How to Enter or Edit QuickBooks Payroll Service Key?

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QuickBooks offers various features to satisfy your business needs and grow your business. One such feature is payroll. At the time of purchasing QuickBooks Payroll Solution Online, users are provided with 16 digits unique payroll service key. This key is linked to your Payroll and Employer Identification Number (EIN) service. To use payroll, it is important to know the QuickBooks Payroll Service Key.

In this blog, you will learn how to enter or edit QuickBooks payroll service key, what are the limitations and how to add new EIN to your existing payroll subscription.

Conditions and Limitations:

  1. Access and use QuickBooks from the registered Desktop.
  2. Use a single payroll subscription for all the companies.
  3. While working on multiple files using the same EIN or payroll subscription, you might encounter an issue which states QB Desktop Payroll supports single data file with a unique EIN.
  4. You will be able to make multiple company accounts with the same payroll subscription if you pay employees with Direct Deposit.
  5. Ensure that the payroll administrator and contact information for QuickBooks Payroll subscription are the same for each company.

How to Enter or Edit QuickBooks Payroll Service Key?

When you purchase QuickBooks Payroll for your QuickBooks Desktop software, you are assigned a 16-digit service key that is specific to your Employer Identification Number (EIN) and payroll service. You must enter this service key into QuickBooks to activate the payroll service for your QuickBooks file.

1. Get your service key

  • Payroll service keys are generally sent to the users through e-mail.
  • If you haven’t received your service key then use Intuit’s Automated Service Key retrieval tool. The automated tool may fail to work due to the following reasons:
  • Multiple payroll orders are present in our system for your company.
  • Your payroll product has been purchased from a retail store.
  • The phone number provided in the Intuit file did not match.

2. Open QuickBooks Payroll Service Key window

  • Go to QuickBooks menu and select Employees.
  • Now select Payroll and click on Enter Payroll Service Key
  • If you want to edit your payroll service:
    a. Go to QuickBooks menu and choose Employees.
    b. Now select My Payroll Service >> Manage Service Key.
QuickBooks Payroll Service Key window

3. Add QuickBooks Service Key

  • You need to Add your Service Key if the payroll service is not mentioned. If the payroll service is listed, it will display in the blue box shown below.
Add QuickBooks Service Key
  • If you have a Payroll Service, it will be mentioned in the window. In such cases, you have to Edit the payroll service.
  • After selecting the Edit option, Enter Service Key window will appear as shown below.
Enter Service Key window
  • Go to Service Key field then Enter or Edit the correct Payroll Service Key.
  • Now choose Next and click on Finish.
  • Click Ok when you get the payroll update message.
  • Verify whether the Payroll Service status is Active.
  • Click Ok to confirm all the changes and close the window.
  • Follow the steps listed below if you want to Remove the Payroll Service Key:
    1. Open Payroll Service window and click on the Remove button.
    2. Hit Ok when prompted with the confirmation message.
steps to Remove the Payroll Service Key

How to Add Another EIN to Your Existing Payroll Subscription?

  1. Go to Employees, select Payroll and then Use My Existing Payroll Service.
  2. From the Account Maintenance tab, you have to select Add EIN.
  3. Choose to Add to the Subscription button.
  4. Now Enter your Business Name and the EIN, then select Next.
  5. The Review Information window will appear.
  6. Click on Next to add Company EIN with no additional charges.
  7. QuickBooks will create a new Service Key for a specific EIN.
  8. Now you need to open another company file where the Service Key will be added.
  9. Go to Employees > My Payroll Service > Manage Service Keys > Add.
  10. Finally, enter the New Service Key and hit Next.

In this article, we have discussed in detail about QuickBooks Payroll Service Key and its various aspects. Follow the steps mentioned above in a definite order, if you face any issue then our certified experts will help you resolve it.

Find QuickBooks Payroll Service Key

Where To Find QuickBooks Payroll Service Key?

QuickBooks Payroll related tasks are easier to handle. The payroll related tasks can be quite tedious without a proper software. Managing of inventory or managing various tasks related to the Pay day can be quite a stressful experience.

There are many automated features in the QuickBooks payroll software which helps in completing tasks in a better way. All payroll related activities can be streamlined with QuickBooks Payroll. Also in some case when service key damaged user may face QuickBooks Payroll Login Problem

There can be various kinds of situations where a QuickBooks Payroll user will have numerous doubts. One such doubt can be the process of finding QuickBooks Payroll service key. Let us explore more.Need Experts Help: QuickBooks Payroll Service Key?Chat Now

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All About Finding QuickBooks Payroll Service Key

QuickBooks Payroll Service key is a 16 digit service key that is assigned to the user when the user purchases the QuickBooks payroll software. It has a key that is unique to the EIN and payroll service. For activating payroll service in QuickBooks file, the user needs to enter the service key.

For adding a new EIN to the existing subscription, the requirements have to be met. There can be limitations too. Add an EIN to existing basic, standard and payroll subscriptions.

Follow These Steps To Find The QuickBooks Payroll Service Key

1. Step One: Get Service Key

Get Service Key with these following steps:

  • You’ll normally get your service key in your mailbox. 
  • In any case, if you don’t have your service key, you have the choice to use the automated Service Key Retrieval tool or you can Sign-in your Intuit Account login
  • If this tool is not working, no need to worry. There are numerous payroll orders in our system for your business
  • You bought your payroll product from a retail location store. 
  • The business telephone number you gave didn’t coordinate what Intuit has on the document 

In case, if you are attempting to add another EIN to your current subscription, view Add an EIN to Basic, Standard or Enhanced or to existing Payroll subscription.

2. Step Two: Enter Your Service Key

Enter your service key with these instructions:

  • The first thing you have to open the QuickBooks service keys window 
  • From your company record file, choose the employees and then click on “My Payroll Service”. In case, if you have Payroll set up,  then hit your click on the “Manage Payroll Service”. In case, if you don’t, then choose the Add Payroll service
  • In case, if you don’t have a payroll service in your company file, then hit your click on the Employees option and then go to the Payroll. Choose the “Enter Payroll Service Key”  from the available option 
  • In the QuickBooks Service Keys window: If you’re not utilizing the disk delivery service, proceed forward with the Add option in case if no payroll service is recorded. Choose the Edit option if a payroll service is recorded. 
  • Service Keys window: If you are utilizing the disk delivery service. Then choose the Edit option  
  • After that, you have to remove the payroll service key from the  QuickBooks Desktop 
  • Hit your next click on the “Add” option and continue the processing with the below steps
  • Enter your service key in the Service Key field 
  • In case, if you have a disk delivery service, you’ll additionally need to enter the disk the delivery key that you got
  • Go forward with the Next option and click on Finish 
  • When the Payroll Update message pops-up on your screen, select OK
  • Check and verify the Service Status shows Active and then click ok
  • Restart QuickBooks Desktop you are all set to run with payroll in QuickBooks

Normally the service key is delivered by email

-If the user does not have the service key then use automated service key retrieval tool. The user needs to sign in using the login ID of Intuit Account.

There can also be circumstances where the service key retrieval tool may not work because various kinds of payroll orders are there for different companies.

There can also be a situation where the phone number might not match with the number that was on the Intuit. This needs to be verified by the user.

The user needs to purchase the payroll product from a good retail store other wise user will face QuickBooks Payroll Stopped Working problem .

-Now the next step is to open the QuickBooks service keys window. There can be various cases for doing that. In case, there is no payroll activated in the company file then user have to go the Employees, then payroll and then enter Payroll service key.

There can also be a case where the payroll services are not activated in the company file. In that case, the user needs to go to employees, then my payroll service and then manage payroll service key.

In order to understand the above steps in a better way or to get details about payroll service key, contact the team at QBPayrollHelp in case QuickBooks Payroll Unrecoverable Error while entering service key .

Need help or advice?

I hope the above information is sufficient to figure out the query “Where to find QuickBooks Payroll service key” but if you need any kind of help or any query in your mind, do LIVE CHAT with QuickBooks expertise or drop your all queries at this email address.

Support For QB Payroll Service Key Issues

QBPayrollHelp is an excellent QuickBooks Payroll Support team that can assist all users regarding the QuickBooks Payroll service key and all aspects of the software QuickBooks payroll. This QuickBooks Payroll customer support team is available round the clock at any time that is suitable for the QuickBooks Payroll user. The users can contact the QuickBooks Payroll team at the toll free number 📞+ .Need Experts Help: QuickBooks Payroll Service Key?Chat Now


  1. How Would I Find My QuickBooks Payroll Key?If you did not enter your Payroll Service Key. Then you have to access the Payroll Service key window by choosing the Employees option from the drop-down menu of QuickBooks. After that, choose Payroll and then Enter Payroll Service Key and you are all done with this process.
  2. How Would I Find My QuickBooks Payroll Service Key?Payroll service keys commonly are sent to you by means of email. In case, if you don’t have or get your service key, utilize Intuit’s Automated Service Key Retrieval tool. You should sign in utilizing your Intuit Account login. In any case, if you can’t recover your service key utilizing this tool, contact the Support.
  3. How Would I Check My Payroll Subscriptions In QuickBooks?First of all, sign in into the QuickBooks Desktop My Account utilizing your Intuit credentials. In the Manage your QuickBooks page, choose the service or product you might like to manage. Then process further with the selection of Payroll Subscription tile under the Products and Services. The status of the subscription is shown on the corner of the page.

How to Enter or Edit Payroll Service Key in QuickBooks?

When it comes to the features that QuickBooks offers, Payroll is the one that tops the list. The users are provided with a 16 digit payroll service key at the time of purchase of the software. The service key mentioned in the previous line links with the EIN i.e. Employer Identification Number and payroll service. In order to activate the payroll service for QuickBooks file, the service key is supposed to be entered in QuickBooks. Many users aren’t aware with the procedure to enter or edit payroll service key in QuickBooks.

Well, if you are also not familiar with the entire process, then read this article till the end and enhance your knowledge regarding entering or editing QuickBooks payroll service key. A quick solution for the same can be to consult a team of experts and let them guide you throughout the journey of entering or editing the payroll service key in QuickBooks. If you want an expert team to assist you, then just pick up your phone and make a call at our toll-free number i.e. 1-844-521-0490, and you are good to go.

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Steps to Enter or edit payroll service key in QuickBooks

The process of entering or editing the payroll service key in QuickBooks is a step by step process. Let us explore each of the steps one by one.

Step 1: Obtaining the Service key

In order to enter or edit the payroll service key, the most important thing is to firstly obtain the service key. The service key is usually received via mail. If in case the user is not having the service key, then he/she can use the automated service key retrieval tool. In this tool the user will be required to sign-in the Intuit Account. It should be noted that the automated tool might not work in certain cases.

  • The payroll service keys are generally sent to the users through email
  • In case the service key isn’t received, then use Intuit’s automated service key retrieval tool
    • The tool might not work if there are multiple payroll orders in the system for the company
    • Or, if the payroll product is purchased from a retail store
    • The issues might also be seen if the business phone number did not match with the Intuit file

Step 2: Enter the Service key

  • Coming to the second step of the process, the user is expected to open the QuickBooks service keys window.
  • And then, select Employees and My Payroll service in the company file. If the user has the Payroll set up, then in that case he/she will have to select the Manage Payroll Service option. Whereas, otherwise select Add Payroll Service.
Enter the Service key - Step 1

Step 3: Add QuickBooks Service key

  1. If the user is not having the payroll service in the company file, then he/she is supposed to select the Employees, Payroll, and Enter Payroll Service Key options respectively.
Enter the Service key - Step 2
  1. Moving to the next step, in the QuickBooks service keys window, if the you are not a disk delivery service user, then select Add if no payroll service is listed, or select Edit if the payroll service is listed.
Enter the Service key - Step 3
  1. Now, the user will be in the service keys window, in which he/she is supposed to select the Edit option, in case of a disk delivery service user. Also, note down the service key.
Enter the Service key - Step 4
  1. Deleting the payroll service key in QuickBooks desktop
Enter the Service key - Step 5
  1. After that, choose the Add option and continue with the rest of the steps.
Enter the Service key - Step 6
  1. The next step is to enter the service key in the respective field. (If the user is having the disk delivery service, then he/she will be required to enter the latest disk delivery key.)
Enter the Service key - Step 7
Enter the Service key - Step 8
  1. Once done with the above step, the user is required to hit Next and Finish options respectively.
  2. Now hit Ok, once you receive the Payroll update message.
  3. And then tap on Ok, after the service status shows Active.
Enter the Service key - Step 9

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Limitations of Payroll Service in QuickBooks

Though, QuickBooks payroll service is one of the best features of QuickBooks accounting software, but at the same time, there are certain limitations as well associated with QuickBooks payroll. Those limitations include the following:

  • The very first thing that one should know is that, it is only possible to take one payroll subscription for all the companies.
  • A desktop has to be registered from where one can access the payroll account.
  • Another limitation for the same can be to pay the direct deposit to the employee, after which the user will be able to make multiple company account with a single payroll subscription.
  • Moving to the next limitation, the payroll admin and the contact details of the QuickBooks payroll subscription should be same for every company.
  • The last drawback of the same is that while working with the same EIN, the user might encounter problem of QuickBooks desktop support single data.

How to update the existing payroll subscription with another EIN?

In order to update the existing payroll subscription with another EIN, the user can carry out the following steps:

  1. The first step is to click on an employee, and then tap on the payroll option.
  2. Followed by clicking on the “my existing payroll services” option.
  3. And then the user is required to verify the account maintenance tab, and then the user will have to click on the Add EIN option.
  4. Moving to the next step, hit the ‘Add to the subscription button‘.
  5. Once done with that, the user will have to fill the business name and the EIN, and hit next.
  6. After that a review information window will appear on the screen.
  7. Followed by click on next to add the company EIN that is free of cost.
  8. Now, the user will receive a new service key for the new EIN.
  9. After which, the user will have to open another company file, in which the service key is supposed to be added.
  10. Once done with that, click on Employees.
  11. And then visit my payroll service.
  12. After which the user is required to manage the service keys, and then opt for the add option.
  13. The final step is to fill the new service key and hit Next.

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Wrap up!!

QuickBooks payroll is one of the best features that one can avail, when it comes to QuickBooks. Entering or editing the payroll service key in QuickBooks becomes much easier with the process mentioned above.

However, in case of any doubt, or if you face any error, then getting in touch with our QuickBooks enterprise support team will definitely work in your favor. Just dial our toll-free number i.e. +1-888-300-3913, and our team of certified accounting professionals and experts will assist you in the best possible way.

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