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You may need to reprint W2 in QuickBooks when any of your employees request you to reissue the form. A lost or damaged form from the employee’s end can give rise to the need to print old W2 in QuickBooks. You need to act in compliance with the Internal Revenue Service’s regulations in order to print an old W2 form. This post offers a comprehensive guide for the users who need to get it done for several reasons whatsoever!

IRS Guidelines You Need To Follow In Order To Get W2 Form Reprinted In QuickBooks:

Before getting started with the procedure, make sure that you have updated the payroll tax tables to the latest release. After confirming, check the below-listed points:

  • There must be a “REISSUED STATEMENT” watermark on the W2 form.
  • There must be attached copies of 2, B and C
  • You must provide a copy of W2 Form Filing Instructions

Steps to Reprint a W2 In QuickBooks?

The same question is asked by users in several other manners, such as “how to print old w2 in QuickBooks 2017” or “How to print w2s on preprinted forms”. Below are the steps that can help you to get the task accomplished when you follow them with the utmost care and attention.

  1. From QuickBooks File, go to the Payroll Tax Center (PTC)
  2. Now select Employees and then Payroll Center
  3. Next, navigate through File Forms tab and select View/Print forms & W2s
  4. Provide the PIN for your payroll subscription service and hit OK
  5. Now on the W-2 page, there must be a list of the employees. If not, you need to click View/Print W-2 forms for all years.
  6. Click the employee’s name from the list and to open the W-2 form. If it does not open, press CTRL + ALT while clicking the employee’s W-2.
  7. Select View Reprints and confirm that the forms have a REISSUED STATEMENT watermark. The watermark gets added automatically when you click the W-2 form to reprint it in QuickBooks.
  8. Now open the paper using the adobe reader and print them on the perforated paper.

You may use another good quality paper to reprint W-2 in QuickBooks if you don’t have the perforated paper. Before you finish, provide W-2 filing instructions form to your employees.

Alternative Way to Do W2 Reprint in QuickBooks:

Here is an alternative way to reprint W-2 in QuickBooks. Follow the below-listed steps:

  1. Go to Employees >> Payroll Tax Forms and W-2s
  2. Now select Process Payroll Forms and then click Saved Filings from Filing History
  3. Locate the form you want to print from the history and click on the link under Saved PDF column
  4. Click on Print icon to finish the task
  5. To get the information of the previous year’s w2 form, you can pull out the tax worksheet from QuickBooks by following the steps given below:
    • Move to the Reports menu.
    • Next, select Employees and Payroll and then More Payroll Reports in Excel.
    • Choose Tax Form Worksheets.
    • Select the Annual W2/W3 from the downloaded Excel file.
    • You can also change the year if you want to reprint w2 of the prior year.
    • Click Create Report.

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Having Technical Unease!

If you face any difficulty or doubt while reprinting W-2 form in QuickBooks, just dial our QuickBooks error customer support number. Describe your concern without any hesitation, and our certified experts will guide you with the most relevant solution to help you reprint W-2 in QuickBooks Pro 2017.

How to Report W2 Income in QuickBooks

Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software provides business users with a variety of essential payroll functions such as compiling and reporting state and federal tax information. The program allows businesses that have a QuickBooks payroll service subscription to enter this data into an electronic W-2 form for submission to the Internal Revenue Service online. If you pay any employee over $600 per year, you must submit a W-2 form to the IRS. QuickBooks will also submit the form to state tax departments.


Launch QuickBooks and click “Employees” from the main program menu. Select “Payroll Tax Forms & W-2s,” and then select “Process Payroll Forms.”


Choose “Federal Forms” and click “OK.” Select “Annual Form W-2/W-3 − Wage and Tax Statement.” An electronic version of a W-2 statement will appear. If you’ve completed W-2s in the past using QuickBooks or entered data about employees, you will be able to choose from a list of employees before you reach the W-2 screen. Check the box by the employee’s name and select “Review/Edit.”


Enter your employee’s data in the applicable fields. This includes total wages, tips and compensation; withheld taxes including Federal, Social Security and Medicare; dependent care benefit amounts; and basic employee data, including the Social Security number. You’ll also be prompted to enter basic details about your company including your federal Employer Identification Number.


Enter your state tax information if your state collects income tax. This data includes the employee’s state ID number; all state wages and tips paid; the state income tax amount; any local taxes paid; and the amount of local taxes withheld from the employee’s pay. If you have questions or problems filling out the W-2, Intuit offers phone support from payroll specialists to help you.


Review the data on the form. Click “OK,” then click “Submit Electronically” in the Payroll menu.


Select “E-file Federal Form” or “E-file” in the dialog window. Enter your state and federal agency information in the appropriate fields. After you complete a W-2 for one employee, QuickBooks will automatically populate this information on the next W-2.

Printing W-2 Forms


Place blank sheets of paper, perforated paper or a pre-printed form in your printer tray if you want to print paper copies of your W-2 forms for mailing. The IRS allows businesses with less than 250 W-2s to mail them. You must use black ink per IRS regulations.


Click “File” from the main program menu, and then select “Print.” Note that QuickBooks is not compatible with the printed forms distributed by the IRS, but you can order W-2 forms from Intuit that the IRS accepts.


Review the data on the printed form to make sure it is correct.

How to Print W-2 in QuickBooks Desktop & Online

IRS W-2 form is nothing but a statement containing the salary/wage paid information to an employee by his employer. This includes information on the taxes deducted from his paychecks. In preparing tax returns, the information on the W-2 form is essential for employees. Before going through the process of how to print W-2 in QuickBooks Desktop and Online, it is important that you should know the printing requirements.

How to Print W2 in QuickBooks Desktop and Online

Now, let’s understand the printing requirements required for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop W-2 forms.

Few things that you have to do before and after printing the W-2 forms

  1. Save the draft for the W-2 form – You have to click on the Save as PDF option into the Payroll Tax Form window. This button is shown in the bottom left side of the screen. After that choose the location to save your form as the draft. For that, click the Save button to do it.
  2. When you e-filing or printing in QuickBooks Desktop then it automatically archive W-2 forms in QuickBooks – In the window of Payroll Tax Form, the automatically create an archive when I e-file or print box is selected. You get this option in the bottom left side of the Payroll Tax form window. This saves the form automatically in the PDF format in the default location.
  3. How to access the archived forms when there is no active subscription of payroll – You can access your archived W-2 forms in case the subscription plan has expired and you have not bought it yet. You can search the archived W-2 forms in the system for the folder having archived data without opening the QuickBooks program. The location of the files is C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Sample Company File\QuickBooks XXXX\(Write Company name) Tax Form History. You have to select the folder in the location that has your archived form which is required. The folder name includes 941, W-2 with its name.

Requirements for printing in QuickBooks Desktop

Before you print the W2 form, it is pretty important to know what and all requirements you need to have:

  • To print the W2 form on the QuickBooks Desktop, you need to use black ink and print it on paper.
  • Make sure that you use the supported version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • You have to have W-2 documents that operate with your printer and payroll service.
  • Make sure that you have an active Payroll Standard or Enhanced Service for QuickBooks.
  • Using blank / perforated paper or pre-printed laser printer types.
  • Check that it is consistent with the QB version of Payroll.
  • Using the preprinted forms for your inkjet printer now.
  • It is also important to have the latest tax table of Payroll.

3 Steps Guidelines to Print W-2 Form in QuickBooks Desktop

Once you have finished with the Desktop printing specifications, let’s review the steps for printing W-2 forms:

Step 1: Open W-2 form from QuickBooks Desktop

  • In the beginning, go to the Employees section and then click payroll tax forms >> W-2s
  • Next, click the payroll forms process
  • Choose tax statement transmittal and annual Form W-2/W-3 wage
  • Then hit the “Create form” button
  • In case, you need to file the forms of all your employees then select all employees
  • Along with that, hit the last name of the employee
  • Add/Introduce the year of the form you are printing and then press OK. Only one version of the tax form is saved for QuickBooks Desktop. If the QuickBooks 2017 version of the form is already available, but you need to print W-2 forms for 2016, you need a newer version of the form to use it.
  • You have to pick the employees to print the form. You have to click on review/edit if you haven’t read all your W-2 forms. To continue the printing process, you need to click on the submission form. Also, to print the type, choose the workers. If your W-2 forms have not been reviewed, click review/edit
  • At last, hit the print/e-file button.

Step 2: Choose the paper type and item as well to print in the W-2 and W-3 forms window

  • In the very first, choose the with option preprinted forms or blank/perforated paper
  • Under the section of the select item to print, you have to select for whom you want to print

For Employer

  • W-2 – Copy D: for your records, 2/page.
  • Instructions for employer filing: for W-2 as well as a W-3 form.

For Employees

If you’re using perforated/blank paper

  • 4/page: copies B, 2, 2, C
  • 3/page: copies B, 2, C
  • Instructions for Employee filing: Needed if not printed on paper already

If you’re using preprinted forms

  • Copy 2 of W-2: for your State or Local Tax Department, 2/page.
  • W-2 – Copy B: for the annual tax return of an employee, 2/page.
  • W-2 – Copy C: records for an employee, 2/page.
  • Instructions for Employee filing: Required if not already printed on paper.

For Government

  • W-2 – Copy A: for the SSA, 2/page.
  • W-3/page.
  • W-2 – Copy 1: for the Department of State or Local Tax, 2/page.

Step 3: Export the form and start printing in your PDF Reader

  • You need to do a printing test if you are using preprinted forms.
  • Now, you need to print your PDF by clicking on it.
  • Finally, start from inside the PDF Reader with the printing process.

Requirements for printing in QuickBooks Online

  • Before preceding the steps for printing the W-2 type in QuickBooks Online, there are a few things to consider:
  • You must print employee W2s on 4-up horizontal blank perforated paper.
  • Please ensure that black ink is used.
  • You should have a QuickBooks Online Payroll subscription that is active.

Printing steps for W-2 forms in QuickBooks Online

Check out the process to print W-2 forms in QuickBooks Online:

  • The very first, go to the taxes tab >> payroll tax section
  • Hit annual forms and then choose and click either all employees or a specific employee name
  • Next, hit W-2, copies B, C & 2
  • Along with that choose the accurate range of date from the period menu
  • In the final step, to open the printable forms, click on the view, and then click on the printer icon.

Print, Save, and then Email W-2 Forms with Adobe Reader

  • In QuickBooks, open the Payroll tax center
    • Click on Employees 
    • Then further select Payroll Center
    • After that, click on tab File forms
    • Click on the option View/print forms & W-2s
    • You have to add a payroll PIN then click the OK button to proceed
  • Now, you have to select the View employee W-2 forms
  • Click on the employee name to print the W-2 form
  • Then follow the instructions of adobe that help you in opening the form in the Adobe Reader
  • Click on the file then click on the Print
  • Now go to the File menu 
  • Then select option Save a copy
  • To save a copy you have to select a location and then click on the Save button to save it
  • Now if you want to email this W-2 form then select the file 
  • Click on the Send then click on Page by email
  • Attach the file in the email and send it to the concerned person.

How to Reprint W-2 in QuickBooks Desktop?

  • Click on the Employees menu into the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Select the Payroll Centre
  • Click on Annual Form
  • Choose the employee from drop-down menu for whom you want to reprint the W-2 form
  • After that, click the W2 copy B, C, 2
  • Mention the year then click on the View Reprint
  • In this, it requires the Reissued Statement words in case of reprinting the forms
  • The form opens up in new window in the form of PDF after clicking of View Report
  • Then click on the button Continue
  • You can use the paper that is Blank or Perforated or the simple plain paper to reprint the W-2 form
  • Click on File menu then select option Print to print it.



You can save time by printing the W2 form in QuickBooks Online and Desktop. Printing W2 from QuickBooks also helps you to skip the step of manually entering the worker’s information. The above-provided step-by-step instructions help you to easily do how to print W2 in QuickBooks Desktop and Online. Additionally, you are also going to learn the requirements to print the W-2 form.

How To Prepare, Setup Print & Efile Federal W-2 Forms QuickBooks

W-2 forms are basically circulated by the employer to his employee and respective IRS (Internal Revenue Service) at the end of a financial year. It inculcates details regarding the annual salary of the employee along with total taxes withheld within the same before generating in-hand paycheck. To get any detail info regarding W-2 Form contact QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service .Need Experts Help: Prepare W-2 forms QuickBooks?Chat Now

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How To Create W-2 Forms In QuickBooks?

In order to generate these imperative year end tax forms in the QuickBooks software, user needs to follow the steps illustrated below:

  • From the main menu select the option ‘Employees’ followed by tab called ‘Payroll Tax Forms & W-2s’ and then ‘Process Payroll Forms’.
  • Next from the new menu click on ‘Annual Form W-2/W-3 Wage and Tax Statement/Transmittal’ and then select the option of ‘Create Form’.
  • Now type in the required year details against the option ‘Select Filing Period next to Year’ for W-2 forms needed to be printed and then click on the tab ‘OK’.
  • The above step will result in a pop-up with a message stating “QuickBooks Desktop only stores one version of each tax form.” Click on OK tab.
  • Now follow the instructions displayed on the window to complete the process.
If you need further information about types of Quickbooks Payroll Tax Forms read our older post .

How To Setup And Prepare For W-2 Forms

First Download W-2 Form 2017 Source : https://www.irs.gov .

Follow the Steps mentioned below:

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Open W-2 FormChoose Employees, Payroll Tax Forms & W-2s, Process Payroll Forms followed by Federal Forms under Select Form Type screen and then click on OK. Now select Annual Form W-2 from the new screen called Select Payroll Form windows, ensuring the year corresponds with current year going on. Now click on OK.
  2. Choose EmployeesNext is to check mark the boxes against employees for whom W-2 form needs to be prepared. Incase W-2 form has to be generated for all the employees, just click on ‘Mark All’ tab.
  3. W-2 Form ReviewSelect the Edit tab to view the W-2 form generated for each and every employee selected in above step.
  4. Editing Inaccurate DetailsIn case of any editing needs to be performed on the form, then click on Save & Close tab to go back to the QuickBooks software in order to make corrections within the W-2 forms. Open the form and make required changes and then click on Save & Close button to save the changes made.

How To Print W-2 Forms?

If the user wishes to print the W-2 Forms on a pre-printed paper, then they need to put in the W-2 forms in the printer. Next select the tab ‘Print Forms’ to print them. Next user will be asked whether pre-printed papers are being used or blank papers.

Next select the forms intended to print under screen area marked as ‘Select Item to Print’. Lastly select ‘Print’ tab to print the number of forms and then select ‘Close Window’ once the forms have been printed.

How To Report W-2 Form Income In QuickBooks?

In order to report W-2 Income in QuickBooks follow the steps below:

  • Open QuickBooks -> Employees from main menu bar -> Payroll Tax Forms & W-2s option followed by Process Payroll Forms.
  • Click on Federal Forms -> Ok -> Annual Form W-2 / W-3 – Wage & Tax Statement option that will generate W-2 Statement (electronic form). In case there is older version of W-2 present in the system, user will have additional option of choosing the same before reaching the W-2 form screen. For this all user has to do is check-mark the box against that employee and then click on Review tab.
  • In respective fields type in data related to Employees, which inculcates details of employees such as wages, compensation, withheld taxes inclusive of Medicare, Social Security as well as Federal; benefits and general employee details like Social Security Number.
  • Type in details for State tax in case State Income Tax is collected, which includes ID Number (State), State Income Tax, Local Taxes paid, State Wages, portion of Local Taxes withheld.
  • Once all the required data has been filled, review the complete data and then select the tab labeled ‘Submit Electronically’ in order electronically file the form.
  • Lastly click on either ‘E-File Federal Form’ or just ‘E-File’ in the pop-up window. In the new screen type in the required details of the Federal & State Agency. Once the form is filled for one employee same will be automatically done for other employees by QuickBooks.

E-Filing W-2 Form Through QuickBooks

Filing of W-2 form can be done either manually by the user itself or electronically. User can also employ QuickBooks to electronically file the form by following the steps provided on the website. Different State follow different set of steps to file the form electronically and user needs to click on the state they are residing and follow the instructions provided in the link.

How To Access Old W-2 Forms Records In The QuickBooks Software

Intuit does not support recovery of W-2 Forms older than 4 years and thus, user is recommended to access forms not more than 4 years.

For other recent forms try the following steps:

  • Locate and click on Employees tab from the main menu and then select the option ‘Process W-2’.
  • In the new screen for W-2 click on the Year option in top left section of the screen. A warning pop-up will appear indicating the year chosen is not in tandem with the current tax details.
  • Select the tab ‘OK’ and then click on ‘Mark All’ button to review the form or click on print tab to print the form.

Important Dates To File And Receive Forms – Deadline Dates To File W-2s

There are certain by which you should file your forms and receive them:

  • Recipient Copy Due to Employee: 31st January 2018
  • E-filing of W-2 Forms due to IRS – 31st January 2018
  • Manual Filing W-2 Forms due to IRS – 31st January 2018

Complete Guide to Print W2 Forms in QuickBooks Online Payroll

QuickBooks Online Payroll service allows small businesses to run payroll from anywhere around the world and helps you calculate taxes and pay your employees online. If you are a subscriber of QuickBooks Online payroll, then you can easily print and file all the necessary tax forms to the state and federal tax authorities online. Every year you are required to submit form W2 if you have employees earning more than $600 in that fiscal year and in this article, we will show you how you can print W2 forms in QuickBooks Online Payroll. Want to learn more about printing W2 forms using QuickBooks Online Payroll? Then follow the complete article until the end.

What Do We Need Before Printing W2 in QuickBooks Online Payroll

Perforated or Blank Paper

As per the IRS guidelines, you can print copies of your employee’s W2 forms on a plain paper or on a perforated paper that your employees can easily separate and it also gives a professional and clean look to the forms. You can also get the preprinted forms directly from Intuit® or any authorized third-party vendor, to order W2 and other tax forms directly from Intuit® follow the link to Intuit® Marketplace. Make sure to fill forms with a pen or typewriter, as the IRS does not accept forms filled by software.Print W2 on Perforated Paper

How to Print W2 in QBO

Standard Office/Home Laser and Inkjet Blank Ink

IRS does not require you to print W2 forms using any particular type of ink or special kind of printer. You can print W2 forms in QuickBooks Online using regular ink that is used in ordinary inkjet or laser printers. Make sure that the ink is non-reflective black ink. For more details, you can download the PDF published by the IRS on Paper and Ink Requirements by the IRS.

Steps to Print W2 Forms in QuickBooks Payroll

Step 1: Select the Paper for Printing W-2s under Payroll Preferences
  1. Click the Gear icon at the top right corner and select Payroll Settings.
  2. Click the Form Printing link under the Preferences option.
  3. Choose the appropriated option (Plain or Perforated Paper), and click Okay.
Step 2: Print W2 Using QuickBooks Online Payroll
  1. Click Taxes from the left side panel, and select Payroll Tax.
  2. Hit Annual Forms link under the Forms field.
  3. Click the drop-down list and choose the name of an employee or select All Employees, if you want to print W-2 for all of your employees.
  4. Click W-2, Copies B, C & 2 link, and you will be navigated to Printable Employee Copies: Form W-2 page from where you can view and print the w2 form.
  5. Select a suitable period by clicking the drop-down list.
  6. Click View to open the form in Adobe Reader.
  7. Press Ctrl + P or click the Print icon from the toolbar and select Print to print the forms.

Hope this article helped you understand the requirements and method of printing W2 forms in QuickBooks Online Payroll, in case, if you have made any mistakes while printing W2 in QuickBooks and looking for a way to get a reprint of the forms then you can follow our article on How to Reprint W2 in QuickBooks for detailed instructions. If you need the help of a certified Payroll expert to print w2 forms in QuickBooks, then you can always reach us at our direct helpline number for quick help and support.

How to Print W2 Forms in QuickBooks

Step 1: Set your Form Printing preferences 

Before printing your W2s, you need to tell QuickBooks which type of paper you’re printing on. You can do this in your company payroll preferences by following these steps:

  • Select Taxes→ Payroll Settings
  • Go to Preferences and click Form Printing
  • Select perforated then click OK
step 2 icon

Step 2: View and print your W2s 

  • Select Taxes→ Payroll Tax
  • In the Formssection, click Annual Forms
  • Select All Employees or choose a specific employee name in the dropdown menu
  • Select W2, Copies B, C 2 link
    • This will take you to the Printable Employee Copies: Form W2 page
  • Select the correct period from the dropdown menu
  • Select View and your W2s will open in your computer’s PDF reader in a new window

You can now print your W2s from your computer’s PDF reader (usually Adobe Reader) by selecting File→ Print and following the prompts.

How to print W2 Forms in QuickBooks Desktop

Printing Requirements

To print W2s in QuickBooks Desktop, you’ll need to use black ink (this is an IRS requirement) and print onto paper that’s compatible with your QuickBooks Payroll version. 

If you’re using Standard Payroll or Enhanced Payroll, you can use either:

If you’re using Assisted Payroll, you’ll need to print your W2s onto 4-up horizontal blank perforated paper W2s.

Please note, QuickBooks Desktop is not compatible with the free PDF W2 forms from the IRS website.

step 1

Step 1: Find and open your W2 and W3 forms in QuickBooks Desktop 

  • In the top menu, select Employees→ Payroll TaxForms and W2s→ Process Payroll Forms
  • In the File Forms tab, you’ll see a list of forms. Choose Annual Form W2/W3– Wage and Tax Statement Transmittal and click the Create Form If you can’t find the forms in the list, it’s likely due to one of the following reasons:
    • The form may be below the previewed list. Scroll down and look for the form.
    • The form may be inactive. To activate your W2 form, click the Formsdropdown arrow and choose Make a New Form Active. Then, click the State dropdown arrow and choose Federal. Select the W2 form and click Add Form.
  • In the Process W2s for options:
    • Select All Employees if you want to print W2s for all your employees at once.
    • Select Employee’s Last Name (choose from and to) to print by batch.
  • In Select Filing Period section, in the Year field, enter the year of the form you are printing and click OK. QuickBooks Desktop stores one version of the tax form only. If you have already received the 2019 version of the form, but need to print W2 forms for 2018, you may be able to use the newer version of the form. Check with the Social Security Administration or your tax advisor for additional instructions before proceeding.
    • If you choose to print the forms for 2018 on blank paper, they will include the year “2018” because the year is part of the government-approved form.
    • If you choose to print the forms for 2018 on preprinted form, QuickBooks Desktop might not print the information in the correct locations. QuickBooks Desktop will print the form details aligned for 2019.
  • In the Select Employees for Form W2/W3 window, select the employees you are printing for.
    • You can click Mark All to select all employees displayed.
    • If you have not yet reviewed all W2 forms (QuickBooks will usually flag this by displaying missing checkmarks in the Reviewed column), click Review/Edit.
    • After reviewing, click Submit Form to continue printing.
  • Select Print/E-file. This will open the Print W2 and W3 Forms window.
step 2

Step 2: Select the paper you’re using and the W2s you want to print

Congrats! You made it to the Print/E-file window. Here, you’ll see that your W2s are listed by recipient (For example, For employer, and For government).

Because QuickBooks Desktop doesn’t like to make things easy: 

  • Printing options in the For Employees section will vary, depending on the type of paper you’re using
  • You can only print one item at a time
  • The Print W2 and W3 Forms window will stay open until you close it, meaning you can go back and print one item after another (and another…) without having to close and re-open the window.

Thankfully this isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Let’s walk through this together. 

Here are the steps to select the paper you’re using and the W2s you want to print. 

  1. In the Select paper section, select either Blank / Perforated Paper and Preprinted Forms: May require alignment
  2. In the Select item to print section, select who you’re printing W2s for: 

For employees

  • If you are using Perforated Paper W2s
    • 3 per page: copies B, 2, C
    • 4 per page: copies B, 2, 2, C
    • Employee filing instructions: Required if not already printed on paper.
  • If you are using Preprinted Forms
    • W2 – Copy B: for employee’s federal tax return, 2 per page (1 per page if only 1 employee).
    • W2 – Copy 2: for your State or Local Tax Department, 2 per page (1 per page if only 1 employee).
    • W2 – Copy C: for employee records, 2 per page (1 per page if only 1 employee).
    • Employee filing instructions: Required if not already printed on paper.

For employer

  • W2 – Copy D: for your records, 2 per page (1 per page if only 1 employee).
  • Employer filing instructions: for W2 and W3 form. 

For government

  • W3 per page.
  • W2 — Copy A: for the Social Security Administration, 2 per page (1 per page if only 1 employee). Note: If you are filing Forms W2 and W3 electronically with the Social Security Administration, do not mail Copy A.
  • W2 — Copy 1: for your State or Local Tax Department, 2 per page (1 per page if only 1 employee).
step 3 icon

Step 3: Export your W2s to your PDF Reader and print ‘em out!

Ta dah! It’s time to print your W2s. One at a time, of course.

  1. If you are using preprinted W2s, perform a print test to check alignment.
  • If your forms aren’t lining up, follow these instructions to adjust alignment before proceeding.
  • You can skip this step if you are using blank perforated W2s. 
  1. Click Print PDF. This exports the W2s you have selected to your computer’s PDF Reader.

You can now print your W2s from your computer’s PDF reader by selecting File→ Print and following the prompts.

What do you mean by W-2 Form?

A W-2 form is a form that shows the amount of taxes that have been held back from your paycheck for the year and is used to file your state and federal taxes. 

The Internal Revenue Service, mainly called IRS, needs employers to report the wages and salaries of their employees in the W-2 form as an employee W-2 information is essential when you prepare for your tax return. Therefore, the IRS has made it mandatory for all employers to send the W-2 to their employees before January 31st as it is the close of the tax year and ensures that it is on time. 

The W-2 form is divided into multiple boxes that contain the information regarding your items related to the income. For example, box 1 contains your annual wages and salary payments, including the amount of federal tax withheld from it in box 2. Box 3 reports an amount that is less than your entire wages for the year. And all the other boxes have your wages subject to social security tax, state income tax, Medicare tax, only if relevant.

IRS W2 forms printing demands for QuickBooks Online 

  • IRS demands only 4-up blank printable forms for employees.
  • Usage of only non-reflective black ink to print W-2 forms.
  • Only use Intuit online payroll or QuickBooks online payroll.

Important: Preprinted W2 forms are not for QuickBooks Online.

What are the ways to print W2 QuickBooks Online?

Built-in feature to print W2 forms in QuickBooks is available only in the latest payroll version or in the basic version. Therefore, before proceeding with the steps, select the paper you will use to print W2 in company payroll preferences.

  • From the settings, click on Payroll settings.
  • In the preference column, choose the proper W2 printing option.

To print W2 QuickBooks Online.

  • Open QuickBooks online, go to the Taxes tab, and then to the payroll tax option. 
  • From the forms, tap on Annual forms.
  • After that, choose one of the options from the drop-down menu, i.e., all employees or only one employee name.
  • Now, select W-2, Copies B, C, and 2 to open the printable employee copy. 
  • Further, go to the period menu and select the correct date range.
  • At last, click on View to check the printed form and hit the printer icon. 

Note: W-2 Copy B is for the federal/IRS tax filling, Copy C is for employees to keep it as a record, and Copy 2 is for the state or local agencies.

What are the ways to print W2 in QuickBooks Desktop?

The steps are not as easy as for QuickBooks online; you must execute all the steps mentioned very carefully. 

STEP 1 – Open W-2 forms in QB Desktop 

  • At first, go to Employees and then click on payroll tax forms and W-2s
  • Now, click on the payroll forms
  • After that, select annual form W-2/W-3 wage and tax statement transmittal.
  • Hit create form button.
  • If you wish to file the forms of every employee, then choose all employees, also tap on the employee’s last name.
  • Further, add the year of the form that you want to print, hit OK.

Note: QuickBooks desktop allows you to have the one version of the tax form only, i.e., if you have the 2017 version form, but you want to print W-2 forms for 2016, then only use the newer version of the form.

  • Next, select the employees for printing the form. 
  • If you reviewed all the W-2 forms, hit review/edit and then select submit form for proceeding with the printing procedure. 
  • In the end, don’t forget to tap on print/e-file.

STEP 2 – Select the paper type & item to print W-2 forms window 

  • To start with, choose between blank paper & preprinted forms.
  • After that, decide for whom you want to print from the select item to print option.
In the case of employees

If using blank paper:

  • Select 3 per page for copies B, 2, and C.
  • Select 4 per page for copies B, 2, 2, and C.
  • In case not preprinted on the paper, then choose the employee filling instructions as it is compulsory.
If using Preprinted Forms:
  • W-2 Copy B, 2 per page for federal tax return & IRS filing.
  • W-2 Copy 2, 2 per page for state and local tax department filing.
  • W-2 Copy C, 2 per page for employees to keep it as a record.
  • In case not preprinted on the paper, then choose the employee filing instructions (mandatory). 
In case of Employer
  • W-2 Copy D, 1 page per employee for employer’s record.
  • For W-2 forms, select employer filing instructions.
In case of Government
  • W-2 Copy A, 2 per page for SSA (Social Security Administration)
  • W-2 Copy 1, 2 per page for state and local tax department.

Important: In case you filled forms electronically with the SSA, then mailing Copy A is not mandatory.

STEP 3 – Export the form to a PDF reader

  • First of all, you need to do a print test if you are using preprinted forms.
  • After that, tap on the print PDF.
  • At last, start the printing procedure.

IRS demands for reprinting employees W2 forms in QuickBooks

Before reprinting W2 for employees, ensure that the payroll tax table is upgraded to the latest version

  • It is mandatory to attach copies of 2, B, and C.
  • Providing a copy of the W2 form filing instructions is compulsory.
  • W2 form must include the word Reissued Statement in it.

How to reprint W2 in QuickBooks Desktop? 

In case your W2 form is misplaced or lost, then you can reprint it from QuickBooks. By following IRS requirements, you can reprint the W2 tax terms. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the top menu bar. From there, click on employees.
  • Now, select the payroll centre.
  • Move your cursor to the annual form and click on it.
  • Scroll down to the drop-down menu; choose the employee for whom you wish to reprint the W2 form. After that, tap on the W2 copy B, C, and 2.
  • Insert the year and click on view reprint. Add Reissued statement as per IRS requirements (only if you are reprinting). 
  • Hit on the view report. Now the w2 form will get opened in the new window in PDF format.
  • Next, tap on continue.
  • You can select any option, i.e., Blank/perforated paper or simple plain paper, to reprint the W2 form. 
  • Lastly, from the file menu, select the Print option. 

Substitute method to reprint W2 in QuickBooks 

Here is the other method to reprint W-2 in QB. Listed below are the steps:

  • First of all, from the employees, click on payroll tax forms and then W2.
  • Next, choose process payroll forms and then select filings from the filing history option.
  • From the history column, decide the form you wish to print first. Select the link from the saved PDF column.
  • To complete the task, hit the print icon.
To get the information of the last year W2 form
  • Go to the reports menu.
  • Now, choose Employees & payroll and then click on more payroll reports in Excel.
  • Move your cursor to tax form worksheets and click on them.
  • Next, go to the downloaded excel file, choose the annual W2.
  • If you want to reprint W2 of the last year, then you can modify the year if required.
  • Finally, hit create report.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: How to reissue W2 in QuickBooks?

Answer: yes, you can definitely reissue W2 in QB from the archived forms section and then print a copy of the tax form. Follow the steps below:

  • Initially, take your cursor to the Taxes menu and hit payroll tax.
  • From the Annual forms, select view & print archived forms.
  • Now, check the W-2 copies and hit enter.
  • In the end, select View and print the tax form.
Question 2: How to print W2 in QuickBooks 2017

Answer: Follow the steps mentioned below to print W2 in QuickBooks

  • Select taxes and then Payroll tax.
  • Click on annual forms.
  • Choose all employees or one particular employee.
  • Hit W-2 copies B, C, and 2 
  • Decide the year you want to print.
  • Hit view. At last, choose the print icon from the reader toolbar and then click on print.


Hopefully, you were able to reprint W2 in QuickBooks. However, printing W2 forms or any other federal tax forms or knowing how to print W2s on preprinted forms and how to reprint W2 in QuickBooks enterprise can become a challenging task. Thus, follow all the instructions mentioned above very carefully to prevent it from damage. 

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