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Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment is a cloud-based mobile application in which you can easily handle your credit card, money transactions, and check installment. QuickBooks GoPayment customers just need to swipe your MasterCard or restrictive QuickBooks chip and magstripe reader with Android applications or iOS applications. And you got all records of your contribution provided by GoPayment dealers. This is very easy to understand, do setup, use, and doing payments by swiping your credit card.
With the help of QuickBooks GoPayment, you can easily pay-as-you-go or, also can monthly payment for lower card rates. You can get your invoice receipt from either your QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop. With the payment, you will get an instant receipt of all your transactions and payments and don’t need to go everywhere for bills and receipts. For using the QuickBooks GoPayment, you just need to sign up with your QuickBooks accounting software.

How to Use Gopayment

  • For using the QuickBooks GoPayment, go to your Google play store or iOS store and search for QuickBooks GoPayment application.
  • When it is downloaded to your system, click to open it.
  • Then, you just need to sign up with GoPayment using your username and password.
  • And, now you are ready for your first payment when you plugin your card to the software.
  • You can use it anywhere just by a single swipe of your card.

How to Connect GoPayment account with QuickBooks Online

You can easily connect your QuickBooks Online with GoPayment. Just follow these below steps.

  • Click on the Gear icon.
  • Then click on the account settings or Company settings.
  • After that, from the left menu bar, click on the Payments option.
  • Click on the Connect option in the existing account section.
  • Then the application will browse any merchant account from username.
  • And, you need to check if the merchant account shown is correct or not.
  • Click on the Link Account for linking your account to the QuickBooks Online.

What kind of services QuickBooks Gopayment Provide

  • Download GoPayment mobile apps from google play store or iOS store and it is free to download. Also, it is very simple to set up and use.
  • QuickBooks Online Integration: This is the main feature of QuickBooks GoPayment. If you add any additional items, then, you have to pay for it. You can give it an installment from your linked bank account. QuickBooks online automatically synchronizes your records of payments.
  • Dealer Service Center: With the help of QuickBooks GoPayment, you can directly get your payment to your online account and for that you need to login to your account.
  • Add on the 50 Users: You can add multiple users at a time. And, this feature is only available in QuickBooks.
  • Taxes and Tip: You can collect your extra benefit or coupon or tip on each transaction you made.
  • Apply discounts: If you want to offer a discount to your customer by the rate or dollar amount.
  • Product sync: On the particular device which you are using, you can easily maintain a record of all the products of your inventory. Only the admin can access the record because you can delete any items from the inventory data.
  • SMS or Email Receipts: All the transactions which you have done will be sent to your mail as receipt and you can maintain your invoices as your personal record.

Some Benefits of QuickBooks Gopayment

If you are running a business company then you need this Gopayment service because it has many benefits and features. Here, we listed down some features:

  • GoPayment offers multiple payment methods: You can pay your transaction payment on a monthly basis. Or, you can directly pay with this gopayment without any extra monthly charges but it has little extra charges on every transaction. Moreover, you can view all the records that you have made in the last days from your iOS or Android application.
  • Various techniques to get the payments via GoPayment: You can easily accept your payment from anywhere through gopayment because QuickBooks online will directly accept your payments. GoPayment will also accept low payments and high payments.
  • Smart Billing: QuickBooks GoPayment helps you remind your customer for any due payment. Also, you get notified of any update of the software so that you can access all enhanced features.
  • Simple Reconciliation: With the help of GoPayment transactions, you will understand where the installments are coming from. And you can also check your last records of payments. Reconciliation of Bank billing and installment is a compatible process with QuickBooks GoPayment.
  • QuickBooks Integration: You can access the QuickBooks GoPayment in both QuickBooks Online and desktop. It is integrated with both features which helps you to fix invoices and payment problems. And, your company back office will get all the details about every transaction.

Some Other Capabilities of QuickBooks Gopayment

  • Mobile installment processing
  • Card Camera filtering
  • Essential Inventory items
  • Virtual receipts via SMS and email
  • Simple assessment and tax transactions

After reading this you will understand all about Quickbooks Gopayment, for for more information or any other help related to Quickbooks go payment you can hire a Quickbooks ProAdvisor.

QuickBooks GoPayment Alternatives & Competitors

Research alternative solutions to QuickBooks GoPayment on G2, with real user reviews on competing tools. Other important factors to consider when researching alternatives to QuickBooks GoPayment include ease of use and reliability. We have compiled a list of solutions that reviewers voted as the best overall alternatives and competitors to QuickBooks GoPayment, including Venmo for Business, Square Payments, GoCardless, and Amazon Pay.

How to Setup Intuit GoPayment

QuickBooks comprises numerous advantageous utilities for the benefit of business owners. One of those features is Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment application, an easiest, simplest, and fastest mode to process the card payments. A card reader with your iPhone or Android device is enough to card payments via GoPayment App. Intuit developed GoPayment, a mobile payment processing service via credit card service for the swift financial transaction within the business.

GoPayment application helps and allows the QuickBooks users to process their credit card transaction by an internet accessible device such as Android, laptop, iPhone, etc. But this whole process takes a little time to process the payment via using a mobile device.

In GoPayment, the users need not to plug-in the card reader. The user can simply scan the card via a camera or enter the card details with the key directly. GoPayment application allows the customer to make payment from anywhere at any time & once the payment is done – you can send the payment receipt to the customer instantly.

QuickBooks GoPayment also leverages the user to customize the payment receipt with logo, text, store information, personalized messages, and social media links.

In case you require any assistance related to QuickBooks GoPayment – you can simply contact the QuickBooks Support team at 1-844-405-0907.

Benefits of Intuit GoPayments:

Below are few benefits of Intuit GoPayments:

  • Flexible Pricing Preferences
  • Integration
  • Free to your customers.
  • 24X7 Support
  • Financial Reports
  • Reconciliation
  • Save Time
  • Save Big on Time, Effort and Money with Intuit GoPayment
  • Wide-ranging GoPayment Device Compatibility
quickbooks go payment support

Collect all the Payments on the Go

  • You need to connect your card reader into your iPhone or Ipad devices and strike credit card cards immediately.
  • In this procedure, there isn’t any need of the card reader.
  • You can scan a card with your camera at every time, or key in the card details straight.

Get Paid Instantly

In GoPayment, the QB users need not to plug-in the card reader. The users can simply scan the card via a camera or enter the card details with the key directly.

Intuit QuickBooks Gopayment mobile app

Instant Payment – Anytime & Anywhere

The customer can suggest you allow the payment right on your device. This process will make you able to receive email or text from the client. This whole process will complete after a minute once you accept the payment.

Enable user to customize

  • The user can integrate the logo, personalized message, media links, store address, and much more in the payment receipt.
  • Integrate the list of the products you often sell including the price, picture, or text.
  • Generate a quick order for the products & enter custom pricing.
  • You can guide the customer for easy credit card payment.

Operate the Business Swiftly

  • You can add 50 users at a time to accept the payment from anywhere at any time on your behalf.
  • To verify the credit card transaction, accept, or refund, simply use the online service center.
  • Take pleasure in encrypted & safe credit card processing.
  • The user can sync the transactions to QuickBooks for easy & secure bookkeeping service.

Get Started with 3 Simple Steps

  • Download & install the free GoPayment application on your device.
  • Complete the process of the application.
  • Get approved.

Currently you can easily complete your transaction by credit cards within in mins by the help of GoPayment application.

Never ever miss a sale with mobile credit card handling – QuickBooks GoPayment

  • Take all repayments types:- Accept and videotape all MasterCard.
  • Approve credit card payments anywhere.
  • Transactions. And also, record any cash.
  • Examine payments.

Why should you think about mobile payments?

If you are approving debit & credit cards in your business, you may likewise wonder if adding mobile to the mix is worth the problem. Or could be your cash-only and also delighted with it. it’s feasible that mobile repayments might not be legal rights for you, yet if any one of the adhering to relates to you, mobile payments are worth considering.

Step 1:- Download the GoPayment application

  • Download the GoPayment application from mac app store or Google play store from android.

Step 2:- Login to the GoPayment application

  • Visit into the QuickBooks GoPayment application utilizing the log information because you created your QuickBooks Account during the sign-in process.

Step 3:- Get all set to take your initial payment

  • Plugin your card up until you hear it click and also show up the volume.

Step 4:- Swipe the card

  • Now, you prepare to approve credit cards and earn money. Objective swipe your card when mark to obtain your very first payment.
  • Customers could go into the key, check cards or browse the web to approve credit cards. They can additionally record both check as well as cash money.

Advantage of Intuit GoPayment

  • Free to your customers.
  • Simple, easy, and efficient payment method to receive payments.
  • Accept all the payments made via mobile or another internet accessible device.
  • Sync the payment transactions with QuickBooks for secure & easy bookkeeping.
  • Payments are automatically generate into QuickBooks.

We hope that this technical blog post helps our readers to know insight of QB GoPayment correctly & accurately. But if it isn’t, you require any help or suggestion related to QuickBooks GoPayment, you can make a call on our toll-free number +1-888-300-3913. Our Intuit Certified team will help you and resolve your all problems within minutes. 

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