How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code C=272?

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QuickBooks Error C=272 happens while you are running the ‘QuickBooks Verify Data Utility or QuickBooks Rebuild Data Utility’ tool in your system. The error C=272 causes delay and disrupts workflow and requires immediate remediation. It is essential to understand the causes before moving on to the solution.

In this blog, we will first look at the causes and then will list the solution to rectify the issue.

Causes of QuickBooks Error C=272

  • Data Damage can lead to this error
  • An attempt to navigate a report/ report like data.
  • Happens when 1099 and W2 forms are printed.
  • Running a memorized report in your QuickBooks that was made in an earlier version and could not be converted properly.

You can try correcting it by restarting QuickBooks software and even after this if the error is not fixed then it is possibly a case of ‘damaged data.’

Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error Code C=272

We need to rule out any instance/ possibility of data damage and try opening the QuickBooks sample company file. If you see the error is still there, then disable ‘Windows 10 Compatibility Mode.’

Step 1- First Open the QuickBooks sample Company file

  • While opening QuickBooks, Press & hold the ‘Ctrl ’
  • When you have the ‘No company open’ window in front of you, Release ‘Ctrl ’
  • If, however, the error happens before the ‘No Company Open Windows’ comes on screen, then you can proceed to the next step.
  • Click ‘Open sample file’ option and select a sample file from the list
  • Try opening the sample file.


  1. If you see the sample company file opening without displaying any error, then go to ‘Verifying and rebuilding QuickBooks company data’ or ‘restore a company file from backup.’
  2. If there still error while opening the sample company file then try out the next step

Step 2- Disable Windows 10 Compatibility mode with QB Desktop shortcut icon.

  • First, right-click on the QuickBooks shortcut icon
  • Choose Properties
  • Now click the ‘Compatibility tab.’
  • Unmark the checkbox saying ‘Run the program in compatibility ’
  • Click OK
  • Now click ‘Cancel’ and go to the next step.

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Step 3- Disable Windows Compatibility mode setting for ‘QBW32.EXE’ file.

  • First Right Click on the QuickBooks icon on the Windows desktop
  • Next Click ‘Properties’
  • Now, Open QuickBooks Installation folder and Press on the ‘Shortcut ’
  • Click ‘Find Target’
  • Right-click on ‘QBW32.EXE’ and then press on the ‘Properties’ option
  • Now press on ‘Compatibility ’
  • Unmark the checkbox ‘Run program in compatibility ’
  • Press OK
  • Click on the ‘Cancel’ option if the checkbox is not marked.
  • Shut the ‘Windows Explorer Window’ & ‘QB desktop shortcut properties ’

Step 4- Now Open QuickBooks and your company file.

How to Eliminate QuickBooks Error C=272?

QuickBooks is the most advanced financial accounting software used to manage company data in an organized manner. QuickBooks Error C=272 occurs when running the Verify Data Utility or the Rebuild Data Utility, or else when running a memorized report of work data. After receiving this error code, all your operations information, Payroll information, client information gets corrupted or broken. So, you must have a backup of all these to solely save your business and not lose customers at anyhow. You may either take QuickBooks Help from experts or read the blog-post to efficiently deal with this error code.


What Causes QuickBooks Error C=272?

There are several causes of QuickBooks Error C=272 and all of them are listed below:

  1. This may cause by data damage or when the QuickBooks software attempts to navigate a report or report-like data
  2. QuickBooks Data File probably get corrupted or distorted due to which such an error appears
  3. If 1099 & W2 forms are printed, then also this particular error code takes place
  4. It appears during running a memorized report in QuickBooks
  5. The Verify or Rebuild utility encounters a target “bit set” that is outside of the expected range

Troubleshooting Guides to Fix QuickBooks Error C=272

In order to cope-up Error C=272 QuickBooks, there are multiple ways you can try to fix such error. All are mentioned in the underneath, so let’s start from the first method:

Guide 1: Attempt QuickBooks Sample Organization File

Initiate attempting QuickBooks company file to deal with QuickBooks Error C=272 problem. Here are the steps to do it, follow them one-by-one:

  1. First, launch QuickBooks and then press the CTRL key alternative simultaneously until ‘No enterprise Open’ window will display on the screen. Once you see such Window release the Ctrl key now
  2. In case the error occurs before ‘No enterprise Open’ window seems at the screen, then circulate onto the following
  3. Press ‘Open sample file’ option, and choose a sample report from the given menu
  4. Now click on ‘Open pattern file’ option and tap ‘sample file’ from the list
  5. After that, open the sample document
  • In case the sample company file opens without throwing any errors, then you can freely navigate to ‘Verifying & rebuilding QuickBooks. Business enterprise facts instead of repairing corporation document from backup
  • But, if any error displays while running the sample corporation file, then you need to disable Windows Compatible Mode. In the next solution you can see the required instructions for that. So, keep on reading the post until your problem gets sorted out.

Guide 2: Disable Windows Compatible Mode Settings Via QB Desktop Shortcut Icon

If you want to disable Windows Compatible Mode through QuickBooks Desktop shortcut icon. You should nothing to do despite following the below-noted lines. Start following them to eradicate QuickBooks Error C=272 in the blink of an eye:

  1. First of all, you have to give a right-click on QuickBooks Shortcut icon on your Windows Desktop and then need to select “Properties”
  2. Afterward, click on the ‘Compatibility’ tab
  3. Then, clear the checkbox besides the option stating ‘Run this program in compatible mode’
  4. Once the checkbox is unmarked, press “OK” button
  5. Now, finally click ‘Cancel’ button and pass to the subsequent step noted in the next guide

Guide 3: Disable Windows Compatibility Mode Settings For the QBW32.exe File

To do such thing, you simply have to go through the guidelines noted beneath:

  1. First, give a right-click on the QuickBooks icon on your Windows Desktop and then tap on “Properties” option
  2. Afterward, open the QuickBooks installation folder by clicking on the “Shortcut” tab and then tap on “Find Target”
  3. Now, you will have to place a right-click on “QBW32.EXE” and then tap “Properties” option
  4. Press “Compatibility” tab
  5. Unmark the checkbox besides the option “Run this program in compatibility mode”
  6. And then click “OK” tab
  7. Now, click on the “Cancel” tab if that checkbox isn’t checked
  8. After that, close the ‘Windows Explorer’ window and the QuickBooks shortcut properties window

Open QuickBooks and company file to check whether the QuickBooks Error C=272 has resolved or still appearing.

Call at 24/7 QuickBooks Support Number For Handy Solution

Don’t be upset! If still facing the QuickBooks Error Code C=272 while opening the company file. We are a technical squad ready to give you hands-free solution at your doorstep. Contact us directly through dialing QuickBooks Support Number. Obtain appropriate guides to get rid of this QuickBooks error code from the root.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error C=272?

It is annoying to encounter errors while you were doing something important and had to stop because of an error. QuickBooks Error C=272 occurs when running QuickBooks Verify Data Utility or QB Rebuild data utility in your computer.

The solutions also depend on the cause of the QuickBooks error; hence it is imminent to know what led to the error C=272.  Therefore, we will first glance on the causes and then move on to the solutions to rectify the QB Error C=272.

Note :

a) Try restarting QuickBooks Software and see if the error c=272 is resolved. In this scenario, it might be a case of Data damage.

b) You need to rule out the possibility of any data damage before trying out the solutions. Try opening a sample Company file and if you can see the error there then disable ‘ Windows 10 Compatibility ’.

Fix QuickBooks Error C=272 in 4 steps

The QB c=272 problem needs to be solved in a systematic and recommended manner. Below given are the four recommended steps to rectify the issue. As told above, ensure that there is no data damage before trying out the solution.

Step 1- Try Opening QuickBooks Sample Company file

Try Opening QuickBooks Sample Company file
  • Open QuickBooks and press and hold CTRL options simultaneously.
  • When you are at ‘No Company Open’ window, then release ‘’
  • In case the error occurs before ‘No Company Open’ window appears on the screen, then move onto the next
  • Press the‘ Open sample file’ option, and choose a sample file from the list.
  • Now click ‘Open sample file’ option and click ‘sample file’ from the list.
  • Now open the sample file.


  1. If the sample company file opens without showing any error, then you can navigate to ‘Verifying & rebuilding QuickBooks company data else restore company file from backup.
  2. If the error is there when opening the sample company file then move onto the next step.

Step 2 – Disable ‘Windows 10 compatibility mode’ through QuickBooks Desktop shortcut icon

‘Windows 10 compatibility mode’ through QuickBooks Desktop shortcut icon 
  • Right-click on QuickBooks Shortcut icon
  • Next, select Properties
  • Click ‘Compatibility’ tab
  • Ensure to unmark the Checkbox that says ‘Run program in compatibility ’
  • Press OK
  • Press ‘Cancel’ option and move to the next step.

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Step 3 – Disable Windows Compatibility for ‘qbw32.exe’ file.

Disable Windows Compatibility for ‘qbw32.exe’ file.
  • Right-Click on QB icon on Windows desktop
  • Click ‘Properties’
  • Open ‘QB Installation folder’ and click ‘’
  • Press ‘Find ’
  • Next, right-click on qbw32.exe and press ‘Properties’ option
  • Click ‘Compatibility’
  • Unmark checkbox saying ‘Run Program in Compatibility’
  • Click OK
  • Now, click ‘Cancel’ option if the checkbox is not clicked
  • Shut down the ‘Windows Explorer’ and QuickBooks Desktop shortcut Properties’.

Step 4 – Open QB and the Company file

The problem is resolved now, and you can try opening the Company file to see if the QuickBooks Error code c=272 is resolved.

Open QB and the Company file 

If by chance you could not open the Company file, and the QuickBooks Error code c=272 is still there then possibly there is some other problem is behind it. Call at  QuickBooks Error Support Number +1-888-300-3913 in case you require any technical assistance.

Fix QuickBooks Error Code C=272

Learn the possible ways to resolve the QuickBooks error code C=272

QuickBooks endows a wide range of tools & options to make your work interesting while tumbling the human effort. The data is confined & protected by numerous layers of intrinsically sanctuary that’s provided by savvy QuickBooks. Although this software is enormously safe and sound you should always keep information Backup. QuickBooks also keeps all the Payroll information, operations information, and client information is apprehended in it. What if somehow this information gets corrupted or broken?? Possibly, you would get into tons of hassle for sure.! This situation may not exclusively harm or damage the business but probably you would as well lose your customers. To deal with this and keep your data protected, we recommend keeping the information Backup at the slightest degree times & taking QB information backup almost every week.

In this technical blog, we are going to inform you about all the causes & troubleshooting steps to resolve the QuickBooks Error Code C=272. As we all know that QuickBooks is the most sophisticated and downloaded financial management software out there to administer company data in an organized behavior.

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However, few QB users experience some common errors in their software while performing some important tasks, one of those error codes encountered by QB users is “QuickBooks Error Code C=272.

The error C=272 occurs when QB users run the Verify Data Utility or the Rebuild Data utility, or while running a memorized report.

What Causes QuickBooks Error Code C=272?

Check out the causes of Error Code C=272 and here we have mentioned some of them below:-

  • The QuickBooks Error Code C=272 may take place by data damage or if the QB software tries to move a report or report-like data.
  • QB software restart and repeating the same action may do not resolve the error code & it possibly pop-up again. Due to the Error Code C=272 the QB data file probably get damaged or distorted.
  • QuickBooks Error Code C=272 may also arise when 1099 & W2 forms (V6.OD R1 [M=1477, L5203, C=43, V=2(2)) are printed.
  • If the running the memorized report was produced by earlier QB version and could not convert appropriately.
  • The Verify or Rebuild utility stumble upon a target “bit set” that is outside of the anticipated range.

Steps to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error Code C=272?

To fix this QB issue, at first try to open a QuickBooks sample company file if the data damaged. If the error still persists, then immobilize the Windows compatibility mode.

Step 1. Open the QuickBooks sample company file

  • First of all, Open the QuickBooks, Press and hold the “Ctrl” key on the keyboard.
  • Whenever the “No Company Open” window appears, release the “Ctrl” key.
  • If the error code arises before the “No Company Open” window appears, then proceed to the next step.
  • Choose the “Open a sample file” in the “No Company Open” window. Hit onto any of the sample files in the list.
    • Your QuickBooks company file may be distorted/ damaged if the sample company file opens without displaying any error code. Refer to “Verifying and rebuilding QuickBooks company data” or restore your QB company file from the backup.
    • If the QB error appears while opening the sample company file, you may proceed with the next step and 3 to immobilize the Windows compatibility mode.

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Step 2. In the QuickBooks desktop setting, immobilize the Windows compatibility mode through shortcut icons

  • Perform right-click onto QuickBooks shortcut icon on the Windows desktop, and then choose the “Properties” tab.
  • Now, Hit on the “Compatibility” icon.
  • Clear the checkbox “Run this program in compatibility mode”.
  • After that Hit the “OK” tab and click “Cancel” icon. Later, proceed with step 3,  if that checkbox is not chosen,

Step 3. Disable the Windows compatibility mode setting for the QBW32.EXE file

  • Perform right-click on the “QuickBooks” icon on the Windows desktop.
  •  Select the “Properties” tab.
  • Open the QuickBooks installation folder, select the “Shortcut” icon and hit “Find Target” option.
  • Press right-click on the QBW32.EXE & choose the “Properties” icon.
  • Select the “Compatibility” icon.
  • After that Clear the checkbox “Run this program in compatibility mode”.
  • Now click to the “OK” tab.
  • Choose the “Cancel” icon if that checkbox is not chosen.
  • Shutdown the “Windows Explorer”.
  •  Finally, turn-off the QuickBooks desktop shortcut properties window.

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Step 4. Now Open QuickBooks & company file

  • Finally you need to open your QuickBooks software and the company file to ensure that the error is solved permanently.

I hope you find this article helpful and you have easily resolve QuickBooks error code c=272. If still having difficulties the contact immediately to our QuickBooks error support team at +1-888-300-3913. We, Pro Accountant Advisor is the top-notch technical support and services provider around the world wide with thousands of award projects. We are proficient in solving QuickBooks errors associated with Data Recovery, QB Installation, QB Updates, and other.

Our support executives will be more happy to help you out in your all accounting related issues.

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