How to Integrate PayPal with QuickBooks Online?

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The best option to integrate your PayPal with QuickBooks Online is a third party accounting integration that is capable of one-click imports of PayPal data. It is the easiest way to import data from PayPal into QuickBooks Online, as it synchronizes your PayPal customers, vendors, charges, fees, taxes, etc. with QuickBooks Online.

How to Integrate PayPal with QuickBooks Online, follow these steps:

1. Visit your QuickBooks Online account and click My Apps to manage your app settings.
2. Find Synder app
3. Click “Get app now” and Connect your PayPal and QuickBooks Online via Synder

How to Integrate PayPal with QuickBooks Online

4. Set up your Synder account settings
5. Choose if you want to import all your previous historic PayPal transactions. Do not worry about duplicate transactions – duplicate control featured cover you!
6. Select auto-sync or manual mode to synchronize your ongoing transactions

Congrats! Your PayPal and QuickBooks Online integration set up. Import your PayPal data automatically.

Advantages of using Stripe and QuickBooks Online Integration

1. You have total control over your books and your time, as PayPal data is automatically updated in your QuickBooks Online, giving you a clear up-to-date picture, and hence keeps your business error-free and saves your hours on manual data entering.
2. The ability to track sync status at any time and rollback any action with one click. Roll Back function secures your actions and allows to undo any sync without harm to your data;
3. Perfect synchronization. The app contains many smart functions such as Multi-Currency function to manage all of your currencies in operation; Tax management function to set custom preferences to manage your taxes; Auto-Create function; Invoice function to automatically apply Online Payments to Invoices to automatically create Customers/Vendors/Products based on the transaction data. See all the features of Synder.
4. One click Reconciliation. After the app has imported your Stripe transactions, you can reconcile it with just one click in your QuickBooks Company.
5. 3-In-One app. Synder gives you the ability to synchronize not only PayPal platforms but also Stripe and Square platforms inside the app:

Integrate PayPal with QuickBooks Online

As we all know that PayPal is a popular payment gateway application for millions of users around the globe use it almost every day. It is the best way to send or receive money nationally & even globally from clients, merchants, customers, and family members. But PayPal is important for the merchants who operate business or businesses overseas.

It has been observed that PayPal have more than 100+ millions of active & registered user accounts. Moreover, it allows the users to send or receive payments in more than 200 currencies in 200 marketplaces worldwide.

QuickBooks is a package of accounting services in the form of software & endows numerous other online solutions. This software can establish connectivity to integrate with tones of web-based applications. To know more insight about the PayPal integration with the QuickBooks, you can contact the QuickBooks Integration support team. In this article, we are going to discuss the PayPal integration with QuickBooks.

PayPal has privileged users with easy, quick, and flexible payments mode.

How to Sync & Integrate PayPal with the QuickBooks Online? 

There are many benefits of PayPal like pay with flexibility and it’s quick and easy. Simply follow the step-by-step procedure to sync & integrate the PayPal with QuickBooks:

  • First of all, Open the ‘QuickBooks Online‘ application.
  • Sign in the QuickBooks Online account.
  • Go to the Apps tab
  • Click on the Apps tab
  • Enter & search PayPal in the search bar.
  • Select the PayPal app
  • Choose the Get App Now” button
  • Choose the ‘QuickBooks Online company
  • Click on the Allow/Authorize” tab to connect the app with the QuickBooks

After doing above step and Once setup done, QB Sync with PayPal every 15 minute and also update new transaction from PayPal to QuickBooks Online. One more advantage, You will get everyday summery detail of integration.

PayPal Integration with QuickBooks Online

Keep in mind: Not connect multiple PayPal account to your QuickBooks Online If connect, you will certainly not able to get information of sales transaction.

Procedure to Import the PayPal Transactions to QuickBooks Online

There are 3 simple & easy ways to import the PayPal transaction to QuickBooks:

  • With IFF or CSV file, the user can import the accounting product transactions to the QuickBooks.
  • Use the new PayPal API with drag & drop option. With the help of this new PayPal API, you can simply drag the information to QuickBooks from PayPal.
  • Use the PayPal Bank Feed machine to import transactions to QuickBooks swiftly.

Mapping and Settings

In the program settings, you will be required to edit or see the loan from PayPal to ensure it can be mapped to the correct account of QuickBooks Online. Smart mapping technology is chosen by default for categories so they can choose how to create PayPal account mapping using the QuickBooks Online. Advanced QB users can alter those settings with no difficulty in the entire setup.

Review your transactions after importing

You’ll have the ability to assess your transactions as soon as they import by subsequent tabs at QuickBooks Online.

Sales TransactionTransactions > Sales
ExpensesTransactions > Expenses
Bank TransfersTransactions > Chart of Accounts > Select your preferred bank account

Once the installation process is done, QuickBooks Sync with PayPal in every 15 minute and update the new transaction from PayPal into QuickBooks Online. Also you will also receive a daily summary detail of integration process.

Way to import PayPal Debit Card Transaction to QuickBooks Online

  • In the beginning, sign in the QuickBooks Online account with correct username & password
  • Go to the Apps tab
  • Allow/Authorize” to sync with PayPal app card.
  • Select the setting of the Sync with PayPal app card. A tab will appear.
  • In the App setting, select the “Edit” option
  • Make sure that the checkbox is marked for Include my PayPal Debit Card transactions when importing

The above steps will assist the user to sync & import the PayPal Debit Card transactions to QuickBooks automatically.

Paypal Transaction Deatils PayPal Integration with QuickBooks Online

Boost the Cash flow & finances with QuickBooks and PayPal Integration

  • Get paid faster: Send the invoice from the QuickBooks & settle the payment through PayPal instantly
  • Save Time: Import the transaction data such as sales, expenses, discounts, fees, and GST via PayPal account.
  • Stay Organized: Update the PayPal sales invoices & manage the expenses in the QuickBooks Online.
  • In the last PCI compliant: At Intuit, we’re here to guard your business and your customers.
  • Handle your Payments:- Manage your billings, invoices and settle for payments on the related to the QuickBooks mobile app.
  • Easily takes care of clients:- Faucet into over 200M plus active customer accounts exploitation PayPal to pay online.

We regularly post how to’s articles on all the versions of QuickBooks such as Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. If any QB users have problems related to QuickBooks Integration, they can contact the Intuit certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors at +1-888-300-3913.

We assure the best QuickBooks solutions whether it’s related to QuickBooks error codes, QuickBooks installation issues, or anything.

How To Properly Enter PayPal transactions into QuickBooks Online

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to avoid some common mistakes people make when entering their Paypal transaction into QuickBooks Online.

In this tutorial I’ll be using my Paypal account and a sample QuickBooks company file I use for teaching.

Paypal Transactions in QuickBooks

We’ll start by looking at credit card transactions from a bank account. You can get to this two ways in your own account.

From the main screen you can click on the bank account you’d like from the Bank Accounts box on the right side of the screen.

Opening a bank account in QuickBooks Online

You can also click on Banking in the left-hand navigation menu and select Banking.

Banking Menu in QuickBooks Online

In this example I’m using a $50 payment for training from a company called Score. The payment was made with a Bank of America credit card but was processed through Paypal. You can tell this was processed through Paypal from the Bank Details within the transaction.

Paypal transaction Bank Details

In many people’s QuickBooks accounts I’ll see these Paypal transactions entered with the Vendor/Customer stating who the money went to and the category being what the transaction was for. As you can see here:

Paypal transaction with incorrect vendor/customer and category information

The problem with this method is that it’s not exactly what occurred. Let’s take a look at the Paypal register in Paypal itself for more details.

Paypal Transactions in Paypal

Within Paypal click Summary in the top menu and you’ll see a list of your recent transactions. I have two $50 example transactions at the top of my list.

Recent Paypal transactions

I want to show you a different view of this transaction which I’ll do by clicking on “Activity (including balance & fees).”

Paypal link to Activity (including balance & fees)

In this view you can see that this purchase was from Score Assocation for $50. I didn’t pay a fee and I have a balance of $22.26. The balance is the important part.

Paypal transaction data

That balance of $22.26 is the amount of money I have in my Paypal account. 

Most people don’t think of Paypal as a bank account, but it is. You should think of it like a checking account that has  a balance of $22.26 within it.

From the summary page you can see that balance of $22.26 in the upper left-hand corner.

Paypal summary page showing available balance

But, their are two $50 transactions and the balance remains at $22.26. What’s going on?

To find out I click on the Transaction Type drop down and switch from “Balance affecting” to “All transactions.”

Now those two transactions have a plus sign to the left of the date.

When I click on the plus sign I can see the full transaction.

From this view we can see what actually happened. There was a withdrawal from my credit card of $50 that went to Paypal and then from Paypal to Score. 

It should look the same in QuickBooks but at the moment it looks like it went directly from my credit card to Score without Paypal being involved.

If I view the Paypal register in Quickbooks I can see the balance is $22.26 but I don’t see the transaction from Score.

Paypal register in Quickbooks not showing ALL transactions

When reconciling Paypal in Quickbooks you should log everything that you see under All Transactions in your Paypal account.

This may seem like a lot of extra work and like you’re recording a transaction twice. But, the reason you want to do this is to make sure you’re not missing any expenses or revenue.

Anytime you have a bank account of any type you want to be able to reconcile that account and verify that ALL of your transactions are recorded and nothing is missing.

Properly Handling a Paypal Transaction in QuickBooks

I’m going to go back to the credit card’s register in Quickbooks and delete that $50 Score transaction.

Deleting a transaction in QuickBooks Online.

A warning pop-ups letting me know this transaction was downloaded from my bank’s records, double-checking that I actually want to delete the transaction, but also letting me know  that the transaction will be back on the  Online Banking page. I do want to delete it, so I click Yes. 

I’ll now click on Banking in the left-hand menu and Banking again to get to that Online Banking page. I can see the transaction is back to be reviewed.

I’m now going to change this transaction to a transfer as it’s being transferred from my Bank of America credit card into Paypal.

Recording a transfer in QuickBooks Online

Manually Entering an Expense

I don’t have my Paypal account connected to this QuickBooks file so I will manually enter the expense.

To do this I click the New button in the upper left hand corner then select Expense from the Vendor column.

Manually entering an expense in QuickBooks Online

I now create the expense with a Payee of SCORE, Payment account of Paypal, and I add the $50 transaction in the education category.  Click the “Save and new” button to save the expense.

Manually entering an expense in QuickBooks Online

If I view the Profit and Loss Report you can see there’s only one $50 expense even though the transaction was recorded twice. Once going from the credit card to Paypal, the other going from Paypal to Score.

Profit and Loss report in QuickBooks Online

This is because it was recorded as a transfer and how you should be handling your expenses paid with Paypal.

I hope this tutorial was helpful if you have any questions regarding Paypal transactions and QuickBooks you can send me an email me or book an appointment below.

If you’d like you can watch me walk through this process in the video below:

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