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Today QuickBooks is one of the most successful accounting software. It comes along with not only the latest tools, but also with the highest number of features. As we move along the different versions of the program, its performance has only increased. However, there are some users who have not updated either their company file or their QB to the latest release. This results in “QuickBooks Error 14106: Company file not updated successfully.” The program is asking you to perform an update as the older version have become obsolete. Read the blog below to learn how to execute this.

What is the Origin of QuickBooks Desktop Error 14106 ?

The sole primary cause behind QuickBooks Company File Error 14106 is using an older company file version with an updated QuickBooks version. As both the file and program are not syncing in terms of their years, they are bound to encounter a glitch when running simultaneously.

Troubleshooting Techniques for QuickBooks Error Code 14106,0

Above we studied about the basic idea of QuickBooks Error Message 14106 and the factors that provoke it. Read below to learn the methods by which this error can be rectified on your system –

Method 1 – Convert QuickBooks to Two Medieval Versions

Since this error occurs when you are using an ancient version of QuickBooks company file, it is important that you upgrade it to the latest version. Jumping from the oldest to the latest version can become complicated. Therefore, you must convert it successively. For example, if you have QuickBooks 5, you should perform a conversion to QuickBooks 2013 and then to QuickBooks 2020, rather than going for 2020 straight away. We have explained this below with the same example, steps will remain the same for any other version –

Step 1 – Upgrade to QuickBooks 2013

Ensure that no one is operating QuickBooks at the moment.
Access your updated version of QuickBooks 2013.
Tap on the File tab.
Select “Open or Restore Company”.
Click on “Open a Company File.”
Choose the current company file stored on your device.
Press the Open button.
Use your Admin login details to access the company file.
Hit the Update Now button to initiate the process.
After the process is complete, click on Done. The company file should be converted to 2013 version.

Step 2 – Switch to QuickBooks 2020

Upgrade QuickBooks 2013 to QuickBooks 2020 and follow the steps to convert your company file to 2020 version.

Method 2 – Perform a QuickBooks Data Conversion

There can be situations where you have to switch to a different version of QuickBooks. This can happen when you upgrade or downgrade to a different version of QuickBooks, when you switch to a different application that serves the same purpose, or when you want to change the format in which the file information is stored, that is, from .QBW file to Excel etc. Since, the version gap here is too long to be covered yourself, you will require an expert to execute this for you. For this, we recommend you get in touch with our crew at to convert your QuickBooks data with complete efficiency.

We have put our maximum efforts in curating this blog on QuickBooks error 14106 that provides the standard cause and solutions to the same. We hope that the instructions mentioned above were useful in fixing the problem for good. Nevertheless, if the issue persists, and you require further support, it is best to contact an expert at to resolve this as soon as possible.

The Advanced Guide to Fix QuickBooks Error 14106

Every year Intuit release a new and updated version of QuickBooks Desktop. This is done to offer users more advanced and new features to tackle business bookkeeping. If you don’t update your QuickBooks Desktop after three years, all the online services like payroll and banking will be terminated. This makes upgrading necessary. However, some users don’t require online services like payroll and just need the essential features that don’t expire after a specific time to manage their business. If you are also one of the users who has not upgraded your QuickBooks for a long time, you can face issues upgrading now. One error that appears while opening your company file of an older version of QuickBooks in an updated version is QuickBooks error 14106.

What Causes Error 14106 in QuickBooks Desktop?

As you upgrade your QuickBooks Desktop software from an older version to a later version, your company file also upgrades. This works so that you can open your company file of a version of QuickBooks in an upgraded version, but vice versa is not possible. This statement is only valid if your company file is not very old, say more than ten years old. In case if you try to open your company file that has been created using QuickBooks Desktop 5 version that is more than ten years old, you will not be able to upgrade it directly to the 2021 version.

In the following section, we will see some of the solutions you can try to overcome this issue of accessing the outdated company file in an updated version of QuickBooks Desktop.

How to Fix Error Code 14106 in QuickBooks Desktop?

Solution 1: Update your Company File Progressively

  1. Suppose you have the company file working in QuickBooks version 5. You will first need to install QuickBooks Desktop 2013.
  2. Download and install QuickBooks Desktop 2013 and open the company file in it.
  3. When prompted, update your company file using the appropriate options.
  4. Now remove QuickBooks Desktop 2013 using QuickBooks Clean Install Tool and download the most recent version of QuickBooks Desktop, i.e., QuickBooks Desktop 2021.
  5. Install QuickBooks Desktop 2021 and open the company file that has been upgraded to the 2013 version.
  6. Again when prompted, upgrade your company file for the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop and check if you can access all your data in it.

If this solution fails to resolve the error, you might be having some corruption in the company file that you can fix by running QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild data utility.

One more thing that you must keep in mind is the integrity of the data that can be affected in the conversion process. As this is a complex process to convert your company data from a very old version of QuickBooks to the latest version, we suggest you contact the QuickBooks data conversion team for help. You can contact the support team by dialing QuickBooks Data Support Number , and one of the experts will help you resolve QuickBooks error 14106 shortly.

Db Error Code 14106

We have collected for you the most relevant information on Db Error Code 14106, as well as possible solutions to this problem. Take a look at the links provided and find the solution that works. Other people have encountered Db Error Code 14106 before you, so use the ready-made solutions.

Quickbooks error -14106, 0

Was using QB 5 and the pc died so had to upgrade to Desktop pro 19. When I try to open the version 5 company files it tells me it needs to upgrade them. I say ok and it gets to 99% and says there is a error that comes up. Error code -14106, 0 and it closes out of QB. If you try to open it again it says the file was not updated completely and to restore from backup. So its not updating the files to the new version. Any ideas? This is on WIndows 10 home version.

Db Error Code 14106 Fixes & Solutions

We are confident that the above descriptions of Db Error Code 14106 and how to fix it will be useful to you. If you have another solution to Db Error Code 14106 or some notes on the existing ways to solve it, then please drop us an email.

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