How to use Automated Password Reset Tool for QuickBooks Desktop?

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The amount of passwords people have to remember has increased to a massive extent, which is why many cases of forgetting passwords have also increased in the same proportion. Hence, it is fair to predict that you may forget your QuickBooks Administrator password too. This brings in a strong need of using the ultimate, QuickBooks Password Reset Tool to restore your access.

Addressing Security Concerns

Cybersecurity concerns have given rise to QuickBooks password retrieval process. Intuit has always supplied the QuickBooks password tool for many years. Furthermore, as the knowledge of using this tool has spread to a larger area, so has been abused.

Previously, it was noticed that a lot of people could obtain QuickBooks Company file, authorizing them to retrieve and steal essential information considering financial and other business data from a personal account. By requiring users to enter their Canadian Social Insurance Number, QuickBooks has somehow lowered the increasing cases of theft.

However, if anyone faces issues while resetting their QuickBooks passwords, then we have a solution here. QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool can help you reset password in QuickBooks Desktop.

How To Use the Automated Password Reset Tool?

The Automated password reset tool can be utilized to reset your QuickBooks Admin password in QuickBooks 2008 and future version.

  1. Select the tool based on the version of QuickBooks you are currently using:
    • Automated Password reset tool for QuickBooks Desktop US
    • Automatic Password reset tool for QuickBooks Desktop Canada
    • Automated Password reset tool for QuickBooks Desktop UK

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Select the version of QuickBooks Desktop you use

Fill in the QuickBooks license number and business information used when registering QuickBooks, then press Next.

US Customers Only:  In case you observe that the details you have provided do not match, then log in to your Intuit account at to ensure these pieces of information are correct:

  • Primary Contact name and email address
  • Primary Mailing address (especially zip code)
  • License number (under Products and Services)
  • Phone number (under Account Details)
  1. Accept the License Agreement. The Automated password reset tool will be downloaded instantly (if the automatic download does not function, select download now).
  2. Run the Automated Password Reset Tool.
  3. Enter the token number received via email.
  4. From QuickBooks Desktop Products drop-down, select the same QuickBooks version.
  5. Select Browse for Company File, then select the company file that you want to reset the password for.

Note: In case, you are resetting the password for an Accountant’s Copy working file (.QBA), you will need to type *.* in the file name box and hit Enter. This will permit you to see and select .QBA files.

  1. Enter your New Password, then Confirm New Password.
  2. Select Reset Password to complete the process.

With this, you should now be able to open QuickBooks and log in to your company file using the new password you just set for yourself. The password reset tool can only be used for one-time; the verification form will need to be filled out again to generate a new token.

How to determine which version of QuickBooks is being used?

Search for the product version and release numbers, after that choose the product from the list and check the version and release information and follow some instructions.

  • QuickBooks Statement Writer: In QuickBooks, choose Reports and QuickBooks Statement Writer.
  • After the program opens, select Help, then select About QuickBooks Statement Writers. Version information can be found in the About window.
  • Point Of Sale: Choose Help > Product Information. There, you will find a Version or Release Information.
  • QuickBooks Basic Or Enhanced Payroll: Select Employees > Payroll Centers. Click Payroll Tab.
  • QuickBooks For Mac: Select Help > Product Information.
  • QuickBooks Desktop: Press F2 to open the Product Information Window.

It is crucial for you to have Net Framework 4.5 installed to access the Password Reset Tool.

Select the QuickBooks Desktop version you last updated to open your Quickbooks company file.

  • From the QuickBooks version, select your version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Fill in the QuickBooks license number and business information used when registering QuickBooks, then click Submit.
  • After that accept the license agreement and click the Download button.
  • On the next screen, click the Download Now link.

It is important to make sure that when it asks you to Access or Save, save it to your Desktop.

  • Enter the token number you got via email in the Token Number field.
  • Then select your QuickBooks version on the QuickBooks Products drop-down menu.
  • Click Browse for Company File and select the company file that you want to reset the password.
  • Enter your new password in the New Password and Confirm Password fields.
  • Then click Reset Password.

Now, you must be able to access the QuickBooks password reset tool easily for various QuickBooks applications. In case you still face further issues then feel free to seek assistance at QuickBooks Desktop Support Number +1-888-300-3913.

QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool for QuickBooks Desktop

Today, Accountwizy with a new article regarding ‘QuickBooks automated password reset tool’. Some of the users are may already know about this, and some of the users may not have any idea regarding this topic. But don’t worry, here we have all the solutions, we will give you the recently updated information regarding this particular topic from Intuit, which will be helpful for the beginners, and also for the old users. Let’s begin the blog:

Sometimes due to, security reasons, we change the QuickBooks Password, and lost the QuickBooks Desktop password. At that time, we need to recover some passwords in QuickBooks or need help to change passwords. Here the one and the only solution that will be work for you is QuickBooks automated password reset tool. At meanwhile, you can consult with our Accountwizy ProAdvisor for instant troubleshooting solutions.

Now the question is that, ‘How the tool will help us to recover the password of QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Point of Sale?’. Don’t worry here is the complete solution download, install and use the automated password reset tool to secure your QuickBooks company file or any other essential data.

How to Use QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool

Here is the procedure to use the automated password reset tool of QuickBooks. Don’t be panic you can use the tool very easily, you just have to follow the points properly. Now we will go for the steps to use the tool, but before that, we have to determine the version of QuickBooks to get the product information.

Remember: If your QuickBook product version is 2020 or higher than you can reset your password within the product.

To Determine Which Version of QuickBooks is Being Used

Search for the product version & launch numbers, after that select the product from the list and check the model & release facts.

QuickBooks ProductsProcedure to Choose the Version in QuickBooks Product
QuickBooks Statement WriterOpen QuickBooks> Select the ‘Reports’> QuickBooks Report Writer> Help> About QuickBooks Report Writer> Search for the version in the About windows
Point of SaleHelp> Product Information> Get the Quickbooks version and release
QuickBooks Basic or Enhanced PayrollEmployees> Payroll Centers> Payroll Tab
QuickBooks for MacClick ‘Help’> Product Information > Get the product information
QuickBooks DesktopPress F2 from your keyboard> Now collect the product information

It is crucial for you to have net Framework 4.5 installed to get the Password Reset device. Choose the QuickBooks desktop version you last up to date to open your QuickBooks organization file.

  • From the QuickBooks version, choose your version of QuickBooks desktop.
  • Fill in the QuickBooks license number & business data used when registering QuickBooks, then click Submit.
  • After that accept the license agreement & click the download button.
  • On the next screen, click the Download Now link.

Make sure that after it asks you to access or save, save it on your desktop.

  • Enter the token number you got through email within the Token number field.
  • Then choose your QuickBooks model on the QuickBooks products drop-down menu.
  • Click on Browse for company document & choose the company file which you need to reset the password.
  • Then click Reset Password.

Procedure to Reset Admin Password in Automated Password Reset Tool for QuickBooks Desktop

Follow the procedure to, reset admin password in automated password reset tool:

Quickbooks Automated Password Reset Tool for QuickBooks Desktop
  • Select your product and version that you want to reset the admin password.
  • After that fill in the details that it required like your product version, license number, first name, last name, Email, Business phone number, and zip code.
  • Accept the License agreements.
  • Now click on next.
  • If your entered details are not matched then first confirm your login details by Log on to this link with your Intuit account.
    • If you are using the camps intuit site for the intuit account then, enter your email ID or user ID in the blank field, and click on the ‘Continue’ option, as shown in the below image.
CAMP Intuit Account
  • Here check your details like user name, E-mail address your Licence number, and phone number.
  • These all information is the same as you provide in your systems QuickBooks Desktop software’s account
  • Enter the correct information and click on next again.
  • The tool is downloading starts automatically if it does not start downloading then click on Download Now button.
  • It asks for Save the file or Runs, you can choose any of one but we recommended to select save the file.
  • Now save the file on the desktop and run it.
  • Now check your registered Email, a password reset token will be sent on your mail ID. that token is required to reset your password.
  • Select your QuickBooks product on the tool with the help fo the Drop-Down menu.
  • Choose the same product that one you were installed in your system.
  • Now choose the company file that you want to reset the password.
  • Keep in mind you need to select the correct company file and the correct Admin user name that you want the reset password.
  • Now enter your new password and confirm Password.
  • Click on the reset button to completely reset your password.

Some important points to noted down:

  • Whenever you fill out all the details of your business in this procedure then, the phone number must be 10 digits without any extension.
  • For the citizen of United States, the +1 extension will automatically added in front of the number, you need not enter it manually.
  • If in case, you are not the user of United States then, you can change the extension by selecting your Country name in the ‘Select Country’ section.
  • Edit the phone number manually, and save it.
  • After doing all these things you can proceed again for the CAMPs Intuit site, if the entered information are not matching, and can continue the same steps given in the above.

Now you can easily access your company file with the help of a newly generated password. The token you will receive on your email that uses only one time. If you want to reset your password again then again generate a token by providing the details on the website

Wrapping Up

So this was the blog about the QuickBooks password reset tool for QuickBooks Desktop, we hope, you like it, and can get a lot of benefits from the blog. If in case, you are facing any kind of issues to follow the steps or any doubts regarding this topic, then you can immediately connect with us through our toll-free number to get ProAdvisor Support at any time and anywhere.

How to Access QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool

Have you forgotten your administrator QuickBooks password? There’s no shame in admitting this as such occurrences are one too many. After all, we’re humans and humans make mistakes. Period!

Don’t feel lost or stranded as soon as you realize that you no longer have the key which would open your QuickBooks door. The application is dynamic in nature and it leaves no stone unturned when it comes to provisioning optimized customer satisfaction.

For all the users who have ever encountered this issue, I would be happy to inform you that QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool has come to your rescue.

Just follow the underlying steps to the word:

Step 1: When you’re looking to reset the password, make sure that the QuickBooks version you used when you previously opened the company file is the same one which installed on the computer while password resetting.

 P.S– You must have .Net Framework 2.0 installed on your computer in order to run the Password Reset Tool effectively.

Step 2: Select the QuickBooks version you previously used to open your QuickBooks company file this time around.

Step 3: A screen would pop out asking for your details so it can authentically proven that you’re the actual account owner and not a hacker. Fill in the screen with the exact details in order to finish this process.

QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool

Here are the details which need to be filled:

  1. License Number [Numeric Digits Only] [There is an additional “Where to find my license number” option as well for your assistance].
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. E-mail Address [You would need to confirm the e-mail address another time as well].

If the e-mail addresses do not match, you would be asked to re-enter the e-mail ID.

Additionally, your e-mail address might not be in the proper format, in which case, the same protocol will be followed.

  1. Business Phone Number
  2. ZIP Code

Note – Just fill in the appropriate details, and upon successful authentication, your password will be reset. Voila!

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