How to Resolve Email Issues in QuickBooks Desktop?

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QuickBooks is an efficient accounting tool and has gained a lot of appreciation and popularity amongst the small and medium-sized businesses because of its innovative design, top technology, and user-friendly qualities. The features in QuickBooks are well equipped to promote business growth, organize and well manage business transactions on a day to day basis.

You send emails to your clients on a daily basis. These might be for marketing, sending invoices, seeking information, etc. “Direct Printing from the software itself” feature in QuickBooks Online allows quick and smooth transaction of emails. You don’t need to download the file and print it after that instead you can access it anywhere & anytime and process direct email to your customers, debtors, and clients.

However, sometimes there might arise issue in sending emails from QuickBooks. It is essential to know the right reason for this problem. There can be many issues related to various components of the email sending process.  Let’s see what these issues can be and how to resolve them.

Error: QuickBooks is not able to process email to Outlook

Reasons for QuickBooks Desktop Email Issues:

  • Email preference set up incorrectly
  • Damaged or incorrect MAPI32.dll file.
  • QuickBooks running as an administrator
  • Improper or incorrect QB installation.
  • Improper or incorrect Outlook installation.
  • When emailing by QuickBooks, Outlook is running in the background.

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Steps to Fix Email Issues in QuickBooks Desktop

Step 1: Ensure that QuickBooks is not running as Administrator:

  • Right Click QuickBooks icon
  • Choose Properties
  • Select the Compatibility Tab
  • Deselect – “Run this program as Administrator” option
  • Select OK and Restart QuickBooks

Step 2: Check and Fix Email Preferences in QuickBooks

  • Navigate to Edit >> Preferences >> Send Forms >> My Preferences
  • Choose “Send e-mail using the option” as per choice & Click OK.
  • Close QuickBooks & Restart Windows
  • Try to send an Email again

Step 3: Correct Email Preferences in Internet Explorer

  • Close QuickBooks and Navigate to Internet Options
  • Go to Programs tab
  • Choose the Correct Email Program as default
  • Click Apply & OK
  • Open QuickBooks and Send the email again

New Email Error Plaguing QuickBooks Desktop Users of Outlook

QuickBooks Desktop users are inundating QuickBooks technical support with a new round of problems resulting from the sudden inability to send forms like Invoices, Purchase Orders or Estimates when they use Outlook as their email preference within QuickBooks.  The exact cause of the problem hasn’t yet been ‘released’, but personally I believe it may have been the result of a very recent Microsoft Outlook ‘security update’ that is still in the process of being rolled-out because even some of my clients at the same businesses have not yet been impacted over the last 24+ hours, while others in the same office have.

What’s common is that they all use Microsoft Outlook for their email, and they all send forms from within QuickBooks Desktop. Those impacted may get a series of messages telling them that there are problems with Microsoft Outlook, but when they click through those pop-up boxes they ultimately all come to the final pop-up like the one shown below.ExpandQB-Outlook-email

Closing Outlook and trying again isn’t the answer for this problem, you could do this ‘all year’ and the problem would never be solved.

Intuit has a team of engineers working on this problem, and Customer Support can provide you or your clients with assistance if you can wait on the phone long enough.  If you are entitled to ProAdvisor Support then you should have fairly speedy assistance, depending on the call volume and time of day… but their really is ‘no fix’, only a work around.

The Work Around

Until there is a fix, the work around is the only solution. The work around relies on the ‘Web mail’ option under preferences rather than the ‘Outlook’ option. This is a ‘User based’ work around, so you will have to set-it-up for each user that uses any computer where QuickBooks is installed and also for each QuickBooks Company file from which they email forms.

1) Under the User log-in select Edit, then choose Preferences.

2) Select the Send Forms preference, and then choose the My Preferences tab.ExpandQB-outlook-email-problem-workaround-01

Existing Outlook users should have Outlook selected (as shown in the yellow box).

3) Deselect ‘Outlook’ by selecting ‘Web Mail Providers (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)’. In response QuickBooks changes the interface.ExpandQB-outlook-email-problem-workaround-02

Choose ‘Web Mail Providers’ for the temporary work around, you will still use the Outlook web mail server.

4) Click the Add button to configure the outbound ‘send email’ web server information. You will need to have access to your Outlook email server account information.ExpandQB-outlook-email-problem-workaround-03

The information shown here is for illustration purposes only, it may not be appropriate to you. You should use the information for your own Outlook email server.

5) Enter the Email Address, enter Email Provider as ‘Others’, enter the Send Email (SMTP) Server Name, and Send Email SMTP Port #, and check the box if your server requires SSL/TLS. If you don’t know this information, contact your IT Professional.

6) Click ‘OK‘ when you have entered all details correctly. QuickBooks returns to the previous ‘My Preferences’ window, note that the ‘Select Default’ next to your email address now shows the Current Default.Expand


7) Click ‘OK‘ in the upper right corner of the Preferences window. Preferences close normally.

8) Proceed to attempt to email any Invoice. In the example below you will see that the ‘Send Invoice’ window opens, this isn’t as slick as the Outlook email you have been using but remember this is a ‘temporary workaround’ and the only fix for the moment.  Click Send.ExpandQB-Outlook-email-problem-workaround-05

The workaround uses the internal email ‘windows’ and templates even though it is still using your own Outlook Email account.

9) The first time you use this you must enter your Outlook Email Password for your Email Account. Then click ‘OK‘.ExpandQB-Outlook-email-problem-workaround-06

Once you enter your password, you won’t have to enter it again.

10) Your Email with the attached Invoice should be on its way, and a little pop-up message will confirm that QuickBooks sent it. You are back in business, yes a different way, and perhaps a little less efficient, but still functional.  By the way, for Invoices sent this way, these emails will show up in the Sent Email tab of the Customer window.

How to Resolve Error QuickBooks Is Unable to Send Your Email to Outlook?

Sending email from QuickBooks through Outlook is a widely used and significant function in QuickBooks Desktop. Furthermore, emailing directly from QuickBooks is one of the most convenient features. In addition, if you use QuickBooks Outlook integration to send emails, it saves your time and effort. Moreover, the benefits of sending QuickBooks emails from outlook is that the sent copy of Invoice or Estimate is saved in for future references. But at times, QuickBooks outlook email error obstructs the process hence, QuickBooks is unable to send the emails to Outlook. Likewise, this article defines the steps to resolve “QuickBooks is unable to send your emails to Outlook” Error.

Get rid of the legacy method to print, scan and then email attachments, Outlook QuickBooks integration is an inbuilt feature of QuickBooks Desktop. Then, let QuickBooks outlook integrated emailing gets the job done with few clicks in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Is Unable to Send Your Email to Outlook

Moreover, this article explains the causes of the error. The common causes of QuickBooks outlook issues are cited underneath for your understanding, followed by How to solve Outlook QuickBooks issues.

Causes of “QuickBooks Is Unable to Send Your Email to Outlook”

  1. This message shows up if your computer has incorrect email settings.
  2. A damaged MAPI32.dll file can also result in this Error: QuickBooks is unable to send your emails to Outlook.
  3. If QuickBooks is running as an administrator the error shows up.
  4. Damaged QuickBooks components can also lead to QuickBooks Outlook email error.
  5. Unsupported Outlook Version stops QuickBooks to send emails.
  6. Your outlook account is open in the background while you were sending an email.
  7. Damaged Outlook Application etc.

How to Fix QuickBooks Outlook Email Error Message?

If your QuickBooks is unable to send your email to Outlook, perform steps to resolve QuickBooks Outlook email issues. Below are the multiple methods to get rid of QuickBooks Outlook Email Error Message with resolution steps.

Method 1: Switch QuickBooks to the non-administrative mode

  • Firstly, right, click on QuickBooks Symbol on your computer Desktop Screen.
  • Secondly, select Properties from the menu and then Compatibility
  • Thirdly, remove the Check Mark before Run this Program as Administrator
  • Then, open and Update your QuickBooks.
  • Next, Update your Windows and Restart the computer.
  • Finally, open QuickBooks and after the computer restart and try to send the email.

Method 2: Reconfigure QuickBooks Email Preferences

  • Open QuickBooks and the company file.
  • From the menu bar Click on Edit menu >>> Preferences option >>> Send Forms.
  • Select My Preferences Tab, Select Outlook as email option and Click
  • Close the company file and QuickBooks.
  • Open QuickBooks again and try to email the item with QuickBooks Outlook email problem occurred.

If you still have the same QuickBooks Error sending emails with Outlook, proceed to the next method to resolve QuickBooks email problems.

Method 3: Check and configure the QuickBooks Email Preferences in Internet Explorer

  • Sign out from the Company File and close the QuickBooks application.
  • Press Windows + R key simultaneously and type explorer and click OK option to open Internet Explorer.
  • Under the Tools menu, select Internet Options followed by Program Tab.
  • The default email program must be Microsoft Outlook. Make the necessary changes if default app is different.
  • Click Apply followed by
  • Close the Internet Explorer Windows and open QuickBooks again.
  • Try sending the email again, you shouldn’t have the QuickBooks email problems any longer.

Method 4: Check and Repairing MAPI32.dll File

MAPI32.dll is a Microsoft Windows Component referred to as “Messaging Application Programming Interface” (MAPI) protocol to bridge messaging communication with the Microsoft Office and the QuickBooks Desktop as well. If there is any problem with this file QuickBooks Outlook Integration problems can occur. Furthermore, this method is very important and full of technicalities involved in it to resolve QuickBooks Outlook email problems.

  • Open Microsoft Word and an exiting document.
  • Click on the Mailing menu and send it yourself as a PDF attachment.
  • If your Outlook Opens with errors verifies that the MAPI32.dll file is alright.
  • Call QuickBooks Technical Support for a diagnosis done on your QuickBooks.
  • If you come across an error emailing the document from MS-Word, follow the steps to fix the MAPI32.dll file.
    1. Close all the open programs
    2. Open the directory with the path c:\windows\system32
    3. Locate and double click Fixmapi.exe and follow the instructions as prompted.
    4. Restart the computer after the repair ends.

The MAPI file repair resolves QuickBooks Outlook email problems most of the times. You should have an error while you send forms from QuickBooks to outlook after the successful repair. Last but not least, if the QuickBooks email problems through Outlook still prevails try Method 5.

Method 5: Tune-up your Outlook and Reinstall QuickBooks with clean install.

  1. Close all the open applications and save you unsaved work before you do it.
  2. Open Task Manager and end all the QuickBooks processes.
  3. Rename all the QuickBooks application and program file with clean install tool and restart the PC.
  4. Manually rename the folder which was not renamed.
  5. Uninstall QuickBooks and reboot the computer. (Note: Make note of your license and Product Number)
  6. Insert installation disk or download an installation source copy from the internet.
  7. Run the installation wizard and follow the instructions.
  8. Open QuickBooks and reactivate your product.
  9. Update your QuickBooks with an option from the help menu.
  10. Open your company file and try sending the email.

You shouldn’t have this Error: QuickBooks is unable to send your emails to Outlook anymore if the problem persists, it is recommended to get in touch with a Certified ProAdvisor who can offer blended support for Non-Intuit issues as well.  Intuit doesn’t support Microsoft applications, you can try it yourself if you are comfortable performing these tasks or go as per the recommendation. This blog will certainly help you resolve the issue in very less time. If the problem still exists, connect with our certified experts. Call us on our QuickBooks Error Support Phone Number +1-888-300-3913.

How to Resolve Email Issues in QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks is a good accounting software and has won numerous appreciation and recognition among the small and medium-sized companies on account of its cutting edge design, most sensible era, and user-friendly qualities. The options in QuickBooks are neatly provided to advertise trade expansion, arrange and neatly set up trade transactions on a daily foundation.

You ship emails on your purchasers each day. These may well be for advertising, sending invoices, in search of knowledge, and many others. “Direct Printing from the instrument itself” function in QuickBooks Online lets in fast and clean transaction of emails. You don’t want to obtain the file and print it after that as a substitute you’ll get admission to it anyplace & anytime and procedure direct electronic mail on your consumers, borrowers, and purchasers.

However, every now and then there may get up factor in sending emails from QuickBooks. It is very important to grasp the proper explanation why for this drawback. There will also be many problems associated with more than a few elements of the e-mail sending procedure.  Let’s see what those problems will also be and how one can get to the bottom of them.

Error: QuickBooks isn’t ready to procedure electronic mail to Outlook

Reasons for QuickBooks Desktop Email Issues:

  • Email desire arrange incorrectly
  • Damaged or unsuitable MAPI32.dll file.
  • QuickBooks operating as an administrator
  • Improper or unsuitable QB set up.
  • Improper or unsuitable Outlook set up.
  • When emailing by way of QuickBooks, Outlook is operating within the background.

Steps to Fix Email Issues in QuickBooks Desktop

Step 1: Ensure that QuickBooks isn’t operating as Administrator:

  • Right Click QuickBooks icon
  • Choose Properties
  • Select the Compatibility Tab
  • Deselect – “Run this program as Administrator” choice
  • Select OK and Restart QuickBooks

Step 2: Check and Fix Email Preferences in QuickBooks

  • Navigate to Edit >> Preferences >> Send Forms >> My Preferences
  • Choose “Send e mail the usage of the choice” as in step with selection & Click OK.
  • Close QuickBooks & Restart Windows
  • Try to ship an Email once more

Step 3: Correct Email Preferences in Internet Explorer

  • Close QuickBooks and Navigate to Internet Options
  • Go to Programs tab
  • Choose the Correct Email Program as default
  • Click Apply & OK
  • Open QuickBooks and Send the e-mail once more

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