How to Fix PDF and Print Problems with QuickBooks Desktop

Quickbooks Errors Solution

Learn the ways to download, install, run and use QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool to Fix Print Issues:

QuickBooks accounting software is one of the finest accounting software that the users can rely upon. But the fact that the QuickBooks is prone to certain errors can’t be denied. The list of technical bugs that the QB user can encounter is huge, but one of the most common errors is QuickBooks Print and PDF problems. Though, this software is prone to errors, but Intuit also offers various fixes to these errors. QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair tool is also one such solution offered by Intuit. If you are using QB for the longest time, or you are a newbie, you might at least have heard of this PDF repair tool. This tool has been introduced by the developer of QB, in order to fix the issues that the user encounter while printing PDF’s, invoices, etc.

If you are also facing any such error, then you must learn about this tool, as it will help you in getting rid of the QuickBooks Printing and PDF errors in hardly any time. To know the facts related to QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair tool, make sure to read this post till the end. Moreover, you can also call us at our toll-free number i.e. +1-844-521-0490, and ask for assistance from our technical support team. Our experts and certified accounting professionals will ensure to provide you with the best possible information and assistance.

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What is PDF repair tool in QuickBooks?

In order to print documents, QuickBooks require various components like XPS Document Writer, MSXML, and Print Spooler service, and any fault or technical snag related to these components trigger errors. QuickBooks PDF repair tool is designed in a way to fix the issues in Microsoft components that occur at the time of printing. This tool acts as both PDF repair tool and printer repair tool. The process to download and install PDF repair tool is discussed later in this post.

About PDF repair tool:

  • Language: English
  • Version: Latest Version
  • Size: 23 MB
  • License: Both Free & Paid
  • Downloads: 19 M
  • Developer: Intuit

System Requirement for QuickBooks PDF repair tool

  • Internet: Required to Download
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM, 512 MB free hard disk space
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution recommended
  • Processor: 266 MHz or even faster computer processor
  • OS: Windows (All Versions)

Errors that can be fixed with QuickBooks PDF repair tool

PDf and print error-screenshot

Steps to download, install, and run QuickBooks PDF repair tool?

There can be two methods to download QuickBooks PDF repair tool, either downloading directly from the Intuit’s website, or using it via QuickBooks Tool Hub. We will be discussing each of the methods one by one. Let us have a look:

Method 1: Download and install QuickBooks Tool Hub

Before downloading QuickBooks Tool Hub, the user needs to first close your QuickBooks desktop and then move on to the next step:

  • The initial step is to, download the QuickBooks Tool Hub file and then save the file at the location, where it can be easily spotted.
  • And then, the user needs to open the downloaded file i.e. QuickBooksToolHub.exe
  • The next step is to carry out the instructions that the user will see on the screen and then click on agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Once done with that, the user needs to click on the tool hub icon to open it after completing the installation.
Tools Hub icon - Screenshot
  • After that, when the PDF repair tool opens up, the user will see a list of components or options, in which the user is supposed to click on Program Problems option.
Program Problems tab in QuickBooks Tool Hub - Screenshot
  • When the user clicks on Program problems, the user will be guided to the window, where he/she will see QuickBooks Print & PDF Repair tool option.
  • The user is supposed to click on that option and then the tool will open up and the user will be required to carry out on screen instructions to fix the issue with Print and PDF repair tool.

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Alternate Method to download QuickBooks PDF repair tool

  • The user can download the QuickBooks PDF repair tool from Intuit’s official website.
  • However, the user needs to ensure that the QuickBooks software is updated to the latest release.
  • And then, open downloads and press Ctrl + J keys on the browser.
  • The next step is to turn on the printer and ensure that it can establish a connection with the system.
  • Once done with that, the user needs to locate the QuickBooksDesktopPDFTool.exe file under downloads option.
  • Moving ahead, the user needs to right click the file and then select the run as admin.
  • Now, the application will scan all the components that are involved in printing process and command prompt window will appear on the screen.
  • After that, when the command stating “Added Printer Driver Microsoft XPS Document Writer, Ending QuickBooks Processes in the background…” appear on the screen, then the user needs to wait for the app to scan the errors.
  • At the end of the process, the QuickBooks Print and PDF repair tool completes the errors; the command prompt window will get closed on its own. After that the user needs to reboot the windows and then try printing any document using QuickBooks.

Fix PDF and Print problems with QuickBooks Desktop

Following are quick solution steps to Troubleshoot PDF and Print problems with QuickBooks Desktop:

Step 1: Renaming and deleting the printer file

The user can rename and delete the printer file, in order to resolve the print and pdf errors. The steps involved in this process are as follows:

  • The very first step is to spot and select files
  • After that, the user needs to rename to something such as qbprint.old & wpr.old and don’t delete them for the current period
  • The user is then required to run QuickBooks and open company
  • Moving ahead, the user needs to select the file and printer setup
  • And then select any transaction in the form name
  • And hit OK button.

Step 2: Run QuickBooks PDF & Print Repair Tool from the Tool Hub

  • Download and install QB tool hub on your system.
  • Now choose the Program Problems option, in the QB Tool Hub.
  • After that choose QuickBooks PDF & Print Repair Tool option and run this tool on your system

Note: This process will take about a minute to run completely.

  • Finally, try to print, email, or save as a PDF from QuickBooks Desktop again.

Step 3: By pass the print spooler

  • Firstly, open the Printers Control Panel in your Windows.
  • After that hit a right-click on the Microsoft XPS Document Writer and then select the Printer properties or Properties option.
  • Now choose the Advanced tab option
  • Choose Print Directly to Printer option.
  • Finally, hit a click on OK button to save your changes and then close the Printer Properties.

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Final words

Hopefully, the above mentioned information might help you in downloading, installing, and making the best use of QuickBooks PDF repair tool. However, in case of any query, feel free to call us at our toll-free number i.e. +1-888-300-3913, and our QuickBooks enterprise customer support team will be there to assist you in a single call.

We are a hub of tech-savvy accounting professionals, who do not leave any stone un-turned in providing the best possible support services.

How to Fix PDF and Print Problems with QuickBooks Desktop?

Things you need to know about printing problem in QuickBooks Desktop.

QuickBooks is most advanced in-built features say a lot about this software. Along with all its amazing features, QuickBooks introduces PDF and Print Problems. As you know, these are major requirements to view your business account’s report physically. But, sometimes users confront errors related to the PDF and printer. This article discusses all required information on how to fix this error.Experts Help to: Fix PDF and Print Problems in QuickBooks?CONNECT NOW!!

User Navigation

Most of the Common Errors can be Resolved by Utilizing the PDF and Print tool

PDF converter appears offlineThe device is unable to runUnable to Print the printer
QuickBooks deny your request to save the report as a PDFFreezes your window when you reconcile the processingError code 1722 or 1801
PDF converter appears offlinewhen your system is not readyUnable print to a printer
QuickBooks is not respondingQuickBooks unrecoverable errorCouldn’t save it as a Pdf
The issue appears during printing reports or transactionsQuickBooks PDF Converter Activation error 20, 41 or 30Unable to print straightforwardly to the QuickBooks PDF converter
The issue appears when you linked with your current chosen printer or Microsoft XPS document writer on the XPS portQuickBooks unable to complete the running action which appears due to a missing componentPrint driver host for 32-bit unable to work
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Reason behind the QuickBooks PDF and Printing Errors

There are various reasons behind the PDF and Printing errors in QuickBooks. All are mentioned below:

  • Inappropriate printer programming
  • Missing PDF record
  • Unavailability of arranged network
  • The issue appears due to incorrect connectivity with devices
  • The link is mismatched between the system and the printer
  • Incompleted establishment of the QuickBooks PDF converter
  • Availability of non-working print driver

Things You need to Consider

Below are some points that you must consider when trying to fix the PDF and Printing errors in QuickBooks desktop.

  • Must be sure the correct printer plugged in
  • When the printer access the print from other programs
  • Restart and rebooting the system
  • Check and match your system settings with QuickBooks
  • Printer error message displayed on your screen likewise “QuickBooks Error Dialog or Windows Error Dialog

Usually, issues arise when you can easily print the reports but are unable to print the transactions. You can resolve this issue by modifying the template form. But make sure, you always correct your all corrupted or damaged files.

Procedures to Fix PDF and Print Problems with QuickBooks Desktop

Solution Guide 1: Resolve this Error just by installing and Run the QuickBooks PDF and Print Repair Tool

Run PDF Print repair tool from the QuickBooks tool hub
Run the QuickBooks PDF and Print Repair Tool
  • Must be sure that you switch to the latest release of QuickBooks
  • After ensuring about the QuickBooks latest edition
  • Users are required to download the QuickBooks Print and repair tool from any internet source
  • To set up this tool, fill in all required details and move forward to finish the processing.
  • Run this tool. It will automate detect and correct the error

Solution Guide 2: Re-install and allow the Permission for the XPS document Writer

Step 1: Test the XPS Document Writer via Printing outside the QuickBooks software

  • Open the file menu and then select the “Print” option
  • From the printer list menu, choose the “Microsoft XPS Document Writer
  • Hit the click on the “Print” button
  • Now, the user needs to save the XPS file
  • Locate the XPS file and open it.
  • In any case, if you are still unable to open the file or find any issue while printing. Then you have to re-install the XPS document writer

Step 2: You can reinstall the Microsoft XPS Document Writer

  • First of all, verify the XPS service
  • Then, re-install the XPS Document Writer in the windows (Accessible for window vista, 7, or 8)

Step 3: Make the Window User Permission for the XPS document

  • To make new changes in the permissions login with admin right
  • From the window section, you have to open the Printer control panel
  • Hit the next click on the XPS document writer
  • Chose the “Printer Properties
  • Now, you have to select the security and choose everyone used as a group
  • In any case, if everyone is not listed
  • Hit the next click on the add button
  • Fill in all necessary information in the given field
  • Choose the “Check name” and moving forward with the OK button
  • Go to the allow column and then hit the Print button
  • Now track C:\Windows\System32\spool in the window explorer
  • Then, select the “Printers” and click on the Properties
  • From the Security options and choose the Edit
  • Once you are done with this process, then you need to add and write the “Local service”]
  • Must be sure that control the complete process and click on the OK button
  • Once the process is finished and then create a file

Step 4: Make new Changes in the Security Software Settings

Users are required to verify the security software settings such as malware, antivirus, McAfee antivirus. this will help you to know XPS files are not blocked.

Step 5: Repair the Microsoft XML 6.0

The MSXML 6.0 is known for the Microsoft Windows component and a specified portion of the system requirements for the XPS Doc writer

For Windows 8
  • To choose the magnifying glass, drop the mouse in the upper or lower right-hand corner
  • Write the Command and then select the “Command Prompt
  • From the available preferences, choose “Run as Administrator
  • Enter the admin password and click on the Allow button
  • Now, you to write “SFC/scannow
For Windows 7 or windows vista
  • Hit the first click on the “Start” button on the window
  • Select “All Programs” and select the “Accessories” option
  • Put next click on the “Command Prompt” and choose “Run as an administrator’”
  • Wait until the administrator doesn’t provide Password, and click on the Allow button
  • Write in “Sfc/Scannow

Step 6: Make a new template for your form

  • Take suggestions from the Creating New Templates and create a new template for your form
  • Make required changes in the template on your transactions
  • Now, you get access to create the PDF file

Solution Guide 3: Rename or Delete the Printer file

If the above solution unable to resolve the issue then the user needs to delete the corrupted or damaged files and then create a new one

  • Locate all corrupted/damaged files and selected all them
  • You have the choice to rename the file such as ‘qbprint.old and wpr.old‘ rather deleting them
  • Now, run your QuickBooks and then open the company file
  • Select the file and click on the “Printer Setup” button
  • After selecting any transaction in the form
  • Click on the OK button
  • While implementing the above step, the user needs to reset the printer settings

Solution Guide 4: Escape the Print Spooler tool

Print Spooler system configuration windows 7
Bypass the Print Spooler tool

To set up the XPS document writer to escape the print spooler with the following steps:

  • In the first step, open your Printer Control Panel in Your Desktop.
  • Hit the next click on the MS XPS document writer
  • Select the “Printer Properties” option
  • Give the click on the Advanced tab
  • Open the Printer directly to view the printer option
  • At last, hit the click on the OK button to save all new changes
  • Close the Printer properties to check the issue is resolved or not

Solution Guide 5: Reset the Temporary Folder Permission

  • Press the Window + R key simultaneously to view the Run window
  • Write %TEMP% and click on the Enter key from your keyboard
  • Hit the next right-click on the free section of the temp folder
  • Open the Properties menu
  • Click on the Security tab
  • Check and verify all user names and groups that have Full Access
  • Once you set up the permission then you have to set up the full control.
  • If it is possible, try to save the PDF again within the QuickBooks Desktop

Solution Guide 6: Run the QuickBooks Print Repair Tool

Below steps involved complete procedure to run this tool

  • Find the QBPrint.qbp file which creates printing issues with QuickBooks
  • Then, manually rename the file by prefixing any word
  • The file is accessible in the location C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks 2XXX
  • If a user can’t find the file location of hidden files
  • Hit the right-click on the QBprint.qbp and rename the file
  • Now, you can open a transaction that has an issue while creating a PDF in the QuickBooks
  • The final step is to print over the QuickBooks sample company file if the issue occurs due to the company file

Experts Help to: Fix PDF and Print Problems in QuickBooks?CONNECT NOW!!

I hope the above mention information will help you about the QuickBooks desktop pdf and print errors, the reasons and also the solution. The above information summarizes all aspects to resolve the “Troubleshoot PDF and Print problems with QuickBooks Desktop” They will help you to get rid of this error in the minimum lapse of time. so, you can focus on all other processes of your business accountancy. If you have any query in your mind, connect with QuickBooks Desktop Support at +1-888-300-3913.

QuickBooks PDF Repair Tool – Overview

QuickBooks offers numerous features to its customer, one of them is QuickBooks print and PDF. But there are circumstances wherein users face issues while printing PDFs, invoices, checks, etc. In order to fix all these issues, QuickBooks pdf repair tool has been introduced. For the purpose of printing documents, QuickBooks needs different components like to XPS Document Writer, MSXML, and Print Spooler service. QuickBooks printer repair tool is specifically designed to solve issues in Microsoft components which come up while printing. In this blog, we will illustrate how “QuickBooks print and pdf repair tool” can work wonders to resolve all sorts of printing and pdf errors.

Errors that can be Resolved Using QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool

  • Formatting problems at the time of printing.
  • Printer yielding blank prints.
  • Not able to print invoices, reports or checks.
  • Print stops responding.
  • QuickBooks stops working after clicking on Print command.
  • Unable to save PDF files through QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks fails to make PDF files.
  • Issues while installing PDF Converter.
  • QuickBooks shows the message: “The Device is Not Ready”.
  • QuickBooks Unrecoverable error.
  • Problems while activating PDF Converter such as error 30, error 20 and error 41.

Important points to consider:

  • The printer is turned on/plugged in- It is essential to check whether the printer is enabled and working properly.
  • Able to print from some other program- You can check if the printer is working and can print from some other program. If it can print from some other program, then the problem is not with QuickBooks.
  • Restarting the computer is not solving the issue-  At several instances, the problem is solved just by ‘Rebooting’ the computer. You can try this before looking for other solutions.
  • There is a ‘Printer Error’ message- Many times you get an error, or things do not print, or the printouts are kind of garbled. You will see a ‘Printer code’ such as:
    1. Windows Error Dialog- If there is a problem with the windows, then you will see a ‘Windows error dialog.
    2. QuickBooks Error Dialog- If it is a QuickBooks Error dialog then you can use try to fix it with ‘Repair tool.’ We will discuss, how to operate that tool later in the article.
  • A problem is there when printing a transaction form- There can be a scenario where you can print reports but cannot print transactions. To amend this, you can try to change the template of the form. Corrupted templates can’t be repaired, so try other templates.

How to Fix QuickBooks Printer Problems?

QuickBooks stores the printer related info in many files. Mostly QuickBooks printer problems occur with the ‘qbprint.qpb & wpr.ini’ files. Corrupted qbprint.qpb & wpr.ini files can create printing problems while if the files are damaged; you will have unfit or improperly scaled printouts. If there is a problem, then QuickBooks will positively reflect an error message.

  • qpb file has info related to printer selections & the setup for the forms that are there with QuickBooks such as invoices, estimates, etc. There is a separate line for each form in this file.

Note: ‘qbprint.qpb’ is a binary file and not a text file that has general info about windows printers.

  • An ‘ini’ file is a text file that has ‘general info’ about Windows printers. The file size is small, and it is rare that there would be any problem with this file.

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Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Printer problems

Solution 1: Restore the Back-up

If you have used QuickBooks backup process, the ‘qbprint.qbp & wpr.ini’ file is included in the back-up. Resolve printer problems by restoring files.

Note: Ensure that you are restoring only the printer files, and not restoring an old QuickBooks Company file.

Solution 2: Use QuickBooks Print and PDF repair tool

QuickBooks Print and PDF repair tool can help you to fix several problems such as problems related to PDF files etc. There are different versions of this tool, and you should always use the latest version – Download QB Print & PDF repair tool

‘Windows Admin permission’ runs the QuickBooks PDF repair tool. There is a series of steps to repair many of these issues.

Solution 3: Rename/Delete the Printer file

If the none of the above two methods have worked, i.e., neither there was a restoring of the backup was feasible, nor you were able to run the ‘printer utility tool,’ then the last option is to ‘delete the damaged files & create new ones.’

To perform this Solution, you can follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, search and find the files
  • Now ‘Rename’ to something such as ‘qbprint.old’ & ‘wpr.old’ and do not delete them as of now.
  • ‘Run’ QuickBooks and ‘Open company ’
  • Select ‘File’ >> ‘Printer Setup’
  • Now choose any transaction in the ‘Form Name ’
  • Click OK

How to Fix QuickBooks Printing Problems?

All that you need to know about the printing problems in QuickBooks desktop

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software, that is being used by small and medium sized businesses. This application can be called a game changer in the field of accounting, as it has made workflow far easier. QuickBooks desktop is packed with many advanced features like inventory management, payments etc. and they also save a lot of productive time inducing business growth.

However, as QuickBooks is software the users do face errors while running it on their system. In most cases the errors can be easily fixed, but at times expert guidance is required. One of the common problems is QuickBooks won’t print or QuickBooks is not printing and these errors does affect the workflow. In this article we will in detail discuss about this error and the ways to resolve it. Thus, stick to the article till the end and read it carefully. However, if you want to save some time and efforts, or want experts to fix this error for you, then feel free to get in touch with our QuickBooks error support team via our toll-free number i.e. 1-800-761-1787. Our experts will be there to assist you in a single call.

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What are QuickBooks Printing problems?

Printing from QuickBooks is one of the most essential and also one of the most admired features of QB software. At times, the users might encounter printing issues in QuickBooks desktop, which could happen due to missing or corrupt component in QuickBooks. Or any kind of issue with the printer or system might also end up in QuickBooks unable to print errors. There can be numerous types of printing issues, and also a plenty of causes behind every issue that are discussed later in this article.

Types of Printing Problems

QuickBooks is not respondingPDF Converter shows offlineUnable to save as .pdf fileCould not print to printer
The user is unable to print directly to the QuickBooks PDF converterNot able to print Invoices or ChequesQuickBooks Enterprise unable to print1099 form printing problems
QB could not save your form or reports as a .pdfPrint Driver Host for 32-bit Applications has Stopped WorkingError 1722 or 1801 when installing PDF ConverterQuickBooks freezes when you try to reconcile accounts
QuickBooks Printing problem checksUnrecoverable errorPrint Problem on MACThe device is not ready
Error: QuickBooks can’t complete the current action due to a missing component: Missing pdf file component.There is a problem connecting to your currently selected printer, Microsoft XPS Document writer on XPS port.Print Driver Host for 32-bit Applications has Stopped Working.QuickBooks PDF Converter Activation Error -20, -30, or -41.

Causes behind QuickBooks Won’t Print problem

Printing via QuickBooks is generally used for several purposes. QuickBooks won’t print error hinders the smooth process, and the causes behind this can be many. Below we have listed a few of the most common causes of printing issues. Let us check them out:

  • QuickBooks is not connecting to the Microsoft XPS document writer
  • QuickBooks issues connecting to the printer
  • Missing XPS printer driver can also be another cause
  • QuickBooks doesn’t save the user form or reports as a .pdf due to damaged components
  • QuickBooks software freezes while saving pdf for syncing issues
  • The software freezes due to unresponsive XPS port
  • In case the XPS printer driver is missing
  • Or if the QuickBooks software doesn’t print to a printer and QuickBooks command routes to null
  • Missing PDF components
  • Unable to communicate with the company file
  • QuickBooks is unable to convert to print due to communication issues
  • Also, if there is QuickBooks PDF converter activation error

Important points to remember before you begin with the troubleshooting process

Before you begin with the troubleshooting process to fix the printer issues you have to keep in mind the below pointers:

  • Ensure that QuickBooks has the latest version
  • Also make sure that the printer is connected to the system and it should also have the printing software.
  • Another factor to ensure is that the correct printer driver is installed and also make sure that there are no connectivity issues between the system and printer.
  • Also, check whether you are able to print outside QuickBooks.

Also check: Is your printer local or on a network?

Local: If your printer is local, then the issue might be within the system/printer setup itself. The user needs to authenticate whether there is a connection between the system and the printer. Also, the user needs to refer to the printer manufacturer’s troubleshooting for any assistance in near future.

Network: In case the printer is on a network, then the user needs to verify the network settings are set-up in a proper manner. Also, the user needs to consult the printer manufacturer for further help.

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Ways to fix the Printing Issues in QuickBooks desktop

Checkout the following ways to troubleshoot the printing issues in QuickBooks desktop:

Method 1: Check your Printer

You can take a printout in Notepad to check if QuickBooks can print outside:

  • First thing to do is click on Start Window Key and then search for Notepad
  • Then write something on the Notepad and choose file and then Print
  • After this you will have to select the right printer and then click on Print option.
  • If this doesn’t work out, then in that case you have to try the next method

Method 2: Print a Test Page

  • Firstly you need to close the printer, then reboot your computer and then turn on the printer again.
  • Make sure that the printer papers are loaded correctly on the tray.
  • Now you have to press the Windows Start Key and then select the Control Panel
  • After this you have to double click on Printers and Faxes option
  • In case, the printer shows offline then you have to right-click on the printer and select Use Printer Online
  • Now you have to double click on the printer icon to open it
  • If any print jobs are displayed in the queue, then in that case you have to select Cancel All Documents files.
  • Now close the Window
  • Right click on the printer and choose Properties and then select to Print Test Page
  • If Print Test page works out, then you take a printout using word-pad:
    • This can be done by clicking on Start tab and then hit RUN tab
    • Now, enter the WordPad and hit OK tab
    • Also, enter some text in WordPad and select file and print
    • The next step is to select the right printer and click on print tab
    • After that, the user needs ensure that there are no error lights displayed on the printer
    • Now, the user needs to mention to the printer manufacturer’s documentation for any of the following:
      • The printer displays the error signal
      • Or won’t print the test page
      • It doesn’t from WordPad

Method 3: Rename the Printing File

  • First you have to right-click on the .qbp file for your QuickBooks version.
  • After that rename the file by adding the word old to the file name (i.e. QBPrint.qbp.old)
  • Now open QuickBooks Desktop and go to the File menu to Select Printer Setup.
Printer Setup - Screenshot
  • Choose any transaction in the Form Name list in order to make a new QBprint.qbp file.
  • Once don select OK button.
  • After this make an attempt to open and print any transaction.

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Method 4: Run QuickBooks PDF & Print Repair Tool, from the tool hub program

Step 1: Download and install the QuickBooks Tool Hub

The user can fix a bunch of QB errors with the help of QuickBooks Tool Hub program. The steps involved in here are as follows:

  • The very first step is to close QuickBooks
  • After that download the QuickBooks Tool Hub file. And then save the file somewhere the user can easily spot it (like the downloads folder or the windows desktop)
  • Now, open the file you downloaded (QuickBooksToolHub.exe)
QuickBooksToolHub.Exe File - Screenshot 1
  • And then carry out the on-screen instructions to install and then agree to the terms and conditions
  • Lastly, when the install finishes, the user needs to double click the icon on the windows desktop to open the tool hub
QuickBooks Tool Hub - Logo

Step 2: From the Tool Hub, the user needs to run the QuickBooks PDF and Print Repair Tool

  • For this, the user needs to select the program problems in the QuickBooks tool hub
  • And then choose the QuickBooks PDF & Print Repair tool. It might take around a minute to run
PDF Print repair tool from the QuickBooks tool hub - Screenshot
  • And then, the user needs to print, email, or save as a PDF from QuickBooks desktop again

To diagnose and fix the printing issues you can run the QuickBooks PDF Repair Tool. The steps involved in this process are as follows:

  • The first step is to locate the QBPrint.qbp file on the system that is facing trouble with printing in QuickBooks.
  • And then, rename the file manually by prefixing any word.
  • The file location on windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 will be: C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks 2XXX.
  • And moreover, if the user is unable to locate the file, then it is important to ensure to unhide the hidden files and folders.
  • The next step in the process is to right click the QBPrint.qbp to rename it.
  • After that, the user needs to open QuickBooks and the company file, a new qbprint.qbp will be created on its own.
  • Moving ahead, the user is supposed to open a transaction that you had a problem in creating PDF in QuickBooks or troubles printing with QuickBooks, in order to check whether it work or not.
  • The last step is to try to print from QB sample company file to confirm, if it was problem with the company file.

Method 5: Verify that the printer is correct one

  • In QuickBooks accounting software, the user needs to select File, and then select Printer Setup option.
Printer Setup - Screenshot Image
  • After that, the user needs to select the form to be printed.
  • The next step in the process is to match the printer name with the printer which is in use. In case it doesn’t match, then make sure to correct the setup within the system’s printer setup.
  • After that click Help in the area for detailed instruction.
Printer is correct - screenshot 2
  • The user is then required to make an attempt to print using a different printer in the Printer setup.
    • In QuickBooks, the user needs to select File, and then click on the Printer Setup.
    • The next step in the process is to select the form to be printed.
    • And then select a different printer. The user can opt for Microsoft XP printer.
    • Also, the user needs to select Help option for more detailed instructions.
  • After that, the user needs to print a different form or, in case the user is using customized forms or memorized reports, then the user needs to make an attempt for standard form or report.
  • If the user is trying to print a batch of forms in QuickBooks, then it is recommended to attempt to print a single form. If the last attempt turns out to be successful, then make sure to use resolve data damage on the company file to fix any data damage in the file and then attempt to print again.
  • Also, move to the selective startup mode. In case the issue continues, make sure to carry out a reinstall QuickBooks for windows with the help of the clean install tool.

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Method 6: Reset your temp folder permissions

If you still get the print issues then we recommend you to reboot your computer system and try again to print the file. If it still fails, try to reset your temp folder permissions.

Follow the below given steps to check the folder permissions to the TEMP folder:

  • At first, Press the Windows key + R keys to open the RUN command.
  • After that type %TEMP% on Run box and press Enter key on your keyboard.
Run temp command - Screenshot
  • Hit a right-click on an empty area of the temp folder, and choose Properties option and then choose the Security tab.
  • Make sure that you have full control of all usernames and groups showing on the Security tab.
Windows Permissions for Common Files - Screenshot
  • Now you can save as a PDF again within your QuickBooks once the permissions have been set to Full Control,

Method 7: Deleting or renaming the printer file

  • The user can look for the files and spot them
  • After that, the user should rename them to something like qbprint.old and wpr.old, instead of deleting them
  • The next step is to run QuickBooks and open company file
  • Followed by, select the file and printer setup
  • And then, the user needs to select any of the transaction in the form name and after that click on ok tab
  • All these steps would reset the printer settings in the software and it is expected to resolve the issue
Reset the printer settings - Screenshot Image

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The above-mentioned steps can effectively resolve the printing issues in QuickBooks. However, if the problem still persists, then you can seek assistance from the QuickBooks enterprise technical support team at +1-888-300-3913 who are available 24/7.

Our support team will not only come up with a quick solution, but also will guide you to avoid such issues in the near future. Thus, contact us today!

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