Fixing QuickBooks Error Code 12029

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A network timeout error like the code 12029 in QB can result due to an internet connection with poor connectivity. The external and internal causes of this error can make it surface on QuickBooks and QuickBooks Desktop. Experts suggest that checking the internet connectivity can help you fix the QuickBooks error code 12029. According to the users of QuickBooks Desktop, pending updates should be completed for doing away with the causes of this error. 

It should be noted that apart from improving the internet connectivity and updating the software, the 12029 error can be resolved in many ways. Some of the ways that we have found can also work for the users of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. To know them, you can read further.

To know the contents of this blog, this summary can be of use:

What is QuickBooks Error 12029?

In QB, the error 12029 points out at a network timeout problem. The Intuit software may be unable to obtain an IP address. Since the connection between the servers may not be strong as a result of this, the QuickBooks error code 12029 would be the outcome.

Causes of the QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12029

QuickBooks error code 12029 is caused by two different types of factors: internal and external. Let’s find out about them in detail one by one: 

External Causes of the Error:

The error 12029 in QB can get triggered by the following external causes:

  • Issues in downloading or updating QuickBooks Payroll can result in it.
  • There may be obstructions in internet security or firewall services. The connection between the server and QB can fail due to this.
  • Internet Explorer may not be set as the default web browser.
  • Your internet plan may have expired.
  • The SSL settings may be misconfigured.
  • You may not have properly configured the internet settings.

Internal Causes of the Error:

Let us now look at the internet causes of the error 12029 in QuickBooks:

  • QuickBooks may be failing to connect with your internet.
  • The connection to the QuickBooks company file may have been lost.
  • When the server is blocked, QB may get affected.
  • Update timeout in the software can be the next common cause of the QuickBooks payroll update error 12029.

How to Get Rid of QuickBooks Error Code 12029?

To do away with the QB error 12029, you can set Internet Explorer as the default browser when it is used for opening the browser. The QuickBooks Tool Hub can be utilized for configuring the firewall. A configured firewall/antivirus can help you get rid of the QuickBooks payroll update error 12029. Also, you can check and verify the internet connection being used.

More fixes for eliminating this error can be found in the upcoming sections.

Fix 1: Make Internet Explorer Your Default Browser

The QuickBooks software users prefer Internet Explorer for accessing it. It has been seen in several instances that when Internet Explorer isn’t set as the default browser, issues with the software such as the error 12029 show up. To eliminate the error, this browser can be set as the default application. Via Run on your computer, you can use the INETCPL.CPL command. In Programs, select Make Internet Explorer the Default Browser. Then from the section of Web Browser, Internet Explorer can be set to default.

  • Go to “Run” on your system.
  • In “Run”, the following has to be entered:


  • Tap on “Enter”.
Inetcpl - quickbooks error code 12029
  • Move to the tab for “Programs”.
  • “Make Internet Explorer the Default Browser” needs to be selected.
  • Locate the section of “Web Browser”.
  • The default apps will be given here. Ensure that “Internet Explorer” appears as a default app.
  • The updates for “QB” have to be downloaded now.

Those of you who are successful in downloading the updates for the software may not find the QuickBooks error 12029 any further.

Fix 2: Configure Antivirus and Firewall via QuickBooks Tool Hub

Installing security applications on computers is a common practice. However, these applications can sometimes block QuickBooks. Being blocked, you may come across the QuickBooks error code 12029 on your computer. To solve it, the antivirus and firewall can be configured using QuickBooks Tool Hub. 

From the official site of Intuit, QuickBooks Tool Hub can be downloaded. You can save its file at a preferable location and then run it. When you run the file, some prompts will be seen. Follow them one by one. The Tool Hub will be completely installed. Now, you can use it for automatically configuring the firewall.

  • Open the website of “Intuit”.
  • Download “QuickBooks Tool Hub File” from the website.
  • Save the file named “QuickBooksToolHub.exe”.
  • Now, open the “QuickBooksToolHub.exe” file.
  • Certain prompts should appear. Follow them.
  • Let the tool get installed on your system. 
  • When the installation is complete, twice press the icon of the tool.
  • The tool will auto-configure the firewall ports.
  • Now, run “QuickBooks”.
  • Ensure that the QuickBooks payroll update error 12029 has been removed.

Fix 3: Check Internet Connectivity

The connectivity to the internet is required for using QuickBooks. However, when this connectivity is unavailable, using the internet may not be possible. In addition, a faulty or slow internet connection may also limit you from using it. Thus, QuickBooks may not run. In such a situation, finding the error 12029 should not be surprising or unexpected.

To ensure that such a situation does not occur, internet connectivity should be checked. The users can check by following 3 ways. These ways include verifying the internet connection, adjusting the date and time, and resetting the internet settings.

Option 1: Verify Your Internet Connection

An easy way to verify your internet connection is by opening your web browser. You can type in the URL of any website. Find out whether or not the website is opening. An error-free internet connection will open the website. However, a problematic or slow connection may not help in accessing the site. With such a connection, using QuickBooks may give you an unlikely experience by displaying the QuickBooks payroll update error 12029. You may request your internet service provider to assist you in repairing or changing the connection.

  • Launch “Internet Explorer” on your computer.
  • Open any website.
  • Ensure that the website is opening. If not, then the internet connection may be faulty.
Option 2: Adjust the Date and Time on Your PC

Internet-related issues can surface due to the incorrect date and time on your PC. These issues can come in the way of your experience while using QB. Thus, you may find the error code 12029 in it. The date and time can be adjusted from the computer settings. The Time & Language option should be selected. Then you can move to the page for Date & Time. Here, you can pick the option mentioning Set Time Automatically.

Let us now go through the remaining directions of this fix. They have been provided here:

  • Go to “Settings” on your PC.
  • Choose “Time & Language”.
  • Select the “Date & Time” page.
  • Tap on “Set Time Automatically”.
Date and time - quickbooks error 12029
  • Find the section of “Time Zone”.
  • Ensure that the right time zone has been marked. Or you can use the dropdown menu for introducing the changes.
  • Enable “Adjust for Daylight Saving Time Automatically” in case applicable to the chosen time zone.

Option 3: Reset the Internet Settings

We will now look at the method for resetting the internet settings. Sometimes incorrect settings may affect QuickBooks and give rise to the 12029 error. By resetting these settings, the Intuit software won’t be affected any further. Thus, the error will stop coming up.

To reset the settings of your internet, click-open your browser. Using the icon of 3 dots, launch the Internet Settings. Select Internet Options in Tools. Then move to the Advanced tab for choosing Reset.

  • Open your web browser.
  • Look for the icon of three vertical dots.
  • Use the icon to visit “Internet Settings”.
  • Now, “Tools” has to be selected.
  • Choose “Internet Options”.
  • Open the “Advanced” tab.
  • Push the “Reset” button.
  • The default settings will get implemented for your browser. Now, press “Ok”.
Reset - quickbooks payroll update error 12029

Alert: The users will be requested to download the updates for QuickBooks after checking that the internet connectivity is not problematic. When the updates have been downloaded, the software has to be launched. The QuickBooks error 12029 is likely to get removed from the software. However, the internet connection should be repaired or changed by connecting with your ISP. Later, the updates for QB can be installed.

Fix 4: Start Windows in Safe Mode with Networking

When the safe mode is used with networking, the QuickBooks users are likely to see no errors. Thus, when the error 12029 is observed, this mode should be entered. Since this QuickBooks error can be observed on Windows 7, Windows 8, as well as Windows 10, we have presented the steps for entering the mode on each of these versions.

Option 1: Running Windows 7 in Safe Mode with Networking

Computers running with Windows 7 should be restarted at first. While restarting your computer, F8 should be pressed. The Advanced Boot Options will be visible. In these options, Safe Mode with Networking can be selected. After running this mode, you can try opening QuickBooks. We believe that the QuickBooks payroll update error 12029 may not be perceived now.

  • Restart your Windows 7 computer.
  • Once it restarts, press the “F8” key.
  • Opt for “Advanced Boot Options” via the “Up” and “Down” arrow keys.
  • Select either “Safe Mode” or “Safe Mode with Networking”.
  • Hit “Enter”.
  • The “Safe Mode” will have been entered now. Boot your computer.
  • After booting it, you can normally use your computer.
  • Head to “QuickBooks”. 
  • While using the functions of the software, the QuickBooks error 12029 may not bother you.
Option 2: Using Safe Mode with Networking on Windows 8 and 10

On computers that have Windows 8 or Windows 10, the safe mode can be started via the booting procedure. While booting, the option of Repair My Computer should show up. You can select Troubleshoot and then head to Advanced Options. Soon, you will come across Startup Settings. Select the same and then click on Restart. After this, you can turn on the Safe Mode by pressing the F5 key. The users can start using QB now without worrying about the 12029 network timeout error.

Alert: For enabling the Safe Mode on Windows 8 and Windows 10 computers, the Windows installation media should be prepared. For preparing it, a DVD or USB can be preferred. Followed by making the bootable device, the procedure can be started. 

  • Run the procedure to boot your Windows 8/10 computer via the bootable device prepared.
  • Once it is booted, tap on “Repair My Computer”.
  • Select “Troubleshoot”.
  • Go to “Advanced Options”
  • Prefer choosing “Startup Settings”.
  • Click on “Restart”.
  • Press “F5” for “Enable Safe Mode with Networking”.
  • After entering the “Safe Mode”, you can use your computer.
  • Now, launch “QB”.
  • Confirm that the payroll update error 12029 is not present in the software.

Fix 5: Attempt to Restore Your Windows Computer

On Windows, the QuickBooks error code 12029 can be found at times. The programs of the computer may be affected. These programs may be creating problems like this error for the users of the accounting software. For troubleshooting it, the programs can be repaired by restoring your Windows computer. From System Restore, you can pick a suitable date and point. The computer will get restored and start to function as usual. When QuickBooks is used now, the error code may not be seen.

  • Shut down your computer and start it again.
  • Sign in to your computer as the admin.
  • Press the “Windows” key.
  • Click on the “Search” box.
  • Write “System Restore” in the box.
  • Let the window of “System Restore” open.
  • Pick the date and time for restoring your computer.

Alert: The readers will be advised to pick only that date on which the system was functioning as normal.

  • Press “Next”.
  • Choose the most recent restore points.
  • You will be asked to confirm the action.
  • Then press “Next”.
  • Let the restoration process finish.
  • Afterward, start rebooting your Windows computer.
  • Once rebooted, start your computer.
  • Click twice on the icon of “QuickBooks”.
  • When QB opens, ensure that the 12029 error is not present.

How can You Fix the Error 12029 in QuickBookDesktop?

When the error 12029 surfaces in QuickBooks Desktop, you can ensure that the software is updated. The updates can be installed for reducing the causes of the error code. In some situations, the security certificate can be installed/updated for this Intuit software. Along with that, the SSL settings can be adjusted. In the end, errors like the code 12029 will be cleared from your system.

Fix 1: Download Updates for QuickBooks Desktop

If you’re seeing the error code 12029 on QuickBooks Desktop, then ensure that no updates are pending for the software. On finding that the updates haven’t been installed, close the software. Reopen it along with pressing the Ctrl key. Open Help and select the option of Update QuickBooks Desktop. After this, you can tap on Update Now.

The other steps for this QuickBooks error 12029 fix can be known by reading here:

  • Ensure that “QuickBooks Desktop” isn’t running.
  • Tap the “Ctrl” key. Hold it for as long as “QuickBooks Desktop”gets opened again.
  • Locate “Help” and select it.
  • Opt for “Update QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Choose “Update Now”.
  • Select the option of “Get Updates”.
  • You may see the “Ok” button. Press it.
  • Close “QuickBooks Desktop” and reopen it.
  • You may find an option to update the software. Press “Yes”.
  • In case the software is getting updated, you can wait.
  • Now, ensure that the error has been repaired by opening the software.

Fix 2: Verify the Internet Settings

For accessing the internet, QuickBooks Desktop often uses Internet Explorer. When the settings of this browser are not verified, the software may be unable to use it. Thus the QuickBooks error code 12029 may arise. To verify the settings of the internet, you can first exit the software. Using run, the command INETCPL.CPL has to be started. You will find the Security tab. Locate the icon of the internet using the tab. Now, you can move closer to verify the internet settings.

  • Close “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Press “Windows + R” keys on your keyboard. 
  • Fill in “INETCPL.CPL” in “Run”.
  • Press “Enter”.
  • Go to the “Security” tab.
  • Click on the “Internet” icon. 
  • Set the security level to “Medium-high”.
  • Click on “Connections”.
  • Choose “Never Dial a Connection” only if the dial-up is not used. Or you can choose “Correct Internet Service Provider”.
  • Press “Ok”.
  • Now, switch to the “LAN settings”. 
  • See to it that “Automatically Detect Settings” is marked.
  • Uncheck “Use Proxy Server of LAN”. 

Alert: “Use Proxy Server of LAN” can be selected provided that the correct “Port” and “Address” have been entered by you.

  • Select “Ok”.
  • Head to “Advanced”.
  • Move to the “Restore Advanced Settings”.
  • Select “TLS 1.2”.
  • Click on “Ok”.
  • Now, start over your PC.
  • Begin updating “QuickBooks Desktop”.

Fix 3: Install or Update Security Certificate for QuickBooks Desktop

Installing the security certificate for QuickBooks Desktop can prevent a timeout problem like the error code 12029. In addition to installing it, the certificate should be kept updated. You can do so by right-clicking on the software’s icon on your computer. You have to enter the Properties. From the Shortcut tab, tap on Open File Location. The properties of the QuickBooks.exe file have to be opened now by right-clicking on it. From the list, the software has to be chosen. Then you can visit the tab for Digital Signatures for finding the certificate.

For removing the QuickBooks error code 12029 using this fix, you can know the complete steps here:

  • Find the icon of “QuickBooks Desktop” on your computer.
  • Right-click on the software’s icon and move to “Properties”.
  • Select the tab for “Shortcut”.
  • Choose “Open File Location”.
  • Press “Ok”.
  • Right-tap on the file named “QuickBooks.exe”.
  • Open “Properties”.
  • Now, choose “QuickBooks” from the list.
  • View the tab for “Digital Signatures”.
  • Click on “Details”.
  • The option mentioning “View Certificate” has to be preferred.
  • Then switch to the “General” tab.
  • Tap on “Install Certificate”.
  • Visit the window of “Certificate Import”.
  • The current user should be set to “Store Location”.
  • Hit the “Next” button.
  • Select “Next”.
  • Now, press “Finish”.

As soon as the Finish button is pressed, the security certificate for the accounting software should get imported. Accompanied by this, QuickBooks Desktop has to be updated. The 12029 error code should be resolved.

Fix 4: Configure QuickBooks Payroll

The error 12029 can prevail when QB payroll hasn’t been updated. Some of you may have attempted to update it but failures may have been observed. These failures may be the reason why you are seeing the QuickBooks Payroll update error 12029. In such instances, QuickBooks payroll should be configured. You can disconnect and power off the router. Power it on and check the latency. Then launch the company file and find the Edit option. Using it, the payroll can be updated.

  • Disconnect your wireless router or internet connection.
  • Wait for 10 seconds.
  • Power on the router or internet connection. 
  • Check the latency of the internet after powering it on.
  • Launch “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Open your “QuickBooks Company File”.
  • Press the “Ctrl” and “K” keys on your keyboard.
  • When a new window opens, select “Edit”.
  • Unmark the “Open Payroll Setup” option.

A process should begin as a result of selecting this option. Wait for the process to be over. As it gets over, QB payroll will be automatically updated.

Fix 5: Run Computer in Selective Startup Mode

Accounting software like QuickBooks Desktop may not correctly work because of software programs in certain situations. It is in these situations that the QuickBooks error code 12029 is likely to develop. To remove the problems generated by the other software programs, the Selective Startup Mode can be started. Make use of the MSConfig command via Run. In System Configuration, opt for Load System Services. Then go to the General tab. The Selective Startup Mode can be started from this tab.

  • Start the “Run” command on Windows.
  • Input “MSConfig” in “Run”.
  • Push the “Enter” tab.
  • Enter the “System Configuration” window.
  • Choose “Load System Services”.
  • Find the “General” tab.
  • Click on “Selective Startup”.
  • Open the “Services” tab. 
  • Choose “Hide All Microsoft Services”.
  • Hit the “Disable All” option.
  • Deselect the “Hide All Microsoft Services” box.
  • Ensure that the option of “Windows Installer” has been selected.
  • Tap on “Ok”.
  • Restart your device.

The Selective Startup Mode will be running now. In this mode on your system, the updates for QuickBooks Desktop can be downloaded and installed.

Fix 6: Adjust SSL Settings for QuickBooks Payroll Update Services

The SSL settings should be adjusted when they are misconfigured. The misconfiguration of these settings can leave some scope for the error 12029 to turn up in QuickBooks Desktop. For adjusting them, open the accounting software. In Help, Internet Connection Settings have to be chosen. Ensure that the speed of the internet is agreeable. Then visit the Advanced Connection Settings for carrying out the remaining procedure. In the end, QuickBooks error 12029 should be fixed.

  • Go to “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Head to the “Help” tab.
  • Click on “Internet Connection Settings”.
  • Check that the software is able to use the internet.
  • Also, ensure that the speed of the internet is normal.
  • Push “Next”.
  • Switch to “Advanced Connection Settings”.
  • View “Advanced” in the “Internet Properties” window. Open this tab.
  • Tick the following options:

“SSL 3.0” 

“SSL 2.0”

  • Click on the “Apply” button.
  • Tap on “Ok”.

Exit all the windows once these SSL settings have been adjusted and applied. Reboot the accounting software. Then get the updates for the QuickBooks Payroll Services. Subsequently, check that the error 12029 has been eliminated.

Backing up Company Files Before Fixing the QuickBooks Error 12029

While performing certain fixes for the 12029 error code in QuickBooks, you may lose some data of your files. For this reason, we will suggest the users to form a backup of the important QB company files. On QuickBooks Desktop, it can be prepared by going to the File menu. Here, the Back up Company option needs to be chosen. Then you can select Create Local Backup.

  • Launch “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Click on “File”.
  • Go to the “Back up Company” option.
  • Opt for “Create Local Backup”.
  • Read and execute the instructions that you can see on the screen. 

Soon, the backup of your QuickBooks company files will be prepared. At the time of fixing the QB error 12029, even when you lose the data of your files, this backup will be of use.

To Wind Up

Well. That’s it! Hope the aforementioned guide helped you deal with QuickBooks error code 12029 effectively. If you have any query, leave it in the comment section to receive an instant response from our team. And, in the meanwhile, you can check out the following guide that might just come in handy:

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 12029?

Working on QuickBooks payroll updates with full concentration and suddenly the process got interrupted with QuickBooks payroll update error 12029? Let us tell you that it isn’t a rare issue, and the good thing is that it’s fixable. Whereas, if you find this error quite annoying and want to learn the right process to rectify the payroll error 12029, then reading this segment will surely be of great assistance. This write up will brief you with the triggers, as well as the solutions that can be implemented to rectify this update error.

However, if you are not comfortable performing any of the solutions provided in this write-up, then do not waste your precious time and call our helpline, i.e. Our QuickBooks payroll experts and certified professionals are available round-the-clock to help you fix any accounting-related errors.

What is QuickBooks error code 12029?

Before we tell you about the troubleshooting ways to fix QuickBooks Error 12029, let’s take a couple of minutes to learn its causes and nature. QuickBooks error code 12029 is basically a network time-out error, which means the accounting software is not getting an IP address, and the servers are connected through a weak connection. This error occurs when the backend servers are unable to revert to QuickBooks within the allotted time interval. Another common situation when this issue pops up on the screen is when you try to update QuickBooks desktop or payroll. As we already said, multiple reasons may cause this error code, a few of which are enlisted further in this article.

Triggers to QuickBooks error code 12029

Now that we have explored the basic information regarding the QuickBooks error code 12029, it is now time to find out what leads to this error code. It should be noted that there are internal as well as external factors that might lead to this kind of error. Let us have a look at both of the causes one by one.

External causes

  • First external cause of Error code 12029 is downloading the QuickBooks payroll update.
  • Your firewall or internet security obstructing QuickBooks from accessing the server.
  • If the default browser is not set a Internet explorer.
  • In case your internet plans have expired, then get ready to face this issue.
  • Incorrect SSL settings.

Internal causes

  • One of the most common internal cause behind this error can be that the QuickBooks software itself fails to connect to the internet.
  • If there are other connection issues in QuickBooks.
  • In case the server is blocked, then this error code can be encountered.
  • QuickBooks update timeout can also be one of the common internal causes.

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Updated Methods to fix the QuickBooks error code 12029

There can be a plenty of methods to fix the QuickBooks error code 12029 that can be implanted by you with much ease. Let us check out each of the methods one by one.

Method 1: Testing connectivity and settings

It should be noted that the Internet explorer is used by QuickBooks software to access the internet, which makes it important for you to set the internet explorer as the default browser. So, you need to carry out the steps below:

optimize internet explorer-settings
  • Initially, close the QuickBooks software and then open the Microsoft IE.
  • Visit the tools tab or press Alt Key.
  • Open the Internet options and spot the security tab.
  • Look for the globe symbol and then tap on the same in the security tab window.
  • You need to ascertain that the security level is set to medium high.
Medium High Settings in Internet Options - Screenshot
  • Look for the connections tab.
  • If the dial up node is not used, select the never dial a connection. Or if you uses the dial up node, then choose correct internet service provider.
  • Tap on OK and then move to the LAN settings.
  • Look for the automatically detect settings tab.
automatically detect settings - Screenshot
  • Search for the proxy server checkbox.
  • Now hit on OK and then move to the advanced tab.
  • Go for the restore advanced settings.
Restore advanced settings - Screenshot
  • Pick TLS 1.2 and hit OK button.
  • End the process by closing internet explorer and rebooting the system.
  • Download and run the TLS 1.2 utility.
  • Find out whether the is set as the default browser or not.

The point to be noted here is that, if you are unable to access a secure website outside QuickBooks, then you might be needed consult a computer or IT expert.

Method 2: Checking the security settings (Antivirus and Firewall)

In case the above method failed to work, it is recommended to determine whether another application is preventing the download or not. This issue might occur due to the antivirus or the firewall settings. As sometimes, the security software blocks the software from connecting to the server. In such a case, you are required to check and fix the settings, so that they can favor the payroll update process in QuickBooks. The steps involved in this process are as follows:

QuickBooks File Doctor tool - Screenshot
  • Last step in this process is to check whether the error is fixed or not.

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Method 3: Installing or updating QuickBooks desktop security certificate

  • To begin with, hit a right click on the QuickBooks icon on your desktop and then click on the Properties option.
  • Click open file location under the shortcut tab and then hit OK button.
  • Next, do a right click on the QuickBooks.exe file and then hit the Properties option.
  • Now choose the QuickBooks option from the list and click on the details option present under the digital signatures tab.
  • Hit a click on the View certificate option and then hit install certificate option from the general tab.
Download and install a digital signature certificate - Screenshot
  • Now, make sure to set the current user, as the store location, under the certificate import wizard window, followed by hitting Next.
  • Hit a click on Next and finish option respectively.
  • Conclude the process by clicking on OK tab, and you are good to go.

Method 4: Authenticate Internet Connectivity

  • The initial step in this process is to open Internet Explorer and then access any safe website such as
  • If the website is accessed without any issue, then only you are recommended to carry out the steps below.
  • Check the internet connection for any mis-configurations.
  • Once done with that, ensure that the time and date of the system are correct.
  • Open the internet explorer, followed by clicking on Tools at the top, and then select the internet options.
Choose internet options in IE - Screenshot
  • Now hit a click on the Reset/Restore defaults, under the Advanced tab.
Reset or Restore defaults in IE - Screenshot
  • Hit apply and OK options respectively.
  • Sum up the process by running the update for QuickBooks desktop and payroll and then check the status of QuickBooks error 12029.

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Method 5: Open up windows in safe mode and the update

It should be noted that starting windows in safe mode can help the QuickBooks users in fixing the QuickBooks error 12029. The steps involved in this process are as follows:

  • Press the Windows + I keys on your keyboard.
  • Move to the update and security and then click on the same.
Update the Windows 10 (Check for updates) - Screenshot
  • Next step is to hit a click on the recovery option, followed by moving on to the Advanced startup.
  • Now make sure to carry out the instructions carefully and then select appropriately to reboot the system.
  • During restarting the system, you will witness an option to open the system in safe mode with networking.
Safe mode with networking - Screenshot
  • Check if the error still persists.

Method 6: Re-configure QuickBooks payroll and Reboot the updates

You can reconfigure QuickBooks payroll and reboot the updates, if none of the other methods worked. The steps involved in here are:

  • Unplug the wireless router or the internet switch and then wait for around 10 seconds.
  • Turn on the wireless router or internet switch and check the internet latency now.
  • Now open the QuickBooks and then company file.
  • Once done with that press Ctrl + K keys from the keyboard.
  • Followed by clicking on edit option.
  • Un-checking the open payroll setup.

You will have to wait till the process ends, and the payroll updates will continue on their own.

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Method 7: Configuring SSL settings for internet explorer in QuickBooks

In case you are unable to update payroll, you can start QuickBooks and move to the help menu and select internet connection settings. And then, ensure that QuickBooks uses the internet connection of the system. Also, click on next and then advanced connection setting.

You need to check internet properties and then click on the advanced tab:

  • Firstly you need to verify that the Use SSL 2.0 and use SSL 3.0 are verified.
  • Choose the connect tab and then ok tab.
  • Now close the QuickBooks software and restart it.
  • At last, hit a click on help menu and update now tab.

Configure SSL settings internet explorer outside of QuickBooks

  • Initially, open Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser.
  • Move to the tools and select Internet options.
  • Next, tap on the advanced tab.
  • After that, select the SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 checkboxes that can be found in the security.
  • Click on Apply and OK to close the current window.

Alternate Solutions you can try

  1. Reset the QuickBooks updates and attempt to download and install the QuickBooks update, after restarting the system. Also ensure to open the company file in single-user mode.
Update QuickBooks Desktop - Screenshot
  1. Reset the Internet explorer.
Reset the Internet explorer settings - Screenshot
  1. Carry out a clean install of QuickBooks in selective startup mode.
    • Here, you need to reset the updates and then try to download and install the QuickBooks update.
    • Further, reboot the system and confirm that the company file is open in single user mode.
    • Also, reset the internet explorer.
    • Lastly, in selective startup mode, perform a clean install of QuickBooks.
Install QuickBooks in Selective Startup - Screenshot

These methods can be carried out, when none of the above methods worked in fixing the issue.

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QuickBooks Error 12029! Try these 5 Steps for a Quick Fix

Keeping your Windows applications updated is an essential task to keep applications free from errors and to improve their efficiency and productivity. As like other Windows applications QuickBooks and its supporting components also needs to be updated on a regular basis. It is also true that most of the errors in QuickBooks arise performing the update. It happens because the QuickBooks update process requires external files to be downloaded and installed on the Windows, which first needs to be verified by the Windows operating system due to security concerns. One such errors is QuickBooks Error 12029 that appears while downloading QuickBooks Desktop and payroll updates, and in this article, we will be discussing the causes of 12029 error along with some most effective troubleshooting steps.

What Causes Error 12029 in QuickBooks Payroll Update?

This error arises in the application when the user tries to update the QuickBooks Desktop application or the Payroll feature. This happens when QuickBooks can’t to connect to the internet because of some errors and misconfigurations in the Windows operating system. Down below we have listed every single reason that triggers QuickBooks update error 12029.

  1. If your internet connection is, down or disconnected.
  2. Windows Firewall or third-party security applications like antivirus or anti-malware interrupting the download of the update file.
  3. You might have selected some other internet browser as default instead of Internet Explorer.
  4. If the SSL certificate used by the application is invalid or expired.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Error 12029

NOTE: Before proceeding further with the troubleshooting steps, make sure you have an active payroll subscription, and you are using Internet Explorer as your default internet browser.

Troubleshooting Step 1: Verify Internet Connectivity

A stable internet connection is must for an uninterrupted update process. The instructions below will guide to verify your internet connection settings to ensure internet connection misconfiguration is not causing the error 12029.

  1. Open Internet Explorer and access any safe website like
  2. If you can access the website, then follow the next troubleshooting step.
  3. If you get an error, while accessing the website, then check your internet connection settings for any misconfigurations.
  4. Make sure the time and date of your computer are set correct.
  5. Open Internet Explorer, click Tools at the top, and select Internet Options.Internet Explorer Internet Options
  6. Now under the Advanced tab click Reset/Restore Defaults.
    Reset Internet Explorer Settings
  7. Hit Apply and then OK.
  8. Run the update for QuickBooks Desktop and Payroll and check the status of QuickBooks Error 12029.

Troubleshooting Step 2: Exclude QuickBooks from Firewall Settings

Sometimes Windows Firewall restricts a user from downloading the updates as it identifies the update files as a threat to the system’s integrity. Following the instructions below we will add QuickBooks to the list of programs that are allowed to send and receive data from the internet that will eventually allow QuickBooks to download the updates without any issues.

  1. Click the Start button on your Desktop and type Windows Firewall in the Search Programs and Files search box.
    Windows Firewall Search
  2. click Windows Firewall from the list of programs.
  3. Under the Advanced settings right click the Inbound Rules and click New Rule.Windows Firewall Advanced Settings
  4. Under the Programs click Next and select This Program Path.Windows New Inbound Rule Wizard
  5. Select the QuickBooks file location and click Next.
  6. Choose Allow the Connection and then click Next.Windows Firewall Allow the Connection
  7. Make sure to check-mark all the check-boxes and hit Next.
  8. Type a name for this rule and click Finish.
  9. To set the outbound rules, repeat the same procedure of setting the Inbound rules.
  10. Make sure to select Outbound instead of Inbound this time.
  11. For more detailed instructions follow article (How to Add Exclusion to Windows Security Firewall)

Troubleshooting Step 3: Update Internet Connection Settings for Resolving Update Error 12029

If your internet connection is set up in such a way that QuickBooks can’t communicate to the update server, you will not be able to download and install the payroll updates. Follow the instructions below and update the internet connection settings so that QuickBooks won’t face any issues downloading the updates.

  1. Open Internet Explorer and select Tools under the Internet Options.
  2. Now under the General tab click Delete from the list, and select Temporary Internet Files then click Delete again.
    Delete Temporary Internet Files from Internet Explorer
  3. Under the Connections tab click LAN Settings and verify that the Automatically Detect Settings checkbox has a check-mark.
    Local Area Network (LAN) Settings
  4. Make sure the Proxy Servers field is blank and click OK.
  5. Click the Advanced tab and make sure SSL 2.0 & SSL 3.0 is check marked.Internet Explorer Advanced Settings
  6. Now scroll down and ensure that there is a check-mark on TLS 1.2 checkbox TLS1.0 and TLS 1.1 check-box is blank.

Troubleshooting Step 4: Exclude QuickBooks from Third Party Security Applications

As there are numerous Antivirus, anti-spyware, and ad blockers available for users, it is not possible for us to provide you with a single method to exclude QuickBooks from every program’s blocked list. If this error is arising because of any such application, then you might need to contact the support of your security application or contact our Number 1.800.579.0391 for rectifying QuickBooks Error 12029.

You can read our article on QuickBooks Desktop Error -6094, 0 to learn more about how to remove QuickBooks from the block lists of some common antivirus.

Troubleshooting Step 5: Install/Update QuickBooks Desktop Security Certificate

A security certificate of any software confirms that the application is legit and it can only download the updates from the update server if it has a valid security certificate. With the instructions below we will update the QuickBooks security certificate to rectify error 12029 in QuickBooks.

  1. Right-click the QuickBooks Desktop icon and click Properties.QuickBooks Desktop Properties
  2. Under the Shortcut tab click Open File Location and hit OK.QuickBooks Open File Location Option
  3. Right-click the QuickBooks application’s .exe file and click Properties.
  4. Under the Digital Signatures tab select QuickBooks from the list and then hit Details.QuickBooks Desktop Digital Signatures Details
  5. Now click View Certificate and under the General tab click Install Certificate.
  6. Under the Certificate Import Wizard window, make sure to set Current User as the Store Location and click Next.
    QuickBooks Desktop Certificate Import Wizard
  7. Click Next and Finish.
  8. Click OK on the import successful window.

We hope that following the troubleshooting will help you resolve QuickBooks error 12029 and for the users who find the above-mentioned troubleshooting as a complicated task as it involves setting up Windows components, we have our QuickBooks experts ready for the help. If you are stuck with this error and need immediate assistance, then call our Payroll Helpline Number now.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 12029

QuickBooks error code 12029 happens when the software cannot access the server. It sends the request to the server and due to the time-out the software not able to connect with the server. It happens due to connectivity issues and more so below is the information about the reasons that cause this error in your account. The solution is also there so that you can get it resolved on your own on the behalf of the reason that causes you this error.

Reasons that cause you the error code 12029

 There are different reasons like internal or external reasons because of that you encountered this error. The reasons are as follows:-

  • Internal reasons
    • For accessing the server QuickBooks is blocked.
    • Connectivity failures Issues
    • QuickBooks update connection time-out
    • Connection problem
  • External reasons
    • The settings of the SSL are incorrect
    • Internet packets are dropped
    • Network time-out while Payroll request of download
    • Internet Browsers are not supporting
    • The firewall is blocking the software from accessing the server.

The solutions to fix the QuickBooks error code 12029

Here are the solutions that you have to choose accordingly and get done for good results. The solutions are as follows:-

For checking the settings of the Internet Explorer

  1. Firstly close the software
  2. Then, you have to open the browser named Internet Explorer
  3. Go to the Tools option and click on the Internet Options
  4. In the tab named Security, click on the Globe icon
  5. Then do check that the security level must not be higher than the “Medium-High
  6. Now in the Connection Tab, if you don’t use the dial-up mode then click on the Never Dial a Connection or you can also, select the valid ISP and click on the OK button
  7. Then Select the LAN settings and check that the option of Automatic detect settings is selected
  8. The option Use a Proxy Server checkbox must not be selected then click on the OK
  9. In the Advanced tab, click on the Restore Advanced Settings and then in the Settings find the Use TSL 1.2 and check that it is selected
  10. Now click on the OK button and then close the Internet Explorer
  11. In the end, restart your system.

For testing the settings and the connectivity

  1. First of all, download the TLS 1.2 Utility
  2. Then run it
  3. Check that the Internet Explorer is the default browser if not then set it now
  4. Also, check and verify that all the trusted websites are accessed by you outside the QuickBooks Desktop software.

For checking the settings of Security

In this, you have to check the configuration of the firewall in your system to allow access to the QuickBooks software. You can also, verify the settings of the Parental control applications for the updates of QuickBooks Desktop software. Check the internet security options for all downloads and updates.

QuickBooks Error 12029 – How to Resolve

As Intuit broadcasts, QuickBooks Error 12029 happens when QuickBooks fails to get right of entry to the server. It occurs because of a timed-out request brought about because of web latency or when QuickBooks blocked via the firewall.  Being some of the QuickBooks 12000 collection error, the reasons of Error Code 12029 are much more likely the similar and are point out beneath.

External Causes of QuickBooks Error 12029

  • Internet Security or the firewall Blocking QuickBooks to get right of entry to the Server.
  • Network Time Out right through QuickBooks Payroll Download request.
  • Wrong SSL Settings.
  • Unsupported Internet Browsers
  • Dropped Internet Packets.

The above-stated reasons may end up in further QuickBooks Update Errors too, as cited beneath.

Internal Causes of QuickBooks Update Error 12029

  • QuickBooks connectivity screw ups
  • Connection problems in QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks replace timeout
  • QuickBooks is blocked from getting access to the server

This particular error may be termed another way as customers seek them every time the stumble upon QuickBooks 12000 collection error. Therefore, you will have to know the rephrased terminology of this mistake to steer clear of confusion about what this QuickBooks 12000 collection Error pertains to. Take a have a look at synonymous of Payroll Error 12029.

  • QuickBooks Desktop replace Error 12029
  • QuickBooks payroll replace error 12029
  • QB carrier messages error 12029
  • Payroll Error 12029 QuickBooks

Solutions to mend QuickBooks Update Error 12029

Error Code 12029 occurs because of a selected situation and because of the inadequacy of parts. Moreover, those parts are required to get the QuickBooks Payroll updates carried out faultlessly with out the prevalence of QuickBooks Payroll Errors.

Solution 1: Fix Local Computer and Internet system faults and Fix Internal QuickBooks Desktop Errors

  1. Try updating your laptop machine (Windows updates and tweaking)
  2. Update QuickBooks Desktop to the newest unencumber.
  3. Check the web latency to make sure if there are any dropped web packets.
  4. Upgrade your Internet Explorer to and set it as your default browser.
  5. Correct SSL Settings and TLS 1.2 will have to be enabled.
  6. Configure Internet Firewall and Internet Security to permit QuickBooks connections.
  7. Restart the pc and take a look at updating once more.

Solution 2: Reconfigure your QuickBooks Payroll and Reboot the Updates

  1. Repeat all of the steps discussed in Scenario-2
  2. Unplug your Wireless router or Internet Switch and watch for 10 seconds.
  3. Turn at the Wireless router or Internet Switch and test the web latency now.
  4. Open QuickBooks and the Company File.
  5. Press Ctrl+Okay Key out of your keyboard.
  6. On the Window click on Edit Option adopted via
  7. Uncheck Open Payroll Setup choice and Click

The Payroll updates will proceed at its personal routinely, wait until the method ends.

Solution 3: Update QuickBooks

  1. First of all, make a choice Help and click on Internet Connection Setup.
  2. Select the choice “Use my laptop’s Internet connection settings to ascertain a connection when this software accesses the Internet”.
  3. After that, click on Next after which make a choice Done.
  4. Try updating QB once more:
    • QuickBooks 2008 and more recent variations: Select Help and select Update QuickBooks. Then, click on at the Update Now tab.
    • QB 2008 and older variations: Firstly, make a choice File after which click on Update QuickBooks. Click at the Update Now tab.

Don’t be surprised or stricken when you come throughout some extra QuickBooks mistakes. The reasons discussed previous on this article additionally result in QuickBooks Connection Errors.

List of QuickBooks mistakes

  • QuickBooks Connection Error OL- 249
  • QuickBooks error code 1011
  • QB error code OLSU-1014
  • QuickBooks error code olsu-1016
  • Error code ol-206
  • ol-203 QuickBooks error
  • QuickBooks error ol-205
  • ol-206 error QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks error code ol-209
  • Error ol-221 QuickBooks
  • QB error code ol-301
  • QuickBooks error ol-332
  • QuickBooks error code OL-334
  • Error code ol 393

QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12029: Fix The Server Problems (6 Detailed Solutions)

Whenever the software QuickBooks cannot be in connection with the host server, then you can witness the QuickBooks Error 12029. The two major reasons for this error are firewall settings & internet latency. This error falls under the domain of 12XXX series of QuickBooks errors like QuickBooks Error 12031, QuickBooks Error 12021, etc.

These types of errors are all superficial in nature & can come up anytime you are operating QuickBooks. An error window will keep on blinking from time to time saying QuickBooks Error Code 12029 exists in your system. In your favour, it is quite a basic error and just needs proper solutions to fix it. We are here for you only and with this post, we will be providing you the best solutions to terminate Error 12029 QuickBooks from the system. 

Let us begin with our topic for the day and give these errors some kicking. 

QuickBooks Error 12029: Reasons For Existence 

To understand the reasons for its prevalence, we must know that there are two different types of factors behind this problem: External & Internal.  Both these factors are listed below.

QuickBooks Update Error 12029: External Factors

  • The firewall configurations & network settings are hindering the operations in Quickbooks.
  • Network timeout error.
  • Not proper configuration of your SSL settings.
  • Using an unsupported internet browser.
  • Weak network and internet connectivity setup.

Quickbooks Update Error 12029: Internal Factors

  • Quickbooks can also experience connectivity failures. This indicates that Quickbooks is not able to connect with the server properly.
  • Your Quickbooks Desktop application may encounter an update timeout error.
  • Another internal factor is that QuickBooks cannot have access to the host server.

After knowing the basics of QuickBooks Error 12029 updating, let us start repairing them now. The solutions here below will adhere to this cause.

Quickbooks Payroll Update Error 12029: 6 Solutions To Fix

There are basically six solutions to troubleshoot this error. Just carry out the solution that suits you the best. Moreover, You must always remember to have a backup of all your files & folders to prevent any major data loss. 

Solution 1: Updating QuickBooks

Working with the updated version of the software Quickbooks is important. You need to download and install the latest released version of Quickbooks if you are operating on the previous versions. 

  • Firstly, access the Quickbooks Desktop software & go to the Help menu.
  • Next, choose the option read as Update Quickbooks.
  • Further, you will now get a listwise version of all the available QuickBooks updates. You need to click on the latest version of the software with critical fixes.
  • Lastly, restart the system after installing the update.

Solution 2: Modifying the Firewall Settings

Modifying the Firewall Settings
  • Firstly, in the search field, type up Windows Firewall and hit OK
  • Now, go for the Advanced settings and access it.
  • Further, tap on the option Inbound Rules and select the option New Rule.
  • Tap on the Program button and then click on Next.
  • Next, use the option This Program Path.
  • Select the location & then click on the Next button to move ahead.
  • Now, use the option Allow the Connection and again tap on Next.
  • Make sure that all the check boxes are ticked.
  • Tap on Next.
  • To complete the process, hit the Finish button.
  • Repeat this same process for changing the settings of the Inbound Rules.
  • Further, you need to choose the Outbound option & not the option Inbound Rules.

Solution 3: Configuring the SSL & TLS Settings 

Configuring the SSL & TLS Settings: Error 12029

The SSL settings must be set up properly. The valid SSL settings are important for the efficient working of the software Quickbooks. Invalid SSL configuration settings need to be avoided. To do this,

  • Firstly, open the browser Internet Explorer. 
  • Next, go to the Internet Options
  • On the upper side pane, you need to click on the Advanced section. Modify the TLS and SSL settings as shown here below. At last, click on OK.

Solution 4: Customize the Quickbooks Payroll and Updates

As this is a payroll update error, the payroll settings customization will easily troubleshoot this error. Learn how to do it below.

  • Firstly, turn off your internet.
  • After a few seconds, turn on the internet again.
  • Further, open the software Quickbooks & then select your company file.
  • Now, use the Ctrl + K keys on your keyboard.
  • A new window will appear now.
  • Moving on, select the tab read as Edit from the upper pane.
  • At last, uncheck the Open Payroll Setup option.

Solution 5: Updating Windows 

Updating Windows 

If you are not using the latest updated Windows OS, then there can be many bugs & issues. You need to make sure that you are operating the latest released version of Windows. This will prevent all the issues & will self-troubleshoot the problems in QuickBooks. 

  • Within the search field, type up Windows Update and hit OK.
  • In the upcoming window, go for the option named Check for Updates.
  • List-wise updates will come up & you need to select the latest version compatible for your Operating System.
  • The updating process will finish in a few minutes.

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Solution 6: Checking The Internet Connection

Checking The Internet Connection

For QuickBooks error 12029, network connectivity is one of the major factors. Your system needs to have a good internet connection to do the tasks efficiently in Quickbooks. Many times, your system does not have a stable and good connection setup then you will surely get this error. So, be properly connected. For checking the connectivity, read here below.

  • Firstly, open the Internet Explorer and then open any website.
  • When you access the internet, if you are having a weak connection then go for the Internet Explorer settings.
  • Further, you also need to keep a check on the time and date settings.
  • Moving on, open Internet Explorer and click on the Tools option.
  • Move to the Internet Options.
  • Under the Advanced tab, click on the option Rest/Restore Defaults.
  • Lastly, use the Apply option & then click on the OK button.

If you are still stuck in this error, we advise you to contact your internet service provider to check the network and internet speed.


This article is a detailed guide containing each and every important piece of information related to QuickBooks Error 12029 Fix. From learning the basics to becoming a pro in resolving errors, our content will surely prove to be an asset for you. We hope you admire our hard work put up here and are no more stuck in any such QBs-related errors. For further assistance, you can contact us directly via call, chat or e-mail services. 

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