How to Activate Quicken for Windows and Mac?

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Quicken is an accounting instrument that organizes all of your monetary logistics seamlessly. Along with this, it is helping to chalk an in depth finances, classify them in addition to stay a file of the income. In addition to that, if you wish to organize your individual budget, then you’ll be able to use the Quicken Personal Finance Management Software. Whether your device runs on Mac or Windows, the instrument helps and is available in variants for each. Quicken for Mac is to be had in 3 variations i.e. Starter, Premier, and Deluxe. Quicken for Windows contains of Starter, Deluxe, Rental belongings Manager, Premier, and Home and Business. If you might have the instrument, and need to avail some great benefits of arranged accounting, you then first wish to know how you can turn on Quicken.

Activate Quicken Membership on Windows and Mac

Activation Online Purchase:

In case you might have bought the instrument on-line from, then as a way to turn on it, you’ll be able to apply the stairs given underneath:

  1. Firstly, move to after which check in.
  2. Now, you are meant to click on at the obtain choice.
  3. After this, click on obtain Quicken for Windows/Mac.
  4. You wish to apply the given on-screen directions to start up the Quicken set up procedure.
  5. Then, you might be required so as to add your Quicken ID and password and click on at the sign-in button.
  6. You will obtain a six-digit code in your mobile phone.
  7. After receiving the code you’ll be including the six-digit code within the given box.
  8. You must click on at the publish choice.
  9. Finally, you wish to have to apply the on-screen directions to check in the instrument.

Purchase Made Via Retailers- CD/Online Download

Activation Retailers Purchase

  1. In the start, you wish to have to put in Quicken after which run it in your device.
  2. Thereafter, you’ll be asked both check in with an current identity to check in or create a brand new Quicken ID.
  3. Next, click on at the start activation solution to turn on your club.
  4. You have so as to add the 16 digit activation code (You gets the activation code at the card which is inside of for your cd field).
  5. After including the product activation code, you wish to have to click on at the ‘turn on club’ choice.

Now, we’ve illustrated the method of on. We will now see some not unusual problems that Quicken instrument customers confront whilst activating the instrument.

Issues whilst Activating Quicken

These problems normally crop up while you attempt to turn on Quicken. The segment will let you know concerning the problems this is faced by means of Quicken customers:

Quicken customers normally lose or omit their activation code. And with this, they in finding it tricky to turn on the instrument.

  • Register Quicken for Windows
  • Expiry of Activation Code

Once your activation code has expired you’ll no longer be capable of get entry to the Quicken instrument. For this, you wish to have to buy the activation code to make use of the instrument.

Let’s uncover the other strengthen channels which is equipped by means of Quicken strengthen staff. The instrument customers might be getting inconsistent strengthen with the assistance of pros.

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Quicken Support

Comprehensive strengthen answers are supplied to troubleshoot the problems of accounting instrument. The vary of strengthen channels will repair instrument problems straight away:

The explicit strengthen web page will supply strengthen associated with product registration, set up, and replace, migrating Quicken recordsdata, on-line banking, and making plans gear.

Frequently requested questions segment supplies solutions to problems associated with the instrument.

The instrument customers can dial the Quicken Support Number 1 (800) 446-8848 to get strengthen for the instrument. The telephone quantity is lively 24/7 to supply answers to its customers.

Our Support

The customers of Quicken can get attached with the skilled technical group of workers by means of opting for the preferable strengthen channel.

Email strengthen is differently to bought strengthen associated with queries. The instrument customers will obtain a recommended reaction for the Quicken issues.

Live chat strengthen creates a non-public reference to the customers of Quicken. It is claimed to be a quick and efficient option to give strengthen on Quicken similar problems.

How to Run Quicken for Windows on a Mac

Running Quicken on a Mac has been a frustrating experience. I’m a longtime Windows user and, in fact, started using Quicken back when it was an MS-DOS application. When I upgraded to Windows, I upgraded Quicken as well to run native under Windows. Now that I use an Apple Macintosh, I still use Quicken for Windows.

The reasons are the numerous drawbacks with Quicken Macintosh version:

  • Long Development Life Cycles: Only every 3–4 years does Quicken upgrade their software.
  • Missing Features: Compared to the Windows version it’s missing many features.
  • Buggy Software: As reported by many reviewers on Amazon, the native MacOS product is very buggy as well.

Back in the old days of computing, the only viable way to run Windows was to get a dedicated machine to run the software. Of course this can be costly and take up massive amounts of desktop space. Not only this, but it’s also impractical.

Today you have the option to create a virtual machine within your Macintosh to run other operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows. So the advantages are less hardware to maintain and the ability to run software not natively available for Apple’s macOS.

There are two reasons why I do this:

  1. There’s no other viable alternative application available for Mac.
  2. Security is increased by virtualization.

Increased Security by Virtualization

Let me touch on the second reason in a little bit more detail. The added benefit of virtualizing your personal finance software is security. By keeping Quicken installed on its own copy of Windows (in fact also completely separate from macOS), it minimizes the chances of getting malware, viruses, and Trojans.

This, of course, assumes you run nothing else on this virtual instance, nor do any tasks other than your personal finance. This is critical. It sandboxes your personal finance within a virtual machine that’s dedicated to no other tasks.

All too often individuals unknowingly compromise their computer’s security by not updating software or by visiting websites with malware that can infect your computer. By limiting activities to only Quicken this decreases the chances for infection and therefore increases the security of your personal finances.

Before You Begin

Before you begin, make sure your Mac is pretty recent (no more than, say, 3–4 years old) and has at least 4 GB of ram and 30GB of available hard drive space. Otherwise, the machine will not have enough resources to run Windows and Quicken at the same time you wish to run other OS X native applications.

These steps apply not only to Quicken for Windows but really to any Windows-based program you wish to run on a Mac.

Summary: Here’s How to Get Quicken for Windows To Run on a Macintosh

  1. Get Your Virtualization Software
  2. Install Microsoft Windows
  3. Install Antivirus Software
  4. Install Quicken
  5. Transfer Quicken Files
  6. Use It!

Total time to perform these steps should be less than one hour.

Step 1. Get Your Virtualization Software

VMWare Fusion

I personally recommend VMware Fusion to run for your virtualization needs. VMware has a long history with virtualization, and you have the added benefit of being able to move your virtualization container to any other platform in which VMware runs. This means if you also have a desktop Windows machine running VMware, you can move your virtualization container and run it there as well.Parallels Desktop for Mac is another option, but I don’t recommend it because it’s not as popular. However, it does have similar functionality.Get VMware Fusion

Step 2. Install Microsoft Windows

Windows 8 Installation

Once you get VMware Fusion set up, you need a copy of Microsoft Windows. VMware instances are like brand-new barebones machines — they need an operating system to function. Technically you need a legit license that is separate from any other computers you own. Get a copy of the Windows 8.1 Professional 64-bit version, which is the version I recommend running.

Alternatively, you can use Windows 7 or Windows 10, though there’s nothing in Quicken’s software that needs the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system. All operating systems are supported by Quicken. Though Windows 8.1 is stable, well tested for security, and has many more years of security updates. The 64-bit version is available and is perfectly fine to use.

If you have an existing real machine running Windows, it is possible to migrate your Windows software AND Quicken all at once. Check with licensing to make sure all software is legit with this transfer.

Once you get the operating system installed, as with any Windows computer, make sure you have antivirus software installed.

Step 3. Install Antivirus Software

Microsoft Security Essentials

It’s not widely known, but Microsoft has its own antivirus and malware protection application. Best of all it’s free!

It’s called Microsoft Security Essentials. VMware Fusion includes McAfee Antivirus Plus for free, but in my opinion it isn’t as good and is more intrusive.

Download and install Microsoft Security Essentials. Once this is done, you are ready to install Quicken.

Step 4. Install Quicken

You are now ready to install the latest version of Quicken for Windows. I personally recommend Quicken Premier 2017 for Windows. If you want to find out more about the product itself, you can read my review of Quicken.

Buy Quicken for Windows and install it in your virtual Windows instance. This is no different than if you were installing it on a real computer.

Amazon Pricing for Quicken. The prices listed below are updated hourly.

VersionRetail PriceSale PriceDiscountLink
Quicken Starter for Windows$39.99$39.990%Learn More
Quicken Deluxe for Windows$79.99$64.9919%Learn More
Quicken Premier for Windows$54.99$45.9918%Learn More
Quicken Home & Business for Windows$104.99$48.990%Learn More

Step 5. Transfer Quicken Files

If you are currently using Quicken on an older Windows machine, you can transfer your Quicken files to the new virtual computer.

Step 6. Use It!

Quicken for Windows

You are now ready to use Quicken for Windows on your Mac! Do make sure you keep your antivirus software, Windows itself, and Quicken up to date. This level of security will protect you from any potential hackers compromising your personal finances and is the first level of security.

How to Run Quicken for Windows on a Mac

Apps like Quicken for Mac work on the same rules as their Windows cousin: the Quicken databases are still accessible. By installing Quicken for Windows on a Mac via logical volumes, you can access your information from a remote location. You can do so by installing the Quicken binary on a virtual machine via Parallels. Then, by using Quicken Essentials sync software for Windows, your information can be kept updated. Quicken Essentials works for both Windows and Macs.

The process for installing a virtual machine to your Mac is slightly different from installing Quicken for Windows to your Mac. Typical Quicken for Mac installations can be done using either a CD or from the Mac App Store. Quicken for Windows though may need a few extra steps.

First things first, you need to create a bootable installation disk for VMware Fusion. After that, your next step is to create a logical volume as per the instructions given at the VMware website. Then you need to create a virtual machine per the instructions you will find at the Windows website. Just think of this like the installation process for Microsoft Windows.

Before You Begin

Before you begin converting Quicken for Mac files to work on a Windows PC, it is important to note that no two operating systems are exactly alike. While Mac and Windows share some similarities, they are still two entirely different systems.

This difference is obvious when you look at the two. While they both have a desktop and an applications menu, Windows allows you to minimize apps to windows – which Mac users would never dream of doing. When it comes to speed, Macs have always been known for their snappiness, but that is something that Windows developers attempted to emulate over the years.

Despite these differences, a lot of people use both Macs and Windows. Thanks to the open-source nature of Macs, it’s actually possible to run Windows on your Mac.

This sounds pretty amazing in theory, but it really is nothing to write home about. While you can run both operating systems on your Mac, you’ll need to boot your machine up in one or the other. Windows and Mac are unable to run simultaneously.

While you can download Windows apps and run them on your Mac, this was never intended to be your only operating system. This setup makes it impossible to use Mac apps while you’re using Windows.

Summary: Here’s How to Get Quicken for Windows To Run on a Macintosh


Quicken for Windows is designed for Windows-based operating systems, and most people who use it are comfortable with the Windows environment. However, Quicken can be run on the Macintosh OS (Apple Computer), and it’s relatively straightforward. Here are the steps:

{1}. Download Quicken for Mac.
{2}. Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.
{3}. Set up a new data file if you don’t already have one. After creating your new data file, make sure that you specify the correct file format. In most cases, this will be Quicken.
{4}. Enter the information for the start of the Mac year, which typically (but not always) is January 1st. Once you’ve entered the first date, all of the other dates will auto-calculate, and the current date will be the end of the year, December 31st.
{5}. Choose your currency and date format.
{6}. Enter your identifying information. Be sure to use your full name and check the box next to “Use my real name for this account.”
{7}. Choose whether or not you want to sync your new data file with an existing account and type in your account number and password, if applicable.
{8}. Click “OK.”

Your new screen should look similar to this one:

Step 1. Get Your Virtualization Software

Quicken supports Macs running OS X 10.11 or later and PCs running Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. While there’s no Quicken for Mac 2017 yet, the new Quicken for Mac 2018 should be out soon. But for now, the only way to run Quicken on a Mac is to use a virtualization program like Parallels Desktop. This special software creates a virtual Windows install on your Mac that you can run Windows apps on.

You can choose between the standard edition of Quicken, Deluxe, Premium, or Business. As with the Mac version of Quicken, only the basic program is free.

Step 2. Install Microsoft Windows

Unlike Windows, Quicken for Mac 2011 won’t run on its own. Other types of Mac software, such as Microsoft Word or Excel, are designed to run independently on Macs. To install Quicken on a Mac, you first must have a Windows installation already on your computer, which you can then install Quicken to.

Microsoft provides Windows for free. You’ll need to be quick to download it, though: The free Windows 7 offer is available until June 30, 2011.

Download the latest version of the Windows 7 software – called “Starter” – through the Microsoft Web site. The download is a .iso file, which is a CD image file. (You may need a software program, such as Keka, to extract the file on your Mac.)

It may take a while to download. Make sure to start the download in advance of installing Quicken or you’ll find yourself with an hour-long installation wait ahead of you.

Insert a blank DVD into your Mac. If you don’t have a blank DVD handy, buy a blank disc.

Launch Disk Utility. Click on the Apple menu button in the top-left corner of your screen, then select “Disk Utility.”

Step 3. Install Antivirus Software

There is a well-known, though still disputed, story that Einstein called compound interest the greatest invention of all time. Whilst it is completely true a couple of fixes may well help you to achieve success on your Mac, running Quicken for Windows on a Mac without a solid antivirus solution is almost certainly the act of a fool. Your bank account and your Quicken (for Windows on a Mac) data is at risk of be stolen and a good antivirus software package is well worth the money if you insist on taking the risk.

If you don’t opt for a decent antivirus, however, here are some things to watch out for to safeguard your Quicken (for Windows on a Mac) information.

Step 4. Install Quicken

You’ll see a few warnings telling you that the software will break if you change your operating system, but you’re fully prepared for this step. Click “install” and then proceed to the next step.

You will be prompted to say if you agree to the terms and conditions, and then the installation will start. It will take several minutes and you may have to click OK a few times, but once install is finished you’ll receive a message telling you the main program has been installed.

When you open the Quicken program, you’ll see a fresh, new, empty interface with an option to connect to your financial institutions. On the side you’ll see the buttons for adding accounts, new transactions, reports, and contacts.

Step 5. Transfer Quicken Files

If you are using a Quicken program for the first time and some of your financial files are in Quicken files, you must first use your CD to transfer Quicken files to your computer until your data is moved.

Please purchase Quicken’s Quicken Deluxe 2018 to install on multiple computers at the same time.

Its data file is often used for multiple computers. This can be done by installing and using the Quicken app on an iOS device.

After installing Quicken 2018 on iOS devices or Mac and opening the application on your computer, you will see your financial data from your device in the Quicken program in real time. When your device moves between the Quicken program and the Quicken Mobile app, your data moves with it.

All you need to do is sign in to the same Quicken ID for both the application and mobile versions. For example, if you use Quicken Deluxe 2018 Mobile to track your expenses, and Quicken Deluxe 2018 on your computer to record your income, simply sign in to Quicken using the same ID on both applications.

Step 6. Transfer Your Data from Quicken to Quicken.

Step 6. Use It!

Some may consider Quicken-for-Mac the more user-friendly option, but both programs are pretty easy to navigate, once you’ve gotten the hang of their respective quirks. Within the first day of use, I was already following my financial goals and checking in to my accounts anytime I had a spare moment.

Most users will have trouble with the software: Quicken for Mac is still in the beta stage of development, and while other platforms are stable, the program is still in development. Additionally, many of the features are still considered in “beta”: some features will not fully work properly, like Auto-Enter Transactions.

If you are having trouble getting the Mac software to run properly, it may be the case that you need to update your payment processor’s website. Look up its support page for instructions on how to trigger it to run the update if your system is unable to update automatically.

Some features are still under development for the Quicken for Mac. However, I was surprised at the functionality available when I opened my new program. Even some features the website claims to be in development were present and working, like downloading transactions from your bank accounts and downloading stock information. Though you may be expected to pay for these features after the product is complete, like the bill payment features.

How to Activate Quicken Properly for Windows and Mac

Quicken is effective accounting software that systematically organizes its user’s financial logistics. Apart from this, it also aids in creating a comprehensive budget and keeps a revenue record. The Quicken Personal Finance Management Software is an ideal choice for those who want to manage their personal finances. The software is compatible with both the operating systems of Windows and Mac. But if you want to get all the advantages of this software, you should know how to activate Quicken properly. In this article, you’ll learn the steps to activate the software for both Windows and Mac.

How to Activate Quicken on the Windows and Mac Operating System

There are two ways to activate this software. The first one is activation on online purchases, and the second is on retailer purchases. 

Online purchase 

It is for those who have brought the software online from the website For activating it, follow the sequence of steps given below.

  • Firstly, Go to and sign in.
  • Next tap the ‘Download‘ option.
  • Now, tap on the option to download Quicken for Mac/Windows.
  • Adhere to the on-screen guidelines to commence the installation process of the software. 
  • Then, add your Quicken password and ID. Then, click on the button ‘Sign in.’
  • You’ll get a six-digit code on your mobile phone.
  • When you get it, add this code to the given field. 
  • After that adding the code, click the option ‘Submit.’
  • Adhere to all the instructions on the screen and register the software. 

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Activating software on retailers purchase

If you have purchased the software through retailers, you need to follow another set of instructions. They are mentioned below.

  • As a starting point, install the Quicken software and run it on your device.
  • After that, you’ll be prompted to either make a new Quicken ID or log in with your current ID.
  • Next, tap on the option of ‘Begin Activation.’ It will activate your Quicken membership.
  • You now need to add the sixteen-digit activation code. You’ll receive the activation code on the card present in your CD box.
  • When you add the product activation code, tap the option of ‘Activate Membership.’

This was the process of Quicken com activate. Proceeding forward, you’ll read about some common problems that this software users can encounter while activating it. 

Problems Faced While Activating Quicken

There are some prevalent issues that people generally face when trying to activate the software. You can find them below, along with possible resolutions.

Lost the activation code 

Many people forget or lose the activation code. When they don’t know where the activation code is, it becomes challenging for them to activate it. Activation codes are necessary with retail copies of the Subscription Release of the software. Retail copies are the physical copies brought from a retailer. 

If you are installing software, you don’t require the activation code. After you install Quicken and activate it, the activation code is linked with your Quicken ID. You should reinstall Quicken by signing into using your Quicken ID and downloading the software. 

‘Oops’ error while registering Quicken

During the registration process, the ‘Oops’ error is typically a result of Quicken that is not updated. You should make it a point to release the software to the latest version so that your data remains secure. If you haven’t updated the software, it will not be MFA-enabled and so cannot connect to the internet. In other cases, the ‘Oops’ error is a temporary issue caused by a server outage. You can wait and try again later. You may also notice this message if your internet connection is unstable. It’s recommended that you try again after some time or contact your internet service provider. 

Activation code expired

Many Quicken users notice that their activation code has expired. In this case, they cannot use the Quicken software. This issue can only be resolved when you purchase the activation code. Only then can you use the software. 

Not receiving the activation code 

You need to confirm that you log with the correct Quicken ID. You should use the same Quicken ID that you used to sign in to the Quicken program. You should confirm that you are logging in to the software with the same Quicken ID with which you purchased. Follow these steps.

  • Navigate to and tap ‘Sign in.’
  • Then go to ‘My Account‘ and log in with your Quicken ID and its password. 
  • After signing in, confirm that your product is in your account.
  • Now you will find it under ‘Plan Details.’
  • If you don’t see the product or cannot sign in, it implies that you have used a different ID to buy Quicken, and you need to use that Quicken ID to sign in to your product.

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Methods to Seek Quicken Support

Quicken provides many support solutions for users to troubleshoot all the problems they face while using the software. The different support channels will resolve all your Quicken issues. 

  • Community – All Quicken users can engage and share their problems in the Quicken online community. They can discuss every problem that they are facing related to the software and also about any other associated topic. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – The FAQ section of Quicken com help activate provides valuable answers to problems related to the software.
  • Learn & Support – It is a dedicated support page that provides support pertaining to the installation, product registration, update, migration of Quicken files, planning tools, and online banking. 
  • Phone Support – Quicken users can dial the support number of Quicken for getting software support. The number is 1 (800) 446-8848. This phone number operates round-the-clock, and so users can dial and seek effective resolutions anytime they want. 

Final Words

After reading this article, you’ll be able to activate Quicken efficiently. You can also resolve the common issues you might face while registering the product. Contact professional support services if you have more queries or want to resolve any doubts about using the software.

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