Resolve Quicken Error OL-209-b in 3 Steps

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Quicken is a personal finance management tool earlier owned by Intuit and now sold to HIG capitals. It helps you manage the finance, budgeting, investment performance, and other accounts related stuff. Sometimes, while updating the bank account, it can’t read the response from the financial institution and hence it displays Quicken error ol-209-b or simply ol-209.

If the error code doesn’t include alphabet b, then you can wait for 24 hours to let it resolve automatically. If you face Quicken error code ol-209-b, then this guide will help you eliminate it.

What causes Quicken error ol-209-b? 

The users generally face an error ol-209-b in Quicken when they try to download the transactions from the financial institutions. It occurs due to multiple reasons like a non-responding server, inadequate disk space, or a disk error has occurred while saving the response to the temp files.

How to eliminate Quicken error code ol-209-b? 

In simple steps, you can eliminate the issues. But before troubleshooting, you should always try to relaunch the Quicken application and if the issue persists, then proceed to the below steps.

Step 1: Update the Quicken application to the latest version

  1. Firstly, open the Quicken application.
  2. Go to the Help menu.
  3. Now you have to click check for updates. If you find the Quicken is up-to-date then abort the step and switch to the next one.
  4. If it needs an update then click install.
  5. Reconfirm by clicking over yes
  6. The software may take some time to initiate the updating process but don’t worry as soon as it gets connected to the server it will be updated.

Step 2: Delete the files from the temporary folder 

  1. Right-click over the Windows button and choose Run from the list.
  2. Type control or Control Panel and hit enter.
  3. The Control Panel screen will pop up and here you need to click network and internet (category view).
  4. Now choose internet options on the screen.
  5. Further, you will have to click on the general tab, locate the browsing history, and click delete underneath.
  6. Select the option to delete all and confirm by clicking yes.
  7. Now click okay to save the settings.

Step 3: Still, facing an error ol-209-b in Quicken? Use these alternate steps

They may be an alternative to all the above steps but works really well to eliminate Quicken error ol-209-b. Follow the process given below to fix the problem.

  1. Press Windows + R keys together to open the run dialogue box.
  2. Now type %temp% and hit Enter.
  3. Then select all the files in the temporary folder.
  4. Right-click on the white space and click delete on the drop-down list.
  5. Some files will need administrative permission, allow them for removal and some of them won’t be easy to remove, click Skip over them.
  6. Now close all windows and open the Quicken application to revering the error removal.

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What to do if Quicken error still persists? Call the experts

You will need to contact your financial institution if you are still facing the Quicken error ol-209-b. You may also take our services to get rid of this problem. In the past, we have helped various users to eliminate the exact issue. Get in touch with us through the Quicken support number for immediate assistance.

Quicken Error OL-209-B (When Using Online Services)

Quicken Error OL-209-B occurs when Quicken can’t read the response from the financial institution server while updating bank account, using online services.

Quicken Error OL-209-B

We have the solution steps to fix it but before we’ll see for its causes.

List of causes Quicken Error OL-209-B

  • Temporary internet files
  • Quicken isn’t up to date etc

Quick Note: You may also face following errors when using online services

If you’re facing Quicken Error OL-209 wait for 24 hours and if the problem exists after waiting, please proceed with below steps to fix it

3 Simple steps to fix Quicken Error OL-209-B

STEP ONE: Make sure your Quicken is up to date.

  • Open Quicken
  • Go to Help > Check for Updates
  • If Quicken is up to date that’s great or if not you’ll get a notification to install the latest release on the next screen
  • Click Yes to install it
  • It may take some time or get an exit for installing the latest update, but you don’t need to worry about your work it will be saved.
Quicken Error OL-209-B

STEP TWO: Delete temporary internet files

  • Press (Windows+R) keys at the same time
  • A Run box will pop out type into it Control or Control Panel
  • Click on Network and Internet
  • Choose Internet Options
  • Click Delete under the browsing history
  • From the list only choose Temporary Internet Files and website files
  • Click Delete
  • Click Apply and then OK
quicken error ol-209-b

Alternative Method

  • Press (Windows+R) keys at the same time
  • A Run box will pop out type into it %temp% and click OK
  • Click on a single file and press Ctrl+A 
  • Click Delete from the keyboard

After following all the above steps you’ll not face Quicken Error OL-209-B anymore but in case if it does exist please contact Quicken Support or dial Toll-Free +1-888-300-3913 .

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