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Are you trying to send emails through QuickBooks and stuck with the error QuickBooks outlook is not responding?

The Outlook Email manager from Microsoft is used vastly among QuickBooks is simple yet a powerful email client as it is not just limited to sending emails but can also be integrated with various third-party software applications to provide with email functionality.

You can use it as a default email client and start sending emails from within QuickBooks. If in case you are unable to send your email to outlook and come across an error saying “QuickBooks Outlook is not responding

Don’t worry this may usually happen due to a configuration issue that can easily be fixed by following the troubleshooting steps mentioned below.

Continue reading this blog to find out what causes Outlook is not responding in QuickBooks error and why Outlook Freezes when Sending Emails from QuickBooks, below are mentioned a number of reasons along with the 7 most effective troubleshooting steps to help you fix the issue Outlook is not Responding QuickBooks 2019

What Causes “QuickBooks Email Outlook is Not Responding” Error?

QuickBooks Outloook is not responding

Here is why QuickBooks 2018 Outlook is not Responding.

  1. The Outlook email client is not properly installed on your windows computer and can cause outlook not working.
  2. Your Outlook email manager is unable to update to the latest release from Microsoft.
  3. The email configuration file MAPI32.dll for outlook is damaged or can’t be found on your PC due to which Outlook loading profile stuck.
  4. Invalid settings in Outlook or Internet Explorer.
  5. The QuickBooks Outlook is not responding Error can also be caused if the email client is running in the background processes while attempting to send an email through the application.
  6. QuickBooks is unable to communicate with any third-party application due to a firewall setting.
  7. Your QuickBooks desktop app is not updated to the latest release.
  8. The credentials required for Outlook and QuickBooks to communicate properly might have changed.

7 Solutions to fix Outlook in QuickBooks

Now that you know the possible causes for your issue, follow the given instructions below to resolve all problems if your Microsoft outlook not responding, crashing, or not opening.

Solution 1: Close all Outlook related processes through Task Manager

Task Manager

This solution supports windows 7 with 2007 or Outlook 2010 not responding Windows 10.

Because of some existing Outlook processes that are not responding and stuck in operation, all new instances of the application will fail to initiate successfully. Thus, one of the very first measures to apply is to close all oulook.exe processes through the Task Manager.

  • Right-click on the taskbar at the bottom of your screen and choose Task Manager from the list.
  • Go to the Processes tab and search Outlook in the list of the running apps.
  • Click one time on the first process and then hit the End Process button in the bottom right corner of the Task Manager. Continue until you have ended all the Outlook processes from the list.
  • Restart Outlook and try sending an email from QuickBooks to see if the issue has been fixed.
  • If you find outlook stuck on processing or Outlook keeps crashing than follow solution 2 to continue troubleshooting.

Solution 2: Make sure that QuickBooks is not running as Administrator

Administrator mode
  • Modify the admin settings to ensure that all users have permission to use the Outlook email feature in QuickBooks
  • To start with close your application and open the Windows start menu.
  • Type QuickBooks into the search bar.
  • Right-click on the QuickBooks icon and select Open File Location.
  • Locate the QuickBooks.exe file in the folder, right-click on that file select Properties.
  • Now choose Compatibility and then uncheck the box where it says Run this program as Administrator.
  • If you are unable to uncheck, then go ahead and select Show Settings for All Users, to bring the option back up.
  • Now select Apply and to confirm click OK.

Solution 3: Edit your email preferences in QuickBooks

Edit email preferences
  • Open your QuickBooks application and go to the Edit tab.
  • Click on Preferences and select Send Forms.
  • Go to the My Preferences tab and choose the Send email using the option.
  • Click OK, go back to the Edit tab, and select Preferences again.
  • Now choose to Send Forms, click on QuickBooks Email from the My Preferences tab.
  • Choose your preferences to Outlook and hit ok to confirm.
  • Restart your computer and check if QuickBooks Outlook is not responding error has been resolved. If not follow the next step to see how do I fix outlook not opening.

Solution 4: Edit the Internet Explorer email preferences

Internet explorer email setup
  • Close QuickBooks and open Internet Explorer.
  • Go to Tools > Settings > Internet options
  • Select the Programs tab and choose Set Programs.
  • Make sure that Microsoft Outlook is selected as the default email program.
  • Click Apply and confirm with OK.
  • Exit from Internet Explorer and retry sending an email through QuickBooks to check if this solution solves your issue

Solution 5: If you are using Windows 7 or Vista – Ensure that QuickBooks is not running in ‘Compatibility Mode’

Quickbooks compatibility mode
  • To begin troubleshooting with this solution please close all windows and exit from QuickBooks.
  • Now right-click on the QuickBooks icon on your desktop and choose Properties from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the Compatibility tab and ensure that Run this program in compatibility mode is unchecked.
  • Confirm with OK.
  • Restart the application and try sending an email now.

Solution 6: Repair the MAPI32.dll file

If you have followed all the above steps but the QuickBooks Outlook is not responding error has not been resolved and outlook not opening do not worry here are a few more steps that will guarantee a fix but may also require a bit of a technical knowledge to continue. If you are ready to proceed with the troubleshooting process continue by repairing the MAPI32.dll file.

  • Exit out from all applications and programs running in the background.
  • Open Windows File Manager and go to the C:WindowsSystem32 folder.
  • Search for the Fixmapi.exe file and double-click on it.
  • The tool should automatically repair the MAPI32.dll file.
  • Restart your computer, once restarted open QuickBooks and send an email to check if repairing the MAPI32 file has solved the problem or not. If not continue with Step 7.
QuickBooks Outloook is not responding

Solution 7: Optimize your Outlook and reinstall QuickBooks with a clean install tool

Note: Please keep the License number and Product ID for your current QuickBooks version handy before you continue with step 7.

  • Exit out of all programs and applications.
  • Open the Task Manager and make sure that all QuickBooks processes are closed as well.
  • Now Download and run the Clean Install Tool to rename all the QuickBooks applications and program files.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Rename the remaining folders manually.
  • Now uninstall QuickBooks and Reboot your computer.
  • Download QuickBooks from an online source or install it using an installation disk, once installed enter your license number and product ID to continue.
  • Once Installation is completely open and reactivates QuickBooks.
  • Update your application and your company file.
  • Finally, try to send an email and check if Microsoft Outlook 365 is now working properly again.


There is a little chance that your issue is still not fixed by following all the above solutions and your outlook keeps freezing because of which you are unable to send email through QuickBooks.

In which case there is a possibility that there are either missing files in windows or a misconfiguration which needs to be diagnosed thoroughly to fix the QuickBooks outlook is not responding error.

If you have tried everything but still experiencing difficulties and outlook freezes than please contact our support team via our helpdesk. We have made it easy for you to receive help when you need, Just Dial to get help on the phone with your QuickBooks Issues.

QuickBooks Outlook is Not Responding! Here’s How to Fix it

The Outlook is a part of Microsoft Office and is used as an email manager. It is not just limited to sending emails, it can also be integrated with several third-party Windows and online apps to provide them the email functionality. Once integrated with QuickBooks Desktop, a user can quickly send emails from the Desktop app using Outlook as the primary email client. Users starts facing issues when there is a misconfiguration in Windows settings or interoperability issues are found, in such situations, outlook starts freezing while sending emails. This article is a deliberate attempt to help all those who are facing “QuickBooks Outlook is not responding” error while sending emails from QB Desktop app. Follow the article until the end for causes and solution to “QuickBooks Sending Email through Outlook is not Responding” error.

Reasons that Cause “QuickBooks Email Outlook is Not Responding” Error?

Following are some of the most common reasons that causes Outlook to freezes while sending emails and files using QuickBooks:
  1. You are running QuickBooks not using the administrator account on Windows OS.
  2. Incorrect email settings in QuickBooks.
  3. Faulty email settings in Internet Explorer on Windows.
  4. Damaged Installation of QuickBooks Desktop application.
  5. Inappropriate installation of Outlook application.
  6. Microsoft Outlook app is already running in the background of the computer while you are trying to send email from QuickBooks.
  7. Damage in the MAPI32.dll file that is an email configuration file.

Steps to Resolve “Outlook is not responding” Error in QuickBooks

Solution 1: Make Sure QuickBooks is Set to Run with Admin Rights

  1. Right-click the QuickBooks Desktop icon on your Windows Desktop and select Properties.
  2. Navigate to the Compatibility tab and then put a check mark on the the Run this Program as Administrator checkbox under Privilege Level section.Run QuickBooks as an Administrator
  3. If the option is already checked, then click Apply and then hit OK.
  4. Restart your computer and check if the problem is resolved.

Solution 2: Verify Email Preferences for QuickBooks

  1. Open QuickBooks and from under the Edit tab click Preferences and select Send Forms.QuickBooks Send Forms Preferences
  2. Go to the My Preferences tab and choose the Send email using option and click OK.
  3. Click the Edit tab once again and hit Preferences.
  4. Select Send Forms and navigate to the My Preferences tab.
  5. Click QuickBooks Email and hit OK.
  6. Select Edit and then Preferences.
  7. Choose Outlook and then hit OK.
  8. Exit out QuickBooks and Outlook application.
  9. Restart Windows and try to send email using QuickBooks once again.

Solution 3: Repair QuickBooks Desktop and Outlook Application

  1. For detailed instructions on repairing QuickBooks Desktop application follow our article How to Repair QuickBooks Desktop .
  2. If repairing QuickBooks Desktop brings no luck resolving “QuickBooks Outlook is not responding” error then download Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant tool and repair Microsoft Outlook installation.Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant

NOTE: If you suspect that the error is a result of corruption in Outlook application, then you should install a fresh copy of Outlook on your Windows system.

Solution 4: Verify Internet Explorer’s Email Preferences

  1. Exit out QuickBooks and any company file if open.
  2. Run Internet Explorer on Windows.
  3. Click the Gear icon at the top and select Internet Options.Internet Explorer Internet Options
  4. Navigate to the Programs tab and click Set Default option.Internet Explorer Set Default Programs Option
  5. Now click Set your Default Program link.Set your Default Program in Windows
  6. Now select Outlook (desktop) option from the left pane and click Set this Program as Default option.Set Outlook as Default Email Program in Windows
  7. Finally Click OK.
  8. Close Internet Explorer and try to send an email using QuickBooks Once again.
  9. If QuickBooks Outlook Freezes when Sending Email even after setting up Outlook as default email then follow the next troubleshooting step.
Solution 5: Repair Damaged MAPI32.dll File
  1. Exit out any running application on Windows.
  2. Open Windows File Manager and navigate to C:\ Windows\ System32 folder.Fixmapi file
  3. Locate and double-click Fixmapi.exe file.
  4. if you can’t find the file in Windows Explorer, then you can also manually search it using Windows Search feature.Search Mapi32 fileMapi32 File Search
  5. Once the tool repairs MAPI32.dll file, open QuickBooks and try to send an email

IMPORTANT: As QuickBooks installation errors are also responsible for triggering errors while sending emails you might consider reinstalling QuickBooks if none of the solution mentioned above works. Make sure to reinstall QuickBooks using QuickBooks Desktop Clean Install Tool for best results.

There are still possibilities that Outlook might not respond in QuickBooks while sending emails even after implementing all the solutions listed in this article. This usually happens because of misconfigured Windows that needs to be analysed thoroughly. If you are also still struggling with “QuickBooks Outlook is not responding” error message then give us a call at our Technical Helpline Number for immediate troubleshooting guidance.

QuickBooks Outlook Is Not Responding|How to Conquer?

Outlook is not responding is an irritating error of the QuickBooks Desktop application that can prevent you from sending an email using Outlook within the QuickBooks. Outlook is an email manager application of Microsoft that can be integrated with third-party applications to send and receive emails. QuickBooks utilizes the capability of Outlook to send forms, invoices, letters, and other important documents. However, when sending an email from QuickBooks, you may encounter QuickBooks Outlook is not responding error. In this post, we will discuss the steps to resolve the QuickBooks Outlook email error and troubleshoot it using relevant solutions.

Possible Reasons Behind Error QuickBooks is unable to send your emails to outlook

QuickBooks Outlook is not responding issue can be triggered due to several reasons as described in the below-given list:

  • Incorrect email settings appear on your screen.
  • If you are not running QuickBooks as an administrator, the error can crop up.
  • QuickBooks Outlook email error can also be triggered by damaged QuickBooks components.
  • Possible damage in MAPI32.dll file can also evoke QuickBooks Outlook is not responding issue.
  • Compatibility issues between QuickBooks and Outlook.
  • When Outlook application gets damaged.
  • The Outlook is already running in the background when sending an email from QuickBooks.

Set up the Email services in QuickBooks with bare minimum efforts

As an Email service, QuickBooks supports Three email services: Webmail, Gmail, and outlook. The stated link, ‘setup email service with QuickBooks,’ redirects you to the article to learn the step-by-step configuring Email with QuickBooks application.

How to Fix “QuickBooks hangs when sending email” Issue?

QuickBooks Outlook is not responding error can be resolved by troubleshooting its possible reasons. Follow the below-given solutions to send email using Outlook from within the QuickBooks application:

Solution 1: Make Sure That You Are Running QuickBooks In Administrative Mode

QuickBooks Outlook is not responding error can take place if you are not running QuickBooks as an administrator. To resolve the Quickbooks freezes when trying to email invoice:

  • Close QuickBooks and open the Windows Start menu.
  • Type QuickBooks into the search area when it appears.
  • Once you are done, right-click on QuickBooks and select Open File Location.
  • Locate and right-click on QuickBooks.exe file and then select Properties from the drop-down list.
  • Next, you need to select Compatibility and make sure that the box for “Run this program as Administrator” is unchecked.
  • In the end, select Apply and click OK to finish the task.

If QuickBooks Outlook is not responding error continues, move to the next troubleshooting solution.

Solution 2: Close All Outlook Processes Using Task Manager

QuickBooks is unable to send your email to Outlook issue can occur if an Outlook process is already running in the background when sending email from QuickBooks.

  • Right-click on the Task Bar and then select Task Manager from the drop-down list.
  • Now go to the Processes tab and try to locate Outlook.
  • Next, you need to click one time on the first process and then click on the End Process button.
  • Continue the same procedure until all the Outlook processes get ended.
  • Now restart Outlook and try to send an email from QuickBooks to check if the error is resolved.

Solution 3: Edit Your Email Preferences in QuickBooks

To edit your email preferences, follow the below-given steps:

  • Open QuickBooks and the go to the Edit tab.
  • After that, click on Preferences and then select Send Forms.
  • Next, you need to choose the Send email using the option from My Preferences tab.
  • Click OK to proceed further.
  • Once you are done, move to the Edit tab and select Preferences.
  • Moving ahead, choose Send Forms.
  • Now go to the My Preferences tab again and select QuickBooks Email.
  • Click your preferences to Outlook to send an email and then click OK to finish.

Solution 4: Mend Ripped MAPI32.dll File

  • Terminate all the unwanted running background processes.
  • Next, press Windows + E to open windows Explorer and afterward sail to the C:\ Windows \ System32 Directory.
  • Search For the “Fixmapi.exe” file within the System32 Directory.
  • You can also try to search Via Through the Windows Search Program.
  • In the end, Once the Repair Process ended, You can re-attempt to send an Email.

Solution 5: Set Outlook & IE (Internet Explorer as default Application)

  • Double click on the Internet Explorer icon to start the application.
  • Now, Tap on ‘Tools‘ located on top of the window, and then select the internet option.
  • Next, click on the Program option, Now bottom of the window, click on the Set Programs.
  • Now, at default Programs Window sets both programs(IE & Outlook) as a Primary application or Default Program.

Solution 6: Check if QuickBooks is running as an administrator

  • You need to change the admin settings so that all users are allowed to use Outlook email in QuickBooks. 
  • First, close QuickBooks and then click the Windows Start menu.
  • Enter QuickBooks in the search bar, then right-click the QuickBooks icon from the search result.
  • Click the open file location option. 
  • Search the QuiockBooks.exe file in the QuickBooks folder.
  • Right-click the QuickBooks.exe file and then click the Properties option.
  • Select Compatibility tab.
  • Make sure the Run this program as Administrator checkbox is not selected.
  • Click show settings for all users if you did not see the checkbox and could not uncheck the Run this program as Administrator checkbox.
  • Finally, click Apply and select the OK button to save the changes.

Solution 7: Stop QuickBooks from running in the Compatibility Mode if you use Windows 7 or Vista

  • First, you need to close QuickBooks and all the windows that are currently open on your computer.
  • Next, right-click QuickBooks, then select the Properties option. 
  • After that, open the Compatibility tab.
  • Search the Run this program in the compatibility mode checkbox and make sure it is not check marked.
  • Uncheck the Run this program in compatibility mode option if it is check-marked.
  • Finally, click the OK button and open QuickBooks again to check if you can send an email. 

Solution 8:  Reconfigure Outlook and install the QuickBooks application using the clean install tool

  • First, close all the windows currently open on your computer.
  • Next, you need to close all the QuickBooks processes from the task manager.
  • Then, run the clean install tool from the QuickBooks Tool Hub to rename all the QuickBooks program files and applications.
  • Turn off your computer and turn it on again.
  • You need to manually rename the folders that haven’t been renamed.  
  • Uninstall the QuickBooks application and then reboot the system.
  • Download and install QuickBooks again. Log in to QuickBooks by entering your product ID and license number. 
  • After the installation is done, reactivate your QuickBooks application.
  • You need to update the QuickBooks application and company file.
  • if the error QuickBooks hangs when sending email persists .


QuickBooks Desktop utilizes Microsoft Outlook to send e-mails from QuickBooks. The Outlook is an e-mail manager application of Microsoft that helps third-party applications to send and receive e-mails. QuickBooks utilizes Outlook to send forms, invoices, letters, and other essential documents.

Sometimes users encounter QuickBooks Outlook is Not Responding error message. This is one of the most common errors which users face due to a configuration issue. Sending e-mail directly from QuickBooks Online is one of the most beneficial features that QuickBooks offers to its users.

What Causes “QuickBooks Email Outlook is Not Responding” Error?

The Outlook is not responding QuickBooks or Outlook not responding to Windows 7 issue can occur due to faulty settings of your Email or Internet Explorer preferences. Several reasons mentioned below evoke the “Outlook 2016 not responding windows 10” error message.

  • QuickBooks Email Outlook is not Responding error message may occur due to incorrect email settings in Internet Explorer.
  • Improper installation of Outlook on Windows can also lead to the error.
  • The error can occur when the Outlook application runs in the background while you try to send an email from QuickBooks.
  • The damaged installation of the QuickBooks can also lead to the error.
  • QuickBooks Outlook is Not Responding error can also arise due to damage in Outlook email configuration file MAPI32.dll
  • Improper email settings in QuickBooks application can also lead to the error.
  • Outlook 2016 keeps freezing when the credentials required for Outlook and QuickBooks to communicate might have changed.
  • Firewall settings could also be the major reason it doesn’t allow QuickBooks to communicate with any third-party application.

Once you know all the possible reasons that may lead to the “QuickBooks 2018 Outlook is not Responding” error message, you can easily choose the best troubleshooting steps to fix the issue.

Crucial Aspects:

Before you resolve QuickBooks Sending Email through Outlook is Not Responding, you must modify the System Settings and update the latest release of MS Office 365

Step 1 (How to modify the System Setting to fix the issue)

  • At first, Open QuickBooks Desktop. After that, press the F2 key on your keyboard, followed by the F3 key on your keyboard to open the Help Window.
  •  Now, locate the Open File tab, and then from the available list, open the QBW.INI file.
  •  After that, the file will be open in Notepad, where you must add a new line at the bottom of the text.
  •  Next, click on that particular file and make sure to save it.
  •  When you have saved the file, make sure to close the Notepad.
  •  Lastly, open QuickBooks once again.

Step 2 (Update the latest release of MS Office 365)

  •  Firstly, open Outlook.
  •  Go to the File tab, select Office account, followed by the About Outlook button.
  •  Check that the latest release of build 12527 .20242 displays on your system screen.
  •  Now, for updating the latest release, click on Update Options.
  •  Next, select the Update Now option.
  •  Finally, open QuickBooks and try to mail your report or transactions by utilizing QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Outlook is not responding! Here’s how to fix it (Best 6 Troubleshooting Methods)

Below are some handy steps to Resolve QuickBooks Error “Outlook is not responding.” Users face this query in several ways, such as “outlook not responding,” “Outlook Freezes when Sending Emails from QuickBooks,” “Outlook is not Responding QuickBooks 2019”, “outlook 365 not responding”, etc. Therefore, read all the alternative solutions given below carefully to resolve the issue quickly.

Solution 1– Resolve the issue by closing all the Outlook related processes through Task Manager

  1. At first, go to the bottom of your computer screen, right-click on the Taskbar and select Task Manager from the list.
  2. Now, go to the Processes tab.
  3. Next, from the list of running applications, search Outlook.
  4. After that, click one time on the first process and then select the End Process button from the Task Manager’s bottom right corner. (Continue the same process until you have ended all the Outlook processes tab from the list).
  5. Now, reopen QuickBooks and try to send an email from QuickBooks to see if the issue is resolved.

If you find “outlook keeps freezing,” “outlook express not responding,” or “QuickBooks Outlook Freezes when Sending Email,” then follow the next solution.

Solution 2– Fix the issue by checking and configuring the QuickBooks Email Preferences in Internet Explorer

  • Firstly, logout out from the Company File and close the QuickBooks.
  • Now, press Windows + R key simultaneously on your keyboard to open the Run box.
  • Next, type explorer in the run boxand click the OK option to open Internet Explorer.
  • After that, go to the Tools menu; from the Program Tab, select Internet Options.
  • Make sure that the default email program must be Microsoft Outlook. You must make the necessary changes if the default application is different.
  • Click Apply Option.
  • Now, close the Internet Explorer Windows and open QuickBooks again.
  • Try to send the email again; skip to the next solution if the error doesn’t get resolved.

Solution 3- Check and Repair MAPI32.dll File

QuickBooks Outlook problems can be resolved with the help of MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface) file repair. MAPI is a Microsoft Windows Component that helps Microsoft Office and QuickBooks Desktop to communicate. 

  1. Firstly, exit all the applications and programs running in the background.
  2. Now, open the Windows File Manager and then go to the C:\windows\System32 folder.
  3. Navigate the Fixmapi.exe file and double-click on the file.
  4. The tool must automatically repair the MAPI32.dll file.
  5. After that, restart your computer and then open QuickBooks and try to send an email to see if the solution has worked to fix the issue.

Solution 4- Select Outlook as an email option

  1. Firstly, launch the QuickBooks application and open the company file.
  2. From the menu bar, click on the Edit menu, go to the Preferences option, and select the Send Forms option.
  3. Next, choose the My Preferences Tab, and select Outlook as an email option.
  4. Click on the OK button and then close the company file and QuickBooks application.
  5. Reopen the QuickBooks application and try to email the item with QuickBooks Outlook email to see if the problem still occurs.

Solution 5- Update your QuickBooks application and Update your Windows

  • Switch QuickBooks application to the non-administrative mode.
  • Firstly, on your computer Desktop Screen right, click on the QuickBooks icon.
  • Now, from the menu, select Properties and then choose Compatibility.
  • Remove the Check Mark from the Run this Program as an Administrator box.
  • After that, open and update your QuickBooks application.
Update your QuickBooks Application
  • Next, Update your Windows and Restart your system.
  • Finally, open QuickBooks and try to send the email. If the error doesn’t get resolved, follow the next solution.

Solution 6- Run a clean install tool

QuickBooks Clean Install Tool
  1. Firstly, close all the open applications and save your unsaved work before closing all the applications.
  2. Now, open Task Manager and end all the QuickBooks processes.
  3. Next, you must rename all the QuickBooks applications and program files with a clean install tool.
  4. After that, restart your system.
  5. You must rename the folder manually, which was not renamed.
Uninstall the QuickBooks application and reboot the computer.
  1. Make sure to note down your license and Product Number.
  2. Now, from the internet, insert the installation disk or download an installation source copy.
  3. You must follow the instructions and run the installation wizard.
  4. Further, open the QuickBooks application and reactivate your product.
  5. From the help menu, update your QuickBooks application.
  6. Open your company file and try to send the email.

QuickBooks Outlook Is Not Responding Error | (Removed)

QuickBooks Outlook is not responding issue occurs while sending emails from QuickBooks Desktop. Microsoft Outlook can be integrated with the QuickBooks Desktop software to send emails from QuickBooks, utilizing the Outlook as an email client. However, when QuickBooks outlook issue takes place, an error message appears on your screen, “Error: QuickBooks is unable to send your email to Outlook.” The error can be promoted by the faulty settings of your Email or Internet Explorer preferences. In this blog, we will discuss the possible causes and troubleshooting solutions of QuickBooks error; Outlook is not responding.

QuickBooks 2019 Outlook Is Not Responding| Possible Causes

When QuickBooks says, Outlook is not responding; it means any of the below-listed reasons might be evoking the error.

  • Incorrect email settings in IE
  • Improper installation of Outlook on Windows
  • Outlook application is running in the background can evoke to error when you try to email from QuickBooks
  • Possible damage within the installation of the QuickBooks
  • Damage in Outlook email configuration file MAPI32.dll
  • Erroneous email settings in QuickBooks application

Knowing the possible reasons behind the error is half part done. Now you are just a few solutions away from resolving “QuickBooks is unable to send your emails to Outlook 365” issue.

How To Resolve QuickBooks Desktop Outlook Is Not Responding Issue?

If you are not able to send an email via QuickBooks Outlook, then the below-given troubleshooting procedures can help you in the error-resolution.

Solution 1: Uncheck the “Run this program as Administrator” Option

In this solution, you need to modify your admin privileges so that it is not required while sending the email.

  • Quit QuickBooks and open the Windows Start menu
  • Type QuickBooks into the search box
  • On finding, right-click the QuickBooks icon and select Open File Location
  • Now from the folder containing the company file, locate and right-click QuickBooks.exe file and select Properties
  • Select Compatibility, then select and uncheck Run this program as Administrator option.
  • If you are not able to checkmark the option (it is grayed out), select Show Settings for All Users to see the option back.
  • Select Apply and hit OK to confirm the changes you have made.

QuickBooks sending email through Outlook is not responding, even after performing the troubleshooting, then jump to the next troubleshooting solution.

Solution 2: Rectify Your Email Preferences in QuickBooks

In this procedure, we will edit the QuickBooks email preferences to Outlook and then retry to send emails from QuickBooks application.

  • From QuickBooks Edit tab, click Preferences and then select Send Forms
  • Now select My Preferences tab and then choose to Send email using the option
  • Hit OK and then back to Edit tab again and click Preferences
  • Now select Send Forms and click QuickBooks Email from My Preferences tab
  • Hit OK
  • Edit your Preferences to Outlook and then click OK to confirm the change
  • Again try to send email using QuickBooks to check if the error is fixed or not

Solution 3: Check Your IE Email Preferences

After upgrading QuickBooks and rectifying the email preferences in the software, check the email preferences for your Internet Explorer.

  • Quit QuickBooks and open Internet Explorer.
  • Then perform the given series of action – Tools > Settings >Internet options
  • Now select the Programs tab and then select Set Programs to proceed further
  • Select Set your default programs and choose the email service you want to utilize
  • Click Apply, then OK to save the changes
  • Close Internet Explorer to conclude the procedure

Solution 4: Repair your MAPI32.dll

If none of the above-explained solutions helped you in fixing the “QuickBooks Outlook is not responding” issue, then try to mend the MAPI32.dll file.

  • Close all the programs running in the background
  • Open Windows File Manager and go to C:\ Windows\ System32 folder
  • Look for Fixmapi.exe file double-click on finding
  • Wait for the repair of MAPI32.dll file and once completed, attempt to send email from QuickBooks once again

QuickBooks Won’t Send Email Through Outlook Error Continues!

If you are still unable to send email through the QuickBooks Desktop using Outlook’s email client, then try repairing the company file using QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild Data Utility or, get help from QB professionals. Get in touch via our QuickBooks error support helpline number 1.800.579.9430 and discuss the symptoms of the error. On the basis of your error description, you will get a speedy error resolution for QuickBooks Outlook is not responding issue.

How to Fix QuickBooks Outlook is Not Responding?

You must be aware of Microsoft Outlook, an integral part of Microsoft Office, which is used as an email manager.  You can not only send emails, but you can even integrate it with several third-party online apps for providing email functionality. You can integrate it with QuickBooks Desktop so that you can send emails from your Desktop app using MS Outlook as the primary email client. You can face the issue when there is a misconfiguration in the Windows settings or when your Outlook freezes while sending emails. This blog will help you when you face the error of “QuickBooks Outlook not responding” while sending emails from your QuickBooks Desktop app. You need to follow this blog to know the causes and solution of this error or call QuickBooks technical support phone number available 24*7.

Why “QuickBooks Email Outlook is Not Responding” Error Occurs?

Some of the most common reasons why Outlook freezes while sending emails using QuickBooks are:

  • When you are not running QuickBooks as an administrator on your Windows OS
  • The email settings in Internet Explorer are faulty.
  • Incorrect email settings in your QuickBooks.
  • The installation of QuickBooks Desktop is inappropriate, damaged, or incomplete
  • The Microsoft Outlook is already running in the background of your system computer while you are sending email from QuickBooks
  • When the MAPI32.dll file is damaged.

Steps to Fix “Outlook is not responding” Error in QuickBooks

Ensure to Run QuickBooks with Admin Rights

  • Right-click on the icon of QuickBooks Desktop and select Properties >Compatibility tab.
  • Here tick mark on the checkbox that reads Run this Program as Administrator present under Privilege Level section.
  • If the checkbox is already checked, then you have to click Apply and then OK.
  • At last, restart your computer and see if the problem is resolved or not.

Verify Email Preferences for QuickBooks

  • Open QuickBooks software and go to Edit tab > Preferences > Send Forms.
  • Then go to the My Preferences tab and choose the option of Send email using and then click OK.
  • Now click the Edit tab > Preferences > Send Forms > My Preferences tab > QuickBooks Email and hit OK.
  • Then  you have to select Edit > Preferences and then choose Outlook option and hit the OK button
  • Exit the QuickBooks and Outlook and then restart your Windows and try to send email using QuickBooks.

Repair QuickBooks Desktop and Outlook

  • You have to repair your QuickBooks Desktop software
  • If by repairing QuickBooks Desktop software, there is no luck in fixing “QuickBooks Outlook is not responding” error. Then, you have to download Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant tool to repair Microsoft Outlook installation.

Verify the Email Preferences of Internet Explorer

  • You need to exit from the QuickBooks and close any company file if it’s open.
  • Then you have to run Internet Explorer on your Windows.
  • You need to click on the Gear icon > Internet Options >Programs > Set Default.
  • Now you have to click on the Set your Default Program link.
  • Then you need to select the Outlook option and click on the option of Set this Program as Default and then hit on OK button
  • You then need to close the Internet Explorer and try sending an email using QuickBooks again.
  • ●       If you’re QuickBooks Outlook Freezes while sending the email, you have to follow the next troubleshooting step.

Repair Damaged MAPI32.dll File

  • You need to close any running application of your Windows.
  • Then open Windows File Manager and go to C:\ Windows\ System32 folder.
  • You have to locate and double-click on the Fixmapi.exe file.
  • If you cannot locate the file in the Windows Explorer, you have to search it manually.
  • Once the tool has repaired MAPI32.dll file, you can easily open QuickBooks software and can try to send an email

There are still chances that your MS Outlook may not respond in your QuickBooks accounting software while sending the emails even after executing the solutions that are listed above. If you are also struggling with the “QuickBooks Outlook not responding” error, give a QuickBooks support number call for immediate troubleshooting guidance.

QuickBooks Outlook is not responding- How to fix it?

Suppose you are working on a tight schedule, and the reports of invoice and taxes should have been sent to the client five minutes earlier as per your boss. At this time, you find out that an error stating QuickBooks is unable to send your emails due to network connection failure is preventing you from sending them out. However, it is not necessarily due to a network issue. Check out more reasons below.

Why QuickBooks Not Working With Outlook 2016?

While using QB applications to carry out your daily operations, an error message can pop out highlight issues with Outlook. The issue hinders the ability of the system to send any reports and invoices to clients or other departments.

What are the reasons for QuickBooks Outlook not installed error?

Below are mentioned some causes of the issue. Read them out.

  1. You might have put incorrect email settings in QuickBooks or the Internet Explorer.
  2. Some QuickBooks components may be damaged due to malware issues.
  3. An outdated or unsupported version of Microsoft Outlook can very well be the reason.
  4. You are using QuickBooks in the administrative mode.

What are the solutions for QuickBooks says Outlook is not responding error?

Below are the solutions to resolve the QuickBooks Outlook is not responding error.

Solution- 1

  1. If there are any open applications you are working on, then save the work and close them all.
  2. End the QuickBooks processes in the Task Manager and rename all the QB files and programs with the clean install tool.
  3. Manually rename the left out folders and uninstall QuickBooks.
  4. Reboot the computer and install the QuickBooks again.
  5. Update it and try sending the email again.

Solution- 2

  1. Open an existing document in Microsoft Word and send it to yourself as a PDF attachment.
  2. If the Word fails to perform the action, then call for Microsoft Support Helpline.
  3. However, if it sends the email without any issue, then follow these steps instead.a. Close all the programs and go to File Explorer.b. Open c: drive and go to windows and then open the System32 folder.c. Click on Fixmapi.exe and run the repair.d.
  4. Restart the system and try sending out the email again.

We would like to end this blog on the ways to solve the QuickBooks Outlook is not responding error. We hope you find the solutions mentioned above helpful and that your problem is resolved quickly. However, if that’s not the case, contact us on our and immediately get the best possible assistance.

How to Fix the QuickBooks Outlook is not Responding Error

QuickBooks is a leading software tool in today’s market scene where businesses are looking for automated solutions for their daily-to-daily workplaces tasks. Owing to its best-in-class tools and features for professional or business accounting, QuickBooks has made quite a name in middle to small-sized businesses. However, certain discrepancies like QuickBooks Outlook is not responding create mayhem for the users regularly as they aren’t familiar with the background technicalities. The error also restricts you from checking any incoming emails within the QuickBooks application. However, it is not necessarily due to a network issue. So today, we will decode this issue in detail.

Reasons why QuickBooks Error Outlook is not Responding

If your QuickBooks 2018 Outlook is not responding, it could be due to any of the following reasons. Take a look.

  1. The email settings in the browser are not correct.
  2. You are not logged in as administrator on Windows Operating System.
  3. The email settings in QuickBooks are wrong.
  4. QuickBooks Desktop application is not installed completely or properly.
  5. The Outlook application’s installation process is not correct.
  6. System is running the Outlook application in the background while you are sending the mail.
  7. There is damage or error in the MAPI32.dll file.

These reasons are case-relevant and you might be experiencing this issue due to some other or multiple reasons. Let’s follow up with its troubleshoot.

Are there any steps to efficiently get rid of the QuickBooks Oultook is not responding error?

Yes, there are various resolving methods that offer an easy way out of the QuickBooks email Outlook is not responding error. Some of them are written below.

Solution- 1: Repair the Damaged .DLL File

One of the main causes of the issue is the damaged MAPI32.dll file. Follow the steps mentioned below to fix the damage in the file and continue back to your work.

  1. End all the running tasks on Windows and go to the Windows File Manager.
  2. Open C:/ Drive and go to the Windows Folder.
  3. Double-click on the System 32 folder and search for the Fixmapi.exe file.
  4. Double-click on the file and wait till the tool repairs the .dll file.

After the process, try sending out an email again. If you still can’t, move on to the next solution.

Solution- 2: Repair the QuickBooks Desktop Application

It might be possible that the QuickBooks has some program issues that are causing the error. Fix them by running a Windows Repair through the steps below.

  1. Close QuickBooks and every opened program.
  2. Reboot the computer and create a backup of the company file.
  3. Press the Windows key and go to Control Panel.
  4. Select Programs and Features and choose Uninstall a Program.
  5. Choose QuickBooks software in the program list and double-click on it.
  6. Select Uninstall/Modify and click on Continue.
  7. Click on Repair and choose Next.
  8. Wait for the repair to complete and click on Finish.

Follow the same procedure for Microsoft Outlook application as well.

At this point, we would like to conclude our blog. We hope that the written content will help you to understand the QuickBooks outlook is not responding error in a better way and answer all of your queries all the while. However, if you have more questions, call on the helpline number and get the best assistance on it anytime.

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