuickBooks version.

Quickbooks Data Migration
[Quickbooks File Repair]
We offer industry-standard Quickbooks data migration services to users of Intuit QuickBooks®. Use our award-winning migration services to convert accounting data from your current accounting system to Quickbooks. Your satisfaction in guaranteed.

We offer the following data migration services and many more:
AccountEdge Conversion to Quickbooks
DacEasy to Quickbooks Conversion
Deltek Vision to Quickbooks Conversion
Everest Accounting to Quickbooks Conversion
MYOB Conversion to Quickbooks
NetSuite to Quickbooks Conversion
Peachtree conversion to Quickbooks
Quickbooks Enterprise Downgrade Service for Quickbooks
Sage 50 conversion to Quickbooks
Sage 50 Canadian Edition Conversion to Quickbooks
Simply Accounting Conversion to Quickbooks
Xero to Quickbooks Data Migration
If you need to convert to Quickbooks, we can do the conversion quickly and affordable. Guaranteed!
We have over 15 years of experience in data migration and have done a migration from every accounting system into Quickbooks. We do all conversion work in-house compared to other migration services providers who simply collect files and send them to a data conversion company like ours to do the actual work. If data security is a concern and you do not want your files shipped out to an outsourced data migration company in a foreign country, then choose a recovery company like ours that works on your data file in North America.

Don’t send your file to some other company to have them “try” and convert it. We guarantee the smooth migration of your data file. Intuit support is the #1 source of our referrals for a reason — our conversion services work!

Most conversion service providers use our service — Cut out the middleman and go straight to the source!

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