How to Resolve Cannot Open QuickBooks Company File Error?

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Had some really important work, but QuickBooks unable to open company file? Well, majority of QB users can relate to this, as the error QuickBooks cannot open company file or QuickBooks unable to open company file has become common nowadays. Though QuickBooks offers some really great features and perks, but might face certain technical glitches too. Users generally get frustrated, and are unable to tackle these types of errors. This article is for the ones who are facing error: QuickBooks unable to open company file. Therefore, if you are facing any such problem, then stick to the end of the article.

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What is error: QuickBooks unable to open company file?

QuickBooks unable to open company file-  Screenshot

Before digging in deep and learning about quick fixes to this error, it would be sensible enough to first find out what actually this error is all about. QuickBooks unable to open the company file error can occur due to numerous possible reasons. This error does not allow the user to open the company file, and might spoil the entire work of the user, while they are operating the software.

Why error ‘Cannot open QuickBooks company file’ occurs?

The reason behind the occurrence of this error can be many. Out of the huge list, we have listed some of the most common observed causes. Let us have a look:

  • Damaged data in company files might be one of the reasons why QuickBooks is unable to open the company file.
  • In case there is any kind of issue with the file location and extension, then the user will not be able to open the company file.
  • Another case can be, when the company data gets damaged due to a corrupt hard drive with file storage.
  • If there is any kind of conflict with QBW.TLG file, then this type of error could be seen.
  • Any kind of issue with the reports in the file can also cause this bug.
  • If the user is making use of incorrect QB version to open files, then this error can occur.
  • Another case can be when the user is applying wrong method to open the file type.

Error codes reflecting this error

  1. Error 3371: Status Code 11118
QuickBooks Error Code Code 3371 - Screenshot
  1. HX0X error
QuickBooks Error Message H202 - Screenshot
  1. C=XXX messages
  2. Error -6000 series
QuickBooks error code -6000 - Screenshot
  1. Login to the company file failed somehow
  2. QuickBooks Unrecoverable error
QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error Message-xxxxx-xxxxx

Points to be noted

Before the user jump on to the processes to fix the error, it is better to keep certain points in mind. Let us check out the following points:

  • The user is required to ensure that the QuickBooks software is updated to the latest version.
  • Also, the user is required to verify that only one system is hosting the company file. The user is required to turn off the hosting in all the computers aside from the server by:
    • Move to the file menu
    • And then click on utilities option
    • Followed by selecting the option for stop hosting multi-user access
    • And continue, after verifying
unable to open company file - screenshot
  • The user should ensure that QuickBooks desktop program is not corrupted.
  • The user should press and hold the Ctrl key, while opening the QB software using the desktop icon.
  • If the program fails to open, then the issue might be with QuickBooks desktop.

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Fixation of Error: Cannot open QuickBooks Company file

Well, if you are facing this error, then there is good news for you. There are more than one rectification methods that can be used to get rid of this error with much ease. We will be discussing each of the methods one by one in detail.

Method #1: Checking the Properties and File extension

  • The first step in this method is to open the folder where the company file is located.
  • After that, right-click the company file icon, followed by selecting the properties option.
  • The next step in the process is to ensure that the type of file is QuickBooks company file and also the size of the file is at least 7 MB.
  • Now, the user is required to click on Advanced, and ensure that the boxes are unchecked for Compress and Encrypt attributes are unchecked.
  • To end this process, the user is required to click OK.

Method #2: Opening the QuickBooks Company File directly from the software

Moving to the Windows desktop might work, in case of folder permission issues. Thus, the user can follow the steps listed below:

  • At first the user needs to press and hold the Ctrl Key and double click on the QuickBooks icon
  • After that, continue to press the key till the no window QuickBooks file open
  • When the program opens up, the user needs to ensure that only one system is hosting the file. Otherwise close down the other servers that open the company file
  • And turn off hosting in other systems by carrying out the steps below:
For Single user

It should be noted that in order to turn on hosting mode will disable the multi user access. The steps to be followed are:

  • The user needs to first navigate to the file and click on utilities, along with that click on stop hosting multi user access
Stop Hosting Multi-User Access - Screenshot
  • The next step is to select yes, on the message that appears on the screen
  • After that, the company file will be closed and the message will appear, where the user will have to select yes once again
For Multi-user mode

The error usually indicates that one or more client computers are set up wrongly, to host the multi user access. The steps to be followed are:

  • The error message might appear on every client computer
  • After that, the user needs to navigate to the no company open window and then select the file and utilities tab
  • Now, the user can confirm that the menu option of the host multi user access is displayed. One or more client computers might display the menu options on the screen. Client computers prevent hosting multi user access, which indicates that they are already hosting multi user access
Stop Multi-user access - Screenshot
  • After that select the option to stop multi user access hosting on any client system, display hosting of stop multi user access, and then follow the prompts to stop hosting
Stop Hosting Multi-User Access - Screenshot
  • The last step is to try to open the problem file again. The login window should now appear on the screen.

Note: The user should keep in mind that in case the user is opening a .QBX, .QBB, or .QBM file, then he/she will get prompts to choose the location, where he/she wishes to restore the file.

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Method #3: Renaming the .TLG file and also .ND Extensions

There can be a situation, when the company file doesn’t open due to any kind of damage to the TLG and .ND files. Thus, in such cases renaming these files can help in opening the company file. The steps involved in this process are as follows:

Renaming the .TLG file and also .ND Extensions - Screenshot
  • The first step is to open the folder, where the company file is located.
  • And then, right-click the transaction log file.
  • After that rename the file to OLD.qbw.TLG and repeat the same process with .ND file.
  • The next step is to open the company file and the .TLG and .ND files will be crafted automatically.

Note: It should be noted that removing .TLG files is not recommended, as they can be used in future, in case the need for recovering the lost data occurs. Also, to restrict the error from occurring once again, the user should copy the transaction log file with the company file, while moving the data from one system to another system.

Method #4: Renaming QuickBooks company file

  • To begin with, open the folder having the company file.
  • After that, right-click and opt for the Rename option.
  • The next step is to change the name of the file, and make sure that the name do not exceeds 3 letters and also ensure that the original file extension is intact.
  • And then, if you see any .TLG file for the same, then do not forget to rename it as well.

Note: In case the file doesn’t show an icon or 3 letter extension, or if any wrong icon or extension is displayed, then the user will be required to add the file extension or edit in some cases, as per the file type.

Method 5: Fixing QuickBooks Installation

The user can move the QuickBooks company file to any other system, if possible, and try to open it. If in case the files opens up on other system, then the problem is with QuickBooks on the first system, or it can be any kind of issue with the system. For fixing that, the user can:

Download QuickBooks Installation Diagnostic Tool - Screenshot
QuickBooks Clean Install Tool Utility - Screenshot

Method #6: Do not let QuickBooks desktop Windows open automatically

The user can make an attempt to suppress too many windows from opening automatically that are opened in the company file. The steps to be performed are:

  • Select the company file that is present on the No company open window.
  • After that, press ALT key and hit open.

Note: In case the QuickBooks software shows a login window, then the user should type the password, and then hit Alt and OK. Keep hold of the Alt key, till the time company file opens fully.

In case the user is unable to open the company file without any kind of error, then carry out the steps below:

  • Hit Preferences on the Edit menu.
  • After that, tap on Desktop view, and then choose the Don’t save the desktop option.
  • And lastly, hit OK button.

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Method #7: Copying QuickBooks Company File to another location

In case the company file is situated to a network drive, the user is required to copy the same to the local drive. Also, troubleshoot the network configuration, in case the local file opens. Or the user can follow the steps below. It should be noted that if the company file is saved on a network, then the user needs to ensure that everyone is logged out of it before starting. And then, follow the steps to move the company file and the associated .TLG files to the local hard drive. The user needs to open the QuickBooks software and the company file which is moved. In case it opens up, then there might be an issue with the network configuration.

  • The user needs to first open the windows start menu
  • And then, type in file explorer into the search bar and then open the file explorer
  • Now, look for and find the folder with the company file. It is usually in the QUickBooks folder
  • The user will then have to right click the company file and select the copy option
  • Also, right click anywhere on the windows desktop and select paste tab
  • After that, right click the copied company file and select rename. Name the file or add the word test
  • The next step is to open the QuickBooks software and move to the file menu and select the open or restore company
  • And lastly, the user needs to select the company file, you copied to the desktop and select open

In case you can open the copied company file, then the file location is the issue:

  • The user needs to move the copied company file from the windows desktop back to the original folder. And use this as the main company file from now on
  • And also, find the original company file copied. After that right click it and select rename option. Also, add the word old to the name.

Note: In case the user is unable to paste the file to any other location, then the file might be used by someone else. To complete the process safely, you can ask the user to log out the file and make an attempt once again.

Wrap up..!!

These were a few of the methods to fix the issue of QuickBooks unable to open the company file. Thus, opting for any of the above methods can work in your favor and help you to fix the error with much ease. However, if by any chance none of the methods worked in your favor, or the error continues to trouble you even after trying out all the methods, then feel free to call us at +1-888-300-3913.

At times, certain things can be fixed only by professionals. Therefore, you can call us and contact our QuickBooks enterprise support team for expert assistance. We are hub of experts and certified accounting professionals, who have years of experience and expertise in dealing with errors associated with QuickBooks. Reach us today we would love to help you!

Error – QuickBooks Company File Cannot Be Opened

So you have valiantly been trying to open your QuickBooks Company File but all your efforts have been in vain, is that so?

I can understand how frustrating it gets as the company file is the fundamental block to any organization for it holds the business critical data.

But you don’t need to worry any longer, as here is the full-proof remedy:

Step 1: First things first, make sure that the QuickBooks version you’re using is the latest one in the market.

Step 2: Open the file using the same version which was used last time around. Any difference in versions leads to ambiguity.

Step 3: Instead of using alternate routes, open the file directly through QuickBooks.

Step 4: When you’re getting ready to open the file using QuickBooks, make sure you’re holding down the “ALT” key as that would prevent any reports or other QuickBooks windows from opening.

Step 5: Try to open a sample company file first rather than directly going for broke.

Step 6: If it is possible, move the company file to another location, a new location per se and then try opening it! Sometimes, if luck has it, it’ll open up right away!

Step 7: You might also want to check the properties of the company file and look for any distortions issues with respect to integration, compatibility or file format.

Step 8: If it still isn’t working, try renaming the company file. The odds are pretty less when it comes to this, but still, it is worth a shot

Step 9: After you move the company file to a new location, try opening the file from there.

Step 10: Rename the “.tlg” file.


Step 11: Turn off multi-user hosting.

multi user QB hosting

Step 12: Edit the file extension of the company file.

If the above-lying steps have failed to satisfy your query, try moving the company file to another separate computer altogether. Once you do that, follow these steps and open the desired file. If the file is able to boot successfully on this computer, this implies that there were some issues with the first computer, either with regards to the QuickBooks compatibility, or the system itself.

In a nutshell, follow the underlying steps to the word, progressively till you find the solution to your problem:

  1. Update QuickBooks if necessary.
  2. Run “Reboot.bat”
  3. Perform a clean installation of QuickBooks i.e. start from scratch.
  4. Choose the option “Repair” from the QuickBooks installation window.

After all that has been said and done, if the file still doesn’t open, then most likely your company file is damaged/corrupted.

Quickbooks Error Code 6000 : What Is It And How Do You Fix It?

Are you trying to resolve a QuickBooks error code 6000? Here we offer ways to identify the problems and try to fix them.

QuickBooks Error 6000 | Quickbooks Error Code 6000
What is it?
QuickBooks Error Code 6000 is an error experienced by users when they are trying to open a company file. It is composed of series errors and usually caused by different factors that are listed below:

TLG file corrupted
Corrupted QuickBooks installation file
A firewall is blocking the connection
Damaged company file
Multiple users logged in the same company file
The network connection is incorrectly configured
How do you fix it?
QuickBooks Error 6000 can be resolved easily by restoring a backup, configuring the firewall and antivirus software, opening the company file into another location, and renaming the .ND and .TLG files.

QuickBooks Error 6000 77
What is it?
QuickBooks Error 6000 77 is one of the QB errors experienced by users when they try to access the company file. The error is due to the following reasons: the company file is located on external storage; incorrect folder permission which contains a company file; the company file is opened with a reference from a mapped drive.

How do you fix it?
Below are the methods in which QuickBooks 6000 77 can be resolved:

Use the QuickBooks File Doctor
Rename both the files as “.ND” and “.TLG” files
Configure the firewall ad security software settings
Remake the damaged folder

QuickBooks Error 6000 80
What is it?
QuickBooks Error 6000 80 occurs when users try to open the “QuickBooks Company File” and QuickBooks is unable to access the company file.

The error is caused by the following reasons:
Hosting is active on multiple computers running QuickBooks over the Network for QuickBooks Data File
The QuickBooks Data may have been restored or converted over the network which may have been done locally
QuickBooks is unable to communicate with the company file located on the host or server computer
The file size is too huge for the corresponding.TLG
Damaged QuickBooks company file
How do you fix it?
Here are the options to troubleshoot this error:
Single-use mode
QuickBooks Data File Diagnostic Tool to detect the “data damages in QuickBooks Data File”.
Copy the file to the local drive.
Multi-user environment
QuickBooks Data File Diagnostic Tool to detect the “data damages in QuickBooks Data File
Use the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool
Copy the file to the local drive
QuickBooks Error 6000 83
What is it?
QuickBooks Error 6000 83 occurs when the user tries to access, restore or backup the company file. It can happen anytime and can be time-consuming and can hamper your productivity.

How do you fix it?
There are several ways to solve the problem of QuickBooks Error 6000 83. These solutions depend on how QuickBooks is used by the client. For instance, if the user attempts to open the company file, QuickBooks 6000 83 can be fixed manually. QuickBooks File Doctor is also recommended, and turning off hosting on all computers that try to access the company file over the network.

If the user attempts to restore the company file, it is recommended to verify that the file name and the file path are not causing QuickBooks Error 6000 83, and change the extension of the company file.

QuickBooks Error 6000 and 832
What is it? QuickBooks Error 8000 832 is an error code which mainly arises due to a damaged company file. The error indicates that there is a hosting issue with .nd file. This error will restrict the user from opening the file.

Here are a few solutions for QuickBooks 6000 832:
Ensure that QuickBooks is up to date
Rename .ND and .TLG files
Open sample company file
Copy QuickBooks File on Desktop
Restore Backup
Check whether “hosting” is switched off on all the systems
End all QuickBooks operations
Confirm folder permissions
QuickBooks Error 6010
What is it?
QuickBooks 6010 appears while installing QB, and it needs to be reinstalled. There are several factors that lead to QuickBooks Error 6010, such as disconnected .ND files from QuickBooks and .TLG files; the registry-optimizing application present in your system has deleted your QuickBooks registry files; and an antivirus program, such as ESET NOD32 is blocking QuickBooks from reaching Network and system.

How do you fix it?
You can resolve QuickBooks Error code 5010 immediately by following some simple methods.

Option 1: Restart QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Option 2: Restore your Company file

Option 3: Flip to single-user mode

Option 4: Rename .ND file extension

Option 5: Block multi-user holing access

Option: Reinstall QuickBooks

QuickBooks Error 6123
What is it?
QuickBooks error 6123 occurs when a user tries to restore QuickBooks company files from backup hard disk or opens a company file from the multi-network server. This error is due to the following reasons: restoring a company file from an external storage device; disrupted network connection from the host server; damaged QuickBooks Company data file; firewall settings interrupting QuickBooks to open the company; McAfee antivirus service is installed on the computer, and damaged Windows.

How do you fix it?
QuickBooks Error 6123 can be resolved following different methods: Download QuickBooks File Doctor; rename .ND and .TLG file; move company file to a different location; use the auto data recovery features. Disable the antivirus programs; reinstall QuickBooks; Create a new window user.

QuickBooks Error 6123 0 | Quickbooks Error Codes (-6123 0) | 6123 0 Quickbooks Error
What is it?
QuickBooks Error 6123 0 occurs when the user is opening the company file over a network or multi-user mode, upgrading a company file to a newer version of QuickBooks or if the user wants to restore the backup but gets QuickBooks Error 6123 0.

How do you fix it?
QuickBooks Error 6123 0 can be fixed with QuickBooks File Doctor. However, if the file doctor cannot help you to run your system, then it is recommended to use manual steps. You can also get support from an Intuit Certified QuickBooks Expert to save your time and effort.

QuickBooks Error 6129
What is it?
QuickBooks Error 6129 happens when the database connection verification fails or QuickBooks was looking to access the company files. The error message will appear as “Database Connection verification failure”. As a result, you are unable to Open the Company records.

How do you fix it?
Below are different ways to solve QuickBooks Error 6129:

Rename .ND file
Copy company file to another location
Restart computer in the safe mode
Ensure “all computers” are in the same domain
QuickBooks Error 6144 82 | Quickbooks Error Code 6144 82
What is it?
QuickBooks Error 6144 82 occurs most of the time while opening any company file which is used by any other application. It is often caused by a wrongly configured system setting and any irregularities in the Windows registry.< class=”howstyle”/p>

How do you fix it?
Set the user permission
Install and launch the Windows error repair tool
Rename .TLG and .ND files
Repair your Windows registry
QuickBooks Error 6147 0
What is it?
QuickBooks Error 6147 0 occurs when attempting to open a company file or a backup file in QuickBooks when the company file is damaged or not properly located. The error occurs when you are trying to restore a company file backup from a network drive or locally.

How do you fix it?
Save a copy of the backup file to another local computer system
Trend Micro antivirus security for your computer
Configure the settings of Trend Micro Active Scan and you have to keep the folder aside that holds company file
Run the rebuild utility
QuickBooks Error 6150
What is it?
QuickBooks Error 6150 occurs when the user is not able to open the company file. This error may be due to damaged company files, as well as a damaged QuickBooks installation.

How do you fix it?
If QuickBooks Error 6150 is linked to a “file-extension” of the company file, then you need to consider changing the file extension and save the company file with the correct extension. You also need to try to reinstall QuickBooks. Update with a good antivirus before opening up the company file.

QuickBooks Error 6150 and 1006
What is it?
QuickBooks Error 6150 and 1006 are encountered while creating, opening or working on your company file in QuickBooks. The error is caused by various factors such as corrupted or damaged company files, incomplete installation of QuickBooks Desktop software on Windows, and others.

How do you fix it?
Restore the backup of your company file
Use QuickBooks Auto Data-Recovery to remove QuickBooks Error codes 6150
Scan your computer using an antivirus program
Reinstall QuickBooks using the Clean Install tool
QuickBooks Error 6175
What is it?
QuickBooks Error 6175 is experienced by the user when they try to access a company file which is located in the software. This happens when QuickBooks cannot read the QuickBooks Database Services. The QuickBooks Database services are the files that help them with hosting the system that is involved.

How do you fix it?
Use QuickBooks File doctor.
Ensure that the QuickBooks database server manager is properly installed on your computer
Set the appropriate server for hosting.
Change QuickBooks DBXX service to the local system account.
Check for any firewall or system security software executable files, such as QBW32.exe, and QBUpdate.exe.
Uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks on your computer.
QuickBooks Error 6175 0
What is it?
QuickBooks Error 6175 0 is an error that you encounter when you try to host a QuickBooks company file for multi-user access. This error is triggered to pop-up on the screen when the multi-user sharing is not set up properly.< class=”howstyle”/p>

How do you fix it?
Check if QuickBooks is hosting the file properly.
Use QuickBooks File Doctor
Check Hosting Settings

QuickBooks Error 6177
What is it?
QuickBooks Error 6177 happens when users try to open or access the company file. The error is displayed on your screen as “QuickBooks is attempting to open this Company file”. QuickBooks is unable to follow the path for opening the company file.

How do you fix it?
QuickBooks Error 6177 can easily be fixed by making sure that you have the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop on your computer. You also need to reboot your computer and check if the error has been resolved.

QuickBooks Error 6177 0 | 6177 0 Quickbooks Error
What is it?
QuickBooks Error 6177 0 is one of the most common errors a user encounters. This error occurs whenever a user tries to open a company file and QuickBooks Desktop is unable to use the file path to open it.

How do you fix it?
QuickBooks Error 6177 0 can be resolved by moving a file to a local hard drive and with the use of QuickBooks File Doctor. QuickBooks File Doctor is one of the easiest solutions for QuickBooks Error 6177 0. In addition to these, the error can also be resolved manually.

QuickBooks Error 6189 and 816 | Quickbooks Error Code 6189
What is it?
QuickBooks Error 6189 occurs when you try to open or access QuickBooks company file from a Network Device in a QuickBooks multi-user set up. Make sure to have QuickBooks file storage instructions in place about QuickBooks’ multi-user environment failing that could lead to the QuickBooks Error 6189.

How do you fix it?
Users need to restart the computer and open QuickBooks again. In addition to this, update QuickBooks Desktop to its latest version and restart the program and try opening the file. It is also recommended not to store files in the local folders related to any File Sharing services or Cloud storage applications. You also need to allow full access permissions to QuickBooks, Processes and Data Access.

QuickBooks Error 6190 and 816 | Quickbooks Error Code 6190
What is it?
QuickBooks Error 6190 and 816 is one of the most common errors found. There are times when you open the company files then this error occurs. This happens when another user is logged into the company file in a single-user mode. It can also happen when the transaction log file and the company file are mismatched.

How do you fix it?
Fixing QuickBooks Error 6190 and 816 can be done with the use of the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool. In addition to this, you also need to fix the mismatch. The files should also be renamed.

QuickBooks Error 6073
What is it?
QuickBooks Error 6073 is one of the common errors encountered by users. Users, in general, are not able to open the company files. The error means that some other user is also opening or already opened the same company file using the single-user mode.

How do you fix it?
The problem can be fixed with QuickBooks File Doctor. In addition to this software, users also need to find out the exact reason behind the error in order to solve it. Users have to switch to the multi-user mode ad sometimes the server admin ends all of the opened QuickBooks session by using the task manager.

QuickBooks Error Code 6210 0
What is it?
QuickBooks Error 6210 occurs when the computer is not in good condition to work or process properly. Whenever you try to open the company file, the error prompts up. It is therefore vital to update your Windows regularly and keep the system junk-free.

How do you fix it?
In many instances, the use of QuickBooks File Doctor will solve the problem. However, you may also opt to resolve it manually in different ways.

Unable to Open QuickBooks Desktop (Windows)

If you’re unable to open QuickBooks Desktop that can be a big hurdle for you and your business financial activities.

So, In this post, we’ll discuss about its causes and steps to fix it permanently.

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Things to do before fixing this problem

A. Make sure QuickBooks is running with the latest release

As you cannot open the QuickBooks desktop, you need to suppress QuickBooks desktop.

1. Press and hold down the CTRL key from the keyboard and make a double click on QuickBooks desktop icon
2. Don’t release the Ctrl key until QuickBooks is open on your computer. You may see a window as shown in below image and then proceed further
3. If QuickBooks Desktop doesn’t start please speak with our experts

Unable to Open QuickBooks Desktop

C. Make sure your QuickBooks desktop app is not corrupted or Damaged

Create a sample file in QuickBooks and if you get an error while creating it that means there is an installation issue with QuickBooks.

IMPORTANT: Process to fix this problem may complex you can speak with our experts for the quick resolution. TollFree +1-888-300-3913 or let us call you.

6 Simple Steps to Fix “Unable to Open QuickBooks Desktop” Issue

Step 1: Open the QuickBooks Company File from QuickBooks Desktop

1. Go to File > Open or Restore Company…
2. Select the suitable type of QuickBooks file that you want to open and then click Next
3. Browse the location of your company file
4. Select the file and click Open

Step 2: Rename .ND and .TLG files

QuickBooks Won't Open

Step 3: Copy QuickBooks Company File to a New Location

If your company file is located on a network, copy that and paste it to the local drive on your computer you’re working on. If you can open company file locally in your computer please troubleshoot your network using QuickBooks File Doctor

1. Open the File Explorer (Windows key +R) and go to Local Disk (C:)
2. Make a right-click on a blank space and select New > Folder
3. Now open your company file location
4. Press and hold Ctrl key from the keyboard
5. Select your company file(.QBW) and corresponding files such as .TLG and .ND
6. Now make a right-click, select Copy and release the Ctrl key
7. Now go back to your new folder and make a right-click and select Paste

Step 4: Check properties and file extension of your company file

1. Open your company file location
2. Now make a right-click on your company file and choose Properties
3. Make sure the type of file is QuickBooks Company File (.qbw) and file size should be at least 7 MB
4. Now click on Advanced and ensure that Compress contents to save disk space is unchecked under Compress or Encrypt attributes section
5. Click OK

Unable to open QuickBooks Desktop

Step 5: Rename Company File

Step 6: Uninstall and Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop

In order to fix this problem, you may need to uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks desktop.  or transfer your QuickBooks to a new computer and try to open your company file there. If you can open the company into the new computer it means your current computer may have some issues. We recommend you to contact your IT people or Microsoft Support for more troubleshooting.

After following all the above steps you can open your QuickBooks desktop on your computer but in case it still exists please contact our experts. TollFree +1-888-300-3913 or leave us your message.

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