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Intuit Sync Manager is a program that works with QuickBooks Desktop items running on Microsoft Windows. Without digging into all the specialized points of interest, this item keeps running out of sight on your PC, and you can’t beyond any doubt uninstall it or keep it from running. It can trade data between your QuickBooks desktop 2021 database and the performance of your information that is put away in the Intuit cloud servers. Changes in your desktop information would be sent to the cloud, and changes made to that cloud duplicate of your information would be sent back to your desktop.

Stopping Sync Manager

Stopping Sync Manager is trickier. With the most recent release, you have the choice of expelling your organization document from the list of records that Sync Manager will work with. As far as anyone knows whether there are no documents to Sync, the program won’t begin when you boot your PC. For this situation, you can run the MSConfig framework arrangement service on your PC and evacuate Intuit Sync Manager in the Startup tab.

Impact of Sync Manager Termination

Intuit was attempting to make an integrated service that would be basic for all cloud engineers to use and to get to your desktop information — one fundamentally the same as the administration they give to designers is that they need to get to the QuickBooks Online database. Shockingly, Intuit found this was not a basic assignment, and for a number of reasons concluded that they would never again this device. This is only one technique that an online program or administration can use to get to your desktop information. Intuit likewise gives a “web connector” that designers can utilize, which has been around for quite a while. What’s more, numerous engineers have made their own sync tools.

This is what stopping Intuit Sync Manager implies:

  • As of March 1, 2016, any outsider applications that use Intuit Sync Manager will never again have the capacity to get to your information.
  • As of May 31, 2016, any Intuit-created applications that utilize Intuit Sync Manager will never again have the capacity to get to your information (May 1, as indicated by some Intuit sites).
  • Applications that use their own sync device, or the Web Connector, are not influenced by this change.


This change has no effect on QuickBooks for Mac, as there is no Intuit Sync Manager for that adaptation of QuickBooks. Moreover, this has no effect on QuickBooks Online in light of the fact that applications utilize an alternate strategy for getting to that information, without using Intuit Sync Manager.

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How to turn off QuickBooks Sync Manager?

QuickBooks Sync Manager is a specific feature/utility that is incorporated in QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise solutions for the US versions. These QB versions can smoothly sync with your QuickBooks company file along with a replica of entire data in the cloud or Intuit Servers. Intuit Sync Manager synchronizes your QuickBooks company file data with Intuit online services. When you subscribe to any of the services that require access to your QB company file data, you need to set up your company file for sync.

How to Turn of QuickBooks Sync ManagerThere are few common questions related to QuickBooks Sync Manager like:
– Can I turn off QuickBooks Sync Manager?
And the answer is -Yes, You can also disable Intuit Sync Manager from Start up folder, since you are not using at all.
– How to turn off/disable QuickBooks Sync Manager?
Disabling or turn off QuickBooks Sync Manager resolves issues that user faces
• Activation of an unintended company file
• Accidentally activating Sync Manager
• Transferring the company file to another computer where Sync Manager will be activated

Turning off or Disabling QuickBooks Sync Manager prevents the company file from syncing to all Intuit online services. But before you disable your QuickBooks Sync Manager, there should not be any important data or information is to be synced to the company file.Clear the Company files from Sync Manager ListFollow the steps as following if you want the company file removed from the sync list.• Check that the file is not syncing at that particular time.• Right click the company name in QuickBooks Sync Manager• Choose file and remove from syncingIf you want to return the file to QB sync manager, use reset data sync in QuickBooks. Clear the settings for synchronization of Company file

Follow the below steps if• The company file is assigned to an incorrect Realm ID.• Syncing to a company file requires turn off/disable permanently.Stop QuickBooks Sync Manager from Auto RunThese steps should only be performed if:• You are not using connected Services or any online applications • QuickBooks Sync Manager should not be a startup item

The below steps should be followed when company file fail to sync to QuickBooks online services.• Shut down completely the QuickBooks software• Also close QuickBooks Sync Manager:o Right click the QuickBooks Sync Managero And exit Sync Manager• Find the Sync Manager folder and rename SyncManager.OLDo Windows 8, 7 and Windows Vista: C:\Users\ \AppData\Local\Intuit\SyncManager• Finally turn off or disable the QuickBooks Sync Manager startup from Windows MSConfig utility program.

There is an alternative way if you are looking manual resolution you can contact Quickbooks Support Number, a reliable agency that accords prompt and responsive assistance through the in house expert support team that holds extensive experience in handling the QuickBooks issues. They fix the QuickBooks sync manager issues in a minimum turn-around time.

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How To Start And Stop QuickBooks Data Sync

Steps to Start and Stop QuickBooks Data Sync

QuickBooks Sync manager is a program integrated into products such as QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise that run on MS Windows. This feature can easily sync with your QB company file and keep running on your Pc without you knowing it. You can’t uninstall or stop it from running as well.

This feature, without your approval, can trade your company data amid your QB desktop database and QuickBooks online services. Any type of changes that you make in QuickBooks Desktop would also be sent to the Intuit cloud web servers as well as changed details to the cloud duplicate of yours would be resent to your QuickBooks desktop.

QuickBooks Data Sync - Getting Started Guide

How to Stop QuickBooks Data Sync Manager?

It’s not simple to stop Sync Manager. However, the recent releases of QuickBooks offer you options to expel your company files from the list of records that QuickBooks Sync Manager will function along. Whether there are any documents to Sync or not, the program won’t start when you boot your system. In such cases, you can run the MS Config framework arrangement service on your computer, and remove Intuit QuickBooks Sync Manager from the Start up tab.

Impact of Sync Manager Termination

The makers of QuickBooks tried to make an integrated service that would be fundamental for all cloud engineers to practice and in order to get to your desktop information, one basically the same as the administration they provide to designers is that they need to access the QB Online database.

Surprisingly, Intuit discovered that it was not a basic assignment, and for many reasons concluded that this device would never be supported again. This is the only technique or tool that an online program or administration can use to access your desktop information. Intuit, in the same way, gives a “web connector” designers can make use of, which has been around for quite some time now. Plus, numerous engineers across the world have made their own versions of sync tools.

What Does Stopping Intuit Sync Manager Stand for?

  • No external application that may be using Intuit Sync manager would have the ability to access your information from March 01, 2016
  • Also from March 01 2016, any application or program created by Intuit that uses Intuit Sync Manager would no longer have the capability to access your information.
  • Applications using their independent sync devices, or Web Connector, will not be influenced by this change.

Important Note: This rule will not be QuickBooks for Mac for they don’t require Intuit Sync Manager for that adaptation of QuickBooks Accounting Software. Plus, Mac also has no upshot on QB Online given that applications use a different approach to get to that information and they don’t use Intuit Sync Manager.

We hope that by the end of this article you will have a better understanding of QuickBooks Data Sync Start and Stop.

In case you have any trouble, query or if you need assistance, you can call us at our QuickBooks Support Number +1-888-300-3913. We are a pool of Intuit Certified ProAdvisors. With us on your disposal, you can rest assured of quick and precise solutions of all your QuickBooks related issues.

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