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Payroll Services by QuickBooks has proved to be quite beneficial for the users subscribed to it. But, just like other applications, QuickBooks Payroll setup or unrecoverable error can interrupt the working of the user. In this article, we talk in detail about QuickBooks unrecoverable error and various error codes associated with it. The error restricts the payroll set up completion, and with complex QuickBooks Payroll setup error code format 00000 XXXX, it can be frustrating. Further, to help you solve the error, we have listed multiple methods depending upon the message you see.

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Description of QuickBooks Payroll Setup Error Code Format 00000 XXXX

QuickBooks payroll setup error is displayed in the format: 00000 XXXXX. The error code varies on basis of what task was being accomplished in payroll, the version and release of QuickBooks used. QuickBooks Payroll Set up error appears as “Error: QuickBooks Payroll Setup – Error Code: XXXXX XXXXX” or “Unrecoverable Error: Error Code: XXXXX XXXXX

Some of the error codes that you can come across related to QuickBooks Payroll Unrecoverable Error are:

00002 71328, 00002 20123, 00000 17002, 00000 38049, 00000 88579, 00000 38772, 00000 97340, 00000 88703, 00000 40370, 00000 99867, 00000 88703, 00000 34289

The Error codes can range from 00000 00001 to 00000 99999

Reasons for QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 00000

  1. A file name in the vendors list is incorrect.
  2. Employee Center has a file name that is not correct.
  3. Timesheet entry has special character.
  4. There is a duplicate entry for an employee’s name.

Troubleshooting Methods for Payroll Setup Error Code Format 00000 XXXXX

Method 1: When the Payroll Setup Error Code Format 00000 XXXXX appears on the Screen
  • Click the View Report link.
  • Another window opens up that displays the details of the unrecoverable error. Then open the ReportHeader.xml file by double-clicking on the file name from the list in the window.
  • The file must open in Internet Explorer. If that doesn’t happen, note the location of the ReportHeader.xml file.
  • Using Windows Explorer, move to ReportHeader.xml location and right-click ReportHeader.xml file. Choose open in a new window which will open the file in Internet explorer.
  • From there search for Exception String 0 using Ctrl + key.
  • The statement given after Exception String 0 in the report gives the detail where the error is coming from. Make the necessary changes after that to solve QuickBooks Payroll set up error.
Method 2: When Exception String 0 Statement Displays that the Item has already been added
  • Solve issue with following steps.
  • Click on Vendors from top menu bar and choose Vendor Center.
  • Find the Vendor which leads to the error. The vendor will be listed twice.
  • Rename one with a unique name. This can be done by double-clicking the vendor name and saving the changes.
Method 3: When QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 00000 can appear when there are Duplicate Names in the Employee List

The solution is simply to remove duplicate names for employees in the Employee Center.

  • At the Top menu, choose Employees and click on Employee Center.
  • From View drop-down, select All Employees. This will include the inactive employees.
  • Right-click the duplicate names to choose Delete Employee.

In case you are unable to delete the employee, time card data might be corrupt. Call the experts at (844)-888-4666 to resolve the issue and avoid data loss.

Method 4: Error where Blank Characters appears on Employee Names in the Employee Center

Character could be a space placed in front of an employee name or names only entered into the Print on Check As field in the Employee Profile. Look at the steps below to resolve this issue.

  • Click Employees from the top menu and choose Employee Center.
  • Select All Employees from View drop-down to include inactive employees.
  • Look out at all employee name setups to remove unneeded spaces. Manually enter the First and Last Name in the fields.
Method 5: For Error Message “Font ‘Arial’ does not support style ‘Regular’.”, Email the Customer the Arial (TrueType) Font

This can be done with the following steps:

  • Open Control Panel and click on Fonts.
  • Drag and Drop the font Arial (TrueType) into an email and send it to the customer. The item will be sent as an attachment.
  • Ask the customer to use Install button and follow the on-screen instructions.
Method 6: For Error Message “The storage category map is invalid for the Local tax payroll item”

You can recover from this error following the instructions listed below:

Create Employee Withholding

  • Click on Reports and then Employees & Payroll.
  • Choose Employee Withholding.
  • Select Customize Report and from under the Columns, remove checkmarks from current items and place a checkmark next to EmployeeLocal Tax 1Local Tax 2Local Tax 3Local Tax 4Local Tax 5Local Tax 6Local Tax 7Local Tax 8Local Tax 9Local Tax 10Local Tax 11Local Tax 12.
  • In the Filters tab, go to Active Status and select All.
  • Click OK and print or export it to Excel.

Make a Payroll Item Listing report

  • Click on Reports and select Payroll Item Listing.
  • Select Customize Report.
  • From all the Items except Payroll Item and Type, remove the Checkmarks.
  • Choose Active Status and select All.
  • After you click on Filters tab, click OK.
  • Do not close the report and print or export it to Excel.
  1. Both the reports created above are to be compared to look for Local Taxes that are not type Other.
  2. Each employee with a tax item that is not type Other is to be edited.
  3. Double click the employee from Employee Withholding report to open the Edit Employee window.
  4. Click on Payroll Info tab and hit the Taxes button.
  5. From the Other tab remove the tax item that does not have a type Other. Click OK twice to save your changes.
  6. Run the Payroll Setup one again and see if QuickBooks Payroll set up error is resolved.

If the methods above failed to bombard QuickBooks payroll setup error, the reasons might lie with the data. We recommend talking to Experts available at toll-free +1-888-300-3913. They can run the QuickBooks Payroll setup without the QuickBooks Payroll Unrecoverable Error.

QuickBooks Payroll setup error code format 00000 XXXXX happens when they’re attempting to do some payroll activity in the used QuickBooks version or release. it is one of the common errors usually faced by users. In this post, we are going to discuss this error code as well as you can find the below-discussed reasons and all the possible solutions to fix this issue.

An Overview: QuickBooks Payroll setup error code format 00000 XXXXX

Users receive an error code in 00000 XXXXX format or it is also called as “Unrecoverable error”. The error code may change depending on what they made changes in payroll or the version and release of QuickBooks used. The error can also appear during the payroll setup. The codes may be ranging between 00000 00001 and 00000 99999.

Possible reasons behind Payroll setup error code format 00000 XXXXX

Check out all the possible reasons behind this error code occurring. The reasons are listed below just have a look at these reasons:

  • When there is an incorrect file name in the vendor
  • Inappropriate employee center
  • There is an incorrect entry on a timesheet
  • A special character included in the filename
  • When there is a duplicate entry for an employee’s name

With these reasons, the error code format may changes such as 00002 71328, 00000 17002, 00002 20123, 00000 38772, 00000 38049, 00000 88703, 00000 88579, 00000 40370, 00000 97340. Some of the additional errors include 00000 99867, 00000 34289, 00000 88703.

Resolutions to fix QuickBooks Payroll setup error code format 00000 XXXXX

Here are the 3 easy methods to resolve payroll setup error code. Check it out.

Method 1

  • Initially, click on Vendors from the menu bar and then click on Vendor Center
  • Next, look for the option named “ Vendor Alabama real estate research and education”
  • It may be listed twice and carefully search it out
  • Now, you have to rename with a unique name so that different vendor should have the unique name
  • After that, double-click on the vendor name
  • At last, follow the on-screen instructions in order to save the changes in the Vendor name and more.

Method 2

  • The very first, click on the Employees from the top menu bar
  • Then select and click on the Employee Center
  • Set the view suing drop-down to all employees including inactive employees
  • Analyze setups of all employee name and remove all the unwanted spaces if required
  • After that manually enter all the first names as well as last names in the appropriate fields.

Method 3

  • Search and open the Control Panel and then open the Fonts
  • Next, drag or using drop-down locate Arial (TrueType) into an email and send it the customer
  • The particular item appears as an attachment
  • Confirm QuickBooks is closed once the customer receives an email
  • Now, install button appears and perform on-screen procedures to complete the installation
  • You may need to save first the Arial (TrueType) item using drag and drop into the Fonts folder on the customer’s computer; in case the install button doesn’t appear
  • Now direct the customer to reboot the system
  • Finally, you can restart your QuickBooks once the computer has rebooted.

Connect with a professional team?

So, the above-discussed solutions are easy and ensure you to fix QuickBooks Payroll setup error code format 00000 XXXXX by yourself. In case, you are still experiencing the same issue then you may need to connect with QuickBooks technical toll-free helpdesk number +1-888-300-3913. If you fail in connecting via helpdesk number then you can get in touch via dropping an email [email protected] along with your query details or also do a live chat with dedicated QuickBooks experts.

Payroll Setup Error code format 00000 XXXXX [Unrecoverable Error]

Payroll Setup Error code Format: Introduction

In this, You receive an Error Code in the following format: 00000 XXXXX. The error code changes, depending on what you are attempting to do in Payroll and the version and release of QuickBooks used. The Error Code can appear as “Error: QuickBooks Payroll Setup – Error Code: XXXXX XXXXX” or “Unrecoverable Error: Error Code: XXXXX XXXXX.” The codes can range from 00000 00001 to 00000 99999.


Generally, These errors occur when a file name in the Vendor or Employee Center, or on a time sheet, contains a special character or when there is a duplicate entry for an employee’s name.

Some of the Errors are given Below:
  • 00002 71328
  • 00002 20123
  • 00000 17002
  • 00000 38049
  • 00000 88579
  • 00000 38772
  • 00000 97340
  • 00000 88703
  • 00000 40370
Additional errors:
  • 00000 99867
  • 00000 88703
  • 00000 34289

How to Fix Unrecoverable Error in QuickBooks:

Some of the possible ways to fix QuickBooks Unrecoverable Errors are given below:

#1: Prevent QuickBooks from attempting to open all Windows during Start-up:

  1. Double-click on the QuickBooks iconand simultaneously press the Alt key. The application may prompt for the user password.
  2. Release the Alt key and then enter the User password. Next, click on OK.
  3. When the file opens, press the Alt key again.
  4. Lastly, release the Alt key once the file opens completely.

#2: Try Opening Sample File:

  1. Ensure that QuickBooks is closed and then proceed further.
  2. Double-click on the QuickBooks icon, after that hold down the Ctrl key immediately on the keyboard.
  3. Hold down the Ctrl key till the application opens up No Company Open screen.
  4. Once the No Company Open screen opens, click on Open a sample file button.
  5. Then, select any of the sample files from the enlisted items.

#3: Restore Backup through ADR:

It is recommended to restore backup through ADR (Auto Data Recovery) to resolve QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error, 00000 xxxxx.

#4: Fix File with Repairing Tool:

If any of the above-mentioned workaround procedures doesn’t serve the purpose and QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error, ‘00000 xxxxx’ still exists, you can try a third-party software.

Still, if you are facing any kind of problem you can contact our QuickBooks Payroll Support team . we are always there for you!we are available 24/7.

Learn the best ways to resolve payroll setup error code format 00000 XXXXX

One can receive an error code in the format 00000 XXXXX. This error code can change depending on your action in the Payroll and the version of the QuickBooks which is in use. The error can appear as “Error: QuickBooks Payroll Setup-Error Code: XXXXX XXXXX” or “Unrecoverable Error: Error Code: XXXXX XXXXX”. The code can range from 00000 00001 to 00000 99999. 

If you need in-depth information about it or need any type of help, you can contact QuickBooks Payroll Support and talk to an Intuit certified ProAdvisor today.

What Causes the Unrecoverable Error?

Usually errors in this format occur when a file name either on the Vendor list or on the Employee Centre, or on the timesheet has a special character in the name, or when a duplicate entry of an employee name is found.

The error codes are as:

  • 00002 71328
  • 00002 20123
  • 00000 17002
  • 00000 38049
  • 00000 88579
  • 00000 38772
  • 00000 97340
  • 00000 88703
  • 00000 40370

Additional Error Codes are

  • 00000 99867
  • 00000 88703
  • 00000 34289

Steps to Solve QuickBooks Error Unrecoverable Error

  1. When the error message appears on your display, click on the ‘View Report Link‘ option from the Error Window. Upon clicking a new window will appear with the partial view of failure details.
  2. Find and open file ‘ReportHeader.xml‘ in Internet Explorer by double clicking on the file name from the list of files in the window.
  3. In case the file doesn’t open, report location of the file ‘ReportHeade.xml‘.
  4. Use ‘Windows Explorer‘ to go to the location of the file ‘ReportHeader.xml‘ and open the file by right clicking on it and Open in ‘New Window‘ on Internet Explorer.
  5. Press ‘CTRL+F‘ keys to open the search box and then type ‘Exception String 0‘ in the upcoming search box.

The statement after Exception String 0 in the report indicates the location of the error and thus helps the user to solve the problem by making necessary changes to the same.

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In case you are not able to solve the issue of the Payroll Setup Error Error Code 00000 XXXXX, then be sure to call the QuickBooks customer support number i.e. +1-888-300-3913 for speedy and well guided solutions instantly. You could speak with our representative at any time because we are always ready to help all QB users.

Feel free to contact us and get instant solution & technical support for you concerns.

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