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Quickbooks has parcel of form for each sort of entrepreneur whether it is little or enormous, likewise Quickbooks POS is utilized is pretty much every organization to keep up the exercises on consistent schedule. In any case, here and there because of some specialized issue a client may deal with issue and may limit to tackle its job. A client may see the error message now and then . One of such error is Quickbooks POS monetary trade error. 

The Function of monetary trade programming is to screen the monetary exchanges however the error confines it to play out the following of the monetary information. Be that as it may, don’t stress there are numerous answers for tackle this issue. Lets find a glance at the ways to take care of this issue or you can essentially take help from Quickbooks POS Support Number. 

Causes and Impact POS Error Financial Exchange 

The reasons for the monetary exhange error incorporate : 

  • Action log error 
  • issue in planning accounts 
  • Records not set up with charge type 
  • Expense office type isn’t set up 
  • detail limits with decimal amounts 

Step by step instructions to Fix Financial Exchange Error Quickbooks Point of Sale ? 

There are numerous arrangements which are valuable to tackle this error : 

Alternative 1 : Activity log error 

  • Explore to the Activity Log monetary to check the log 
  • Pick monetary focus 
  • In the event that the error isn’t appearing, your error is settled 

Alternative 2 : Issue in planning accounts 

  • Go to the File menu 
  • Select inclinations 
  • Pick Company 
  • Explore to the Accounts 
  • Match the settings 

Alternative 3 : If the error actually proceeds, Select this choice 

  • Go to the Purchasing 
  • Select History tab 
  • select among the vouchers 
  • Select I need to … button 
  • Pick show Financial Details 

Alternative 4 : For Quickbooks Version 5 

  • Explore to the Point of offer 
  • Select Sales History 
  • Go to the receipt causing error and snap something similar 
  • Snap on Financial 
  • Select imprint this archive as effectively sent choice and afterward Click OK 

Alternative 5 : For Quickbooks Version 6 

  • See for the receipt number appearance in the error Select POS 
  • Peruse Sales History 
  • find and snap the receipt in the error 
  • Snap I need to… 
  • Select View Financial history 
  • Select Mark this record as effectively sent choice and afterward Click OK 

Alternative 6 : For Quickbooks Version 10 

  • Follow similar advances referenced in the Option 5. 

Do attempt these means as per your Version, and in the event that assuming none of the arrangement work, it is prescribed to reach out to our lords who can show you the most ideal approach to settle this and furthermore gives you the precautionary measures to forestall these kind of error in not so distant future.

QuickBooks Point Of Sale Errors – Fix QBPOS Issues

QuickBooks Point Of Sale refers to an importants role in all types of organizations (small, medium, or large) business enterprises. QuickBooks POS provides a complete service to its users in all fields related to accounting and payroll. However, this smooth-functioning often is disrupted because QuickBooks Point Of Sale Errors and issues are coming. Some QuickBooks POS users getting an error Here are we describe all types of QBPOS errors and issues.

QuickBooks POS SQL Error Connection is Broken:

The error you received due to QuickBooks Point of sale power failure or any other improper actions getting technical issues in their QuickBooks POS. Received a dialog box on your screen QuickBooks POS SQL Error connection is broken.


  • No communication between QuickBooks POS Services and QB Desktop
  • Invalid naming of POS folder
  • Virus and malware etc

Steps to Fix Error:

QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error:

The error you received When the data exchange between two programs. The financial exchange data option reduces your work pressure, and you can easily monitor sales activities in the QuickBooks Point of Sale system.


  • The Activity Log error (Not logged in to QuickBooks as Admin)
  • Mapping accounts
  • QB POS not updated to the latest release

Steps to Fix Error:

Failed to Open Company in QuickBooks POS:

The error you received When you trying to open your company file in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale. Received an error message:-

  • Failed to open company
  • Error: Unable to connect to your company data file
  • Login to company file failed
  • Connection is broken


  • The company file is damaged
  • company file connection has been lost
  • QuickBooks POS database service manager is not running

Steps to Fix Issue:

  • Restart Point of Sale services
  • Create a new company file to test
  • Rename the Company File
  • Login as Administrator
  • Uninstall then Reinstall QuickBooks POS Software
  • If an error persists, another method to fix Failed to Open Company in QuickBooks POS.

Access Violation Error in QuickBooks Point of Sale:

The error you received When Access QB POS, a sign of a critical system problem that may cause total system corruption or even loss of data.


  • Data loss
  • System corrupt

Steps to Fix Issue:

QuickBooks POS Error 1330:

The error you received When trying to reinstall QuickBooks POS version 7 on Windows XP. An error occurs due to invalid data signature and unrecoverable loss to your QuickBooks data.


  • Damaged QuickBooks software installation
  • Corrupt company file
  • Inaccurate data and time setting

Steps to Fix Issue:

  • Log in as a system Administrator
  • Update QuickBooks Point of Sale to the latest release
  • Uninstall then Reinstall QuickBooks POS
  • If the error persists, read the complete article to fix QuickBooks POS Error 1330.

QuickBooks POS Error 176109:

The error you received When trying to open or register QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale.


  • QuickBooks POS Entitlement folder/file are missing or damaged
  • During install the QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • Doesn’t have permission to access the files

Steps to Fix Issue:

  • Delete the contents of the entitlement client folder
  • Renaming the WS Activity file
  • Perform a clean install of QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • If the error persists, read our full article to fix QuickBooks POS Error 176109.

QuickBooks Point of Sale XML Errors:

The error you received When using QuickBooks Point of Sale. Error message received “Error: Process could not access file C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v(x)\SessionData.xml because it is being used by another process”.


  • SessionData.xml is damaged or corrupt
  • Damaged QuickBooks Desktop Entitlement Client folder
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale incomplete installation

Steps to Fix Issue:

  • Update QuickBooks Point of Sale to the latest release
  • Repair QB Point of Sale Application
  • Change the Name of Entitlement Client Folder
  • Delete Files from the Entitlement Folder
  • Read more about QuickBooks Point of Sale XML Errors.

Others QuickBooks Point of Sale Issues:-

QuickBooks Point of Sale Got Stuck:- This POS error while occurs when using the QuickBooks Point of Sale program.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Unable to Open:- This error occurs When you run an end-of-day report or a financial exchange and QBDT Point of Sale tries to connect with QuickBooks Desktop. Here are some of the errors and issues-

  • Error code 140014
  • Error code 140015
  • Error code 140025

QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale Startup Error:- This error occurs when trying to open Quickbooks Desktop Point of sale 2018.

Hope to fix your QuickBooks Point of Sale issues, If not and need any help from QB experts contact QuickBooks error support team. If need any assistance related to QuickBooks POS download, update, upgrade and fix any errors contact QuickBooks POS Support.

QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error and its Solutions

QuickBooks offers a lot of versions for every kind of business owner, whether it’s a small or large scale business. Similarly, QuickBooks POS is used to manage activities on a regular basis for every organization. But often a user may face a problem due to some technical issue and their smooth-functioning often disrupted due to errors or issues that are appearing in QuickBooks. When they encounter the error then they often can see the error message. One such error is the financial exchange error on QuickBooks POS.

What is QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error?

Your QuickBooks Financial Exchange has the job of monitoring your financial details. When there is an exchange of data between two systems. This eliminates job pressure, and consumers of QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) program can easily track sales activities. For the second time, you can move the data directly to your financial software without filling any details.

When approaching QuickBooks Financial software for running a “inventory report” the consumer can find an error. The error message displays that “No money in the inventory funds”.

Sign of QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error

There are various signs that help you to find the main reason behind the error. Here are some of the symptoms that indicate the error. 

  • The client can go through an error when using QuickBooks Financial Software to run a “Stock Report”
  • A pop-up error message display as-” No money shown in the assets of the inventory

Reasons for QuickBooks Point of Sales (POS) Financial Exchange Error

This mistake occurs for a variety of reasons. One explanation in QuickBooks can be because of inappropriate or incorrect settings. Let’s take a look at the other explanations for this mistake:

  • Accounts that are used are not aligned with the Tax Form. Tax agency vendors are not set at a form of the tax agency.
  • Business preferences typically require the use of Sales Tax, but a specific type of tax form has been incorrectly set to use the business details. 
  • A physical shop sells products that don’t have a number, thus producing negative amounts. 
  • Using line element discounts on the sales receipts to establish decimal amounts.

Several of the more occurring explanations include: 

  • The activity Log error- Often, inside the system itself, the log file causes problems. If you are facing some problem, then check the financial “Action Log” and then go to the financial look if you are facing some other issue, the log will tell you what the issue is.
  • The Mapping accounts- You need to see if your mapping accounts do have any problems. If this is the case, then check the “default mapping accounts set up in a tab” and go to the preferences, then pick the company and then click on the accounts.

In case, after performing the above steps, if the problem remains to appear again and again, then look for the transactions that are created by QuickBooks from the “Receiving vouchers”. If you’re wondering how to approach then let have a look at these given steps:

  • First of all, click Purchasing
  • Next, select the tab named “Receiving History”
  • Then click on Voucher
  • After that, click “I want to” button
  • At last, click on the “reflect Financial Details” option.

Methods to fix QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error

However, there are various troubleshooting steps available for different versions of QuickBooks. Here are some of the relevant and easy methods to fix this POS Financial Exchange Error:

Method 1: Check the Activity log

  • Initially, run the Activity log
  • Next, choose the Financial Centre
  • Now check out the error if you are not getting any error that indicates the error gets resolved.

Method 2: Issue in mapping accounts

  • Initially, click on the File menu
  • Next, go to Preferences
  • After that, select Company
  • Manage the accounts
  • At last, Match the settings

Method 3: For QuickBooks Version 5

  • First of all, operate the Point of Sale (POS)
  • Next, choose Sales History
  • Now, select the receipt that causing an error and click on it
  • After that, select the Financial
  • Click on the option “mark this document as successfully sent” 
  • At last, click the Ok button.

Method 4: For QuickBooks Version 6 as well as Version 10

  • Search the receipt number that pops up in the error
  • Select Point of sales (POS)
  • Next scan the entire history
  • Position and select the receipt that found in the error
  • Click on the “I want to” option
  • Select and click on View Financial History
  • Select the Mark this document 
  • At last, hit the Ok button.

Method 5: If the error still not resolved then go with this method

  • The very first, open the Purchasing option
  • Select or click on the History tab
  • Choose among the Vouchers
  • Select the button named “I want to”
  • At last, choose Financial Details.


QuickBooks Stands in the Finest Accounting Software list which can help you manage your business perfectly. The advanced QuickBooks features allow you to perfectly manage your financial records and needs. QuickBooks POS is the finest accounting program open to small and medium-sized businesses. It assures you that your business activities, such as sales and inventory management, work perfectly well. However, there are some issues or errors that users encounter sometimes and QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error is one of them.  The below mentioned are some of the ways you can troubleshoot the Error. Even after following these methods, if it is not resolved then it is recommended you can get assistance from QuickBooks experts.

How to Resolve QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error?

QuickBooks Point of Sale System (POS) is a stage that enables clients to pursue “Deals”, “Clients” and “Stock” in a compelling and faster way. In this blog, we shall discuss the troubleshooting steps with regards to QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error.

What is QuickBooks Point of Sale Financial Exchange Error?

QuickBooks Financial Exchange error emerges due to the syncing issue between two software. Whenever two programs try to exchange the data, it cuts down the work pressure automatically; without entering the information for the second time you can move the data directly to your financial software.

Symptoms of QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error

  1. While utilizing QB Financial Software to run a “stock report” the client may go over an error.
  2. A pop-up error message will be read as— “No money on display in the inventory assets
  3. While the financial exchange error occurs, you will view a message that will provide you the information regarding certain issues while sending receipts to your financial program.

Causes of QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error

The possible causes of the financial exchange error are-

  • It might occur due to an activity log error.
  • Problems noticed in the mapping of accounts.
  • Accounts used aren’t set up with the tax type.
  • The tax agency isn’t set to a type of tax agency.
  • Line items discounts forms decimal quantities.

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Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Financial Exchange POS Error

Option 1: Activity Log Error

  1. Click onto the Activity Log Financial.
  2. Select the Financial Center.
  3. If you don’t see the error that means it is resolved.

Option 2: Mapping Accounts Issues

  1. Select the File menu.
  2. Choose the Preferences option.
  3. Choose the option Company.
  4. Now, Navigate the Accounts.
  5. Needs to Match the Settings.

Option 3: If the error still persists, Select this preference

  1. Go onto the Purchasing.
  2. Choose History tab.
  3. Choose among the Vouchers.
  4. Click the option, “I want to…button”.
  5. Select the option, “Show Financial Details”.

Option 4: QuickBooks Version 5

  1. Browse onto the “Point of Sale”.
  2. Go to Sales History.
  3. Go to the receipt and then click it.
  4. Click on Financial.
  5. Choose to mark this document and thereafter click OK.

Option 5: QuickBooks Version 6

  1. Check for the receipt number that shows the error.
  2. Choose POS.
  3. Browse Sales History.
  4. Spot and Click the receipt that shows the error.
  5. Choose View Financial History.
  6. Choose to mark this document and thereafter click OK.

Option 6: QuickBooks Version 10

  • Need to follow the same steps as guided in Option 5.

Follow the above methods in a definite order to resolve “QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error”. If the problem still persists then speak to our ProAdvisor at QuickBooks POS Support Phone Number.

How to Fix QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error?

Makers of QuickBooks have produced a wonderful and environment friendly product this is supplied to take care of all trade wishes and data upkeep. QuickBooks POS is a perfect are compatible for the small or medium-sized trade to stay monitor of your POS process that incorporates gross sales in addition to inventory-related actions.

However, this smooth-functioning incessantly is disrupted as a result of mistakes and problems are coming in QuickBooks. QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error is one such error this is brought about because of the syncing drawback between two tool. 

What is QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error

The consumer might to find an error when drawing near QB Financial tool to run an “stock document”.  The error message says- No cash displayed within the stock belongings”.

Reasons for QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error

Several components could cause QuickBooks POS monetary Exchange error. Some of the extra happening causes are indexed under.

  • The Activity Log error– At instances, the log file creates problems, inside the machine itself. If you face any factor, then examine the “Activity Log” within the monetary>> move to the Financial Look if you’re going through this sort of factor, the log will let you know what the problem/ is
  • The Mapping accounts– You want to see if there are any problems together with your mapping accounts. Of that’s the case, then you want to ensure the “default mapping accounts arrange in a file”>> move to personal tastes>> corporate>> accounts.

Even after appearing the above steps, if the issue stays the similar, you to find your transactions created in QuickBooks from the “Receiving vouchers.” How to move there, let’s see.

  • Click Purchasing
  • Select the “receiving History tab.”
  • Select on voucher
  • Click “I Want To.. button”.
  • Click to “replicate Financial Details.”

Solutions to Fix QB POS Financial Exchange Error

Solution 1: Check the Activity log

  • Operate the process log.
  • Select the Financial Centre.
  • If you don’t seem to be getting any error that implies the error is resolved.

Solution 2: Announce Mapping account

  • Select File Menu and Go to the Preferences.
  • Then, make a selection the corporate and take care of the accounts.
  • Lastly, fit the settings.

Solution 3: For QuickBooks Version 5

  • Run the Point of Sale.
  • Choose Sales History after which choose Receipt Causing Error.
  • Select Financial and Mark the record and click on OK.

Solution 4: For QuickBooks Version 6 and QuickBooks Version 10

  • Look on the receipt quantity this is exhibiting within the error.
  • Choose POS and Scan Sales History.
  • Place and make a selection the Receipt within the error.
  • Select I need to.
  • Click on View Financial History.
  • Choose Mark this record after which click on OK.

Solution 5: Below are the choices, if you’re nonetheless getting the error

  • Select Purchasing and Choose History Tab.
  • Click on Among the Vouchers.
  • Choose I need to. Button.
  • Then, choose “Show Financial Details”.

Troubleshooting Financial Exchange Error Quickbooks POS

Quickbooks has lot of version for every type of business owner whether it is small or large, similarly Quickbooks POS is used is almost every company to maintain the activities on daily basis. But sometimes due to some technical issue a user may face problem and may restrict to do its work.  A user may see the error message sometimes . One of such error is Quickbooks POS financial exchange error.

The Function of financial exchange software is to monitor the financial transactions but the error restricts it to perform the tracking of the financial data.  But don’t worry there are many solutions to solve this problem. Lets take a look at the steps to solve this problem or you can simply take help from Quickbooks POS Support Number.

Causes & Impact POS Error Financial Exchange

The causes of the financial exhange error include :

  • Activity log error
  • issue in mapping accounts
  • Accounts not set up with tax type
  • Tax agency type is not set up
  • line item discounts with decimal quantities

How to Fix Financial Exchange Error Quickbooks Point of Sale ?

There are many solutions which are useful to solve this error :

Option 1 : Activity log error

  1. Navigate to the Activity Log financial to check the log
  2. Choose financial center
  3. If the error is not showing then your error is resolved

Option 2 : Issue in mapping accounts

  1. Go to the File menu
  2. Select preferences
  3. Choose Company
  4. Navigate to the Accounts
  5. Match the settings

Option 3 : If the error still continues, Select this option

  • Go to the Purchasing
  • Select History tab
  • select among the vouchers
  • Select I want to …button
  • Choose show Financial Details

Option 4 : For Quickbooks Version 5

  1. Navigate to the Point of sale
  2. Select Sales History
  3. Go to the receipt causing error and click the same
  4. Click on Financial
  5. Select mark this document as successfully sent option and then Click OK

Option 5 : For Quickbooks Version 6

  1. See for the receipt number showing in the error
  2. Select POS
  3. Browse Sales History
  4. locate and click the receipt in the error
  5. Click I want to…
  6. Select View Financial history
  7. Select Mark this document as successfully sent option and then Click OK

Option 6 : For Quickbooks Version 10

  • Follow the same steps mentioned in the Option 5.

Do try these steps according to your Version, and In case if none of the solution work then it is recommended to get in touch with our masters who can teach you the best possible way to solve this and also gives you the precautions to prevent these type of error in near future.

Technical Support for Financial Exchange issues in QuickBooks POS

When you dial our toll free number at Quickbooks 24/7 Phone Number, dont forget to mention your version which you are using because solution is depend on the version of the software you are using. It can save our time as well as your time too.  Make sure to update your windows to avoid these types of errors.  We are offering the 24×7 Tech Support to our POS users as well as premium users, So dont waste time , make a call at our toll free .

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