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Online banking is a crucial feature in QuickBooks, for which it is well-liked by numerous small and mid-sized businesses. One can access online banking in both QuickBooks Desktop and Online versions with ease. For online banking to work, QuickBooks requires an uninterrupted internet connection, and when there occurs a connectivity issue, users receive different errors. One such connection error that we are going to discuss in this article is QuickBooks Error 400. We will see why the error appears and elaborate on how you can quickly fix it using some easiest troubleshooting methods. Stick to the article until the end for complete info.

What Triggers Error Code 400 in QuickBooks?

As we have already discussed that error 400 in QuickBooks is a connection error that appears when QuickBooks, for some reason, can’t connect to the internet or the server to access the online banking data. Following are some of the actual reasons due to which this happens.

  1. If the company file that is linked to the bank account and QuickBooks is corrupt.
  2. Common internet connectivity issues are also a reason for the occurrence of connection error 400 in QuickBooks.
  3. In case if you are using an outdated internet browser or the QuickBooks Desktop application that you are using is not having the latest updates installed.

Sometimes, the error can also appear if your banking servers are undergoing maintenance. So make sure to verify it with your bank before hopping on to the troubleshooting part.

Here’s How to Fix QuickBooks Banking Error 400

Solution 1: Repair the Company File Using QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

If you are using QuickBooks Desktop, the error could result from damage to the company file. With this solution, we will run QuickBooks File Doctor and repair the company file to resolve the error.

  1. First, download QuickBooks Tool Hub from the official Intuit’s website.
  2. Now install the application by opening the downloaded installer file.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  4. Once QuickBooks Tool Hub is installed, run it using the icon that is created on the desktop.
  5. Move to the Company File Issues tab and click the QuickBooks File Doctor button.
  6. Now choose the appropriate option to repair the damage in the company file.
  7. Let the tool run and repair the damage.
  8. Once done, try to access the online banking once again and check if the error is resolved.

If the error reappears, then this could be because of general internet connectivity issues. Try to reset the router and reset internet explorer settings to default. Follow the next solution if QuickBooks online error 400 is still not resolved.

Solution 2: Update Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome to access QuickBooks Online, try updating it using the instructions below.

  1. Open Chrome browser and click the three dots at the top right corner.
  2. Under the Help tab, click About Chrome.
  3. Locate the Update button and click on it.
  4. Once the updates are installed, restart Chrome and try to access banking in QuickBooks Online.

If the error code 400 reappears, try the next solution.

Solution 3: Update QuickBooks Desktop

If you are using QuickBooks Desktop, then try updating it before accessing online banking in it.

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop and click the Help from the top.
  • Select the option that says Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Open the Update Now tab and select Get Updates.
  • Restart QuickBooks when the updates are downloaded.
  • Select the Install Now button and now try to access online banking in QuickBooks.

In rare instances where even after following all the solutions mentioned above, if you cannot access online banking in QuickBooks due to QuickBooks Error 400, we suggest you contact a certified QuickBooks Desktop expert .

Facing QuickBooks Error 400? This is What You Need to Do

It is easy to work on QuickBooks until the coding errors start showing up. One recurrent trigger text in the software is the “QuickBooks Error 400: The remote server returned an error – Bad Request.” The most common situation where this error comes up is when the server cannot establish a connection due to an internal bug in the system. As a result, your device might start lagging and even go on to corrupt your company file. You need to get rid of this glitch soon to avoid any loss of data. Have a quick read of our blog below to find out the most straightforward hacks to remove the same.

What results in the QuickBooks Error 400?

  1. A damaged company file.
  2. Weak internet connection.
  3. Outdated internet browser or QuickBooks application.

Note – Before jumping to the solutions, ensure that you have checked your bank’s official website for any ongoing issues from their end.

How do I Fix Error 400 in QuickBooks?

Now that we are aware of the possible reasons behind error code 400 on QuickBooks let us look at the easy-to-follow techniques to erase this glitch-

Option 1: Update your Bank Account

On regular usage, an application or weblink tends to get exhausted. You must update your bank account to refresh the connection between QuickBooks and your bank and eliminate the QuickBooks online error 400. Here is how you can do so-

  1. Access QuickBooks.
  2. Press on the Banking tab.
  3. Click on the tile above your account.
  4. This will allow you to update the specific account.
  5. Hit the Update option.
  6. Confirm the following prompts to confirm the action.

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Option 2: Update your Browser

An outdated browser is unstable and prone to get hacked. You must regularly update your browser for it to work efficiently and ensure that it is compatible with the latest software. The below steps focus on updating Google Chrome. You can update a different browser through similar steps-

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  3. Select More Tools.
  4. Press on the Get Updates button.
  5. If the option is not visible, your web browser is already updated to the latest version.
  6. Select the Relaunch button to restart the screen.

Option 3: Use a Private Window

When you access your browser’s private or incognito window, it does not save the temporary data files that can take up your storage and slow your device. The steps mentioned below are Google Chrome oriented-

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Press the three dots located on the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. From the list of options, choose New Incognito Window.
  4. You can also press the Ctrl + Shift + N keys on your keyboard.
  5. This will open a separate browser screen.
  6. Login to your financial institution’s website.

Option 4: Clear the Cookies and Cache Data of your browser

Cookies and Cache are the files created when you surf on particular websites regularly. It saves the visited data for improved performance in the future. Most of the times, this information is of no use. You need to erase this data from your browser to boost performance-

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click on the Customize and Control Google Chrome button on the top-right corner.
  3. Navigate to the More Tools option.
  4. Now select Clear Browsing Data.
  5. Choose the following options from the list-
    a. Cached images and files.
    b. Cookies and other files data.
    c. Download history.
  6. Select the Time Range.
  7. Press the Clear Data button.
  8. Try to login to the website using a fresh link.

Option 5: Switch your Browser

Your current browser may have inculcated some temporary bugs, resulting in broken access to the required website. Trying switching your browser for better results. You may use any of these – Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc.
In this blog, we have mentioned highly accessible and easy tricks to resolve the QuickBooks error 400. However, if none of them is helpful to you, do not worry; there is an alternative. Connect with our certified pro-advisors right now to receive a comprehensive guide for the same.

QuickBooks Error 400

If you clicked on this article voluntarily, then you must be aware of what QuickBooks is. But for the unaware, QuickBooks is an accounting software program developed by Intuit that allows you to manage organizational tasks and operations effectively through a single platform. Regardless of whether you are a small business or a self-employed individual, the program caters to everyone (QuickBooks Error 400).

However, as is the case in any application or software program, there are chances you have come across at least one of the many error codes when operating the program. One such error that users of the program commonly face is the QuickBooks error 400. Generally observed when using QuickBooks Online rather than QuickBooks Desktop, you need to know how to resolve the error so that you can work in an unhindered manner while using QuickBooks. Keep reading to know more about the issue and how to resolve it.

QuickBooks is one of the most widely-used accounting systems in the US, UK, and many other parts of the world. Providing immense convenience regarding the way an emerging or established business alike manages financial activity, QuickBooks allows incredible efficiency in operations.

For using the program, you can choose from either the QuickBooks Desktop product or the QuickBooks Online facility made available by Intuit. Targeted towards businesses with different operational needs and methods, both products provide immense ease and efficiency by facilitating tasks, such as:

  • Reporting.
  • Invoicing.
  • Payments.
  • Tracking expenses, stock, etc.
  • Employee payroll.
  • Cash flow management.

…and much more!

Among these, features such as cloud hosting, cloud accounting, collaborative accounting, and multi-user accessibility, among a few others, are features that are inherently available with your copy of QuickBooks Online. However, despite so many features, certain errors relating to multiple areas of malfunction can occur.

Why QuickBooks Error 400 occur

Errors are impertinent in any software program, especially since any program runs with the collaboration of many functions and components. So, the possibility of any one of them malfunctioning is very high, leading to you seeing these error messages. In the use of QuickBooks itself, error messages may arise due to multiple reasons, ranging from issues with the installation process, lack of connectivity to the network, the need to update your version or corrupt company files.

Accordingly, considering the reason for the issue, the process of resolving it also changes. While some issues require you to reinstall the program, some issues can be sufficiently resolved by simply ensuring a stable internet connection. Additionally, some issues may be resolved by resolving the firewall you have set up on your computer. Regardless, different errors require different diagnostic measures. One such error is the QuickBooks error 400, which deals with the lack of connectivity to the server. You may also see it while trying to update your financials or other similar document-related tasks. More about this error has been presented below, helping you identify what the error is, why you are getting the error on your system and how you can resolve it.

What is QuickBooks error 400

The QuickBooks error 400 is one that pops up when a lack of connectivity to the server is identified. Generally, it shows the message: “QuickBooks Error 400: The remote server returned an error – Bad Request.” This message is displayed when an internal bug leads to the server being unstable to establish a connection, leading to you not being able to access the server. However, the error is not as simple or harmless as it seems, since lack of prompt action can lead to your computer lagging severely and even your Company File can get attacked and corrupted. Since this can further lead to other errors, prompt resolution is of the essence.

QuickBooks error 400 is also similar to error 429, which states that the “ActiveX component can’t create an object.” In error 400, the error mainly pops up when it comes to updating financials to the program, while error 429 pops up when the need to export the tax form worksheet cannot be executed successfully. While both issues are similar in nature, the methods of resolving the two can be different. Specifically, solutions to resolve error 429 are still being developed. However, with QuickBooks error 400 being a more common and older issue, there exist ways you can use to resolve it successfully.

Why I am getting QuickBooks error 400 when I am updating financials and connect to QuickBooks Online

The primary cause for the QuickBooks error 400 to pop up on the screen during updating your financials is that the server cannot connect to the system. This may be due to a bug, preventing both platforms from working collaboratively. However, some other reasons may also be leading to the error message on your screen:

  • Bank account not updated: You may see the error message due to the bank account not being updated in your system, leading to the program being unable to identify it as a valid and legitimate account. Additionally, regular usage of the program can also often lead to one application or weblink getting exhausted. So, updating the bank account helps to refresh the connection, resolving QuickBooks error 400 successfully.
  • Browser not updated: Outdated browsers are at a greater threat of being attacked and hacked, which can also trigger the application to show the error.  Thus, regularly updating the browser can ensure that all security certificates of the browser are valid and that it is compatible with the version of QuickBooks Online that you are using.
  • Bugs in browser: Bugs and other corrupt components also lead to the error popping up, regardless of whether they are temporary bugs. So, for temporary resolution, you can also try to use a different browser. While this is not a permanent solution and your default browser will need to be updated and repaired, this can allow you to use the system for a little while.
How to resolve QuickBooks error 400

Depending on the cause for the error message, there are multiple solutions you can adopt. Have a look at these solutions.

  • Solution 1: Updating bank account: Updating your bank account can refresh the connection successfully. To do so, follow these steps:
    • Step 1: Open QuickBooks.
    • Step 2: Open the “Banking” tab.
    • Step 3: Select the option above your desired account.
    • Step 4: Click on the “Update” option.
    • Step 5: Confirm any prompts appearing on the screen.
  • Solution 2: Browser update: An outdated browser can also lead to the QuickBooks error 400 appearing on your screen. So, if you are seeing the error due to an outdated browser, follow these steps:
    • Step 1: Access Google Chrome.
    • Step 2: Select the three dots on the upper-right of the browser just below the close button.
    • Step 3: Click on “More Tools.”
    • Step 4: Click the “Get Updates” button (if you cannot see this, then browser is updated and the issue lies somewhere else).
    • Step 5: Click on the “Relaunch” button to restart your updated browser.
  • Solution 3: Use incognito mode: Going incognito can be beneficial since it does not save any data that may be slowing your system down. To open Google Chrome in the incognito mode:
    • Step 1: Go to Google Chrome.
    • Step 2: Select the three dots on the upper-right of the browser just below the close button.
    • Step 3: Click on “New Incognito Window” to launch your private session.
    • Step 4: Instead of Step 2 and 3, you can also press “Ctrl + Shift + N” after Step 1 to open an incognito window.
    • Step 5: Login with organizational login credentials to access the program.
  • Solution 4: Clear browser cache: Often, the buildup of caches and cookies can also prevent the program from working properly. In such cases, clearing your browser caches can help, which can be done by:
    • Step 1: Go to Google Chrome.
    • Step 2: Select the three dots on the upper-right of the browser just below the close button.
    • Step 3: Go to the “More Tools” option.
    • Step 4: Click on the “Clear Browsing Data” option.
    • Step 5: From the list that appears, select the following options:
    • Cached images and files.
    • Cookies and other files data.
    • Download history.
    • Step 6: Choose the desired time range.
    • Step 7: Click on the “Clear Data” option.
    • Step 8: Close the tab and in a fresh tab, login to the program with your organizational login credentials.
  • Solution 5: Use a different browser: Often, the issue persists with a single browser and you may need to get the task urgently. In such cases, you can resort to using a different browser as a temporary measure. While you will need to resolve any issues with Google Chrome to keep using it, using an alternate one can act as a temporary resolution.


While the error 400 can appear due to multiple reasons, it is crucial to resolve them as soon as possible. And with the many solutions provided here, you can easily address the issue and resolve it so it does not interfere with the way you work. So, if you have been facing the QuickBooks error 400, try out the solutions presented here and get right back on track with managing your operations efficiently!

Troubleshooting Common QuickBooks Errors

Occasionally, you may see some of your invoices not being processed by Quickbooks. This support article will detail some of the most common error messages and what to do in these cases:

Quickbooks Online not Syncing:

If you see “creation request failed” or similar when submitting an invoice to Quickbooks, here are some steps you can take:

  1. A ServiceTrade account admin user may check Account Settings -> Integrations -> Configure Quickbooks Online. If taken to a settings page, everything is ok. If taken to an error page, you will need to disconnect and reconnect to Quickbooks.
  2. The Quickbooks Online API (the way we talk to it) is occasionally down for a period of hours or longer. If possible, try again at least once, later in the business day, or the next business day.
  3. Send us a message if issues persist.

When connecting to ServiceTrade for the first time:

“QBWC1013: Error connecting to QuickBooks. Returning error message to application.
Could not start QuickBooks.”

This problem is typically caused when Quickbooks Web Connector does not have permission to open QuickBooks.  To fix, delete the connection in Web Connector, then recreate it, making certain that:

  • QuickBooks is in Single User Mode
  • You logged into QuickBooks as the ‘Admin’ user
  • The Admin user has a password (Web Connector will not work properly if the Admin user has no password)
  • You answered the question ‘Do you want this application to read and modify this company file’ with ‘Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running’.

Web Connector crashes/freezes when during attempt to connect:

“Object reference not set to an instance of an object”

  • Required information is missing from the Company File (Company Name and/or Address).
  • From the menu bar, select Company > My Company, then select the pencil icon to edit.
  • Add Company name and Address, and select Ok. Reattempt web connector sync.

If you make too many requests to QB in a single session:

“QuickBooks has made too many requests while processing this invoice.”

  • There is a threshold for the number of requests that can be made in a single session. If you receive this message, it is likely due to a loop in customer/vendor/employee name lookup (see below).
  • It’s also possible to hit this if you add 50,000+ customers to QB and then immediately send some invoices from ST to QB.
  • If this occurs, wait for QB to finish importing before sending invoices.

If a customer’s name is already in use by a vendor or employee record:

Customer name ‘Tessier-Ashpool’ is already in use by Vendor record 4411234252
Customer name ‘Tessier-Ashpool’ is already in use by Employee record 23429491413

  • If this occurs, you already have a Vendor or Employee in Quickbooks that has the same name as a Customer you have created in ServiceTrade. To fix this, simply rename either the Vendor or Employee Quickbooks record in question.

If an entity has been marked as inactive or merged:

“Object Not Found : Something you’re trying to use has been made inactive. Check the fields with accounts, customers, items, vendors or employees”

  • This error occurs when an account, customer, item, vendor or employee is marked as inactive. To fix this error, find the problematic entity and then mark it as active. If this doesn’t solve the issue please refer to the section below.

When sending entities over to Quickbooks, Quickbooks assigns ID’s to these entities so that It will know where to place them the next time It is sent.  However, if an edit is made in QB that deletes, merges, duplicates or changes an item, vendor, location, etc this can cause the ID QB assigned to an entity to lose its path and also cause this error. 

There are two ways to remove QB external ID’s: 

  • Go to the entity in ServiceTrade and click on the external ID icon (the little blue box beside the name of the entity in question). Here you can edit the ID’s and remove them.
  • The second way to do this is to disconnect the integration entirely but this will remove ALL external ID’s. 

Once either of the above steps is done edit your QB products/services, locations, vendors, etc and make sure that they are all unique.  Once you’ve confirmed there are no duplicates ( including editing duplicate names of inactive records of these entities) reconnect the integration and begin sending things over. 

Status Code 3120

InvoiceAddRs statusCode=3120 statusSeverity=Error statusMessage=Object “12345678-123456789” specified in the request cannot be found. QuickBooks error message: Invalid argument. The specified record does not exist in the list.

  • Please contact ServiceTrade support at [email protected]. ServiceTrade will need to clear and re-sync customer list on integration-production.

Status Code 3140

3140 statusSeverity=Error statusMessage=There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Sales Rep “TB” in the Invoice

  • This means you have a tech in ServiceTrade whose initials do not match those in Quickbooks.  Please edit either system accordingly to make these match, then try your invoice again.

Note: If these match and the error persists, switch to single-user mode and try your invoice again.

Status Code 3180

InvoiceAddRs statusCode=3180 statusSeverity=Error statusMessage=There was an error when saving a Invoice. QuickBooks error message: The transaction is pending and cannot be emailed.

  • In ServiceTrade you have possibly set your Quickbooks preferences to use preferred method of delivery. (which is email in this case) if the customer record in Quickbooks does not have an email attached to it then sending the invoice to Quickbooks will fail. To fix this issue make sure you have an email set in Quickbooks.
  • Another possibility is that you have a character, such as an accent mark, that works in ST but that Quickbooks chokes on.  Search your customer, location, and each item carefully for accent marks or other variations from its counterpart in Quickbooks.  Correct the entity in ServiceTrade to exactly match Quickbooks, then click edit your ST invoice, save, and try submitting again. 
  • If the integration settings are set so that the invoice hits Quickbooks as ‘pending’ then it will not send the invoice to ‘preferred email’. This is largely due to having conflicting statuses. An invoice cannot be ‘pending’ and still send the finalized invoice to the customer. The fix is either limit the customer choice to just select ‘print’ or change invoice status to final. 

Creation request failed: Create invoice …. CheckNullResponseAndThrowException – Response Null or Empty”

  • Click “Edit” on the invoice, then click save.
  • Try your submission again.

Status Code 510
InvoiceAddRs statusCode=510 statusSeverity=Warn statusMessage=Unable to return object

There is an issue with the location and bill to address. This usually is from a discrepancy between customer and sub customer. If you have a location with a similar name, then the incorrect location or company needs to be corrected in ServiceTrade. The same may need to be done in Quickbooks.

Code 400 ValidationFault
Code=400 Response=ValidationFault [(500)  – Unsupported Operation; Operation org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: XXXXX; columnNumber: YYYY; The entity “ZZZZ” was referenced, but not declared. is not supported.

Validation faults can occur when you try to include a character (letter, number, or symbol) that QuickBooks does not support in your invoice data.  This most commonly happens when you copy/paste words from another application such as Microsoft Excel into the ServiceTrade invoice’s item description or notes fields.

Some common character entity errors are:

  • rsquo – A single quote character.  Retype or remove any single quotes.
  • rdquo – A double quote character.  Retype or remove any double quotes.
  • nbsp – Typically this is related to a special character within the notes section. The easiest way to identify and resolve this special character is to re-type the notes, without using a copy & paste method.


Code=400 Response=ValidationFault [(2500) – Invalid Reference Id; Invalid Reference Id : One of the list elements assigned to this transaction has been deleted. Before you can modify this transaction, you must restore…

This error occurs when a transaction is trying to sync to QuickBooks Online (QBO), but an object on the transaction cannot be located in QBO. This list item name is specified in the sync error (customer, vendor, class). This error may also occur if there is an External ID attached to something in ServiceTrade (ex. Item, Location, etc.), perhaps by mistake.


  • In QBO, restore the list element referenced in the sync error by following these instructions:
  • Go to the Company tab and click Lists.
  • Open the appropriate list (Vendor list, Chart of Accounts, Product/Service, etc…)
  • Select the relevant deleted report (Deleted vendors, Deleted accounts, etc…) 
  • Select the item that is to be undeleted.
  • When restoring names, click the link for Edit Information.
  • Clear the Deleted checkbox.
  • Save and Sync with ServiceTrade

Item Code Character Limit
When you are creating Item Codes in ServiceTrade it is important to be aware of certain character limits in Quickbooks. Item Codes have a character limit of 31 characters. Also, Item Codes may contain special characters but it is recommended that the first character not be a special character. Having this understanding will prevent syncing issues with Quickbooks integrations.

Autotask PSA: QuickBooks Online: Error: “400 A Business Validation Error Has Occurred”

When syncing an invoice from Autotask to QuickBooks Online, you see the following error message in the Autotask Invoices app under Error Logs: “Error creating the QuickBooks invoice for Autotask invoice ID XXX and account ‘XXX.’ Reason: There was an error. 400 A business validation error has occurred while processing your request. Business Validation Error: Select a product or service The invoice number for Autotask invoice id XXX and account ‘XXX,’ was set to ‘ERROR-XXX’ in Autotask.”


  • Autotask PSA
  • QuickBooks Online


The matching items between Autotask PSA and QuickBooks Online are not set to be sold to customers in Quickbooks Online.To map invoice items between Autotask PSA and QuickBooks, you need to set them as items that are sold to customers.

For example, you might have an item with a material code of Shipping on your invoice, and an item with the same name in Quickbooks Online. The checkbox “I sell this product/service to my customers.” is unchecked for the item.

Figure 1: Product/Service information page (click to enlarge)


1. Edit the Item in Invoices ? Products and Services.
2. Check the I sell this product/service to my customers. box.

Alternatively, you can rename or deactivate the item and create a new item by transferring the invoice from Autotask PSA again.

Data Factory Connector for QuickBooks Online

The most probable reason, I can think is because of the QB connector is in preview mode. The connector requires client id, client secret and a refresh token for successful connection.
I have copied and pasted it for the connection so there in no error in the credentials. But this issues get resolved when we create a new app on the intuit developer portal and then feeding in the new credentials, which again fails after certain interval following the same cycle.

The error message returned is:

Connection failed
ERROR [HY000] [Microsoft][QuickBooks] (61) API Connection Failed. Bad Request. HTTP Response code: 400 ERROR [HY000] [Microsoft][QuickBooks] (61) API Connection Failed. Bad Request. HTTP Response code: 400

Is there any way we can integrate the QuickBooks Online data to Power BI. I am currently using data factory to import data from QBO to SQL database and then connecting Power BI.

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