QuickBooks Error Code 1317: How to fix it?

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QuickBooks accounting software considered to be one of the best account managing software by most of the small and medium industries. You can either purchase the software or subscribe it. It is available in three editions i.e. QuickBooks ProQuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise. You can have a pleasurable experience while working on it but there are occasions when you may come across some technical errors. One such error which may hamper your work is QuickBooks Error Code 1317.

QuickBooks Error Code 1317 can be categorized under the category of installation error. It occurs when you try to create a directory in QuickBooks. There are various reasons which are responsible for this QuickBooks Error like third party applications interfering with QuickBooks, windows registry was changed unexpected, permission required for accessing the software, etc. You will see the following message getting displayed on your computer screen:Error: “1317: An error occurred while creating directory [directory]”


Here is a solution recommended by QuickBooks experts to resolve this QuickBooks Error 1317:


  • Reboot your computer system and log in to the system as the “Administrator”.
  • Browse your C:\ drive for program path.
  • Right-click on the “Program folder”.
  • Go to option “Sharing and security” or “Properties”.
  • Click on “Sharing tab”.
  • Select “Permissions” option or “Advanced Sharing” then “Permissions”.
  • Select the user name box or highlight “Everyone” from the Group. Click on the “Allow” box on the Full Control Line.
  • Select the user name box or highlight “SYSTEM” from the Group. Click on the “Allow” box on the Full Control Line.
  • If the above two options are unavailable then follow the steps below:
  • Click on “Add” option.
  • In the search field, type the missing group (Everyone or SYSTEM).
  • Click on the “Check Names” option.
  • Select “OK”.
  • Give the “Full Control” to this new group and click on “OK” option.
  • Click on the “Security” tab and select the “Advanced” button.
  • Go to the “Change Permissions” and then check on the box “Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object”.
  • Click on “OK”.
  • Press “Yes” option, when you receive a prompt displaying “Do you wish to continue?”.
  • Click “OK”, to save the recent changes.

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QuickBooks Error 1317 While Installing QuickBooks

QuickBooks is believed to be one of the finest accounting software developed and marketed by Intuit. It helps small and medium-sized businesses to manage their sales, accounting, and finances effectively. You can either buy it or subscribe to it. After using it for a time, then comes the problem. QuickBooks error 1317 is one of the installation errors that arrives at the time of creating or adding a new directory or installing QuickBooks desktop.

It’s simple to use and its features make it one of the most famous accounting software to date. It can be used to pay bills, prepare for taxes, invoice customers, and generate reports. With every new version, it’s getting better and better with new features and tools. Intuit claims that there are around 215,000 QuickBooks users. It seems like QuickBooks dominates the SMB accounting software market. 

QuickBooks Install Errors like QuickBooks Error 1317

We all know that things (even humans) break sometimes. So, it implies on QuickBooks too. There are many different types of errors in QuickBooks software. You may face some of them. A few of them are mentioned below:

Some of them can be fixed by the QuickBooks tool hub, which you can download and install from QuickBooks’ official site.

QuickBooks Error 1317 

Now we are going to discuss this specific QuickBooks Error 1317. It’s one of the common problems frequently faced by users. It’s better to remove this error as quickly as you can to run QuickBooks smoothly. We are going to discuss the causes of this error and its solution.

QuickBooks Error 1317 is classified under installation error in QuickBooks that appears while creating a directory. You will receive the following error message on your screen.                                              

Error: “1317: An error occurred while creating a directory [directory]”

Causes of QuickBooks Error 1317

  There are many causes of this error, few of them are mentioned below:

  • Interference of third-party applications with QuickBooks
  • An unexpected change in the Windows registry after the reboot of the system
  • You do not have permission to access the software
  • Corrupt or missing system files
  • Malware or virus attack
  • Hardware/Ram decline

How to resolve QuickBooks Error 1317 (5 Working Solutions to Fix the Error)

You can try any of the solutions given below; we hope they are going to be fruitful.

Solution 1: QuickBooks tool hub and diagnostic tool

  1. Shutdown QuickBooks
  2. Download and save the QuickBooks Tool Hub, which can be found on their official site
  3. Now open the download file, which will be QuickBooksToolHub.exe
  4. Just follow the steps shown on the screen to install
  5. Tick Agree to the terms and conditions
  6. When the installation ends, there will be a new icon on your Windows desktop
  7. Double click on that to open the tool hub
  8. When it opens, click on Installation issues
  9. Click on QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool
  10. Let it run, it may take up to 20 mins
  11. When it ends, restart your system
  12. If it works now, bravo! Otherwise move to solution 2.

Solution 2: Changing Settings

  1. Restart your computer system
  2. As the “Administrator”, log in to your system
  3. Browse to the program path that you decide during the installation process
  4. Right-click on the “Program folder”
  5. Click on the option “Sharing and security” (Microsoft Windows XP) or “Properties” (Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8)
  6. Select the “Sharing” tab
  7. Then click the “Permissions” (Windows XP) option or “Advanced Sharing” (Windows Vista, 7, 8) then on “Permissions”
  8. Select the username box or highlight “Everyone” from the Group
  9. Check the “Allow” box on the Full Control Line
  10. Now select the username box or highlight “SYSTEM” from the Group. Click on the “Allow” box on the Full Control Line

If the above two options are unavailable, then follow the steps below:

  • Click on the “Add” option
  • In the search bar, type the missing group (Everyone or SYSTEM)
  • Click the “Check Names” option
  • Select “OK”
  • Then give the “Full Control” to this new group and click on the “OK” option
  • Now click on the “Security” tab and select the “Advanced” button
  • Go to the “Change Permissions” and then check on the box “Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object”.
  • Click on “OK”
  • Press the “Yes” option, when you receive a message “Do you wish to continue?”
  • Click “OK”, to save the changes you made

We are hopeful that this is going to solve the issue. If it didn’t work, move on to the next given solution.

Solution 3: Windows update

Windows often solve the installations problems by itself if you update it.

  1. Read “how to manually update” articles on the Microsoft site
  2. Update your windows version according to the steps
  3. Restart your system as updates finishes
  4. If you were able to initiate QuickBooks before the error, open QuickBooks and the company file
  5. Otherwise, try to reinstall QuickBooks Desktop

If it still doesn’t work, continue to solution 4.

Solution 4: Fixing Windows Components Manually

  • You can try to repair specific Windows components, but for that, you should be an IT professional or Microsoft expert.
  • You can try to repair the Microsoft MSXML or Microsoft .Net framework.
  • If you can run QuickBooks, you’re good to go. Otherwise, move on to solution 5.

Solution 5: Install QuickBooks Desktop in Safe Mode

  • It might be possible that some third-party applications may be blocking installation, like antimalware type software.
  • To avoid that, you can try to install QuickBooks Desktop while running the Safe Mode of windows

Resolve QuickBooks Error 1317 via secure remote support by QuickBooks Experts

We have mentioned five solutions to fix QuickBooks Error 1317. Definity, one of them is going to solve your problem if you follow the solutions and step one by one. If you’re still having some issues, try reaching out to an IT professional or QuickBooks ProAdvisor’s support.

QuickBooks Error Code 1317

QuickBooks is known for its advance and hi-tech accounting functionalities all over the globe. QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software programs with a user-friendly interface and easy to use features. It helps you in handling your accounting, sales and finances easily and effectively. However, there are various errors and issues in QuickBooks software that can hinder your work flow and can also create some major issues in your data files or QuickBooks software. QuickBooks Error 1317 is one such issue that comes under the category of Installation ErrorYou can also contact the QuickBooks Enterprise Tech Support Number to get instant support for your QuickBooks issues.

The error code 1317 in QuickBooks occurs while installing the QuickBooks Desktop application in your system or while creating a directory in QuickBooks. The error comes up with the following error message:

Error: “1317: An error occurred while creating directory [directory]”

Causes Of QuickBooks Error Code 1317

The error code 1317 in QuickBooks usually occurs when there is something wrong with the installation of QuickBooks software. Major causes of this error are as given below:

  • Interference of third party with QuickBooks
  • Permission to access the software
  • Unexpected modifications in windows registry
  • The system account provides permission to Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio .NET to get access to that drive.

How To Resolve QuickBooks Error 1317

Steps to resolve QuickBooks Error Code 1317 are as given below:

  • Restart your computer and login to your system with Administrator rights.
  • Open the Windows Explorer by pressing the Windows + E keys from your keyboard
  • Go to the C:\ drive
  • Right click on the Program Folder and then click on Properties
  • Go to the Sharing tab
  • Now click on Permission or the Advanced Sharing
  • Highlight Everyone from the Group
  • Click on Allow on the Full Control Line
  • Select the username box or highlight System from the Group
  • Click on Allow box on the Full Control Line

If none of the above two options are available then follow the steps below:

  • Click on Add option
  • Enter the missing group in the search field
  • Click on Check Names option and then click on OK
  • Provide Full Control to this new group
  • Go to the Security tab and then click on Advanced
  • Go to the Change Permissions tab and check the Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object
  • Select all the provided options on your screen and then save the changes.

Now try to install your QuickBooks software in your system to see if the error is resolved or not.

How can I fix QuickBooks error code 1317

QuickBooks is accounting software known for its advance and hi-tech accounting functionalities all over the world. It does have some award-winning features that help small and medium-sized businesses to deal with their accounting needs effectively. Despite these features and its ability to manage your finances, it is not free from glitches which can hinder your workflow. One such error is QuickBooks error code 1317, which is basically an installation error. If you are going through this annoying error, go through the blog to understand the symptoms, causes, as well as methods to fix this error as quickly as possible. Alternatively, it is suggested to connect with the experts at quickbooks customer support number and speak to professionals regarding the matter.

Symptoms of QuickBooks error code 1317:

When one tries to install Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio.Net on your computer, he/she may get to encounter the error message saying ‘An error occurred while attempting to create a directory.’

Causes of QuickBooks error code 1317

The error code 1317 generally takes place because of some installation problems. Check out some other major reasons for the error code:

  • This error can occur while you make a directory in QuickBooks.
  • Interference of outsider applications with QuickBooks
  • An unexpected change in windows registry
  • When the system account permits Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio.Net to have access to the drive.

Solutions to fix QuickBooks error code 1317:

Method 1:

  • Restart your system and then access it with Administrator rights.
  • Press Windows+E to open the Windows Explorer
  • Now, visit the C:\ drive
  • You need to tap right on the Program folder and then click ‘Properties.’
  • Head to the Sharing tab
  • Click on the advanced sharing or permission
  • Then, you would have to highlight ‘everyone’ from the group.
  • Now, choose the ‘username box’ and highlight it
  • On the full control line, click on Allow.
  • Go to the ‘Change permissions’ tab and then click on the checkbox saying ‘Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object.’
  • Now, press on ‘OK.’

Method 2:

  • Open your computer and log in with administrator rights
  • Install all the latest system updates
  • For some time, disable your security and anti-virus software which is installed in your system
  • Now, close all other applications which might be ruining your system
  • Also, disable the windows firewall and validate for windows updates and safety
  • You must remove all the recently installed applications
  • Uninstall and reinstall the QuickBooks accounting software once and then see whether error 1317 is fixed or not.

Did you notice the error code 12007 being displayed on your screen? Are you looking for the steps to overcome QuickBooks update error soon? Well, the error basically occurs due to weak internet connection, and there are other reasons as well. To resolve the error code 12007, you must verify the Internet Explorer settings. In case of hurry, you can connect with the techies at QuickBooks customer service number to avail assistance from them. These experts provide you with the best possible solution in no time. Also, they give you some tips and suggestions that make the functioning of the software even smoother.

The QuickBooks error 12007 takes place when you update QuickBooks or QuickBooks Payroll service. It can be caused due to several reasons, such as when QuickBooks is not allowed to gain access to the server, or when you do not have a reliable internet connection, etc. You can fix this bug by having a word-to-word conversation with the experts at QuickBooks customer service number and speak to them regarding the matter. They are available 24 hours a day to help you with the most reliable solutions.

The steps mentioned above will probably solve QuickBooks error code 117. If it persists, you may get in touch with quickbooks tech support phone number where the team of highly-experienced and qualified experts is available round the clock to provide you with the best possible solutions.

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