How to Repair QuickBooks with QuickBooks Repair Tools?

Quickbooks Errors Solution

When installing QuickBooks, you may come across various errors such as QuickBooks Error 1603, 1935, 1904, 1402 etc. These errors are said to be quite risky and that can provide you with the worst experience of QuickBooks at the very early stage. But, Intuit provides many solutions which can be solved by ourselves and thus provides free tools in which you can fix several types of QuickBooks errors that are faced. An important tool that you can download free to resolve the errors is QuickBooks Component Repair Tool, using the Microsoft components combined in QuickBooks, like Framework, Microsoft MSXML,  Microsoft.NET, and Microsoft Visual C++.

How to Fix QuickBooks Installation Errors?

  1. Usage of QuickBooks Installation Diagnostic Tool
  2. Firstly, you need to download QB Installation Diagnostic Tool.
  3. When you have completed the download, the file must be saved in the local desktop.
  4. Now, delete all the executing programs and perform QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  5. Then, restart your computer system, thereafter running the tool.

The Process of Windows Update to be Downloaded

You will be not allowed to install or open QuickBooks on your desktop when your window is out of date. Outdated Windows will leave some updates with respect to the software that involves, Visual C++, MSXML, and .NET Framework.

Therefore, it is necessary that you update your window. Windows can also be updated on your desktop by clicking on the  Windows key present on the keyboard and then enter as Windows Update. After performing the updates, do not neglect to reboot or restart your system. Once more, you attempt to install QuickBooks.

Steps to Fix Errors with QuickBooks Component Repair Tool

If QB Installation Diagnostic Tool doesn’t resolve errors stopping QuickBooks installation then, you may follow with the below options.

  1. Rebuild the .NET Framework.
  2. You can reconstruct the Microsoft MSXML manually.
  3. It is preferable to attempt these mentioned tasks with the help of IT professionals or advanced Windows professionals.

Step 1: Rebuild .NET Framework

The .NET Framework is an element of Microsoft, which is used by QuickBooks to connect with web applications.

Because of the issues with Microsoft.NET Framework, you may come across different errors, like Error 1603Error 1722, Error 1903 and Error 1904.

To repair damaged Microsoft.NET Framework you need to follow these steps:

  1. The initial step is to Download QuickBooks Component Repair Tool
  2. Save your file on the local desktop, when it is provoked.
  3. After, Close all the programs that are running and double click on the QBInstall_Tool_v2.exe
  4. Later the process of diagnosis has been completed, you just need to restart your system.
  5. After the completion of repair Microsoft.NET Framework, if you still occur errors then:
  6. Then, Click on the Windows key from your keyboard.
  7. Enter as Windows Update in the search bar.
  8. Examine whether the Updates are performed clearly.

Step 2: Reconstruct the Microsoft MSXML

  1. QuickBooks will not perform when it views the damaged Microsoft MSXML component. In order to repair the MSXML component which is damaged, you must follow these given procedures,
  2. You must register MSXML DLL files
  3. Uninstall and reinstall MSXML 6.0
  4. Download and install MSXML 6.0 SP1
  5. Repair the MSXML 6.0

Ways to Download QuickBooks Component Repair Tool

To download QuickBooks Component Tool you need to follow these steps:

  1. Before restarting your system. Close all the programs.
  2. Download QuickBooks Component Repair Tool.
  3. To execute the program, double-click on the recently downloaded file. Restart or reboot your computer after running the tool.

If experiencing unwanted issues while installing QuickBooks accounting software or want to know more about QuickBooks Component Repair Tool, then connect with our certified technical experts by dialing toll-free QuickBooks Error Support Phone Number +1-888-300-3913.

How to Identify and Repair QuickBooks File Corruption

Repair QuickBooks File Corruption

When it comes to managing the financials of a small to medium sized company, most business owners begin with a do-it-myself mentality by handling their own books. Software programs such as Intuit’s QuickBooks® can make this a relatively easy process for the non-accounting professional, but every once in a while a glitch can leave you guessing. One problem that can cause great frustration is a damaged or corrupt QuickBooks File, so we asked one of our in-house QuickBooks ProAdvisors to map out the steps for identifying and repairing a damaged QuickBooks file.

The QuickBooks Data File is really just a big database. It does not contain any programs or moving parts (this is all in the QuickBooks Software). To be read correctly by the software, the data has to be ordered and sequenced correctly in the file. When a data file is small (under 200 MB) it is easy for the software to keep the data in the correct order and add new data in the correct place so it knows where to find it for future use (e.g. reporting). When the data file grows larger than this, the software struggles to keep all of the data in order. This can result in incorrect reports, and one obvious place to start is by looking at the Balance Sheet. If the total Assets do not equal total Liabilities and Equity, then you know you have a problem. Corruption can also be found by comparing the balances in like accounts on different reports. Net Income, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and other balance sheet balances can be compared to other reports in QuickBooks. If these amounts do not tie, then the QuickBooks File could be corrupted.

A corrupt file can cause additional problems for you if it’s connected to any outside reporting programs. If those programs use automatic sync managers to connect to QuickBooks, you’ll likely encounter incorrect reporting in those programs or even a failure in the sync process itself. The good news is that you can fix data corruption by using tools provided within the QuickBooks Software program, however, be advised that fixing the corruption without reducing the size of your data file means this problem will return.

How to Fix Data Corruption in QuickBooks

  1. Make a separate back up or file copy of your data file before verifying or rebuilding to protect you against permanent loss of your data.
  2. Run the QuickBooks ‘Verify Data’ function. This will confirm the corruption in QuickBooks and recommend a ‘Rebuild Data.’ (Note: the file should be in single-user mode when running the Verify Data process.)
  3. Run the QuickBooks ‘Rebuild Data’ function. This process essentially pulls all of the data in the file apart and reassembles it in the correct order.
  4. Run the QuickBooks ‘Verify Data’ function again. If the verify completes, test the file by running the reports that were showing errors to see if they have been fixed. If the errors still exist, there is most likely corrupt data (not just data that is out of order).

How To Identify Data Corruption

Once you complete the previous ‘Verify Data’ and ‘Rebuild Data’ steps, you need to review the logs that QuickBooks created for the data verification you just performed. These logs will indicate any items or transactions that are causing problems. With this information, you can go back and delete or delete & replace the corrupted items. Continue down the log and address each item until the file verifies. (see also Intuit support at )

How to Stop Data Corruption From Happening Again

According to Intuit standards, if your file size exceeds 200MB for QuickBooks Pro or Premier or 450MB for QuickBooks Enterprise, you should reduce the size of your file. You have a couple of options:

  1. Use the “File Condense” functionality to reduce your file size.

a) Create Journal Entries that summarize the monthly activity before a client selected dividing date. This method will usually require some clean up of the Balance Sheet afterwards.

b) Remove all transaction before a certain date. While more effective than the previous, this method takes longer to perform because it requires entry of Opening Balance and Outstanding AP, AR and Banking once complete.

2. Start a new QuickBooks file with Opening Balances. This will provide the most significant reduction in file size, but understandably, it also requires the most time to complete.

While these steps may resolve your current file corruption issue, if the problem runs deeper (QuickBooks was not set up correctly or proper processes and procedures are not in place), then you will continue to experience what we refer to as “garbage in, garbage out” syndrome. Timely and accurate financial information goes a long way towards helping your business grow, and outsourcing your QuickBooks system design and setup as well as your bookkeeping functions can give you peace of mind as well as free up your time for more valuable and strategic tasks.

Repair QuickBooks with QuickBooks Repair Tools

Here is how you can spot and prevent QuickBooks errors and fix them with QuickBooks repair tools

QuickBooks is a bookkeeping and accounting software developed by Intuit Inc. If you have been using this robust software for some time, you would know how helpful it can be for small and mid-sized businesses. QuickBooks makes some of the most complicated business tasks simple, for example, making payments, creating invoices, preparing tax papers, etc. No wonder why it has become immensely popular among entrepreneurs and business owners.

Intuit also seems to have back up of a very strong research and development team. They have been introducing new updates, upgrades and features since the time it makes its presence felt in the business and earned the reputation of an incredibly easy-to-use software. However, like any other computer program, this accounting tool also receives errors and glitches occasionally. In this blog post, we are specifically going to discuss errors in QuickBooks company files, its causes, and solutions. Read on to know everything you may need to know about QuickBooks repair tool.

Identifying Corruption in QuickBooks company file

QuickBooks file corruption can be tough to spot. But once you know the issue and the reason, it will be easy for you to fix the problem. Knowing when the issue occurred and what were the last changes you made in your QuickBooks Desktop can be helpful.

Some of the most common QuickBooks company file errors are as follows:

  • In Verify Data Utility section you may see error report like – A data error prevents QB from continuing.
  • An error message pops up on your screen or the Qbwin.log file – Verify Target: Values in minor do not match major.
  • QuickBooks account names start with an asterisk (*) and created by QuickBooks because the original accounts were missing.
  • Your QuickBooks may abruptly shut down while saving or deleting a transaction.
  • Flawed balance sheets and other reports in which the total number of assets don’t match the number of liabilities and equity.
  • Entries or transactions missing from lists.
  • QuickBooks takes longer than usual time to open and operations also are sluggish.
  • Paid invoices, bills and transactions show as unpaid. A negative balance shows in transaction history.
  • HTML code in Bug Report in Send Feedback online section.

Identifying issues in QuickBooks is simple if you observe its working closely. Data damage and other errors may be of different types and symptoms may also vary, however, a strange data at any time could be a sign.

QuickBooks company data file corruption causes

Knowing the reason behind QuickBooks error can assist you in finding the solution to QuickBooks issues. The following reasons may cause data damage in QuickBooks.

  • The size of the QuickBooks file is exceeding the healthy limit.
  • RAM, network interface cards, Virtual Memory, routers, and other resources missing.
  • Fluctuating power causing damage in hard the drive in the absence of proper UPS.
  • The system wasn’t shut down properly post last use and caused QuickBooks database corruption.
  • Virus or other malicious software infected QuickBooks database.

There may be more reasons than provided here to cause damage in the QuickBooks company file.

How to Prevent QuickBooks company file corruption?

It’s better to stop a QuickBooks error from occurring than finding a solution later. Here are some of the most dependable tips to avoid corruption in QB company file.

  • Creating backups of your company file and keeping them at different locations is one of the best tricks to prevent data loss and damage.
  • You can also create an online backup of your data to keep from losing physical backups.
  • Make sure that the size of QB database doesn’t exceed the healthy limit. You can reduce the size of the database with the help of third-party tools.
  • Avoid all the other reasons that cause data corruption.

QuickBooks repair tools to Fix Errors

As discussed above, QuickBooks users may receive different types of issues and errors. Though a few of the errors may be prevented from occurring, it’s not uncommon for users to still receive them. Since QuickBooks is an innovative accounting software, it comes equipped with many inbuilt features and tools that help fix many of the common errors.

Some of the most popular QuickBooks desktop tools are:

1. QuickBooks File Doctor tool

QuickBooks File Doctor tool has to types:

  1. Built-in file doctor, which is available in all QB 2016 and later versions.
  2. QuickBooks File Doctor stand-alone version, which can be downloaded from the internet.

QBFD is useful in fixing a wide selection of file and data corruption issues, network setup errors, and windows setup errors.

2. QuickBooks Component Repair tool

This QuickBooks component repair tool assists users to solve those issues that prevent QB software from running.

3. QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool can diagnose and repair multiple problems, especially those related to Microsoft .NET Framework, MSXML, and C++.

4. Reboot.bat

Reboot.bat is a useful QuickBooks repair tool that assists users to re-register an assortment of QB related components with MS Windows.

All the above-mentioned tools are free and help solve a wide variety of errors. Many of the times, they show up themselves when a problem occurs. But if they don’t automatically appear on the screen, you can use them manually. Please ensure that you are using the latest version of them to fix QuickBooks errors.

While QuickBooks repair tools can help you to fix many of the common QB errors, they can’t fix all issue. If you are unable to get rid of a QB error with the help of free diagnostic and repair tools, you can contact our QuickBooks support experts at +1-888-300-3913. With cutting-edge tools and technology and years of experience, we can help you fix all QuickBooks-related issue.

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