QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058 – Update Download/ Installation Failed

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Learn how you can ix QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058 like a pro:

QuickBooks bookkeeping and accounting software comes with multiple features and benefits for mid- and small-sized businesses. Few feasible features are:

  • Quick and straightforward business management
  • Easy tracking of sales, employees and clients
  • Easy management and reports tracking and management
  • Preparing taxes
  • And more…

But, despite being one of the most advanced accounting tools available in the market, QuickBooks, like any other software, isn’t completely free from technical errors and glitches. Therefore, today we are going to discuss one of the most common error – QuickBooks Error PS058. This error may occur due to a system glitch as well as human mistake. So let’s go ahead and learn about all the possible causes and solutions of QuickBooks Error PS058.

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When does QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058 occur?

This QuickBooks error code PS058 appears on your computer’s screen when you download a payroll update. Generally, the error occurs when the update, download or installation fails.

What causes QuickBooks Error PS058?

One or more of the following may trigger QuickBooks Error PS058:

  • Windows Explorer files in your computer are corrupt
  • Your QuickBooks company files are damaged/ corrupt
  • Your system firewall or some other security software is preventing access to QuickBooks accounting software
  • Local drive doesn’t have your company file

How to troubleshoot QuickBooks Error Code PS058?

Further in this post, we will discuss some of the most reliable troubleshooting steps that are already tested by some of the most efficient experts. Try these to fix QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058:

Method 1: Re-download payroll updates

  • Go to payroll server and download payroll update again.
  • Go to help menu, select employees and click on Get Payroll Updates
Get payroll updates - Screenshot Image
  • Check Download Entire Update checkbox
  • Select Download latest updates

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Method 2: Check and download the latest upgrade release from Intuit’s official website

Product Information of QuickBooks desktop - Screenshot
Find the version of QuickBooks - Screenshot Image

Method 3: Download the latest QB updates online

To perform this step, you must have good internet connectivity.

  • Download qbwebpatch.exe patch file from the support page of QuickBooks website.
  • Save the downloaded file on the computer that has QuickBooks on it.
  • Complete the installation of the patch file and then update the tax file from CD/Flash Drive.

Method 4: Check if the company file has any issue

  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Press Ctrl+1 or F2 key on the keyboard and open Product information.
  • Once on the product info window, press Ctrl+2 or F3 keys.
  • Open Tech Help window and click on Open File.
  • Find file named qbwin.log and double-click on that.
  • Press Ctrl + F keys and open search box.
  • Type in Error in the box and press Enter key.
  • Check the error code you receive and perform appropriate troubleshooting steps.
  • If you find no errors, move on to the next step.

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Method 5: Use RegCure and follow the provided steps

  • Close QuickBooks
  • Open Task Manager (press ctrl+alt+del) Find qbupdate.exe and qbdagent.exe in the program list
  • If you find them, close them
End QuickBooks Processes - Screenshot
  • Now, type reboot.bat in the research window
  • Double click on the file and DOS type shell will open
  • Wait for it to get closed on its own
  • Restart your computer and download payroll updates

Method 6: Run reboot.bat file

  • Open task manager (ctrl+alt+del) keys
  • Click on Processes tab and find QuickBooks and processes related to it
  • Now, End all programs one by one
  • Press start button on the keyboard or on the screen and in search field type reboot.bat
Run ‘reboot.bat’ file - Screenshot
  • Press Enter
  • Run the file and let the process take its time
  • Close it after the process is over
  • Restart your computer and try to download the latest payroll tax

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Final Words..!

In most cases, solutions as mentioned above will help you fix this QuickBooks payroll update error PS058. If the issue persists or occurs again, you can call us and speak to our QuickBooks payroll support team at +1-888-300-3913 for instant solution of this error.

How to Eliminate QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058?

QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058 is a common error usually occurs at the time of downloading payroll updates. There are many more reasons too causing this specific error code. However, Payroll errors affect the performance or function and production of the software program from Intuit. That’s why, it is very important to sooner get rid of this problem from the root and bring your QuickBooks software in working mode. If anyone is facing difficulties while eradicating this error, he/she can freely take QuickBooks Help from our well-qualified technicians. Their proffered guidelines are impactful! Moreover, you can keep your eyes feast on this blog. As we have collected more essential information that will helpful in exterminating such QuickBooks Payroll error issue.


Reasons for the Appearance of QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058

Generally, the Error PS058 in QuickBooks Payroll takes place on your device when you prepare your payroll update to download and install. And once the error comes-up, the downloading process fails to complete. Furthermore, QuickBooks users confront this risky error at each of the steps of installation process. The basic reasons why it happens are listed below:

  1. When trying to copy the company files into the hard drive, such an error code may appear
  2. While decryption using IE web browser, files have got corrupted and hence throws QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058 on the display screen
  3. When installing the files through QBDAgent in QuickBooks directory. If a failure is encountered during the process, it can cause QuickBooks Payroll Error Code PS058 of occurrence when downloading a payroll update

If you are planning to cope-up this error issue, then an active QuickBooks payroll subscription is the first thing you should comprise. There is a certain Intuit option to resolve QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058 but rather than this, you should also take some more effectual steps to solve the issue better with an ease. Let’s do it!

Desired Steps to Eliminate QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058

The fruitful guidelines are listed below to Eliminate QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058. You simply have to follow each step accordingly from top-to-toe. Have a glance:

  • The very first step you should take by your own is to restart your computer system
  • Next, launch QuickBooks on your PC
  • Check the account information for QB Payroll service
  • Make sure that your QuickBooks is registered. If it is not, then register it immediately
  • Make sure that the latest updated version of QB Desktop software is installed on your computer.
  • Once it is confirmed, back-up your data file for making it safe and if in case there is more than one installation of the same version of QuickBooks Desktop, uninstall the one which is not in use
  • Now, check whether you are getting QuickBooks Error PS058again or it is fixed
  • The next recommended step is to reset QuickBooks updates
  • After that, turn off User Account Control in the Microsoft Windows. Do not forget to start it again after the problem solves
  • Now, you have to short-out the lists and then verify the QB data. After the verification is over, you have to run an error report. Re-sort lists and using Verify Data/Rebuild Data processes so as to identify any data damage. Follow the steps given below to run error report called QBWin.Log –
  1. On your QuickBooks window, press “CTRL+1” keys simultaneously on your keyboard
  2. Doing this, a product information window will open on the screen, on this page, you have to simultaneously press the keys “CTRL+2”
  3. Go to the “Tech Help” window and on that search for the tab “Open File”
  4. Look for qbwin.log in the “Open File” menu and then tap on it
  • Later on, go to the CPS folder and rename it. By renaming this folder name, it may result in multiple error messages that popping up on the screen. Do not stop, just continue past these messages one-by-one:
  1. First of all, navigate to C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks 20nn\Components\Payroll\CPS
  2. Then, give a right-click onto the CPS folder
  3. A will get a menu on the screen, you have to select “Rename” option
  4. Type the word – “CPSOLD”
  5. Download payroll, and see, if the QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058have sorted out
  • Place a right-click on the reboot.bat file. From the list that displays, select “Run as Administrator” option
  • In the last step, you are required to perform a QuickBooks clean install in a selective startup
  • Check whether QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058 is solved or not

Obtain Trustworthy QuickBooks Customer Support for One-Stop Solution

Don’t panic! If you are yet unable to Eliminate QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058 even after appropriately following the above-mentioned course of action as we have tech-savvy who will assist you. Simply you have to put a single ring on helpline number and get cos-effective QuickBooks Customer Support by them at your door-step.

QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058 – Here is how you can fix It

Get the best Solution steps to troubleshoot QuickBooks Payroll error PS058

QuickBooks is one of the most reliable accounting software available, today. With the coming of this software small and medium-scale businesses have been highly benefited as it is a very effective financial tool. This application is known to manage finances, evaluate spends and income, generate accounting reports, create invoices and billings and for many more tasks. In fact, it is often said that QuickBooks has revolutionized accounting. It is no longer seen as a time taking and cumbersome task. Every year QuickBooks new version is launched that has much better features.

Even though this software has gained immense popularity all over the world, it sometimes does face technical glitches, after-all it is just a software. Some of these errors can be easily fixed, while few others can be pretty complicated as they might interrupt the entire business operations. And that’s why you would require experts help.

When QB users tries to download and install payroll updates they often face the QuickBooks payroll error PS058 which doesn’t allow the completion of the download process. So, in this blog we will discuss all about this error, right from why it happens to the solutions.

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What is QuickBooks Payroll error code PS058?

As mentioned earlier this error happens when you try to download and install Payroll updates. The installation to update the payroll updates consists many levels like decrypting the files, repeating the files to the drive and more.

The QuickBooks QBDAgent helps in Copy operation and is also responsible for repeating the files to the drive. Once the files are successfully saved in the drive, the net human decrypts the files. Then QuickBooks QBDAgent installs the files in QuickBooks directory by following the procedure.  So, when the QuickBooks error PS058 happens it doesn’t allow you to download the recent payroll update and is known to affect the work process of the entire organization. That’s the reason why it needs to be resolved at the earliest.

Causes of QuickBooks Payroll error PS058

  • While copying company files in the hard drive an issue many occur
  • Files may have got corrupted while decryption using the IE web browser
  • An error might happen while installing the files by utilizing QBDAgent
  • Your Windows Explorer files are corrupted or there is a damaged QuickBooks company files

How to Resolve QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058?

The below mentioned steps are to fix the QuickBooks error of PS058.

  1. The very first thing to do is to restart your computer
  2. Now open QuickBooks and go to the Employees menu
  3. For QuickBooks Payroll services, check the Account/billing information
My Payroll Service - Screenshot
  1. Also check if QuickBooks is registered or not. If it is not, then register your QuickBooks desktop.
  2. Do ensure that you have only installed only one instance of a particular version of QuickBooks Desktop. In case, there is more than one installation of the same version, then uninstall the one that’s not in use. Also create backup of your data files.
  3. Now you have to check if you are getting Error PS058
  4. After this you have to reset the QuickBooks updates
Update QuickBooks from Main Menu - Screenshot
  1. In Microsoft Windows, turn off the User Account Control. After the troubleshoot of Error PS058 is done, ensure that you start it again
Turning off User Account Control (UAC) - Screenshot
  1. Once you are done, now you have to re-sort the lists and after that verify the QuickBooks data. After the verification process is over run an error report. Rectify any kind of data damaged by re-sorting the list and by verifying the data /Rebuild Data procedure.
Utilities (Verifying the Data or Rebuild Data) - Screenshot
  1. Below are the steps to run error report called QBWin.log
    • Press together Ctrl+1 keys in QuickBooks
    • In the Tech Help Window, find the file with the name Open File
    • Now search for the qbwin.log file and then click on it
  2. After this go to the CPS folder and you have to now rename it. By doing this you might get multiple error messages on your computer screen.  Don’t stop, keep on going past these messages:
    • First of all go to C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks 20nn\Components\Payroll\CPS. The nn here stands for QB version.
    • Now right-click on the CPS folder
    • Select Rename option from the list that will pop up on the screen
    • Type –CPSOLD
    • Once done, now you have to download Payroll and then see if you are still getting the QuickBooks Payroll PS058 error
  3. Now right-click on the reboot.bat file.
Run ‘reboot.bat’ file - Screenshot
  1. Now a list will appear on your system and from there choose Run as Administrator
run as admin-screenshot
  1. After this you have to do a QuickBooks clean install in a selective startup.
Install or uninstall QuickBooks in Selective Startup - Screenshot
  1. Now check if the QuickBooks Payroll error PS058 has been solved or not.

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Though you can easily fix the QuickBooks Payroll error PS058, but then if the problem persists then you would require help from the experts. Our QuickBooks premier support team are available 24/7 to give you solutions to all technical glitches and also share tips and tricks to avoid them in the long run.

Also you can contact us via our toll-free number i.e. +1-888-300-3913. Our experts and Intuit certified professionals will be happy to help you.

How to Fix QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Error PS058?

QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058 is a common error that may show up for various reasons. These reasons include many human and machine errors that are obviously easy to fix. These may, however, happen due to the usage of software and hardware programs. Payroll errors affect the performance and production of the software program from Intuit.

This error takes place on your device while you prepare to download and install a payroll update, also usually comes up when the download fails to happen. The installation process passes through several different stages that you must know of:

  1. Copying the files to the hard drive
  2. Decrypting the files
  3. Installing the files

QuickBooks QBDAgent that is popular for copying encrypted files, makes the copy operation possible through different processes. This is when the hard drive files are decrypted by the IE. Next, files are installed by QBDAgent in QuickBooks directory. If a failure is encountered during the process, then it may easily cause QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058 to show up when downloading a payroll update.

An active QuickBooks payroll subscription is the first thing you must contain in case you are planning to rid this error issue off your life. You definitely have an Intuit option to resolve this error, but you should also prepare some more steps to solve your issues better.

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Steps to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058

Step 1: The first thing you could do is to update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest maintenance release by going to Help > Update QuickBooks; pressing on the Update Now button; and closing and reopening QuickBooks. After you have done this, you may now install payroll updates. In order to do so, go to Employees > Get payroll updates and tap on the Update option there.

Step 2: After you have finished the first step, you may proceed to use, QuickBooks log file for checking company file errors. Now, press the F2 key or Ctrl+1 keys while you are in QuickBooks. Click on the F3 key when you are in the Product Information screen. Next, click on the Open File tab while you are in the Tech Help window. Double click on the QBWin.log to open the log file. Then, check for any error code. If the error comes up, follow some instructions there to get rid of a specific error code.

Step 3: In case you are unable to come across some visible error, just close QuickBooks Desktop. Next, you could shut down, QuickBooks and update the software. Now, it is time for you to access the Reboot.bat utility. Also, reboot the computer and re-open QuickBooks. Now, when you are sure things are done, you could try and install your Payroll Update again. Repair QuickBooks Desktop if you still feel unsatisfied. In case, you are unable to fix this error, you can install and uninstall the software in a new directory.

QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058

QuickBooks Payroll Update Error Ps 058

QuickBooks program is revolutionary software in the accounting market sector. The software is designed with advanced features and modules that help in swift and accurate functioning of the financial and accounting tasks of all business. QuickBooks is capable in handling basic payroll functions; the user needs to purchase payroll subscription depending upon the business requirements.

The payroll subscriptions are of three types: basic , Full Service and enhanced. The success of your business is determined on the basis of choosing right subscription for your business. Also need full details QuickBooks Payroll Upgrade to avoid any issues .

What Is QB Update Error PS058

QuickBooks Update Error PS058 is considered as a blunder error code that occurs while downloading payroll update. This error code occurs due to multiple reasons. The installation of the payroll updates comprise of different levels such as: copying the files to the hard drive, decrypting the files, and then finally installing them.

The copy operation is processed by the QuickBooks QBDAgent that is responsible to copy the files to the hard drive. Once the files are saved on the hard drive successfully, Internet Explorer decrypts the files. The QBDAgent installs the files in the QuickBooks program directory by following the decryption.

To resolve this issue smoothly you have to download the repair utility, install it in your system and scan the program, and restart the system. When PS058 error occurs the system restricts you from downloading the latest payroll update released by Intuit.

In case you have problem you can seek assistance from certified QB technicians for fixing QuickBooks Ps058 error. The error might hinder the work process; hence the user should report the QuickBooks Payroll customer service team. The support team instantly assists to get over the error by providing easy resolution steps.

What Reasons Lead To QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS058

Usually, QuickBooks payroll error PS058 occurs during a payroll update download. The problem may be with the hardware or software.

The installation process consists of many steps or stages. A QuickBooks accounting software consumer faces the risk of encountering QB Payroll PS058 at each of the installation steps.

The reasons are listed below: 

  • A problem arises when company files are copied into the hard drive.
  • While IE web browser decryption, files got corrupted.
  • A problem occurred while the files were enabled using QBDAgent.

How To Fix/ Resolve QB Payroll PS058 Error Code ?

Follow the resolution steps that are suggested to resolve the QB payroll update error:

  • Firstly download the payroll update once again
  • Then download your latest QuickBooks release
  • In case you have Disk Delivery and you have to download and install a QuickBooks software update. To manually download the software update online, see steps below:
  • In case there is no internet connectivity on the computer that host QuickBooks program, installed, arrange a system that has strong Internet connection and download the qbwebpatch.exe file from http://www.quickbooks.com/support.
  • Copy the file to a CD or flash drive, and then copy the same file to the desktop of the computer that hosts your QuickBooks software.
  • Once the qbwebpatch.exe file has been copied to the computer with QuickBooks, install the qbwebpatch file from the desktop.
  • Continue updating the Tax Table from the CD.
Help Support Troubleshooting PS058 Uddate

In case you continue facing the error PS058 you can approach to QuickBooks Payroll Technical support or QBPayroll.help. It is a reliable agency that employs an efficient QB support team who offer feasible services against all QB errors. Call to the toll free phone support number 📞+1-888-300-3913 and garner the best error resolution services for QuickBooks.

What Is QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058?

It is a generic error code that usually arises when users try to download the latest payroll update. However, there is no specific reason behind the occurrence of the error, it can be caused by a machine or human mistake so you can easily fix it based on the reasons.

What Are The Reasons For QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058?

However, there might be possible too many causes behind the occurrence of the error.

Here are a few of them:

💠Due to corrupted Windows Explorer files
💠Firewall or other security applications might be blocking the access to QuickBooks
💠Damaged company files of QuickBooks
💠Your company QB files cannot be found on your local drive.

What Are The Different Ways To Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error PS085?

The listed below are all the possible ways that you can follow to fix QuickBooks payroll error PS085:

💠Try to download payroll update once again 
💠Also, you can try to download the latest release to upgrade QuickBooks from Intuit official website
💠Check out if there might be an error in your company file
💠If you don’t find any error then you can use RegCure to get rid of payroll error PS085
💠Or, you can also run the reboot.bat file. 

Widely recognized accounting software, QuickBooks is prone to a range of errors and all of these errors have a specific reason behind their occurrence but QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058 is odd one out with no specific reason for its occurrence.

This error is a generic code error and can occur when one tries to download the latest payroll update. A human error, a machine error or a mix of both can be the cause of this error. A faster way to resolve the error is that you can get in touch with our experts at Pro Accountant Advisor by calling our QuickBooks support number i.e. 1-844-405-0907. In the other case, you can follow the step by step guide given below to resolve the error on your own.

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What Causes QuickBooks Error PS058?

There might be too many reasons behind to this error. Few are as given below:

  • Windows Explorer files are corrupted.
  • Damaged QuickBooks company files
  • Firewall or other security applications are preventing QuickBooks to access.
  • Your QB company files are not available on local drive

Troubleshooting Steps for QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058

Below we have given the solution steps to resolve QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058. All the given steps are easy and convenient to perform, however you if you face any problem you can contact QuickBooks payroll error support team to get instant help.

Solution 1: Download Payroll Update again

Get payroll updates - Screenshot
Get payroll Updates – Screenshot
  • First of all you need to download the payroll update again from the payroll server
  • From the Help menu, go to ‘Employees‘ and then click on ‘Get payroll updates
  • Click on ‘Download Entire Update‘ checkbox
  • Hit a click on ‘Download Latest Update‘.

Solution 2: Now try to download the latest upgrade release from Intuit QuickBooks

  • Download the latest update of QuickBooks Software from the Intuit main website.
  • You can check the the version of your QuickBooks software by following these steps:

Visit: https://www.hostdocket.com/check-the-product-version-and-release-of-quickbooks

Solution 3: Download the latest software update online

  • First of all, download the patch file ‘qbwebpatch.exe’. This can be downloaded from http://www.quickbooks.com/support.
  • Make sure that you have an active internet connection and download the patch file.
  • Shift the downloaded file from computer to that computer that has QuickBooks on it
  • Now, install the patch file and update the tax file from CD/Flash Drive.

Solution 4: Check of there are any errors in company file

  • Press ‘F2‘ or ‘Ctrl+1‘ keys to open the Product Information Ensure that QuickBooks is open.
  • In the Product Information window, press ‘F3 or Ctrl+2 keys
  • Now, go to ‘Tech Help‘ window, and click on ‘Open File
  • If there is any file named ‘qbwin.log then double click on it.
  • To open a small window, press the keys ‘Ctrl+F‘ keys. Enter the word Error in the field and hit ‘Enter‘.
  • Now, identify the numerical error code which can be QuickBooks Error 15270 and look for it on the website.

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Solution 5: If no error found in last step or you have used RegCure, then follow the steps below:

  • Close QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Press ‘Ctrl+Alt+Delete‘ keys and open ‘Task Manager utility
  • Now, search the following programs in the list- ‘qbupdate.exe and qbdagent2001.exe. If you find them, close them using ‘Close Program tab.
  • In the search window, type ‘reboot.bat’
  • When you find the file, double click on it.
  • This will open a ‘DOS-type shell‘ and will be closed automatically once it’s done.
  • Now, restart your system and download the latest payroll update again.

Solution 6: Run reboot.bat file

Run Reboot.bat file - Screenshot
  • On your keyboard, Press ‘CTRL + ALT + DEL‘ keys and Choose the ‘Task Manager‘ from the list.
  • After that go to the ‘Processes tab‘ and go to the QuickBooks and its related processes.
  • Now you need to ‘End all the processes‘ one by one.
  • Navigate to ‘Start‘ button and type ‘reboot.bat‘ in the search field.
  • Press ‘Enter‘ button.
  • You need to Run the file and wait for a while until the process gets complete.
  • Close it once the the process finish.
  • Reboot your computer system.
  • Finally try to download the latest payroll tax table.

We assure you that all the solutions given above will resolve the QuickBooks error PS058. However, if you are still getting issues on your QuickBooks then you can connect with us on our toll-free QuickBooks Payroll support number i.e.+1-888-300-3913 and our experts will help you get through the error.

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