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Quicken Error OL-89-B (When Using Online Services)

In this post, we’ll discuss “Quicken Error OL-89-B”. It’s a temporary issue in Quicken 2016 and 2017 while downloading transactions from the financial institution using a one-step update.

Causes for Quicken Error OL-89-B

1. Account closed with a bank but still available in Quicken
2. Account information is incorrect
3. Data has some integrity issue

Things to do before troubleshooting Quicken Error OL-89-B

1. Open Quicken
2. Go to Help > Check for Updates
3. If an update is available click on Yes to launch

Quicken Error OL-89-B

Note: You can download Quicken updates and release manually from here.

B. Make a backup before diagnosing Quicken Error OL-89

Notice: If you want us to troubleshoot Quicken error code OL-89-B remotely, contact Quicken Support by dialing 1-877-353-8076

Simple Steps to fix Quicken Error OL-89-B

A. Ensure your Account information

Quicken Error OL-89-B

B. Check your hidden Accounts

1. Go to Tools > Account List (Ctrl+A)
2. Make a check on show hidden accounts at the bottom left-hand side corner. If there are no hidden accounts in Quicken you won’t be able to see this option
3. Now you have a list of hidden accounts click on Edit and verify that your account has the correct information
4. If the hidden account is no longer with your bank or you don’t want to download, Deactivate its online services

Quicken Error OL-89-B

C. Deactivate your effected Accounts

1. Go to Tools > Account List (Ctrl+A)
2. Click on Edit for the account that is unable to download transactions in Quicken
3. Select the Online Services tab
4. Click on Deactivate
5. Click OK

Repeat the same with other accounts that are effected with the same error

Quicken Error OL-89-B

D. Copy and Validate your Quicken data file

1. Go to File > File Operations > Copy…
2. No need to make any changes simply click on OK
3. On the next screen, choose New copy and then click on OK(See an image below)

Quicken Error OL-89-B

4. Now your copy file is open
5. Go to File > File Operations > Validate and Repair…
6. Now make a check on Validate file and then click OK
7. Once the validation process is completed close Quicken and reopens it
8. Now reactivate your Quicken account (follow E instructions)

Quick Note: We recommend you not to Validate and Repair your original file because in some cases damaged information can be removed in between the repair process.

E. Reactivate your deactivated Account

1. Go to Tools > Account List (Ctrl+A)
2. Click on Edit for the same account which got deactivated
3. Select the Online Services tab
4. Click on Set up Now…

Quicken Error OL-89-B

5. Quicken prompt you on the screen where you need to type your financial institution Username & Password
6. Click Connect
7. In the process to reactivate the account Quicken will show you your account information make sure to LINK your account instead of adding it again (See an image below)

Quicken Error OL-89-B

After following all the above steps you won’t face Quicken Error OL-89-B but in case if it does exist please contact our Quicken Support by dialing +1-888-300-3913 .

Quicken Error OL-89-B usually occurs when there is a temporary server outrage. It is a temporary issue which is a part of Quicken 2016 and 2017 which occurs while downloading transactions from the bank using one step update.

You can try to update your accounts one day later or you can simply get in touch with your bank to see if they have rectified Quicken Error OL-89-B.

Reasons behind Quicken Error OL-89-B could be:

  • Incorrect entry of account information
  • Some integrity issue with the data
  • Account has been closed with bank but still available in Quicken

You must keep the following points in mind before troubleshooting Quicken Error OL-89-B:

Quicken is updated

You need to make sure that you have downloaded the latest update available. Refer the following points to check for an update-

  • Open Quicken
  • Drag your cursor to ‘Help’ and then ‘Check for updates’
  • If an update is there then click on ‘Yes’ to install it

Create a backup

It is advised to create a backup before scanning your system or troubleshooting before detecting Quicken Error OL-89-B so that even if something goes wrong, your files will be safe and protected. It is bad enough that you are facing this issue; we don’t want you to go through the loss of your files too, just in case. Follow the below points to create a backup.

  • Open Quicken
  • Click on ‘Files’ then go to ‘Backup and Restore’
  • Drag your cursor to ‘Backup quicken file’
  • Select a location where you would like your backup to show up and click on ‘Back up now’

Now we can proceed to fix Quicken Error OL-89-B. Kindly refer to the below mentioned points-

1. Check your account information

  • Click on ‘Tools’ and then navigate to ‘Accounts list’
  • ‘Edit’ the account which is causing Quicken Error OL-89-B
  • Check your account information like account number, routing number, customer ID, bank’s name, etc. under ‘General’ tab
  • If some information is incorrect then kindly correct it.
  • Then, If all your information is correct then continue reading.

2. Look out for hidden accounts

  • Go to ‘Accounts list’ under the section of ‘Tools’
  • At the bottom left hand side corner, click on ‘Show hidden accounts’. If you don’t have any hidden accounts then you will not have this option as well.
  • After that, If you have the option to see hidden accounts, click on ‘Edit’ and make sure that your account has the right information.
  • If the hidden account is no longer associated to your bank or you don’t want to download then you can simply deactivate the online services.

3. Deactivate the account struck by Quicken Error OL-89-B

  • Select the Accounts list from tools
  • ‘Edit’ the account which is unable to download the transactions in Quicken
  • Select ‘Online Services’
  • Click on ‘Deactivate’
  • Click on ‘Ok’
  • Follow the above mentioned steps for other accounts as well which have Quicken Error OL-89-B

4. Authorise your Quicken Data File

  • Move your cursor to ‘File’, then ‘File Operations’ and then click to ‘Copy’
  • You might get an option to make changes. Ignore it and click on ‘Ok’
  • On the next screen, you will get an option to either select ‘Original file’ or ‘New Copy’. Select ‘New Copy’ and click on ‘Ok’
  • Now that your copy file is open on your system in front of you, select the option of ‘Validate and Repair’ under the ‘File Operations’ tab
  • Once the validation process is done, close Quicken and reopen it
  • Now you will be required to reactivate Quicken

5. Reactivate your account

  • Select Accounts List from ‘Tools’
  • Now go to the account which was deactivated and click on ‘Edit’
  • Drag your cursor to select ‘Online Services’ tab
  • Click on ‘Set up now’
  • It will navigate you to the screen where you will be required to type your bank’s username and password
  • After entering the details, click on ‘Connect’
  • During this process of reactivation, Quicken will display your account information. Make sure that you link it and not just add it again.

Your issues regarding Quicken Error OL-89-B will be solved by following the above mentioned steps. If you require any assistance then feel free to get in touch with us visit  we will be happy to help you.

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