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Why QuickBooks is Frozen or Stuck?

QuickBooks users rarely face any issues with the program and whatever issues they may face, the company launches latest updates to handle those problems. One such problem that the users are facing these days is “QuickBooks is frozen.”

This issue is being caused by the latest Microsoft Windows updates which seem to cause errors while opening QuickBooks or crashes the program every time you attempt to open it.

Severity Of QuickBooks Freezing Problem

When you attempt to open the desktop version of QuickBooks, you see either of the following errors: –

  • QuickBooks has stopped working or
  • You do not see any error code, but the window is frozen

In both the situations, you will be feeling irritated and helpless, as all your important company files and information is in there, you need it urgently but are unable to access it.

The problem could be caused due to any of the reasons that have been mentioned below: –

  • The Hard Disk is corrupted
  • A corrupted version of Windows OS
  • A corrupted version of QuickBooks
  • Your company name is too long
  • Damaged or missing QBWUSER.INI file

Before attempting to do anything on your own, always make sure that you have taken the backup of the data in a separate device. Also, make sure to create windows restore point before you start the repair process.

Solution 1: – Wait It Out or Restart

It might sound stupid but sometimes waiting is the best option. There might be some background processes going on which might have slowed down the system. If you wait for a few minutes, the background processes might end,and you shall be able to access QuickBooks as usual.

Usually, most of the minor issues are resolved after you restart your system. Just shut down the system, restart it in safe mode and then shut it down again. Restart it now and try to open QuickBooks. It should open alright.

If not, you should try the next solution.

Solution 2: – Disable your Antivirus Program

You might have installed a new antivirus program or updated the existing version recently, they both can cause issues with the functionality of QuickBooks. To resolve the problem, you should follow the below-mentioned steps:-

  • Close all the running windows and processes.
  • Open your Anti-virus program and disable it.
  • Restart your system and open QuickBooks again.
  • If it is working fine now, then the issue is with your antivirus.
  • Either uninstall it and get a new one or contact the customer service provider for that anti-virus.

If the issue is not resolved by this method, then you should try the next solution.

Solution 3: – Use the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

There might be some issues with the QuickBooks latest updates,and it might be causing some conflicts with the operating system. To address this issue, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool from the official website of Intuit
  • When prompted, choose to save the file to the desktop.
  • Run the installation process and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Once the installation is complete, restart your system.
  • Now open the program and let it run.
  • It would take around thirty minutes to complete the scan depending on the internet speed and computer performance.
  • After the tool has completed its function, close it.
  • Now restart your computer and run QuickBooks.
  • It should be working correctly

If the issue is not resolved by this method, then you should try the next solution.

Solution 4: – Reinstall your QuickBooks Desktop

It is possible that due to some issues your version of QuickBooks installation might have become corrupted and therefore became useless. Now you must uninstall the existing version and install a new version using the following steps: –

  • Take a backup of your QuickBooks company files
  • Open Control Panel and Click on Program and Features option
  • Select QuickBooks in the list and then press Uninstall button
  • Follow the on-screen process to complete the uninstallation
  • Now download the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool from the company website
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to ensure QuickBooks is ready for a clean install
  • You can also choose to rename the folder manually.
  • After you have done so, shut down your computer and restart it.
  • Now, download the latest copy of QuickBooks from the website
  • Now complete the installation using on-screen commands.
  • Copy your data files into the new installation directory.
  • Restart the computer and open QuickBooks.
  • The issues should be resolved by now.

If the issue is not resolved by this method, then you should try the next solution.

Solution 4: – Create a new Windows Admin User

Due to some latest updates installed on your version of Windows OS, there could be some conflict with the QuickBooks desktop. The best resolution of this issue is creating a new windows admin user by following the below-mentioned steps: –

Create a Microsoft Account

  • Choose the Change PC Settings option from the settings menu.
  • Click on Accounts and then select other accounts
  • Now choose the option to Add account
  • Update the sign-in information for the new user: –
  • Enter the new user’s existing Microsoft Details
  • Create a new account for the user with a new Email ID
  • If the user is a child, click the option Add a Child Account
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and set up the new account.
  • Restart the computer and open QuickBooks.
  • The issues should be resolved by now.

Create a Local Account

  • Choose the Change PC Settings option from the settings menu.
  • Click on Accounts and then select other accounts
  • Now choose the option to Add account and now click on the option “Sign in without a Microsoft account.”
  • Click on the option “Local Account.”
  • Enter a new name for the new user
  • Select the password for the new user and enter it twice to confirm
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.
  • Restart the computer and open QuickBooks.
  • The issues should be resolved by now.

Solution 5: – Rename the QBWUSER.INI file

Due to some technical issues, your QuickBooks files might have been affected. You can try the following steps to resolve the issue: –

Rename the QBWUSER.INI File

Once you rename the QBWUSER.INI file, the list of all the previously opened company files are deleted, and you will be required to re-open all your past company files manually.

  • Use your default file explorer such as Windows Explorer to open the folder where the QBWUSER.INI file is saved.
  • You might need to enable the option to see hidden files and folder to access this folder.
  • Select the QBWUSER.INI file, right click on it and choose the option to rename.
  • Now add old to the end of QBWUSER.INI file.
  • You can also rename the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file
  • Restart the computer and open QuickBooks.
  • The issues should be resolved by now.

You should be able to resolve the issues being faced by using any other steps mentioned above.

But in rare instances, if your QuickBooks desktop is still not working and is freezing, then you should get in touch with the our QuickBooks Proadvisor helpdesk. Their personnel are very experienced in handling such issues and will be able to resolve your queries with ease.

Quickbooks Frozen on Remote Desktop – 2021 Guide

QuickBooks desktop may not always work well, and if it stops or crashes, you may be left stranded. When you try to close the software, it hangs and will not shut off. It opens a new off-screen window in the background that doesn’t shut when the app is dismissed. Your quickbooks frozen 2021 also at this time.

Dealing with this error may be extremely frustrating. If you’ve ever had the QuickBooks desktop freezes error, be sure to read the entire blog.

This error will be examined, as well as the causes for it and how to avoid it. This problem makes it difficult to work inefficiently while using the software.

A few off-screen windows emerge in the backup due to this issue and refuse to close when you try to complete them. Not only does this cause the QuickBooks application to crash, but it also puts any unsaved data at risk. its also wont turn on when screen frozen issues comes.

Several factors might lead to such an error, which will be discussed further down in this blog.

When installing the QuickBooks desktop version, you may encounter this issue because the installer may pause for a few seconds or stop responding to user inputs. It’s not uncommon for it to get stuck in the installing ABS PDF driver window.

Table of Contents

Why does quickbooks keep freezing?

  • The primary source of this problem may be an out-of-date Windows operating system.
  • If your account is also activated.
  • It’s conceivable that the name of your business is too long.
  • Another consideration is whether or not the DDF and preference files have been corrupted in any manner.
  • Alternatively, the file may prohibit you from running the window for whatever reason.
  • It’s conceivable that the QBWUSER.INI file is missing or that your Windows operating system is damaged.
  • If the applications are running in the background, you may get quickbooks point of sale frozen error.
  • The reason may be hard drive corruption and any damaged program files or QuickBooks Desktop installation.

What to do if quickbooks is frozen

Here are quick steps for quickbooks frozen in right networks:

 OK to delete temporary Internet files

You may try emptying the cache in Internet Explorer to see if it helps. These caches may collect a lot of data, slowing down the machine.

Delete the browser cache and temporary internet files if the issue continues after attempting the remedies mentioned above.

Rename DAT and DDF files Always Works

  • Close all the company files on your computer system.
  • Then go to the company website directory and rename DAT to OldUserPRef.DAT.
  • Any files with the DDF extension should be deleted.
  • Then, open the company and click the confirm button to save the payments in the same directory.
  • At the end of the process, click Print to finish printing.

Resolve a problem with QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

Did you try clean install tool for quickbooks update frozen?

  • To get started, go to this link and download the QuickBooks tool hub.
  • After that, save it someplace on your computer where it will be simple to find.
  • Double-click QuickBooksToolHub.exe to start the program on your computer.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install this application.
  • Double-click the QuickBooks tool hub icon to start it once it has been successfully installed on your computer.
  • Select the Clean Install tool from the drop-down menu on the Installation Issues tab.
  • After that, save it to your computer’s desktop.
  • Then execute the QBcleaninstallutility.exe file by double-clicking it.
  • Also, when prompted, choose I accept when the license agreement is shown.
  • Then choose the QB version and press the Continue button.
  • When you see QuickBooks is now ready for a clean install, click OK to finish the process and then install QuickBooks to the default directory.

QBW32.EXE still running then close this process

  • Right-click the Windows taskbar to open the task manager.
  • Then click on the processes tab.
  • Then, on the image’s title, click.
  • Choose all applications that start with the letter.
  • Accounting software includes programs like QB, QuickBooks, and Intuit.
  • To finish the operation, choose the Finish process option.

Run QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool

DIAGNOSTIC TOoL may help you for quickbooks web connector frozen:

  • It’s a good idea to have the QuickBooks setup diagnostic tool.
  • Save the file to your desktop when asked.
  • Before using the QuickBooks installation diagnostic tool, make sure all other programs are closed.
  • Then you must wait for the process to be completed.
  • Restart the computer and make sure all of the components are up to date.

uninstall QuickBooks desktop and start over

  • To get started, download the QuickBooks tool hub.
  • After that, save it someplace on your computer where it will be simple to find.
  • Double-click QuickBooksToolHub.exe to start the program on your computer.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install this application.
  • Double-click the QuickBooks tool hub icon to start it once it has been successfully installed on your computer.
  • Select the Clean Install tool from the drop-down menu on the Installation Issues tab.

How do you unfreeze QuickBooks?

You can easily unfreeze your app if you are getting quickbooks frozen on remote desktop.

To assist you in resolving issues you’ve had while launching or quitting QuickBooks Desktop.

First, you need to make sure that the QuickBooks Desktop is updated to the most recent version.

End any QuickBooks components that are currently running on your Task Manager after they have been updated. What you’ll need to accomplish is:

  • Go to your Task Manager and select all programs that begin with the letter.
  • QB, QuickBooks, or Intuit are all examples of accounting software.
  • The bottom of the page. End the task by clicking the Finish button.
  • Close the Task Manager application.
  • After that, you’ll need to suppress the Desktop when you reopen QuickBooks and open a business file. This troubleshooting tool. Help us determine if the root cause is User, Data, Application or System.

Follow these procedures to turn off the Desktop while launching QuickBooks:

  • Tap and hold the Ctrl + Shift keys simultaneously.
  • Double-click the QuickBooks icon on your desktop.
  • Hold down the Ctrl key until the no Company Open window appears.

Follow these methods to prevent the quickbooks enterprise frozen from appearing when you open a Company File:

  • From the No Company Open box, choose the appropriate company file.
  • Keep the Alt key pressed and held.
  • Select the Open option.
  • Keep pressing the Alt key until the login window pops up.
  • Let go of the Alt key.
  • Enter your e-mail address and password.
  • Keep the Alt key pressed and held.
  • Hold down the Alt key when clicking OK to open your file fully. A blank desktop will appear in QuickBooks.

Now your quickbooks frozen in right networks problems resolve with step by step. You can call customer support number also for solutions.

Other Reasons For quickbooks point of sale frozen

They are freezing of QuickBooks software is a frequent issue among QB customers. This problem may be caused by a variety of factors, which we’ll discuss below:

  • If the file gets corrupted and limits access to Windows, the user may have a similar issue using an older version of Windows.
  • Another factor that adds to the issue is the usage of space and data by background applications.
  • If User Account Control is enabled, the application may freeze.
  • Corrupted DDF and user preferences files may also cause quickbooks window frozen problem.


In conclusion, QuickBooks Desktop software is accounting software that have always used by different organisations bookkeepers, accountants and freelancers. In this blog you will get to learn about how can you fix the freezing up problem in QuickBooks Desktop software.

This blog is intended solely for educational reasons. It should not be taken as legal, accounting, or tax advice, nor should it be used as a substitute for seeking appropriate legal, accounting, or tax advice for your business.

There could be more details and exclusions. Depending on where you live, the laws that apply to you may change.

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How to Unfreeze QuickBooks | 100% Tested Solutions

QuickBooks is a major accounting software that is currently reigning the small to midsize business’ markets. Due to its amazing features and integrating capabilities, its users are able to carry out advanced bookkeeping labors very easily. However, most users report that QuickBooks often take too much time to initiate and even freezes in the process, costing them much time and effort to look for a solution. The search engines are often filled with queries like “How to Unfreeze QuickBooks”, and if you have come here seeking the answers for the same, your research can finally conclude. Read the blog below to find out more about the issue and its solutions.

What are the Reasons behind QuickBooks Freezing Up?

Below are mentioned the causes behind the common problem of QuickBooks Desktop freezing up. Take a look.

  1. Major QuickBooks components are damaged.
  2. The web browser’s cache is slowing down the QB initialization process.
  3. The company file data is damaged or corrupted.
  4. The name of the company file is beyond the character limit set by Intuit.
  5. There are some program problems in the QB software.
  6. The QBWUSER.INI file is damaged.
  7. Some QB process is running behind the desktop and preventing the software from opening.
  8.  The company file has become too big in size.

What are the Troubleshooting Methods to Unfreeze QuickBooks Desktop?

To answer your searched query on “How to Unfreeze QuickBooks”, we have listed down the best solutions to fix your problem. Follow them in the given order.

Solution- 1: Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool in the Tool Hub

QuickBooks Desktop takes too long to respond or doesn’t respond when there are some component issues in the application. Such issues are based on improper installation and damaged files created out of it. To fix these files, the user must use the install diagnostic tool from the QuickBooks Tool Hub. The utility can only be accessed through the QuickBooks tool hub, and if you don’t have it on your computer, download it from Intuit’s website and install it before proceeding to the steps mentioned below.

  1. Open the QuickBooks tool hub and click on the Installation Issues tab.
  2. Select the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool option and let the tool run until its due time.
  3. Do not manually close the utility and once it resolves the issue (if any), try to open the QuickBooks again.
  4. The users can also run the Clean Install Tool to tackle the component issues if they are not resolved by the Install Diagnostic Tool. Follow our blog on How to Download and Run QuickBooks Clean Install Tool to carry out the clean installation of QuickBooks efficiently.

Solution- 2: Delete the Cache in the Internet Explorer

QuickBooks Desktop performs sluggishly when the excess data like the cache in the Internet Explorer accumulates over a long time. The QuickBooks Desktop requires Internet Explorer as its default browser, and as a result, the overloaded system finally crashes, and QuickBooks freezes with it. To take out the junk cache from Internet Explorer, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Open the Internet Explorer and click on the gear icon to open the Tools menu.
  2. Under the Safety drop-down, select Delete browsing history.
  3. Verify that the checkboxes against temporary Internet Files and Cookies are ticked and click on Delete.

Solution- 3: Run the Verify or Rebuild Data Utility for Data Damage

QuickBooks will take forever to open if there is data damage within the company file. To fix it, the user must confirm the presence of the damage by using the Verify Data utility and if any damage is found, then run the Rebuild Data utility to fix it.

  1. Select the File menu and click on Utilities.
  2. Choose the Verify Data option and if the tool shows any damage, go back to the File menu.
  3. This time, select Rebuild Data and click on OK.
  4. The tool may take some time to repair the damage and once it finishes, click on OK.
  5. Run the Verify Data utility again to ensure that there is no damage in the company file anymore.

Solution- 4: Verify Your Company File’s Character Limit

The name of the QuickBooks company file must not exceed more than 64 characters, including the four characters of the extension (.QBW). If your company file’s name does not follow the above limitation, it may result in QuickBooks freezing from time to time. So take a note of the character strength of your company file’s name and if it is more than 64 characters, rename the file to make its name shorter.

Solution- 5: Run the Quick Fix My Program in the Tool Hub

If the QuickBooks stops responding, then it points to the program problems within the QB Desktop. In this case, running the Quick Fix my Program will help the user to run a quick repair of all the program files quickly. Follow the steps below to run the utility.

  1. Open QuickBooks Tool Hub and click on Program Problems on the left pane.
  2. Choose the first option on the right-side of the screen, i.e., the Quick Fix my Program button.
  3. The tool may take more than 1 minute to complete the scan and fix the issues.
  4. Restart your system once it finishes.

Solution- 6: Update the Name of the QBWUSER.INI File

It might be possible that your user profile is corrupted, and that’s why QuickBooks is freezing unexpectedly. A quick fix to this problem is to rename the QBWUSER.INI file and the EntitlementDataStore.ECML file to reset the user file by following the steps mentioned below.

Note: Before proceeding to the steps below, the user must enable the hidden files and folders to show by following these steps:

  1. Go to the File Explorer and select the View tab.
  2. Click on Hidden Items.
  3. Close QuickBooks and go to My Computer.
  4. Click on the C: Drive, and at the top-right corner, click on the Search option.
  5. Type QBWUSER.INI and press the Enter key.
  6. Right-click on the .INI file and click on Rename.
  7. Add the word .LMN and press Enter to save it.
  8. Following the same steps, search for the EntitlementDataStore.ECML file.
  9. Rename the file and restart QuickBooks.

Solution- 7: Suppress the QuickBooks Process from Task Manager

Restarting the QuickBooks after completely shutting it down will restart the process efficiently and may be able to open QuickBooks Desktop quickly. Follow the steps below to complete the action.

  1. Press the Windows Key to open the Start menu.
  2. Type Task Manager and press the Enter key.
  3. Once the Task Manager opens, click on the qbw32.exe process and select End Task.
  4. Restart QuickBooks.

Solution- 8: Use Condense Data Utility to Shrink the Bloated Company File

As old as a company file gets, the bigger size it acquires over time. Bloated company files require more time to load and hence, make QuickBooks initiate at a much slower speed. The size of a company file can be shrunk through the condense data utility in QuickBooks by following the given steps. Make sure to create a backup of the company file beforehand.

  1. Open QuickBooks and select the File menu.
  2. Click on Utilities and select Condense Data.
  3. Choose the options as per your requirements while going through the wizard and click on Begin Condense.
  4. The condensing will require some time to complete and once it completes, restart QuickBooks.

At the end of our blog on the popular user query – “How to unfreeze QuickBooks”, we hope that the content in the post is easy to understand and helps our readers resolve their problems immediately. However, if QuickBooks still freezes, call on the helpline number anytime and get expert assistance.

How To Unfreeze QuickBooks? Simply Explained

QuickBooks, with all its features, functionality, and variety, is not free from errors or bugs. A lot of the time, QuickBooks hangs or freezes, and there can be multiple reasons for that to happen.This hampers workflow productivity and can also harm the business immediately or in the long run. This article will cover symptoms, causes, and various ways which explain how to unfreeze QuickBooks and the way QuickBooks can be troubleshot in a situation like this.

Why Is QuickBooks Freezing Up A Big Deal?

Everyone loves efficiency. In business, it’s even more crucial. You don’t want to work on software that keeps on hanging as you’ve got essential tasks to perform, and you have to meet a specific deadline to finish some tasks. Whether you are working on a project that’s for the organization or some other client work, projects are always performed on time and with little to no compromise in quality.

It’s not just the freezing: sometimes, this issue can lead to a catastrophic situation that can damage company files and data. Often, this error can also show up in only particular situations like QuickBooks freezes when printing, etc. In cases like these, this issue is particular, and it’s easy to diagnose causes.

Hence, you must try to resolve this situation as soon as possible, especially if QuickBooks freezes very often. Either way, the software shouldn’t hang that often as it is an indication of something wrong. So, this situation shouldn’t be treated lightly and should be resolved as per the cause of the problem.

Causes Of QuickBooks Desktop Freezing Up

QuickBooks freezing up can turn out to be disastrous if not handled well at the right time. But to fully fix the problem, you first have to understand its cause. Some reasons for this error to occur are:

  1. If the company file exceeds the maximum size.
  2. Destroyed QBWUSER.INI file within the system.
  3. Damaged or outdated Operating System.
  4. Restrictive settings of internet and firewall settings.
  5. Corrupt hard drive used for software installation.
  6. Damaged or corrupt installation of QuickBooks.
  7. Company name being too long.
  8. User Access Control being enabled can cause the issue.
  9. Background applications are simply taking too much space.
  10. Damaged DDF files and user reference files can also cause this issue to act up.

Symptoms Of QuickBooks Freezing Up

QuickBooks Desktop freezes when opening is a common query faced by users. This error can present itself in a host of ways, some of which are:

  • Your system shuts down after freezing for a few seconds.
  • Everyday accounting tasks in QuickBooks become complicated to perform as the system lags and gives poor performance.
  • The computer hangs and becomes sluggish, and QuickBooks responds slowly to any keyboard or mouse inputs.
  • QuickBooks often freezes or hangs, and an active window crashes with a string of errors.

How To Unfreeze QuickBooks Desktop?

There can be multiple answers for dealing with QuickBooks freezing. The solution can range from a simple fix to some manual technical fix that may require many steps. You must try solutions as per the cause and follow all the steps throughout in order to actually resolve this issue. Some procedures you can undertake to resolve this issue are:

Task Manager Tool To Unfreeze QuickBooks Desktop

To unfreeze QuickBooks through task manager, first make sure that you have the updated version of QuickBooks. If not, then update QuickBooks first. After updating, you can end all the components required to run QuickBooks from the task manager. Step-by-step breakdown of this can be:

  1. Open your task manager and mark all the activities that start with .qbIntuit, or QuickBooks.
  2. Click on end task at the bottom.
  3. Now close the task manager.

After these steps, you can suppress the QuickBooks Desktop when you reopen QuickBooks and open a company file. This step will help us determine what’s the actual cause. Is it Data, Application, User, or System? To suppress the QuickBooks Desktop, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, press and hold the ctrl key.
  • Double click on the QuickBooks icon.

However, to suppress QuickBooks Desktop while opening a company file, you can follow the steps given below:

  • Select the desirable company file from the no company open window.
  • Press and continue holding the alt key and click on OK.
  • Continue holding the alt key until the login window appears.
  • Release the alt key.
  • Now enter your username and password.
  • Hold the alt key again.
  • Click OK and press the alt key until your file gets completely opened. QuickBooks should display a blank Desktop.

How To Unfreeze QuickBooks With Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool is another way that can help fix this issue. QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool (QB Install Tool) can help you identify any issues related to components in QuickBooks Desktop. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Download the QB Install Tool or QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  2. When required, save the file to the Desktop.
  3. Close all programs and open the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  4. Depending on the internet speed and computer’s performance, the whole process may take up to 20 minutes to complete.
  5. Restart your system/computer after running the tool to ensure all the components are properly saved.

NoteQuickBooks File Doctor Tool can also help you fix any unexpected problems with the company file. Just download, install and run the QuickBooks File Doctor to recover from QuickBooks freezing issue.

Unfreeze QuickBooks Desktop By Creating A Portable Company File

QuickBooks possesses the ability to compress your company file into a copy that’s portable. This file format is easier to send through an email or via an external storage device. Latency issues are also fixed through this process. Specific steps you must undertake are as follows:

  • To create a portable company file, go to QuickBooks and from the file tab, click on the upper left corner on create copy.
  • Then select Portable Company File and click Next.
  • Select the location where the portable company file is to be saved.
  • Click save and then click OK.

To restore portable company file, go through the process given below:

  • In the upper left corner from the file menu, click on open or restore company.
  • Select Restore a portable file and then click on next.
  • Choose the .qbm or portable copy and then click on open.
  • Go through the Where Do You Want To Restore The file? Page and then hit on Next.
  • Choose the location where you want to restore your portable file.
  • Finally, click Save.

Note: You can always change the name of the portable file to prevent it from overwriting your existing file.

Some Other Things To Try For Unfreezing QuickBooks

You must clear the cache from the internet explorer, which connects to your Desktop account. The cache can put excess data’s weight, which, therefore, makes the system extremely slow.

It would be best if you always remember to verify and rebuild your data in case of any damage. This should help the system to run smoothly without any freezing issues.


It can be pretty frustrating when the system hangs or freezes, especially if it’s noticeable or frequent. This can also cause damage to the company data. There are multiple ways on how to unfreeze QuickBooks. You must act quickly and try out all the possible solutions. However, it’s important to work on what might be causing the system to freeze up as that makes it easier to look for a specific solution and also saves time.

How to Fix QuickBooks desktop freezing up problem?

Learn how to Fix QuickBooks desktop freezes/crashes problem when opening or close

Not every time QuickBooks desktop run smoothly, at times you might get stuck as the QuickBooks freezes or crashes. One of the major reasons that you might any type of error in QuickBooks is that it involves various codes and algorithms. Talking about the QuickBooks desktop freezing up issue, it basically means that the software hangs and doesn’t close when you try to shut it down. It generates new off-screen window that runs in the background, and when you shut the software, the window doesn’t shut down. This error can be pretty much annoying for you to handle. If you have also encountered QuickBooks desktop freezes error, then make sure to read this post till the end.

We are going to discuss the causes as well as the solutions to this error. Moreover, if you feel that tackling this error is not your cup of tea, then feel free to consult our accounting experts using our dedicated support line i.e. Our QuickBooks error support team will help you in fixing the QuickBooks desktop freezes error.

What is QuickBooks freezing up error?

At the time of working with QuickBooks software, QuickBooks desktop freezes error hinder the smooth working process. This error generates a few off screen window running in the backup, which do not close when you try to shut them. This not freezes the QuickBooks software, but also risks the unsaved data. There can be various factors leading to such an error, which will be discussed later in this article.

When does QuickBooks desktop freezing up error takes place?

QuickBooks Desktop Freezing Up - Screenshot

While installing the QuickBooks desktop edition, you might encounter this error as the installer might freeze for a couple of seconds or even stop responding to the commands of the users. Usually, it might get stuck on the installing ABS PDF driver… window. There can be various factors causing this error, which we will discussing later in this post.

Why does QuickBooks desktop keeps freezing?

  • The very first factor causing this error can be if the windows operating system is out of date.
  • Also, if your account is enabled.
  • Your company name might be too long.
  • Another factor can be if the DDF and your preference files get damage somehow.
  • Or, the file doesn’t allow you to operate the window for some reason.
  • You might have damaged Windows operating system or missing QBWUSER.INI file.
  • In case the applications are running in the background, you can encounter this error.
  • There can be a corruption on your hard drive or any damaged program files or QuickBooks Desktop installation.

Methods to fix QuickBooks desktop freezing up error

There can be more than one method to fix this error, which increases the probability to make the software work smoothly. Let us check out the methods one by one:

Method 1: Making use of QuickBooks clean install tool

  • To begin with, you can download the QuickBooks tool hub from here.
  • You would here have to save it on your computer where you can easily find it.
  • Now double click on the QuickBooksToolHub.exe to run the program on your system.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install this tool.
  • Once the tool hub successfully installed on your computer, open it by double clicking on the QuickBooks tool hub icon.
QuickBooks Tool Hub - Logo
Installation issues - QB Tools Hub - Screenshot
  • You need to now save it on the desktop.
  • Moreover, open the QBcleaninstallutility.exe file.
  • Furthermore, hit a click on I accept when the license agreement is prompted.
  • Later on, choose the QB version and then click on continue option.
Clean Install Utility - Screenshot Image
  • Last but not the least, hit a click on OK button and then when you see QuickBooks is now ready for a clean install, please install to the default directory.

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Method 2: Run QuickBooks install diagnostic tool

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool -Screenshot

Method 3: Changing the DAT and DDF files

  • Close the company files on the systems.
  • You need to now find the company directory and rename DAT to OldUserPRef.DAT.
  • Delete each file having DDF extension.
  • Followed by, opening the company and click on confirm to save the payments from the same directory.
  • Last but not the least, click on Print to print successfully.

Method 4: Turning off tablet PC input services

Turning off tablet PC input services - Screenshot
  • Initially, press Windows + R keys and type MSC and then click on OK tab.
  • Double click the tablet PC input service or touch keyboard and handwriting panel service.
  • Next step is to hit a click on stop the service option.
  • Now double click the tabled input service and then click on the properties option.
  • Once done with that, disable the start-up type and click OK key.
  • To end the process, shut down the services menu and then reopen QuickBooks.

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Method 5: Shut QBW32.exe process

Close QBW32.exe process - Screenshot
  • Right click the Windows taskbar and select start task manager.
  • Furthermore, click on the processes tab.
  • Also, hit a click on the image name.
  • Once done with that, choose all applications that start with .qbQuickBooks, or Intuit.
  • Last but not the least, click on the End process option and you are done with the process.

Method 6: Use the Rebuild Data tool

The QuickBooks verify and rebuild data tool fixes the minor company file data issues automatically. The steps involved in this process are as follows:

  • Initially, open the file menu and then visit the utilities tab. Also, chose the rebuild data option.
  • Visit the QuickBooks information window and then hit OK button.
  • Next step is to carry out the on-screen prompts to save a backup.
  • Wait till it repairs the file. If you are able to move the mouse, then the tool is functioning.
  • Once done with that, opt or the OK tab.
  • You need to now open the file menu and then visit the utilities tab and also select the verify data option.
Verify data utility - Screenshot Image
  • The final step is to wait while the tool checks the file for the data issues.

In case the tool doesn’t point out or diagnose any issues, then hit OK. Continue to use the QuickBooks company file as it has no data damaged. Or if the issue is detected, then select rebuild now tab.

QuickBooks detected no problems with the data - Screenshot

Repeat the process if the issue continues every after rebuilding the company file. In case the first rebuild took very long then look for a professional.

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Method 7: Uninstalling QuickBooks desktop

This is the last method that one can opt for, in case the above methods failed to work.

  • Begin with clicking the Windows + R keys and open Run command.
  • Furthermore, hit a click on the Control panel and hit OK button.
  • Next, hit a click on Programs and features option.
Programs and Features option - Screenshot
  • Also hit a click on uninstall a program option.
  • Once done with that, choose the QuickBooks option from the list of programs and then choose uninstall/change.
Uninstall and Reinstall QuickBooks on your server computer - Screenshot
  • Now, end the process by following the on-screen instructions.

Method 8: Clearing the browser cache and temporary internet files

Remove the Temporary Files & Folders - Screenshot

You can clear the cache within the internet explorer and try to resolve the error. These caches can lead to excess data and slow down the system. If you are unable to fix the error after following the above methods, then clearing the browser cache and temporary internet files.

Clearing the cache of QuickBooks - Screenshot

Method 9: Make use of QuickBooks refresher tool

QB Refresher tool-Screenshot
  • Under this method, you need to first close all QuickBooks desktop version.
  • You would then have to download the QuickBooks refresher tools.
  • Followed by saving the file on the desktop.
  • Moreover, run QBRefresher tool.
  • Last but not the least, re-open QuickBooks desktop and check if the error is resolved or not.

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Final words!

We end the post over here, with the hope that the information we have shared in above might be of some help in fixing the QuickBooks desktop freezes up error. However, if the software continues to freeze, then in that case, you can contact some professionals with renowned experience.

You can call us using our support number i.e. , and our QuickBooks enterprise support team will help you get rid of the issue in no time. Just ring up and our experts will be there to assist you.

QuickBooks Freezes (Windows)

While working with QuickBooks desktop you may encounter several issues among them QuickBooks Freezes issue is one of them that we’re going to discuss in this post.

QuickBooks Desktop generally freezes because of the damage in the components that helps QB to run smoothly, damaged data files or installation, etc.

This issue also arise at the time of sending or printing invoices, sending emails or when opening the software.

If possible try to create the company file backup because if there would be any fall back in between the troubleshooting process, you’ll no loose any of your data.

  • Open QuickBooks
  • Go to File > Back Up Company > Create Local Backup
  • Now follow onscreen instructions to create a company file backup

Causes for QuickBooks Desktop Freezes

  • When QuickBooks Company File is Damaged
  • QuickBooks software installation is damaged or has missing files

8 Simple Steps to Fix When QuickBooks Freezes

Step 1: Delete Temporary Internet Files & Cache

  • Press Windows+R keys together to open Run Command
  • Type Control and click OK
  • Choose Network and Internet > Internet Options
  • Under the General tab, click on Delete…
  • Choose Temporary Internet files and website files
  • Click Delete
  • It may take a bit to delete the internet temporary file
  • Then, click Apply and OK
QuickBooks Frezees

Step 2: Download and Install QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • Download QuickBooks Tool Hub and go to your download by pressing CTRL+J
  • Under your downloads list click on QuickBooksToolsHub.exe
  • Click Yes to allow this app to make changes
  • Now click on Next to install it and then click Yes again for accepting the license agreement
  • Click on Next and then Install (It may take some time)
  • Once the installation is complete click on Finish
  • Now open QuickBooks Tool Hub (Icon will be available on your desktop)

Step 3: Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

  • Once you downloaded QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • Go to the Installation Issues tab and click on the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool
  • It may take some time to configure…
  • Once it’s configured, click on Yes to accept the license agreement
  • Click Proceed to start repairs on your QuickBooks desktop components.
  • Once completed, restart your computer.

If the same problem still exists after performing the above 3 steps, please proceed further with the below ones too.

Step 4: Suppress QuickBooks Desktop

You may not be able to open the QuickBooks Desktop. Suppress the QuickBooks Desktop to update the software.

  • Press and hold down the Ctrl+Shift keys from the keyboard and make a double click on QuickBooks desktop icon
  • Don’t release the Ctrl+Shift keys until QuickBooks is open on your computer. It will open No Company Open window

Step 5: Update QuickBooks Desktop

  • After suppressing QuickBooks Desktop
  • Then go to Help > Update QuickBooks Desktop
  • Then click on Update Now to the top right corner
  • Now make a check on Reset Update and click Get Updates
  • Once Update is complete, close QuickBooks
QuickBooks Desktop Frezees

Step 6: Create and Restore QuickBooks Portable Company File

QuickBooks has a feature to create a portable file and with the help of it, you can resolve the data issues, if available.

  • Open QuickBooks File
  • Go to File > Create Copy…
  • Choose Portable Company File and click Next
  • Select the location where you want to save the portable file
  • Click Save and OK

Restore Portable Company File

  • Go to the File menu
  • Choose Open or Restore Company…
  • Select Restore a portable file and click Next
  • Select a portable company file where you saved it
  • Click Open and Next
  • Now restore the company file location
  • Click Save

Step 7: Run QuickBooks File Doctor

  • Download QuickBooks Tool Hub and go to your downloads by pressing CTRL+J
  • Under your downloads list click on QuickBooksToolsHub.exe
  • Click Yes to allow this app to make changes
  • Now click on Next to install it and then click Yes again for accepting the license agreement
  • Click on Next and then Install (It may take some time)
  • Once the installation is complete click on Finish
  • Now open QuickBooks Tool Hub (Icon will be available on the desktop)
  • Under the Company File Issues tab click on Run QuickBooks File Doctor
  • Click on Browse to select the company file
  • Select Check your file and network
  • Click Continue
  • Enter QuickBooks Admin password and click Next

Now scan begins, it may take some time depending on the company file size. Once the scan finished, your issue is resolved. If not, please proceed further with the below steps.

Step 8: Uninstall and Reinstall QuickBooks

Before you uninstall QuickBooks ensure to be handy with the license and product number.

If the above steps won’t work, you may also need to Uninstall and Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop in order to fix this problem permanently. It also could be your computer Windows issues, we recommend you to contact your IT person.

After following all the above steps, you’ll no longer face the QuickBooks desktop freezes issue but in case you still face the same problem please speak to our experts.

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