How to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 6154?

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Whenever you are using any version of QuickBooks, it is possible that some of the other error might show up. One of such error is QuickBooks Error 6154.  They are given the name of code so that identifying them and resolving them becomes easy. This is like any other prescription that the doctor would give in for the specific symptoms seen.

Why QuickBooks Error 6154 Occurs?

Error 6154 occurs due to two main reasons. It happens either when the software is unable to find the location or is unable to open the desired company file. Whatever the reason, there are guided steps to solve the same.

Solution to Fix QuickBooks Error 6154

QuickBooks Error 6154 can be fixed by following either one or more steps from the list mentioned below. They are:

  1. Try to ensure that your system has the latest version of the sync managers of Intuit.
  2. Try to install the latest version of QuickBooks
  3. Check the updates of the windows and also QuickBooks, This would ensure that things are up to the date and working with ease.
  4. Try to install a good anti-virus which can keep your company or business files even after scanning the system.
  5. One can try to reset the sync manager from QuickBooks help menu. This has to be done after logging in with the existing user ID and password. Then you need to allow the sync manager the existing first sync that might have happened.
  6. You can also resolve the issue by copying the desired company file to some other location than the existing location. This can be done easily like any other copying and pasting onto the desired location.

This was all about QuickBooks Error 6154 and the steps needed to resolve it. Hopefully, it is helpful in solving this error. One can find them quite useful at times of emergency and error. Plus the team of professionals is already there to solve any issue that you might be facing. They are available on QuickBooks Error Support Desk Number +1-888-300-3913.

How To Fix Quickbooks Error 6154? Get QuickBooks Support

QuickBooks error “6154” occurs when QuickBooks company file is not opened or QuickBooks is unable to open specified folder or file. When this error occurs, your system will show an error message showing that there is an error while connecting to your company file and you are unable to gain access to the specified file or folder. The main cause of this error is because the folder containing QuickBooks containing file could not be assessed.

Get best QuickBooks technical support and guidance at  to fix QuickBooks error 6154 by the QuickBooks technical experts. There are some solutions that can ease your problem, such as log in as Windows user that has permission to access the folder where the QuickBooks company file is stored. To get more help and guidance to fix QuickBooks error “6154”, you better contact QuickBooks technical support by dialing a toll-free QuickBooks technical support number.

How to Eliminate QuickBooks Error Code 6154?

If you confront QuickBooks Error Code 6154, then you must know why it happens all of the sudden. So, basically, the error code 6454 arises, when QuickBooks company file doesn’t open or QuickBooks software unable to find the specified location of your files or folders. Though, every problem has its desired solution. So, don’t feel bad! If you experience such an error code in QuickBooks and unfortunately can’t handle it by your own. Contact QuickBooks Helpdesk Number to avail help from experts.

Effectual Steps to Eliminate QuickBooks Error Code 6154

Check the troubleshooting guides mentioned below to fix QuickBooks Error Code 6154:

Solution 1:

  1. Firstly, you have to do is to restart your computer
  2. Now ‘Login‘ to your computer as ‘System Administrator‘
  3. After doing that, you will be permitted to access the folder where you have stored the QuickBooks company file

In case, yet QuickBooks company file is not opened and display the same error code during this process, then use the next provided solution to fix it.

Solution 2:

  1. Once you restart your PC, you will have to login to your system as an Administrator
  2. And then, you are suggested to try to sync your files or folders in your ‘C:\ drive‘ with the use of ‘Sync Now‘ option

If that particular folder or file are not syncing and yet showing QuickBooks Error Code 6154, then go to the next resolution method. It might help you!

Solution 3:

  1. First log in to your operating device as the ‘System Administrator‘
  2. Next, move your company file and reset your ‘adjust Manager‘
  3. Now, transfer the folder from the previous location to another folder in your computer
  4. Browse your computer and choose a replacement location for your file
  5. After that create a new folder in the newly chosen location
  6. Now copy the files or the folder from the previous location and transfer them to the new location
  7. You may also select those file that you want to move to new location and then press “Ctrl + X” keys to chop those file. You can conjointly copy them by pressing the “Ctrl + C” keys from your keyboard
  8. And then go to the new location and press “Ctrl + V” keys simultaneously to paste those files in the current location
  9. Once you appropriately move the files, you need to reset ‘Sync Manager‘
  10. To do this, firstly you have to navigate to the “QuickBooks Help” menu
  11. And then select the ‘Manage Data Sync‘ and tap on “Reset Sync Manager” tab
  12. After that enter your credentials which includes your ‘User ID and password‘
  13. Now, permit ‘Sync Manager‘ to complete the first sync

Contact QuickBooks Helpdesk Number to Solve QuickBooks Errors

With the aforementioned resolution process, we just hope that you will be able to annihilate Error 6154 from QuickBooks.In case, you are still unable to cope-up this error code even through consciously following the provided solutions, then don’t worry! We are with you. Simply, put a single call at QuickBooks Helpdesk Number and frequently talk to our well-educated and talented technicians.

Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 6154

Learn the best ways to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6154

Intuit’s accounting software QuickBooks – is one of the best known bookkeeping software used all over the world. In fact, it has changed the way accounting, bookkeeping and payroll were performed and that’s why it is being used by hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses. This software not only helps in accounting, but also helps businesses with their sales and financial management.

Even though it is one of the best accounting programs, it does run into trouble. One of the most common error that users generally face is the QuickBooks error code 6154. When this error happens then the message is displayed on the screen as:

“Error 6154 occurred when QuickBooks company file not open or QuickBooks unable to open specified folder or file.’’

When this error happens then users are not able to open any of the company file in as the computer will have problems in getting connected with the company file. This leads to QuickBooks software being unable to access any particular file or folder. To fix this error users can take help from QuickBooks Support team or follow the below given troubleshooting actions that is recommended by experts.

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What causes QuickBooks error code 6154?

One or more of the following reasons me lead to QuickBooks Error 6154:

  • Corrupt QuickBooks company file or folder
  • You aren’t logged in to QuickBooks as an admin
  • You aren’t logged in to your computer as an admin
  • Incorrect file or folder path
  • Missing file or incorrect location

Steps to Solve QuickBooks Error Code 6154

To fix this QuickBooks error code 6154 follow the below mentioned steps:

Solution 1: Log on to your computer as an Admin

  • First thing to do is start your computer again.
  • Now ‘Login‘ to your computer as the ‘System Administrator‘.
Run as Administrator - Screenshot

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Solution 2: Sync your files to your computer’s hard drive (C: drive)

  • Log on to your computer as the ‘System administrator‘ once you have restarted it.
  • After this you have to try syncing your files or folders in your C:\ drive‘ by using the ‘Sync Now‘ option.

Solution 3: Reset sync manager

  • First log into your system as the ‘System administrator‘.
  • After this ‘Move all your company file‘ and then reset your ‘sync Manager‘.
  • Once done then move the folder from the previous location to any other folder in your system.
  • Browse your computer and choose a ‘New location‘ for the file.
  • After this make a new folder in the newly chose location.
  • Now copy the file from the old location and move them to the new one.
  • Now reset ‘Sync Manager‘.
    • First go to the ‘QuickBooks Help Menu
    • Then select the ‘Manage Data Sync‘ and click on the ‘Reset Sync Manager tab
    • After this provide your credentials which includes your ‘user ID and password‘.
    • And then permit ‘Sync Manager‘ to complete the first sync.

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Final Note..!

In case, you still face the QuickBooks error code 6154 issue, then you should seek assistance from QuickBooks Enterprise Support by dialing the toll-free +1-888-300-3913. Our Intuit Certified ProAdvisors will provide you a quick and easy solution to QB related technical problems.

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