Fix Quicken Download Error 102 While Updating Account?

Quicken Errors Solution

Quicken download error 102 occurs when using a Quicken account. There may be an error while updating, printing from Quicken, adding an account, synchronizing, launching, opening, etc. When your system is affected by an error, you may see the following message:

  •     Error: Add 102
  •     Error: 102 Connect

Quicken is the best finance and account management software, it can handle all your daily finance-related tasks. It comes with advanced features that make it suitable software for users. But when users receive an error, it prevents them from using the software. Error 102 occurs for a few reasons, and here in this blog, you will get complete knowledge of the software. Here you will also find solutions to get rid of it, but before knowing the solution to the error, you should know the reasons for it.

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Causes of Quicken download error 102:

An error occurred when the selected return was not available.

  •     When users change their login information.
  •     If the credentials are not correct.
  •     Due to any virus or malware attack.

102 After knowing the causes of the error, you can now know the solution.

How to fix Quicken download error 102

Solution 1: use the go-to bank function

  • Open early
  • Choose the account menu
  • Then click on New
  • And choose the account you want to create
  • Then you have to choose your bank from the list
  • Click continue
  • If you get the error again, click Go to Bank
  • On your bank’s website, try to sign in

A transaction reference in one of the accounts you are trying to add.

The feature can resolve the error, but if you continue to find it, you can contact the experts to resolve it. Ashen specialists are well trained and have years of experience in solving Essen errors.

Solution 2: Basic troubleshooting steps

  • Check whether Windows Update is installed.
  • Check if the internet is working properly and working at a high speed.
  • Ensure that the hard drive has enough space for updates or later installations.
  • Make sure your RAM usage is low and there is enough room to run the application.
  • If you have one, uninstall the Security app.
  • Check if there is a security software update.
  • Make sure that you are using the latest version of Windows that supports the software.
  • If you have a third-party app, remove it.
  • Do a proper scan of the entire computer to check for viruses or malware.

Solution 3: Run the troubleshooter

Open Control Panel on your computer and try running the built-in troubleshooter. It will detect your computer problems in every file and software and inform you about the error. The troubleshooter helps resolve the error after detection, and when the error resolution process is complete, you can use your Quicken again.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 102?

Though an advanced software, still at times you might be stuck with errors that will hinder workflow. One such error is “QuickBooks error 102” that happens when there are some technical issues, maintenance work is going on, the problem with the transfer of data between the website of the bank & QuickBooks Online.

Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Online Error 102

1. Account Updates in QuickBooks Online

If there are no issues or maintenance signs on your bank or credit card website, you can try to update your account in QuickBooks Online manually. You can do this by

  • Click the Update button in the upper right corner
  • Look for “Automatic and Manual“ updates.
  • Run three manual updates during non-peak hours.

Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates to your “Online Banking Account” usually begins at 3 AM Pacific Time.

In case, QuickBooks Online Server has not been able to obtain updated info for a particular account; it will attempt again try five more times to get it in the next five hours. The info that is received depends on the shares of your bank or financial institution with QuickBooks Online.

Users can send new info on growth every other day, weekly or any other time. You cannot switch on “Auto Update” ON & OFF. Also, you do not have control over specific items that are downloaded and available to be added to your bank register.

How to know the time of updates?

  • Got to Banking menu
  • Choose Update in the right corner
  • Choose the update button in the right corner

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Manual Updates

Some accounts require manual updates; if this is the case, you will be notified in connection interview. Most accounts should work with automatic updates. If you do not see today’s information, after an automatic update, you may need to update manually.

In many accounts, manual updates are required. If this is the scenario, you will be notified of this in the “connection interview.”  Usually, most accounts start working with “Automatic updates.” However, in case you are not able to see today’s info after there was an automatic update, you will require a manual update. Perform the following steps for that:

  • Select “Banking” from the left menu
  • If an update for only some accounts is required, select to “clear unwanted”
  • Choose update now
  • If there comes a prompt- Enter your “Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)” & click continue to update.

Manual update will be sufficient for 90 days & any new listing within that period will download. With these updates, even if you leave the days between updates, then also you will get the updated info in your account.

2. Accurate Account details

You can try to login to your bank’s account URL given by the bank. If you are unable to connect to your bank, then follow the below steps. Check out the below details while adding your bank accounts to download & fix transactions in QB Online. QuickBooks online error 102 might happen because you were not able to connect to your bank. The steps are:

  1. Navigate to the menu at the left corner & select “Banking” option.
  2. If in case you are linking to a bank for the first time- Got to search & look for your “Bank’s name”.
  3. If you are linked to a bank- then click “Add account” & look for the name of your bank.
  4. Select your bank from the List
  5. For the bank website- enter your “User ID/Login ID” & Password.
  6. Select “Continue” option
  7. If required, perform the “added security verification steps” & select “Connect ”

Select the bank symbol of the bank to the left of your account and connect it from the drop-down menu. You need to choose your “bank type or credit card account.” If you do not have an existing account, you will see an option “Add+ new” to create a new account.

Once you have joined into your account, QuickBooks will download online transactions for the past 90 days & your banking and cc transactions.

  • Click “Connect”
  • Once the download is finished, you will be automatically transferred to the banking page.

The “Review” tab will have the transactions that were downloaded from your bank or financial institution. Now you can review, classify & accept the transactions in QuickBooks.

However, if the bank is not listed or you have failed to connect, you will need to contact the bank or download transaction from the site of your bank & then upload it to QuickBooks.

3. Check Account Information or notifications

Once you have entered/ logged in successfully, you can check the messages, notifications or warnings that might have received from your bank. On reading these, you will get to know what is the issue causing QuickBooks error 102. Additionally, you can easily check your account summary, history, & transactions.

4. Bank action

If QuickBooks online error 102 is still unresolved at this stage, you need to wait for a while for the bank to work on it. It can be the scenario that it is a technical glitch from their end, and they are trying to resolve the issue with your server. Wait for at-least for 24 hours before performing any further steps.

5. Ensure that your account is “Not New” to the bank.

QuickBooks error 102 also comes up if your account is new to the bank or credit card. In some cases, “new accounts” do not work with online banking. Analyze if this is the issue and accordingly contact the bank or credit card company for the concern.

The article is quite comprehensive and should suffice the error. However, at times there might be some steps that might create some trouble and hinder your workflow. In such case, It is best to talk to an expert at QuickBooks Error Support Number +1-888-300-3913 and understand the requirements for your system.

How To Fix Quicken Download Error 102?

“ How To Fix Quicken Download Error 102? What Are The Various Ways To Fix Quicken Download Error 102? I Am Getting Quicken Download Error 102 On My Quicken Software, How Can I Troubleshoot It? ” These are one of the most frequently asked questions all over the web related to the queries of Quicken. We are sure about this that you also must have the same question and query related to your Quicken software and is looking forward to find out the ways by which you can also remove the error from your system and start working again over the Quicken. This blog is written to solve that problem easily. We have covered each and everything related to the Quicken and have put forth the ways by which you can solve this error directly through your own efforts. Read this completely and implement the strategies.

The error 102 of downloading quicken is somewhere related with the minor problems in either at the security application or with the Quicken installation or either with the PC, hardware or the windows. The error can also arise when there is an issue with the third party application installed in the PC which is stopping the other software installed in the system to work properly and majorly impacting the Quicken.

What Are The Reasons For Quicken Download Error 102?

We have listed some of the reasons below leading the downloading error 102 in the Quicken. Please have a look and identify the one you are dealing with –

Error 102 is generally displayed or appeared on the screen when the bank which is selected is unavailable over the server.

The user also might have reset or updated the login credentials of signing in to the financial institution account and the same has not been carried forward to the Quicken software.

5 Easy Methods To Fix Quicken Download Error 102

Windows Updates – The user must make sure that he has updated the windows operating system installed in the PC if the updates are available. The user should regularly keep updating the windows from time to time otherwise the software installed in the system such as Quicken are going to misbehave for sure. Updates must be done from the trusted source with the help of strong internet connection.

Strong Internet Connectivity – The user also must make sure that while running the Quicken software, the internet connectivity is strong, fast and un-interrupted. This is utmost vital. Delayed speed only will lead to the failure of the Quicken Software not once but every time in between. A good internet connection ensures that you complete the essential working without any unnecessary interruption what so ever.

System Storage – The user must also need to check and make sure that the system’s hard drive or hard disk is having sufficient free space to store new things. If the space is unavailable, the user must delete the unnecessary files from the system which are only pilling up the space for no reason what so ever. This will allow the essentials files to come and get stored properly. Also make sure that the RAM Memory is also available in sufficient amount.

Uninstall Security Software – If there is any security related software such as anti-virus or malware protector is installed in your system then you must uninstall it before working on the Quicken software again as it might be creating a firewall resulting into the failure in Quicken software.

Uninstall Third Party Application – The user must also uninstall any third party application installed recently in the system as it also might be creating a hindrance in the proper working of Quicken Software.

These are the 5 easiest methods that you can also implement very easily to solve your problem. If the problem still persists, then do contact with the Quicken User Support and Help Team for professional and expert help to solve the problem of Quicken Download Error code 102.

How to Fix Quicken Download Error 102 While Updating Account?

Quicken download error 102 happens you are using the Quicken account. The error can happen during updating, printing from the Quicken, add account, sync, launch, open and so on. When your system gets affected by the error, you may see the following messages:

  1. Error: 102 Add
  2. Error: 102 Connect

Quicken is the best finance and account management software, it can handle all your daily chores related to finance. It comes with advance features that make it appropriate software for the users. But when users got an error in it, this makes them unable to use the software. There are some reasons because of which error 102 occurs, and here in this blog, you will going to get complete knowledge about the software. Here you will also find the solutions to get rid of it, but before knowing the solutions for the error you should know about the causes of it.

Causes of Quicken download Error 102

The error caused when the selected back in unavailable.

  • When users change its sign-in information.
  • If credentials are not correct.
  • Due to the attack of any virus or malware.

After knowing about the causes of the 102 error, now you can proceed to know the solutions.

Solutions to Fix Error 102 in Quicken

Solution 1: Use the Go to bank feature

  1. Open Quicken
  2. Choose the Accounts Menu
  3. Then click on New
  4. And select the account you want to create
  5. Next, you have to choose your bank from the list
  6. Click Continue
  7. If you get the error again, click Go to Bank
  8. At your bank’s website try to log in

The go-to the transactions in one of the accounts you are trying to add.

The feature may resolve the error, but if you continue finding it then you can contact the experts to solve it. As quicken experts are well trained and they have the years of the experience in solving errors of quicken.

Solution 2: Basic troubleshooting steps

  1. Check if the Windows Updates are installed.
  2. Check if the internet is working fine and running on the high speed.
  3. Ensure that the hard drive has enough space for further update or installation.
  4. Make sure that your RAM usage is low and it has enough space for the application to perform.
  5. Uninstall the security app if you have any.
  6. Check if the Security software is updated.
  7. Ensure that you are using the latest version of the Windows that support the software.
  8. If you have any third-party app, delete them.
  9. Do the proper scanning of the whole computer, to check if there is any virus or malware.

Solution 3: Run the troubleshooter

Open the Control Panel on your computer and try to run the in-build troubleshooter software. It will detect the issues in your computer within each file and software and will tell you about the error. Troubleshooter helps in solving the error after the detection, and when the process of solving error is done, then you will be able to reuse your Quicken.

When you cannot sign-in to your bank’s website?

When you click on the Go to Bank feature, and at that time you couldn’t sign in from the website, it means that your website is unavailable for a short time. You can wait for a few hours to one day before trying again. However, the next thing to do is to try bank names similar to yours, this would be necessary if the two accounts you usually access from the same website are available under the different names.

For example, from the USAA website, you can locate your USAAA checking and mortgage accounts listed together. However, from within quicken, you may require to:

  1. Select USAA Bank to add your checking account.
  2. Select USAA Mortgage to add your mortgage account.

Below, we have mentioned the ways on how you can find the bank names similar to the one you have selected last.

  1. Close the browser window that includes your bank’s section.
  2. Back in Quicken click ‘NO, maybe I chose the wrong bank name’ option.
  3. If you see another variation on your bank’s name, click on it. Now try to sign-in again with the correct bank’s name.


If you see that none of the solutions above is working for your Quicken in solving the error 102, then you can go with this last option. Try contacting quicken expert, because they after trained and have skills, that can help your system in coming out from Quicken download error 102.

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