How to Fix QuickBooks Error 1311: Source File Not Found (Filename)

Quickbooks Errors Solution

QuickBooks Desktop has numerous functionalities that helps users to understand their overall financial status, one such feature is exporting the financial statement designer to Microsoft Excel worksheet. QuickBooks sometimes encounters error 1311 while exporting the financial statement to the excel file, and the same error also arises while installing QuickBooks Desktop application using a CD. In this article, we have listed a few simple steps that you call follow to get rid of QuickBooks installation error 1311. Make sure to follow the entire article to learn more about the error causing reasons and complete troubleshooting info.

Reasons that Triggers QuickBooks Error 1311

A few misconfiguration and faults that cause QuickBooks to show error message “QuickBooks Error 1311: “Source file not found (filename). Verify that the file exists and that you can access it” are listed below:

  1. QuickBooks installation file is damaged or corrupt.
  2. There is damage in the Microsoft Office program installed on Windows.
  3. QuickBooks Desktop application is not compatible with the Office version installed on Windows.
  4. The installation CD or the CD-ROM drive is damaged.

Possible Solutions to QuickBooks Error 1311

Troubleshooting Step 1: Install QuickBooks from the Local Storage of your Computer
  1. Open the CD-ROM drive and insert the QuickBooks installation CD into it.
  2. If the autorun automatically opens the QuickBooks installation window then click Quit at the lower right corner.
  3. Right click on the Windows Desktop and move your cursor to New option and select Folder.
  4. Name this folder QuickBooks Installation and open Windows File Manager.
  5. Open the CD-ROM drive and select all the files by pressing Ctrl + A.
  6. Press Ctrl + C to copy all the selected files and navigate back to the new folder created on the desktop.
  7. Right click inside the folder and select Paste.
  8. After all the files are copied to the folder try installing QuickBooks once again from this new location of the installation files.

NOTEIn case you get any error while copying the files then it indicates that the installation CD is damaged and you will need to get a new CD for installing QuickBooks.

Troubleshooting Step 2: Restrict CD-ROM Access to Local Users
  1. Press Windows + R and type Control Panel in the Run window and hit Enter.
  2. Select Administrative Tools and click the list to get the Local Security Policy option.
  3. Now select the Local Policy Folder by expanding the list.
  4. Choose the Security Options and select the Microsoft Windows version you are using.
  5. Select Restrict CD-ROM access to local users only option and exit.

IMPORTANTMake sure you are having Microsoft Office 2000 or later installed on Windows as any previous version is not supported by QuickBooks Financial Reports.

Troubleshooting Step 3: Check the Compatibility of Microsoft Office with QuickBooks
  1. Press Windows + R and type Control Panel.
  2. Press OK and select Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Double click Microsoft Office and select Repair to fix any installation errors.
  4. If you have an outdated version of Office installed then visit Microsoft Official Download Page to get the latest version.

Following the troubleshooting steps mentioned above will definitely get you rid of QuickBooks Error 1311 but in case if you are facing any issues following the steps or for some reasons the solution is not working for you then you can always reach us at our Support Number +1-888-300-3913. Our team of experts will get you instant resolution for QuickBooks error 1311.

QuickBooks Error 1311 | Source File Not Found: How Fix it?

QuickBooks Error 1311 is the most common error that occurs in QuickBooks when the user is trying to export a report from the Financial Statement Designer to Microsoft Office Excel. There is another scenario for this QB error that is- it occurs when the user is installing or updating the QuickBooks desktop and there is an issue with the CD drive or the disk.

Therefore, it becomes very important for the users to fix the 1311 error when it occurs in their QuickBooks. Hence, if you are facing this error, don’t worry here we have mentioned some effective solutions against the error to fix it. Moreover, you can avail QuickBooks Online Help to fix the problem. So, keep on reading and get complete knowledge about the causes and solutions of 1311 QuickBooks errors.

What are the Reasons of Quickbooks Error 1311?

Knowing about the causes before you proceed to the solution is very important. As after knowing the reasons behind the error you can easily resolve the issue.

There are mainly two causes behind the error, and these are mentioned below:

  1. When the Microsoft Office version is incompatible with QuickBooks.
  2. If the Microsoft Office installation is damaged.

Now, let us move towards the solutions to rectify the issue.

Effective Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 1311

To fix this error you will find various methods, and we have mentioned some of them below:

Solution 1: Use QuickBooks CD

  1. Insert the QuickBooks CD inside your CD-ROM drive.
  2. Now right-click on the Windows Start button and select Explore.
  3. Now create a new folder to copy the installation files.
  4. Navigate to QuickBooks CD-ROM. Right-click on it and select Explore.
  5. Now browse the QB and Third-party folders, copy them and paste it in the new folder that you created.

Solution 2: Restricting CD-ROM access

  1. First, click on the Start or Windows icon on your desktop.
  2. Now select Settings and open Control Panel.
  3. Now Select the Administrative Tools.
  4. Click on the Local Security Policy and Expand the Local Policies folder.
  5. Next, you have to choose one of the security options depending on the Windows version you are using.
  6. Change your selection to Disable and Reboot your System.

Solution 3: Use Photoshop Element Disc

Another option to fix this 1311 error in QB you can use Photoshop element disc. Follow the below steps:

  1. Insert the Photoshop Element install disc into your DVD/CD-ROM drive.
  2. Now open My Computer and right-click on Photoshop Element disc.
  3. Next, you need to create a folder on the desktop and Copy the Adobe Photoshop Elements folder in it.
  4. When the copying process is done then you can eject the disc from the computer.
  5. Open the Adobe Photoshop Elements and double-click on Setup.exe to start the installation.
  6. Next, you need to follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

Solution 4: Scanning and Installation

  1. Click on Start and go to All Programs.
  2. Then right-click on Commands and select Run As Administrator.
  3. In the Command prompt window enter, msiexec/unregin in the Command Prompt window, and click Enter.
  4. Now type the msiexe/regserver in the Command window and press Enter.
  5. Last, of all, proceed with the Creative Suite product installation.

Solution 5: Reinstall CS4 Application

  1. If you use Window XP, then go to Start and click on Run
  2. In the Open box, type msiexec/unreg and press Enter.
  3. If you are using Windows Vista, then select All Programs and go to Accessories and choose Run.
  4. In the Open box, type msiexec/unreg, and press Enter
  5. Now, in the end, you need to reinstall CS4 application. Open the application setup file, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

Solution 6: verify Microsoft Office Compatibility

When you want to use the Financial Statement Designer, the Microsoft Office needs to modify it. And through this, the reports can be directly exported from the QuickBooks to office. Hence, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate yourself to Control Panel
  2. Now double-click on Add or Remove Programs
  3. Then select Microsoft Office to do the changes.
  4. Now the versions need to be modified to Microsoft 2000 or later.

Hence, in this way, you can clear the QuickBook error 1311 from your system and can access the software without any trouble.

Get QuickBooks Online Help for Error 1311 in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is the easy software and trustworthy, you can completely relive on it. But whenever, you face any issue with it you have to solve that error immediately for trouble-free experience. While using the QuickBooks if unexpectedly QuickBooks error 1311 occurs or you unable to use it, you can take the experts to help without any worry. With the assistance of QuickBooks Online Help, you can solve the errors of QuickBooks.

How to Fix QuickBooks error code 1311? (3 Simple Methods)

Learn how you can fix QuickBooks installation error code 1311 like a Pro

QuickBooks Desktop with its multiple functionalities is a highly recommended accounting software for small- and mid-sized companies. The software assists business owners to comprehend their overall financial status. Among the many features that enable users to do so is being able to export the financial statement designer to MS Excel worksheet. While this feature makes the tasks of users easy and consumes less time, QuickBooks sometimes receives QuickBooks error 1311 at the time of exporting the financial details to the excel file. Also, the same error may arise while installing QuickBooks desktop application through a CD.

You may see the following error message on your computer screen:

Error 1311: “Source file not found: D:\ZF561407.CAB. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.


QuickBooks Error 1311: “Source file not found (name of the file). Check that file exists and that is accessible to you.”

QuickBooks error code 1311 - Screenshot

This article consists of some of the most dependable ways to fix QuickBooks installation error 1311. We recommend you to go through the complete article to have a better understanding of the reasons for the error and its troubleshooting. However, if you need instant help to troubleshoot this error with the help of experts then you may go with our QuickBooks desktop support team at +1-844-405-0906.

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Reasons behind QuickBooks error code 1311

  • QuickBooks installation file may be damaged or corrupt.
  • The Microsoft Office package installed on your Windows computer is damaged.
  • QuickBooks Desktop application and the MS Office version on your system are not compatible with each other.
  • There may be an issue in installation CD or the CD-ROM drive.

Steps to Fix QuickBooks install error code 1311

Below we have shared 3 easy hacks to resolve QuickBooks error code 1311:

Step 1: Perform QuickBooks installation from the local storage of your computer

  • Insert the QuickBooks installation CD in the CD-ROM drive
  • Wait for auto run to Start and open QuickBooks installation window then press Quit at the lower right corner.
  • Right click on the Windows Desktop where there are no icons and select New option and then Folder.
  • Give this folder QuickBooks Installation a name and open Windows File Manager.
  • Next, open the CD-ROM drive and select everything by pressing Ctrl + A keys.
  • Copy all the selected files (press Ctrl + C keys or do a right click and select copy) and go back to the new folder created on the desktop.
  • Go inside the folder and Paste (Ctrl + V) the files.
  • Once all the files are copied to the new folder, attempt to installing QuickBooks once again from this new location of the installation files.

In case an error appears while you copy the files, then your installation CD is damaged and you would require a new CD for installing QuickBooks accounting software.

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Step 2: Restrict CD ROM access to local users

Restrict CD ROM access to local users - Screenshot
  • Open Run command by pressing Windows + R keys on keyboard and type Control Panel in the search box and hit Enter key.
  • Choose Administrative Tools and tap on the list to get the Local Security Policy option
  • Next, select the Local Policy Folder by opening the list.
  • Select the Security Options and then the MS Windows version in your computer.
  • Tap on Restrict CD-ROM access to local users only option and click Exit option.

You must be using MS Office 2000 or later versions as QuickBooks Financial Reports do not support earlier versions.

Step 3: Check for Compatibility issues between Microsoft Office and QuickBooks

  • Open Run command by pressing Windows and R keys and type Control Panel.
  • Press OK button or hit Enter and choose to Add or Remove Programs
  • Double click on Microsoft Office in the list and select Repair to fix any installation errors.
Repair to fix any installation errors in ms office - Screenshot

Get Fixed QuickBooks error 1311 source file not found data

When you introduce an Adobe item on Windows, you get the accompanying mistake message: “Blunder [1311, 1335, or 2350]. Source document not found: [drive]:\[product name][product version]\ Confirm that the document exists and that you can get to it. Issue: Error 1311, 1335, or 2350 when introducing an Adobe item on Windows. Mistakes 1311, 1335, and 2350 happen when the installer can’t get to the vital records from the DVD/CD-ROM drive. These mistakes can likewise happen if antivirus programming meddles with an establishment, or. Most probably CD Rom is corrupted Call QuickBooks Customer Service number and ask for new CD or you can get downlable version if you have valid lincence . if the establishment records are compacted. The source documents referenced in the mistake message are inaccessible. The missing records are recognized after the “Source document not discovered” content. For instance, “Source document not discovered: E:\Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium Disk 1\” demonstrates that the Creative Suite 4 Web Premium Disk1 isn’t in the E drive. The missing source document can likewise be For some CS4 applications, the missing document can be this case, a WinBootstrapper.msi record is additionally present. Introduce begins and is ended halfway by message “Mistake 1311: Source File not found. Check that the record exists and that you can get to it.

This is a Microsoft Windows security blunder that happens when the Windows Installer running as the nearby framework client is denied access to the .taxicab record. There are two approaches to evade this mistake: Option Copy the establishment documents to your hard drive and run the establishment from that point. Choice 2: Change the Security Option, as follows.Choose Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools. Pick Local Security Policy. Grow the Local Policies organizer. Pick Security Options. From the correct sheet, contingent upon Windows variant, select one of the following.Devices: Restrict CD-ROM access to privately signed on client as it were. Confine CD-ROM access to privately signed on client as it were. Change your choice to Disabled. Reboot your PC. What Does “Establishment Error: 1311. Source document not discovered: E:\” Mean? – CX-Drive. How would I settle Error 1311? QuickBooks Pro 2013 abruptly does not stack. Continues attempting to introduce C:\windows\installer\127a86.msi. Returns “Mistake 1311. Source not found. This mistake can be caused by an issue with the CD-ROM drive or the CD media. To work around the issue, you can have a go at replicating the establishment records from your CD to your hard drive and introducing from that point: Insert the QuickBooks CD into your CD-ROM drive. On the off chance that the establishment begins consequently, Error 1311: “Source document not discovered (filename). Confirm that the record exists and that you can get to it.

when I dispatch the program, Windows Installer hits the accompanying barrier: Error 1311 source document not discovered c:\program records (x86)\intuit\quickbooks2010\components\pconfig\dat need to hit ‘Cross out’ on the installer window around twelve times previously the program at last dispatches. It works fine after that. In any case, I do routine nearby reinforcements, and when I attempt to open one, the installer tries to do its thing once more. Just this time, when I hit Cancel, the reinforcement does not open. Here’s my inquiry: would it be a good idea for me to simply pop the first CD into the PC and let the program re-introduce? Would I lose all my amassed information, layouts, reports, and so on? This article contains data that demonstrates to you generally accepted methods to settle Error 1311 both (physically) and also, this article will enable you to investigate some normal mistake messages identified with Error 1311 that you may get.

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Fix QuickBooks Error 1311

Get Quick Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 1311

QuickBooks is an excellent accounting software that has helped millions of small and mid-sized business owners meet their goals. Though it’s a robust software, it sometimes receives errors. A common error, which QB users often report, is Error Code 1311 in QuickBooks Desktop that appears either during updating QuickBooks accounting software or while exporting a report from some financial statement designer to MS Excel. Sometimes the installation of the software from CD may cause the error. Thus, in this kind of situations the error shows up on the screen and read as follows:

In case of error code 1311, the system may ask you to retry or cancel, and verify before proceeding. If you want to resolve the error, then tap on cancel and then proceed. Another way of resolving this error is to contact the QuickBooks Error support helpline i.e. +1-844-405-0907 and tell them about the occurrence of the error so that they can help you with the possible solution.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 1311

The error 1311 is caused while updating or exporting files, some of the possible reasons for this error are:

  • Damaged or corrupted Microsoft office.
  • The CD from which you might be installing is corrupt.
  • Maybe your Microsoft office version is not compatible with QuickBooks software.
  • There is some problem with the CD-ROM drive

Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 1311

Let’s get started with copying the installation files from CD to a hard drive before installation. Some of the possible solutions are as described:

Method 1: Copy Files to hard driver and then install it

  • Start by inserting QuickBooks CD into CD-ROM and verify if installation starts automatically. If it starts automatically then tap ‘QUIT’ to exit.
  • Now, right click on the start tap of the Windows and then click ‘EXPLORE.’
  • Create a folder in your desktop to copy installation files.
  • Browse QuickBooks CD –ROM and do a right click on it to EXPLORE.
  • Find QBooks and other third-party folders and then tap on the setup.exe.
  • Hold the CTRL key on desktop and press file and folder to copy the files.
  • Paste this copied files on the new folder which you created.,
  • If the error occurs again, then it is the issue of CD-ROM.
  • In this kind of situation, make sure to call the customer care executive so that they can help you to solve the error and you can resume working.
  • If there is not any error being occurred at the time of copying, open the NEW FOLDER
  • Now double tap on setup.exe to get started with the installation.

Method 2: Checking Compatibility of Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office requires to be updated to utilize financial statement designer. Only after this, the report can be exported directly from the QuickBooks to an office.

For verifying the compatibility you are required to follow certain steps below:

  • Go to control panel and then double tap on the Remove or add programs.
  • Now, select Microsoft Office to make the modification.
  • The version for the Microsoft Office is required to be 2000 or later.
  • If the version is not 2000 or later, then you are required to modify or repair as per the instructions offered to resolve the issue

Method 3: Restricting Access to CD –ROM

  • Click on the Start button on your keyboard and then go to Settings.
  • Now, go to the Control Panel and then tap on ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS.
  • From administrative tools list select “LOCAL SECURITY POLICY and EXPAND LOCAL POLICY FOLDER”
  • Then you can choose the options for security.
  • Click on any of the security options as per the version of the Windows installed in your desktop- RESTRICT CD-ROM access to the local users

Method 4: Perform Scanning and installation

  • Press Start or Windows key and then choose All programs.
  • After that hit a right click on command prompt and choose run as Administrator option
  • Type FSC/SCANNOW, in the command prompt and hit Enter key.
  • Once the scan process completes, type msiexec/unregin in the command prompt and hit on Enter key.
  • After that type msiexec/regserver in the command prompt window and then press Enter key.
  • Finally, visit to the creative suite product installation.

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