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QuickBooks Scheduled Backup Not Working in Window

If QuickBooks Scheduled Backup Not Working in Window” or “unable to scheduling a local backup in QuickBooks Online, including a few QuickBooks online local backup errors, you can fix all these issues without taking any professional help. If you face such type of problem then what will you do then do be panic about your files? I know that you don’t want to lose your important financial records because they are very important but in this competitive world we are too busy to compete to grow and there might be some chances that we can forget to back up these files. But as I said do not get stressed you can schedule QuickBooks to automatically back up your files. In this article, we are covering every information related to scheduled backup in QuickBooks.

Let’s know about some of the simpler causes, and have tried to know the reason behind the backup failure. The content of this article is related to an internal backup process of QuickBooks Desktop.

Various QuickBooks Scheduled Backup Errors:

  • File Name Too Long:- If your name of the file is more than 65 words then you face this error in this there is a character limit of not more than 65 characters.
  • File Path Too Long:- The root drive path can be stored easily. If your file is under sub-directory-of-a-sub-directory, of-a-sub-directory-of-a sub-directory within a directory then it will show such type of error.
  • File Too Big:- If you want a backup of more than 3 GB in size.
  • Improper Drive or Insufficient Access Rights:- If you ever try to make your backup in a directory under the root drive of your computer. You can make the cut and paste it to your PC’s desired storage location. Even if you can do it on “my cloud drive”
  • Preference Setting Conflict:- To resolve this issue you can turn off the preference to “keep QuickBooks running”. The backup until the end, it never actually finish, due to that “a .tmp” file is usually created in the QuickBooks directory.
  • User Name Conflict:- Due to an improper configuration with the User Name and Password entered. It is not an issue of QuickBooks Username and Password. Error occurrence caused by Windows User Name and Password for the computer where the backup is being run.
  • QuickBooks Hosting Conflict:- If the hosting is enabled for multi-user setup then sometimes it shows such type of conflict.  If you want to run the scheduled backup then you have to find a local host for this process.
  • Application Conflict:- The reason behind this type of problem occurring after installing a later version of QuickBooks on your computer, some earlier versions will face some problems related to AutoBackup.EXE or scheduled backup.
  • Unavailability QuickBooks Database Server Manager:- due to the unavailability QuickBooks Database Server Manager you can’t work properly from the workstation.

Scheduled backups problem which is occurred in Windows 10 after upgrading to the latest Creators Update, 1709.

Reason: Quickbooks is a setting a Configure for Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000″. When you create a backup schedule in QuickBooks, the task is created under the schedule. If you are installing Windows 10 Creators Update 1709 then the backup task shows failure.

Follow the step shown below to fix the issue :

  • Manually change the Configure for window 10
  • the task is created by QuickBooks
  • Setting required to get the task to work
  • Backups are working from when the schedule was created successfully in QuickBooks.
  • Find the OS and do some modifications with this setting accordingly when creating the task.


  • Go to General setting> “Configure for:”(in the bottom set)
  • You will see the various options such as Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, or Windows 2000. This shows error (Task Scheduler) popup with the window 10
  • In window 10 > “Configure for:”>select Window 10 setup > click ok

Setup of automatic, Scheduled and reminder of backup:-

Backups are important for the creation of good and safe data protection from error. 

Automatic backups setup:

  1. Click on the File menu and select Save Copy or Back Up. 
  2. Select Backup Copy and click Next.
  3. Click on the options to set your backup defaults and then press next
  4. Select Change Location or Use this location.
  5. Click Next
  6. Click on the Save it now button and schedule for future backups (And Press Next)
  7. Save your backup copy automatically when You close your company files every time from the box.
  8. Click finish

Scheduled backups setup:

  1. Reach out to the File menu.
  2. And click on Save Copy or Backup option.
  3. Choose Backup Copy and hit Next.
  4. Choose the option to set your backup defaults then click on Next
  5. Click on the schedule future backups then click next.
  6. Backup on a schedule section of the window Then click new.
  7. Fill in the description for scheduled backup
  8. Click on the Browse menu to choose the folder (do not use CD-ROM)
  9. Now click the checkbox to Number of backups copies you want to keep 
  10. Click on store password to open the store windows password.
  11. Select the time interval for Backups as your convenience.
  12. Click Ok and then hit finish.

Backup reminders

  1. Reach out the File menu and select Save Copy or BackUp option.
  2. Select Backup copy>Next>Option
  3. Select the Memory location (where you want to save your data)
  4. Create a reminder to remind you to back up when closing data every time and approve it.
  5. Add the date and time of the backup in the file name.
  6. Hit OK and you are done.

How to Re-create the backup schedule?

Solution 1 Create backup again

  1. Click on the File menu and then select the backup company then click on to create the local backup.
  2. Choose the local backup and then hit next
  3. Only schedule the future backups and press Next
  4. Click on the new option.
  5. Add a description, location and set the number of backup copies you want to keep
  6. Select date and time
  7. save your Password
  8. Click Ok and then Finish

Solution 2 Change directory.

Solution 3 Rename your QuickBooks Desktop company file


We hope this blog helps you to resolve all your issues, queries for QuickBooks Scheduled Backup in the window. So we hope that now your ‘QuickBooks Scheduled Backup Not Working in Window’ problem is solved after reading and following the instructions provided in the article. And get back to your Quickbooks company files and work effortlessly. In rare cases, these methods may not work, so let us know if it is so for you. Call us at our toll-free helpline number +1-877-798-1556 to talk with our certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

Keep Sharing, Keep Smiling:)

QuickBooks Backup Not Working Windows 10- How To Solve The Issue

QuickBooks backup not working windows 10
Quickbooks Error

You may have stored important files in QuickBooks. However, unpredictable factors can cause a loss of those files at any time. We know that one of the best ways of saving these files is to have a backup. Now, what would you do when you do not get time to back up your data? The smartest option to you is to prefer QuickBooks scheduled backup.

QuickBooks backup automatically is one of the data backup systems, enabling you to back up your important files regularly. By using this functionality, you may create a schedule for the backup. QuickBooks software will automatically start backing up your data. Thus, to ensure the safety of the QB data, you can choose QuickBook’s scheduled backup. unless if you are getting Quickbooks error 15101,  you can follow some specific troubleshooting methods to resolve this error.

QuickBooks scheduled backup

QuickBooks Backup Not Working

Contents [hide]

Some users have complained that their QuickBooks scheduled backup feature is not working. There are different reasons, for which you can face the problem- QuickBooks backup not working windows 10.

  • Your Windows OS version does not comply with your QB. For instance, you have configured your computer for Windows Server 2003, and your present system has Windows 10.
  • Improper QuickBooks scheduled backup setup
  • Damage to your QB company files is causing errors to the automatic backups.
  • An outdated version of QuickBooks Desktop 

Method 1: Run Compatibility Mode of QB software for the chosen Windows version

  • Right-click on the QB icon and choose Properties.
  • Find the Compatibility tab. Go to the option- Run this program in compatibility mode. Then, you can checkmark it.
  • From a drop-down list, you can choose the Windows OS version
  • Then, click on the button Apply and OK

These steps would solve your issue- QuickBooks 2018 scheduled backup not working. For knowing your Windows version, you have to press the key combinations- Windows +R. The popup window displays you that version.

Method 2: Choose the in-built tool for the solution

  • QB Verify and Rebuild Data Utility- This is one of the integrated tools of the software for checking the QuickBooks file integrity. After identifying the damage, the software resolves it automatically.
  • Open your QB Desktop, and go to utility section 
  • Choose the option Verify Data
  • Now, QuickBooks start scanning the file to find corruption and errors.
  • In some cases, you can find a message on the loss of integrity of your data. Close this message to hit the File section.
  • Choose Rebuild Data from the Utilities 
  • Find a popup window and click on the OK button.
  • Then, the tool starts repairing the damaged file
  • You can find a message that the rebuilding process is over. Then, you may turn on the automatic feature of QuickBook’s scheduled backup log.

You can try out these methods for

QuickBooks 2018 scheduled backup not working.

Some users have a question on the storage capacity option for QuickBook’s scheduled backup log. The 5GB storage scheme will help you to secure the company files with QuickBooks backup automatically. However, we think that 25 GB to 75 GB is the best storage scheme for backing up other files of your computer. Thus, choose the storage level and activate the scheduled backup system.CategoriesQuickBooksPost navigationHow To Unfreeze Your QuickBooks Software?QuickBooks account balance incorrect- [Solved]

How to Resolve “QuickBooks Automatic Backup Not Working” Error?

QuickBooks automatic backup not working is an annoying situation in the software, in which the automatic or scheduled backup function of QuickBooks doesn’t work properly. QuickBooks company files contain your crucial financial data, and any loss to the data can pose terrible consequences for your business. It is wise to backup your company file on a regular basis to prevent any data loss. It enables you to restore your data from the backup you have created. 

Is automatic backup not running in QuickBooks? Report this error at our QuickBooks error support number +1-888-300-3913 and get an instant solution  

Causes Of QuickBooks Scheduled Backup Not Working: 

There are two ways in QuickBooks you can backup your file automatically. The first method is to create a backup file each time you close a file. The other way enables you to schedule an unattended backup for your data file. However, sometimes you can find QuickBooks automatic backup not working for several reasons as listed below:

  • The file name is longer than 65 characters where the character limit is only 65
  • If your file is under sub-directory-of-a-sub-directory or stored on a more complicated path, then you may see this error, “file path too long.”
  • If you are trying to back up a file more than 3GB in size then you will see “file too big” error causing QuickBooks automatic backup not working 
  • Insufficient access rights or improper drive being used for the backup can also evoke error in automatic data backup
  • Any conflicts in the preference settings or user name can give rise to QuickBooks scheduled backup not working in Windows 

How To Resolve Automatic Backup Not Running – QuickBooks?

Below are the steps that can help you to resolve QuickBooks backup not working situation- 

  • Download and install the latest maintenance release for your accounting software
  • Utilize QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild Data Utility for the error resolution and report the results 
  • Check your scheduled automatic backup settings in your accounting software to confirm that there are no erroneous settings exist
  • Run QuickBooks in compatibility mode for your Windows to prevent the QuickBooks automatic backup not running error

Get Professional Help In The Error Resolution: If you want to know how to set up automatic backups, scheduled backups, or backup reminders fail-safely, then help from the qualified professionals is just a call away. Dial our QuickBooks error customer support number +1-888-300-3913 and get help with QuickBooks automatic backup not working error in a minute’s notice. 

QuickBooks Backups Not Working – Scheduled, Automatic or Otherwise?

You might be encountering one of several causes for QuickBooks internal backups not working, including a few errors that Intuit apparently is aware of, but have yet to resolve.

Let’s start with some of the simpler causes, and then work our way toward some points of frustration. For most of these, the fix simply is to resolve the reason behind the backup failure. In a few cases, you need a bit more instruction, and even the ability to laugh at technical support’s recommendations.

By the way, these are all related to the internal backup process of QuickBooks Desktop. These are not intended to address any issues related to the use of Intuit Data Protect or any other external backup for QuickBooks files.

file name too long

File Name Too Long

Yes, having a Company file name that exceeds 65 characters definitely can be the cause of your backup failing. We also have seen this when the file name has a lot of spaces, underscores and special characters.

Sybase recommends that data-file names never exceed 30 characters and have no spaces or special characters. Your file name does not need to mirror you Company’s DBA (doing business as) or Registered (legal) Name.  

For example, the John and Betty Hodges Irrevocable Trust for Jimmy Hodges, David Hodges and Susan Hodges should never, ever be a QuickBooks .QBW Company file name. I’d definitely shorten this name to HodgesIrrevocableTrust.QBW. That’s plenty to describe the file.

File Path Too Long

If you bury your Company files in a sub-directory-of-a-sub-directory, of-a-sub-directory-of-a sub-directory within a directory that’s not on the root drive, expect to have problems. The same applies if you’re trying to store your backup file to such a layer of sophistication that’s “lost in space” like the Robinson Family on Jupiter 1.

File Too Big

If you’re attempting to backup a QuickBooks file that’s more than 3 GIG in size, you’re out of luck. It’s time for a smaller file if you expect to use the QuickBooks backup feature.

Improper Drive or Insufficient Access Rights

Nothing will stop a QuickBooks Backup faster than attempting to shuttle it off onto an external drive or flash drive, or into a directory where not only you, but the QuickBooks Database Server, hasn’t received the necessary Windows access rights (full permissions). Always make your backup to either a directory under the root drive or the Computer desktop, then cut-and-paste it to your desired storage location, even if that is on a “my cloud drive” at Tranquility Base, 1 Moon Avenue, Earth Satellite.

Preference Setting Conflict

Another cause for automatic or scheduled backups failing stems from the use of the “Keep QuickBooks running for quick startups” feature. While QuickBooks goes through the motions of creating the backup until the very end, it never actually finishes. In these cases, a .tmp file is usually created in the QuickBooks directory where your file is resident. 

In this case, you can turn off the preference to “keep QuickBooks running…” and the backup may proceed normally from that point on. Okay, so you give up “speedy startup” for the “reliable backup.” Is that a fair trade or what?

User Name Conflict

It seems that one of the most common reasons why scheduled backups don’t work is that they have not been properly configured in the setup process. Most of the time, this improper configuration deals with the User Name and Password entered.

A lot of users think this has to do with a QuickBooks User Name and Password, but that isn’t true. It has to do with the Windows User Name and Password for the computer where the backup is being run. Furthermore, if the computer where QuickBooks is scheduled for backup is on a Domain, the Username must be a fully qualified User name (Domain\Username) and the associated password. 

QuickBooks Hosting Conflict

This probably is the second most common reason why scheduled backups don’t work. If QuickBooks is setup for multi-user operation, and hosting is enabled, the hosting function must be local to the computer running the scheduled backup. This means workstations cannot run the scheduled backup – only the QuickBooks host computer (typically the server computer) can run the scheduled backup.

Since a lot of Client-Server installations of QuickBooks only have the QuickBooks Database Server installed on the Server and NOT the full QuickBooks application, the ‘scheduled backup’ is unavailable and will not run properly if you attempt to perform that function from a workstation.

Application Conflict

It seems that after installing a later version of QuickBooks on your computer, some earlier versions (if you’re using multiple versions like many accountants and corporate users) will experience a problem with the AutoBackupEXE ability to perform either automatic backup at the closure of a file or a scheduled backup.

I have noticed this lately even in QuickBooks 2017 after the last release update in a few files. Several times I have gotten just an “Error” box (nothing else displayed) when the Backup routine gets to the actual point of starting the backup. The steps for verification and preparing for backup seem to proceed normally, and then suddenly just an “Error” box without any message. On a few occasions, I received a message saying the AutoBackupEXE application encountered a problem.

Intuit Technical Support is telling people to update to the newest release of their affected version, but I’m on the latest releases for all my versions. Their second remedy is no remedy at all. They simply tell you to disable the automatic or scheduled backup feature and perform manual backups.

There you have it. The most common reasons by QuickBooks internal backups fail, whether they’re automatic, scheduled or otherwise. Just remember, “The only bad backup is the one that didn’t run”, so get these issues resolved.

And, as my good friend Mario says, “Backup, backup, backup.”

Automatic backup not running

I have a backup set to run but they never do and when I check the settings I noticed it says not scheduled.  I am running Enterprise v17 R5_102 on Windows 10.  Any ideas how to fix this?

Scheduled backups are NOT working in Windows 10 after upgrading to the latest Creators Update, 1709. Task needs to be created with “Configure for” set to “Windows 10”.

When creating a backup schedule in QuickBooks a task is created under task schedule as it always has been.  However, after installing Windows 10 Creators Update 1709 the backup task now fails.

Reason : QuickBooks is setting “Configure for” to “Windows Server 2003, Windows XP or Windows 2000”. 

Workaround : Manually change “Configure for” to “Windows 10”.

See the attached screenshots for how the task is created by QuickBooks, the error returned and the setting required to get the task to work.

This is a major issue as the majority of users will assume their backups are working since the scheduled was created successfully in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks needs to detect the OS and modify this setting accordingly when creating the task.

Fix QuickBooks Scheduled Backup Not Working Problem?

Backups have always been a savior, especially when it comes to QuickBooks company file. Scheduling backups feature in QuickBooks make things even more hassle-free, as the user can easily set automatic backup and is free from the worry of backing up files on regular basis. In order to ensure that safety of the QuickBooks company file data, scheduling automatic backups is one of the easiest approaches. However, there can be scenarios, when the user might come across an error stating “QuickBooks scheduled backup not working”. This error can be disastrous, if not fixed instantly. Considering the importance of this, we have turn up with this piece of information, where we will be discussing the techniques to fix QuickBooks scheduled backup not working problem. Hence, go through this article carefully till the end.

QuickBooks Scheduled Backup Not Working - Screenshot

If you feel the need of any sort technical assistance, then in that case, feel free to get in touch with our experts. Start a conversation with our professionals right away at 1(844)521-0490, and they will guide you through the process to follow to fix QuickBooks scheduled backup now working issue.

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Factors generating the QuickBooks scheduling backup not working error

The QuickBooks scheduled backup not working error can be generated due to a handful of factors. These factors include the following:

  • Incorrect setup of scheduled backups in QuickBooks can be one of major factors leading to such error
  • Moreover, QuickBooks is set to run for a different version of Windows. Such as, if you are using Windows 10 and QuickBooks is configured for windows XP or any version of windows, then this error is probable to happen
  • If there is any damage in the QuickBooks company file or data, then the user might face scheduling automatic backups error in QuickBooks
  • Using an outdated desktop application can lead to such an error.

Quick fixes to QuickBooks scheduled backup not working problem

Now that you know the basic facts related to the error, it is the right time to start with fixation methods. Let us explore each of the methods one by one:

Method 1: Running QuickBooks in Compatibility mode for windows version

Running QuickBooks in Compatibility mode for windows version - Screenshot

The very first method to tackle the scheduled backup issue can be to run the software in compatibility mode for the windows version. The steps to be performed here are:

  • At first, the user is supposed to open the system and right click on the QuickBooks icon on the desktop and then click on properties
  • Once done with that, the user should look for compatibility tab and then check for the “run this program in compatibility mode for” option.
  • The user is then required to choose the windows version by clicking the drop-down list
  • Followed by clicking on apply tab and ok tab respectively
  • The last step is to check if the issue is resolved

It should be noted that, to check the version of windows, the user needs to press Windows + R keys. And type winver command in the run box and hit enter key. This will display a popup with the windows version related information.

Check the version of windows - Screenshot

Method 2: Use QuickBooks verify and rebuild data utility

The user can make use of QuickBooks verify and rebuild data utility, in order to fix the error. This is basically an inbuilt tool that checks the integrity of company files and data that are saved in QuickBooks, while running this tool. This automatically repairs the damage. The steps to be followed for this method are as follows:

  • Initially, the user is supposed to open the QuickBooks desktop software. And then move to the file tab and select utilities and also the verify data option
Verify and Rebuild data - Screenshot
  • The next step is to go for the option stating “QB scan all the company files and data” and look for the damage
  • Now, after the scanning process ends, the user might get a pop-up stating “Your data has lost integrity”, if that is the case, then it is recommended to close the message and click on the file tab again
Your data has lost integrity - Screenshot
  • And choose the utilities and this time, under the utilities section, select rebuild data
  • Once done with that, click on the backup company data popup window and get a backup of the data on the desktop and click on OK tab
Backup company data popup - Screenshot
  • After that the tool will repair the damage in company file
  • When the message stating “Rebuild has completed” appears on the screen, then the user should click on OK tab and try to schedule the automatic backups again.
Schedule the automatic backups - Screenshot

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Method 3: Update QuickBooks desktop to latest release

Often an outdated software version can lead to such an error. Thus, we suggest to update your QuickBooks software to the latest version. The steps to be followed in this are:

  • To begin with, the user is supposed to click on update QuickBooks from the help menu
Update QuickBooks 1-screenshot
  • And then, the user needs to move to the update now tab. It is recommended to select reset update checkbox to clear all previous update downloads
  • The user is then required to choose get updates to start the download
Update QuickBooks to latest release verson (Ultra Light Patch) - Screenshot
  • Once done with that, restart QuickBooks
  • Also, select the option to install the new release when asked to

Method 4: Checking scheduled automatic backup settings in QuickBooks

Checking scheduled automatic backup settings in QuickBooks - Screenshot

The last method that one can opt for is to check the scheduled automatic backup settings in QuickBooks. The below stated steps can work in this process:

  • At first, we recommend you to open QuickBooks, and select the file menu, where you need to choose save copy or backup. This will open the backup window.
  • Now, choose backup copy and click on next
  • In case the user hasn’t set the backup defaults, then in that case it is recommended to click on options to set the backup defaults and also click on next tab
  • Once done with that, we suggest to choose change location or use this location as per the preference. And then click on next once again
  • The user is then required to click on options stating save it now and schedule future backups or only schedule future backups and hit next
  • The last step is to select the “save backup copy automatically when I close my company file every time” box. Also enter the number in “number” field and hit finish tab.

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